15 Stars You Didn’t Know Were Banned From Talk Shows

Celebs, actors, actresses, singers, whoever they might be, aren’t always what they appear to be. They do their thing, but they can’t just get away with doing that alone. Take actors for example, we see them on screen and more often than not they’re amazing – it doesn’t take a genius to work out why they’ve acquired such a fan following. But they can’t just get away with doing what they do on screen, and then disappearing from the public eye until their next movie release or until their next red carpet event. They’ve got to be active, whether that’s on social media, or gracing talk shows with their presence. Well, this is where we get to learn more about that person and see what they’re like in real life.

Talk shows are great like that, because if you’ve got a great host, they can get you to let your guard down. But that isn’t always a very good thing, because it reveals quite a lot about the celeb, and shows what’s under the surface. Over the years, some celebs have gotten into quite a lot of hot water because of what they’ve said or done on talk shows, and have consequently been banned. For these guys and girls, it’s understandable why they’ve been banned, it’s their faults entirely. Some on this list have said or done things in the media that have put them on the blacklists of certain talk show hosts. Others, well, people just have a problem with them, and talk show hosts have general beef with them, and that’s reason enough to get them banned. For these celebs though, they wouldn’t really be spending too many sleepless nights lying awake thinking about it. Whatever the reasons may be, whatever these celebs have said, done, or in some cases, not said or done, these are 15 celebs who at one point or another, have been banned from talk shows.

15 Vince Vaughn - Controversial Stance On Gay Marriage

Vince Vaughn is considered to be one of the greatest actors of his generation. He’s starred in some iconic movies, and is a star in his own right. He’s also someone who holds strong political views, and he’s not shy about telling them to anyone and everyone. They’ve been the source of a lot of controversy over the years. One instance when this was the case, was when he spoke about his views on gay marriage. Now there’s been a lot of things said, some backtracking, but he once made out that he didn’t really approve of gay marriage, or at least he insinuated it. Whether those were his real views, or it was a joke to do with his movie release, The Dilemma, we may never really know. But it’s still something plenty of people found really offensive. That movie offended a lot of people too, because it contained a lot of gags that people, gay people especially, found offensive. It’s therefore no surprise that world-famous talk show host Ellen DeGeneres – someone who’s a gay icon and is happily married to a woman – banned Vince from her show.

14 Kathy Griffin - Crazy On-Air Antics

Stand-up comedian and actress Kathy Griffin is one of those comedians who gets carried away, who on occasions takes things a tad too far. It can be tremendously entertaining, but at times it can be seriously cringeworthy. There’s a time and place for her scandalous antics, but that doesn’t seem to register with Kathy. Consequently, she’s been banned from not just one, but apparently as many as six talk shows. These shows, and their hosts, just don’t have the strength within them to try and tame the wild beast that is Kathy Griffin. When she’s on a rampage, she can’t be stopped. CNN found that out when she decided to strip, and basically go nude, live on air. The presenter’s look was priceless. Viewers must have been wondering what the hell was happening. Because of that, and many other interviews where she’s gone way over the top, she’s been banned from a number of talk shows; they just don’t want to be responsible for what could happen, any potential repercussions.

13 Gilbert Gottfried - Insensitive Comments About Japanese Tsunami 

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried is another guy who’s pretty relaxed about what he says. He speaks his mind and doesn’t really give a damn who he might piss off in the process. That’s partly why people love him. The guy’s also got one of the most distinctive voices on the comedy scene, one that adds a whole lot to his personality, but also one that many people find incredibly infuriating. You’d therefore think that Gilbert would’ve been banned because of something offensive he said. That was in part true. He didn’t gain many fans but gained quite a few haters when he saw it fit to poke fun at the horrific Japanese Tsunami incident. His appearance on The Howard Stern Show also didn’t go down well with the host. There was plenty of bickering between the two, and Howard just hated how Gilbert came across. Him going on John DeBella's morning show, a show which, at the time, was a competitor to Howard’s, also didn’t help matters, and so Gilbert was banned from Howard’s show for good.

12 Howie Mandel - "The Most Annoying Man" The Host Ever Met

Howie Mandel’s another comedian who’s got a loud mouth and a disregard for what ticks people off, although he didn’t really do anything major to get himself banned from the Piers Morgan Tonight show. He was basically just being himself, and that was enough to get him a lifetime ban. You’d think that Piers and Howie would be best of buddies, after both sat on the panel as judges for America’s Got Talent, but their interactions together on that show, if anything, really soured their relationship. Piers just hated Howie, plain and simple. The guy’s personality, and the fact that he was so eccentric and was constantly playing pranks on Piers, really didn’t go down well with Piers, who even went as far to say that Howie was the most annoying man he’s ever had the displeasure of meeting. Unsurprisingly, Howie got banned from Pier’s talk show, and probably is banned from anything else Piers does or hosts in the future.

11 Adrien Brody - Didn't Stick To Script

Saturday Night Live is a show that’s not exactly known for being conservative. People love it because the hosts and guests aren’t shy about what they say, and they throw themselves wholeheartedly into the sketches and the scripted material. Many of these are put together in the hopes of getting cheap laughs, but that doesn’t matter to the audiences and the viewers who just lap it up. It’s Saturday night entertainment, alright. But when Adrien Brody was in the hot seat and he was entrusted with hosting the show back in 2003, the guy screwed up, epically. Firstly, he didn’t stick to the script, which pissed off the producer Lorne Michaels, to no end. Then he decided it would be wise to come out in dreadlocks and speak in a Jamaican accent when Sean Paul came out. It got laughs, but many people deemed his antics to be racist and highly offensive. Adrien got a lifetime ban from the show for his troubles.

10 Madonna - Never Saw Eye To Eye

Piers Morgan’s one of the most controversial media personalities out there. I suppose he is a journalist too, so is used to doing plenty of digging and ruffling a few feathers and getting under people’s skin in order to get a story. Consequently, there are tons of people around the globe who can’t stand the guy, who actually hate him. Well, Piers also has a list of people he’s not too fond of. Sitting pretty somewhere near the top of that list is singing sensation Madonna. He banned her, even before his show Piers Morgan Tonight came to air! They’ve had plenty of instances over the years in which they’ve not seen eye-to-eye, that’s putting it mildly. He’s described her as being "an irritant in my life for 20 years." The worst thing her and her team have done to him is lie about her pregnancy. Piers wanted to run with a story about Madonna being pregnant. The singer’s publicist told him it wasn’t true, she wasn’t pregnant. The next day, it was revealed she was pregnant and news of the story had been broken in a rival’s newspaper. That’s just one incident in a series of so-called crimes that Piers hasn’t and never will forget about.

9 Sinead O’Connor - Ripped A Photo Of The Pope

Sinead O’Connor is now 50 years old, and has spent the majority of her half century in the limelight, mainly as a highly controversial figure. The Irish singer-songwriter burst onto the scene in the late 80s with the release of her first album, and she subsequently went on to achieve worldwide superstardom. In the midst of all of this, Sinead’s never been too far from controversy. Religion, women’s rights, war, and a host of other controversial issues – Sinead’s not shy in letting people know her opinions on such matters, and it’s something that’s caused her some serious strife. One moment in particular stands out, and it lead to her being in semi-obscurity for the best part of two decades, and banned from talk shows, Saturday Night Live to be exact. She ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul II live on TV. Understandably that didn’t go down too well with a whole lot of people. Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live, was actually fine with it, but what ticked him off is that she didn’t warn him about it. It’s an action that’s meant she’s no longer welcome on the esteemed show.

8 Kelsey Grammer - Walked Off The Set After Being Blindsided 

Yes, I’m talking about everyone’s favorite – Ha! – talk show host, Piers Morgan, yet again. If the guy makes any more enemies, he’ll have no one to come on as a guest! Kelsey Grammer is yet another major celeb who was banned from Pier’s flop talk show, and has been banned from any future shows that he might host.

Kelsey’s had a seriously troubled past, and he wants a lot of these moments to remain buried. So, when he was on the sets of Piers Morgan Tonight, and came across something they were planning to use, something from his past, he stormed off and refused to appear. Apparently, he saw they were planning to use a picture of his ex-wife in the opening sequence, which he wasn’t told about, which he just found totally unacceptable. Camille and Kelsey went through a very public and bitter divorce and custody battle, and the sitcom star still refuses to utter her name. But, far from being empathetic, Piers has said Kelsey will never be on one of his shows again.

7 Artie Lange - Drug-Fueled Rants Got Him Banned

Comedian Artie Lange is someone else who puts himself out there. He’s been around on the comedy scene for a hell of a long time. He was once a big deal, but due to problems he was dealing with in his personal life, Artie’s kind of slipped off the radar. The guy should have been a far bigger star, but things got in the way. His addictions ruined a large part of his career. Things got so bad, that he even attempted suicide, twice. The second time was after his career had pretty much gone to pot, after he was banned from appearing on talk shows. In 2009, he appeared on HBO’s Joe Buck Live, where he really laid into Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys. That got him banned from HBO. Around the same time, Artie also revealed that he’d been banned from Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show. Apparently when he last made an appearance on the show, they thought he was on drugs, which he denied. But we later learned he was on drugs during that period, so perhaps they were right to let him go until he cleaned up his act and sobered up.

6 Gary Busey - Brain Damage Causes Him To Lose Control

Actor Gary Busey has been around for years. He’s starred in some truly memorable movies and has played some epic roles, but about two decades into his career, something happened that would change everything, that would have a long-lasting impact on his life. He had a serious motorcycle accident and wasn’t wearing a helmet, and consequently sustained some truly horrific injuries. Twenty years after the accident, he appeared on the show Celebrity Rehab, and we came to know that the effects of that accident really had been long-lasting. He’d basically suffered brain damage which had seriously affected certain aspects of his personality. Suddenly things began to make a bit more sense. Things like his behavior on The Howard Stern Show, where he squeezed the life out of Robin Quivers, then decided he wanted a wrestling match with the host. Gary later blamed these antics on his split personality disorder, but it still resulted in a ban.

5 Martin Lawrence - Made Inappropriate Comments During Monologue

Actor and comedian Martin Lawrence has starred in a whole host of hit films over the years. He’s one of the industry’s most popular actors, a guy who’s known for his comedic prowess, quick wit and comedic timing. But on occasions, this has gotten him into plenty of hot water. Actually, when he managed to get himself banned from Saturday Night Live, it wasn’t so much the way he came across, rather what he said. Comedians feel they can do anything to get a laugh, but sometimes, many people feel they take things way too far. That’s what happened in Martin’s case. He decided to make a joke about female genitalia, went off script, and really shocked a lot of people. This occurred in 1994, and he was nowhere near as big as he became over the next two decades, so perhaps he was going for the shock factor to get himself out there. Whatever the case may be, it’s something that earned him a permanent place on the SNL blacklist.

4 Hugh Grant - Rude To The Entire Staff

British actor Hugh Grant may appear to be all suave and sophisticated, but that’s something that really rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Well, not just that; it’s his pompous attitude which translates as rudeness – something that’s meant he was banned from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. During Jon’s many years hosting the talk show, he’s deemed Hugh Grant to be the rudest guest he’s ever had the displeasure of accommodating. “He’s giving everyone s*** the whole time, and he’s a big pain in the ass, and we’ve had dictators on the show.” Wow, Hugh must have made a seriously bad impression. Apparently, he was really rude to the staff and all the backstage crew, and was just going out of his way to cause trouble and be a nuisance. I take it Jon and Hugh aren’t on each other’s Christmas card list, and Hugh won’t be getting a call from The Daily Show, even though Trevor Noah’s taken over hosting duties, any time soon.

3 Bobcat Goldthwait - Set The Chair On Fire

Notice a recurring theme here? The majority of people on this list tend to be comedians. They push the boundaries and do things that many other people deem to be utterly outrageous. Bobcat Goldthwait certainly did that alright. His appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was memorable for all the wrong reasons. He did some seriously inappropriate things, things like setting a chair on fire. When after the incident, people began questioning his antics, wondering whether drugs or alcohol were involved, he refuted those claims, which made things even worse for Bobcat. It was just totally crazy, really out of the blue, and actually something he’d planned because he brought lighter fluid with him beforehand. Understandably, setting a chair on fire in a random act of arson was enough to get him banned from the talk show and any future appearances with Jay Leno. It was actually such an outrageous incident that he managed to get himself on the banned list of other talk shows as well.

2 Steven Seagal - The Worst SNL Host Ever

And here’s yet another actor who’s been banned from Saturday Night Live. Steven Seagal doesn’t really seem like the type of guy who’d get in trouble on a talk show. His whole persona and demeanor is pretty zen-like, but that doesn’t mean controversial statements don’t come out of his mouth. It probably means he’s able to handle the repercussions better than most though. In April 1991, Seagal managed to get into the hosting chair for SNL. It was a truly horrible, some may say cringeworthy, performance. He had some creative licence, but his jokes and sketch ideas were a travesty. And, not only that, but apparently, he was just obnoxious to everyone involved with the show, and no one on the entire crew had a good thing to say about him. He’s actually been labelled as being the worst SNL host ever – that takes some doing. One good thing became of it though; he didn’t exactly leave future hosts struggling for something to talk about, he gave them plenty of good material.

1 Mike Tyson - Taken Off The Air When Things Got Too Heated

Ok, so this is a bit of a general ban from talk shows to stay clear of Mike, not even contemplate having him on their shows. Now that he’s older – a little bit wiser – and has left the boxing game behind him, he’s able to conduct himself in a bit more of an appropriate manner, and he has actually had some memorable talk show appearances. But back during his younger days, days of drinking, drugs, sex, and violence, those interviewing him were seriously wary of him. He was volatile in and out of the ring, and he basically just did what he wanted to do and said what he wanted to say without any regard for the consequences. There are numerous instances where he’s been banned from talk shows, or has actually been taken off shows and interviews while on air because things were getting too heated, very uncomfortable. He’s sworn, has basically asked for sex during interviews, and has done all kinds of other abhorrent things while he was at the peak of his powers in the ring.

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