15 Stars Who Trash Talked Other Stars (And Their Nasty Comments)

Most of us gossip and trash talk others. It’s only natural and it's part of who we are as human beings. Sometimes we trash talk out of jealousy, sometimes we trash talk because we are offended and other times we trash talk because we are simply feeling spiteful.

We have all made nasty comments about our friends or acquaintances at some point in our lives. And celebrities are no exception. They also love to trash talk. The only difference is – when celebrities trash talk, the whole world knows. Nasty comments soon turn into big drama.

Over the years, most celebrities have trash talked other celebrities. Sometimes nasty comments were made intentionally and were meant to hurt. Other times they were made unintentionally. Either way, the outcome was, and is, always the same – trash talk leads to drama, celebrity feuds and entertainment for the fans.


15 Katy Perry Makes A Mental Health Jab At Britney Spears

Remember that time when Britney Spears had a mental breakdown and ended up shaving her head? That was not a good time for her and luckily, the singer has since recovered. However, that doesn’t mean that her public breakdown has been forgotten.

Earlier this year, the singer Katy Perry made mean comments about Spear’s breakdown. She first made a nasty comment when talking about her new hairstyle in an interview on the red carpet at the 59th Grammy Awards – “It’s the last color in the spectrum that I can do, I’ve done all of them and the only thing left to do is shave my head which I’m really saving for a public breakdown. I’m down for that.”

In a later interview, Perry was asked about the pause in her music career. She replied – “Yeah, that’s called taking care of your mental health.” When asked how that was going, Perry replied - “Fantastic, and I haven’t shaved my head yet.”

14 Jeanette McCurdy Called Ariana Grande 'A Leech For Drama'


The actress Jeanette McCurdy is not a big fan of singer Ariana Grande. McCurdy starred in the teen sitcom Sam & Cat alongside Grande and apparently, the two did not get along that well.

After a fan asked McCurdy why the show ended, the actress decided against holding back – “I enjoyed [Grande’s] company because she was fun and energetic, but I had reservations about how much I could trust her. She seemed to be a leech for drama and gossip.”

Later, McCurdy posted another tweet, this time directed straight at Grande – “I might possibly be the worst version of myself when I’m around you. I’m not playing your games, letting you manipulate me and succumbing to your twisted perception of reality. [...] You sucked the life right out of me, and I want my life back.”

13 Mariah Carey Basically Said That Jennifer Lopez Is Talentless

Remember that time when the singer Mariah Carey said she didn’t know who Jennifer Lopez was? During an international interview, Carey was asked what her thoughts were on Beyonce and Lopez. Carey complimented Beyonce but said she didn’t know Lopez.

Later, during an interview with Larry King, Carey was once again asked her opinion on Lopez. This time, she said – “I don’t think she has anything to do with me. My whole thing is singing. Writing songs... I’ve been doing this my whole life. Singing is first foremost. It’s a God-given talent that I’m grateful for. Her thing is something different.” Ouch.

12 Elton John Said Madonna’s Career Was Over


There’s no denying that singer Elton John has a big mouth which often gets him into trouble. For example, remember that time when during an interview with Australia’s Channel 7 program Sunday Night, he said that Madonna’s career was over?

After Madonna was booed at her concert in Paris, John said – “She’s such a nightmare. Her career is over, I can tell you that. Her tour [MDNA world tour] is a disaster and it couldn’t happen to be a bigger c***.”

But he went even further and criticized her appearance – “If Madonna had any common sense, she would have made a record like Ray of Light, stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and made great pop records, which she does brilliantly. But no, she had to prove that she was like... And she looks like a f***ing fairground stripper.”

11 Kelly Osbourne Called Christina Aguilera Fat

Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera had been feuding for years before Osbourne decided to take the high road and end the silly dispute. However, before she did, Osbourne made sure to make a nasty comment about the singer’s weight – “Maybe she’s just becoming the fat b***h she was always born to be. I don’t know. She was a c*** to me.”

Osbourne did not regret her comment later on either – “[Christina Aguilera] called me fat for years. One night on Fashion Police I said, “F**k you. Now you’re fat too.” I didn’t say I wasn’t fat. I said, “Now you know how it feels.” And I’m sorry, but I stand by that. I make a point on the show to never say anything about anybody that I wouldn’t say directly to their face.”

10 Heather Locklear Said Tom Cruise Had Weird Dance Moves Back In The 80s


There’s no denying that first dates are tricky, especially if you’re a celebrity. No one wants the world to know about their failed dates. No one, that is, but the actress Heather Locklear. A few years ago she confessed that in 1982 she went on a date with the actor Tom Cruise.

However, the date didn’t go that well, thanks to Cruise’s weird dance moves – “You know in Risky Business where he does that dance in his underwear and does the splits? We were dancing at a club and he went into that! He started doing the splits.”

Apparently, Locklear didn’t know what to do and ended up sitting down – “You just kind of stand there and don’t know what to do. Do you dance around him? So, I was like, 'I’ll just sit down and you can...'”

9 Jon Hamm Called Kim Kardashian An Idiot

Mad Men actor Jon Hamm does not think that people should become celebrities for no reason but, according to him, he understands how stupidity is rewarded in our cult of celebrity. In an interview, Hamm called the reality TV star Kim Kardashian a “f***ing idiot.”

When Kardashian called Hamm out for being careless, he replied by saying – “I don’t think [my comments] were careless. I think they were accurate.”

He also added – “The sexy thing is so ephemeral and meaningless other than in the world of selling magazines. Who cares, when it’s reduced to just that? You might as well be a Kardashian and have a sex tape.”


8 Katy Perry Said There Was Too Much Tongue Involved In Her Kiss With Miley Cyrus


Remember that time a few years ago when singers Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus kissed? Apparently, Perry did not like the kiss that much because there was too much tongue involved.

In an interview on the Australian talk show Sunrise, Perry said – “I just walked up to her to give her like a friendly, girly kiss, you know, as girls do, and then she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away.”

Perry also added – “God knows where that tongue has been. We don’t know! That tongue is so infamous!”

7 Daniel Craig Called The Kardashians Idiots

James Bond star Daniel Craig also doesn’t think much of the Kardashian family or their fame. In an interview with GQ magazine, Craig called the Kardashians idiots – “Look at the Kardashians, they’re worth millions. I don’t think they were that badly off to begin with but now look at them. You see that and you think 'What, you mean all I have to do is behave like a f***ing idiot on television and then you’ll pay me millions.'”

According to Craig, if you are a reality TV star and you have shown us your living room and even your birth or the birth of your children, then you can’t expect privacy – “You can’t buy your privacy back.”

6 Sharon Osbourne Thinks Nicole Kidman’s Forehead Looks Like A Flatscreen TV


Most celebrities go under the knife when they get older. And most of them feel no shame in admitting that they had work done. However, some celebrities fiercely deny having gone under the knife even though it is obvious that they are lying.

But in the latter case, it is not just fans who call these celebrities out on their fake denials. Other celebrities do it too. Take Sharon Osbourne for example. She has had work done and is not afraid to admit it.

However, she doesn’t think it’s fair that others, such as the actress Nicole Kidman, deny having gone under the knife – “Oh my God! Those liars! I hate them! Those b****s! They are like, “I didn’t do anything.” Meanwhile, their eyebrows are here. Lying b***h! [...] Nicole Kidman’s forehead looks like f***ing flatscreen TV!”

5 Paris Hilton Compared Kim Kardashian’s Butt To Cottage Cheese In A Trash Bag

Reality TV stars Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were once great friends. And you can see why – they’re very similar. However, it was obvious that their friendship was not going to last. The only question was – who or what would break it?

In the end, it was Paris Hilton who destroyed the friendship when she made a nasty comment about Kim’s butt. Hilton said that Kim’s butt was awful and reminded her of cottage cheese – “I would not want [Kim’s butt] – it’s gross! It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.”

4 Zayn Malik Implied That His Ex-Fiancée Perrie Edwards Was Dumb


After Zayn Malik and his ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards split up, Malik went on to date model Gigi Hadid. Apparently, he couldn’t be happier with his new relationship – “She’s super intelligent. I think that’s why it works so well. And we do the same type of job so we get that with each other.”

While that sounds lovely, Malik couldn’t just leave it at that. He had to trash talk his ex-fiancee, Edwards. He said – “I need a challenge. Also, I like girls that are a bit chunky in certain areas – the nice areas. I like a fuller woman. I enjoy an intellectual conversation as well, where someone can construct a sentence beyond what hair and makeup they’re wearing, and talk about something political or about the world. I like an opinion.”

3 Joe Eszterhas Said Mel Gibson Needs 'Extensive Psychiatric Counselling'

Remember that time when writer Joe Eszterhas called out Mel Gibson on his anti-Semitism? That really wasn’t a nice thing to do and made Gibson look extremely bad.

Apparently, Eszterhas and Gibson were working on a film about biblical Jewish war heroes, the Maccabees, but the actor ended up sabotaging the project because of his anti-Semitic views. As a result, the film was rejected by Warner Bros.

According to Eszterhas, Gibson said the Holocaust was “mostly a lot of horses**t.” Eszterhas ended up writing Gibson a nine-page letter in which he said that Gibson needed “extensive psychiatric counseling”.

2 50 Cent Basically Said That Kim Kardashian Is Trash


Remember that time when the rapper Kanye West announced on his Twitter that he was going to write a song for Kim Kardashian entitled Perfect Bitch? Well, you can probably also remember that people had different reactions to this announcement.

Rapper 50 Cent, for example, was quite mean about the whole thing and basically called Kim Kardashian trash – “I mean... if that man feels like she’s perfect, then she’s perfect. He could mean it and you’ll end up singing the words to it because he’s Kanye. You know how it is? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

1 Lady Gaga Implied That Madonna Was Not A Real Musician

Madonna is one of the biggest pop stars of our time. To many, she is the ultimate queen of pop. However, others don’t find her that talented. For example, when Lady Gaga was compared to Madonna she made it clear that she didn't like being compared to the queen of pop.

Gaga said – “Madonna and I are very different. I don’t mean to disrespect Madonna, she’s a nice lady, and she’s had a fantastic huge career, biggest pop star of all time. But I play a lot of instruments. I write all my own music. I spend hours and hours a day in the studio. I’m a producer. I’m a writer. What I do is different. I’m not afraid of my flaws.” Ouch.


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