15 Stars Who Spilled Dirty Secrets About Other Stars

Unfortunately for celebrities, there is no such thing such as "the bro code" or the husband and wife confidentiality clause that holds up in court. Whatever is said by a celebrity to anyone else (even, or sometimes especially, to another celebrity) can be and will be used against that celebrity.

Hollywood is a fickle friend to the famous sort. The gossip that swirls around Tinsel Town can either make or break a celebrity, even if just for a while. Even if the personal crisis is just a temporary measure, the stain of an embarrassing rumor can leave lasting effects. It's like a Jack-in-the-Box toy for them. They can never be sure when the secret they never wanted to see the light of day will pop up. At an important recorded interview — surprise! On the red carpet with a gutsy interviewer — surprise! On an article for TheRichest — surprise! The ironic part is that you'd think that other celebrities would be sympathetic to the cause, knowing the damage that it can cause for themselves. Perhaps that is exactly the reason that other celebrities use their very public and very powerful platform to blast fellow celebs' secrets to the world.

Some are done on accident (though with everything being under a microscope, don't you think they'd be extra careful?) and some are definitely done on purpose for maximum public exposure. Sit back, relax and enjoy 15 OPPs for VIPs; that's Other Peoples' Problems for Very Important People for those of you who aren't into acronyms.


15 Mackenzie Phillips Brings Family Secrets To Light In Her Scandal-Filled Memoir

If you have read High On Arrival, you know that Mackenzie Phillips (child star of the popular 70s show One Day At A Time) has been through enough insanity for many lifetimes in her one life that's been jam-packed with wild and crazy experiences. She's the oldest daughter of John Phillips, late singer of The Mamas and The Papas, a folk band popular in the 60s.

Growing up, Mackenzie had access to just about everything that young children should never have access to thanks to her famous dad's connections from chasing peacocks in her dad's mansion to eating breakfast next to a big bowl of white powder on the table next to her Cheerios. Unfortunately, according to Mack's memoir, she also remembers sexual abuse at the hands of her father (though things do get murky as she claims it was consensual for the most part). As you can imagine, this did not sit well with everyone in her family. She has many half-siblings and some dispute her claims and are not too happy with her for dragging their late father's name through the metaphorical mud.

14 Amanda Bynes Trash Talked Her Way Through The A-List


From calling out Jay-Z for having an "ugly face" to tweeting Rihanna that "Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough", Amanda made a long list of A-list enemies.  She even sent some Twitter hate N.Y.P.D.'s way! In 2013, Amanda Bynes was at the peak of her verbal rampage towards her fellow celebs and couldn't seem to resist keeping her 140 characters to herself. Even those celebs that tweeted their concern for her mental health weren't safe from her wrath. But that was years ago. More recently, as of 2017, Amanda has regained control of her keyboard to accuse Dan Schneider, a Nickelodeon producer, of impregnating her and forcing her to have an abortion. Apparently, she tweeted to Trump for help in the matter. Dan has a reputation in the rumor mill for young Nickelodeon stars other than Amanda so maybe there's something to the rumor.

13 In A Ballsy Move, Ed Sheeran Told About Ariana's Big Dirty Joke

The story goes that Ariana joked around at a 2014 Victoria's Secret show where Ed was also performing by saying that she liked big black balls. It was backstage and apparently, performers and their crews were goofing off and relaxing, basically doing whatever performers do when Miss Grande tried her hand at humor. The joke was in reference to the actual big black ball decorations that floated in the pool the Victoria's Secret models were going to be walking near. Whether Ed just happened to take Ariana's joke as more of a statement or he was trying to take her joke to the next level, he tweeted that Ariana likes big black balls. She responded with, "Dude" — to imply that it was not okay to retell her joke (it's a "you had to be there" kind of thing anyway) and on top of that, he didn't very much make it known that it was in fact, a joke.

12 Farrah Abraham Is The Type To Text And Tell


"Desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua."  Take a moment to appreciate the complexity of that insult. Whether you love Charlie Sheen or not, you've got to admit that the man has a set of steel cojones. He's not one to stifle his feelings when he's been wronged so if you have been texting with Charlie and decide to release text message threads of your and his convo, you too could be publicly outed as a desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua, which is the title that he bestowed to Teen Mom OG star (and Back Door Teen Mom star) Farrah Abraham in 2013.

It all started when Farrah found herself as a possible guest star on Charlie's show, Anger Management. She somehow wrangled up Charlie's phone number and started texting him, practically begging to hang out. Shortly after he responded that he would like to get together with her, she was so pumped or just plain proud of herself for texting with Charlie Sheen that she showed the world screenshots of their texts. Charlie did not think that was a classy move and called her out in style, as only he can.

11 Roberto Cavalli Blabs About J.Lo's Pregnancy Before She's Ready

J.Lo has a long history with famous stylist to the stars, Roberto Cavalli. He is responsible for helping her achieve some of her most talked about and most glamorous looks on the red carpet. Even so, when he accidentally let it slip to the media that J.Lo was expecting her twins with then husband Marc Anthony, much too far before J.Lo was comfortable and prepared to deliver that news herself to the media, she wasn't too pleased with her once beloved stylist. Things seem to have been patched up soon after Cavalli's slip up occurred. After all, everyone makes mistakes and it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a pregnancy with not just one but two babies!

10 Shirley Jones Embarrassed Joan Collins By Telling A Racy Secret About Her Husband!


Joan Collins was mortified to learn that the self-titled memoir released by Shirley Jones in 2013 contained a secret Joan had preferred to take to the grave. After all, it wasn't Joan's memoir... why should Shirley's have a secret about Joan? The answer is that Joan's husband, Anthony Newley from Dynasty, put Shirley and her husband at the time, Jack Cassidy, in a very uncomfortable situation. After what Shirley and Jack thought was just a normal dinner party hosted by Joan and Anthony, Anthony asked the couple to get naked and watch porn with him and Joan. Not surprising then, that Joan got all legal and demanded Shirley's publisher to retract that not so pretty little detail. Ah but the damage has already been done. It wasn't as if Shirley had spied on Joan and Anthony, this event actually happened to her and she has the right to include it in her book. Apparently, time does not heal all wounds...

9 Danielle Fishel Proves That What Happens In The Air, Doesn't Stay In The Air

Way back in the day, the whole T.G.I.F. crew (all cast members from each popular show) boarded a private plane headed for Disney World. Danielle's account (told to an interview with Maxim in 2013) is that Bob Saget ripped open the curtain that the Boy Meets World cast was behind and asked a lewd, inappropriate question about cocaine ("Do you guys have any coke?!"), looked at her dad and then laughed before walking away. Bob tells a very different story. He called Danielle a liar, saying that there were no curtains and if there were, he wouldn't have torn them open. He says that he did make a joke but it was just meant for Mr. Fishel, Danielle's father, and there was no harm intended. Danielle later issued an explanation by way of a semi-apology on Twitter stating that Maxim should have included the part where she said that she knew it was a joke.


8 Baba Wawa Talks About A Tryst With A Married Senator!


She's made a living and a serious legend out of getting into other people's business. But in her memoir, Audition, Barbara gets into her own business while of course spilling some dirt of those involved with her as well. Take for example, her (alleged) affair with late former Senator Edward Brooke in the 70s. The famed interviewer with the funny and memorable accent is unapologetic when she says that her secret affair with former Senator Brooke was a wonderful though emotionally exhausting experience. She compliments him, saying that he was "the most attractive, sexiest, funniest, charming and impossible man." Would the late Senator have taken offense to Barbara's including him in her memoir? On one hand, she accuses him of cheating on his wife, carrying on a long torrid love affair. But on the other hand, she paints him in a very complimentary light! What do you think?

7 Jennie Garth Blows Up Robert Pattinson's Spot (And Embarrasses Her Own Hubby In The Process)

Back in the days of Twilight mania when teenage (and maybe some adult) women swooned for Robert Pattinson, Jennie Garth let something slip about his love life which she shouldn't have. Her then husband, Peter Facinelli, was Pattinson's fellow Twilight cast member so Jennie had a connection to the franchise in that regard. The tabloids were desperate for a piece of Pattinson love life gossip and in hounding Jennie for info, she finally cracked and said, "I can't say because that would break a promise to my husband but he (Pattinson) is dating one of them." By "one of them", she was referring to one of his co-stars, pretty much confirming the swirling rumors that he was dating Kristen Stewart.

6 Janice Dickinson Spills The Beans About Sylvester Stallone And Tons Of Other Huge Stars


Former model and current star of any VH1 reality show about celebrities, Janice Dickinson is never far from scandal. She has seemingly endless stories about almost any megastar from the 70s-90s era. After being intimate with Warren Beatty, the vain creature stood in the mirror and stared at himself while posing, clearly enjoying his handsome reflection. After a night with Jack Nicholson, Jack (who was "just okay") told her to do him a favor and not to tell anyone that she was just with a star. Classy move, Jack. And of course, she did... immediately.

Her list of star secret spillage is much too long to list here but maybe the biggest of all involves Sly Stallone who turned what would feel like a cold shoulder to Janice (if she was anyone other than Janice) when she came to him with news of her pregnancy... with his baby. He asked her how could she know it was his? It turns out that Janice technically agreed but she felt the baby was his. She was wrong. Sly's parting words were, "Say nice things about me and I'll say nice things about you." Oops. In her memoir, she pokes fun at his height and says other things one might take as not so nice.

5 Keith Richards Calls Mick Jagger's Member "Minuscule"

"Tiny todger" to be technical. When legend rock god Mick Jagger opened his best bud's memoir entitled Life in 2010, he was in for the shock of his life — and major disappointment — when he read that his bandmate for nearly 50 years said that he walked in on Mick nude in his dressing room and saw that he had a very small certain body part. This, of course, doesn't jibe with the whole rock star appeal that Mick and all rock superstars tend to be known for and so former lovers and exes have come out of the woodwork to defend Mick against this member-bashing that almost ended one of the biggest bromances in musical history. Mick's ex-wife says that Keith is merely "just jealous." Even with the defenses in place, it's understandably a sore subject for Mick. What happened to bro code, Keith?

4 Heather Locklear Didn't Appreciate Tom's Moves And Told The World About It!


Over his many years as somewhat of a Prince in the biz, Tom C. has proven time and time again that he is an eccentric cat. But poor Heather Locklear way back in the 80s couldn't have fully known about Tom's odd duck ways when she went on their one and only date. In 2013, Heather spilled a secret that she had only previously told her girlfriends in the 80s maybe or perhaps kept it to herself since she found it so embarrassing. The person Heather spilled the beans to after all these years was none other than Chelsea Handler on her then show. She said that after Tom took her to dinner, they went out for drinks and dancing and Tom started to do his Risky Business dance out of seemingly nowhere. Tom obviously thought that he was killing it on the dance floor but to Heather, it looked awkward and out of place. She felt so uncomfortable that she just walked away and sat down. Ouch! We'll see Tom again in just a minute...

3 Priscilla Got Lost In Elvis Presley's World

While Priscilla maintains that Elvis was the love of her life, she also said in a recent (2016) interview that she left the marriage in order to see what the world was about. She called life with Elvis "truly living in a bubble" and confessed that they never did anything, never went anywhere. In The King's defense, it wasn't as if they could just stroll down Main Street and catch a movie then grab a bite to eat like normal couples, what with gaggles of Elvis groupies stalking their idol's every move. She also said that he was very controlling over the details in her life even though she believes it was done in a loving, protective way. She said that they both lived his life and in the process of their marriage and life together, she forgot who she was. I see her point but she did know who she was marrying, right?

2 Paris Hilton Blabbed About Christina Aguilera's Pregnancy Without Her Consent!


Here's another case of someone else revealing a pregnancy before the pregnant celeb was ready for the world to know. In 2007, at a crowded and celebrity packed Vegas club, Paris Hilton jumped up on stage to make an impromptu speech where she also happened to jump the gun. She toasted to "the most beautiful pregnant woman" and then made it known that she was referring to Christina Aguilera who was in the crowd. It's said that Christina buried her head in disappointment as soon as the accidental speech was made. She must have been in good spirits that night because she forgave Paris and the two remain friends. I think this brings about an interesting point. Certainly, celebrities have reason to guard their personal lives, pregnancies included, more closely than the rest of us. Should celebrity friends be more vigilant when talking about pregnancies? It seems like this is a common problem in Hollywood.

1 Leah Remini Throws Accusations At Scientology's #1 Fan, Tom Cruise

Leah Remini has the reputation, much like the characters she's portrayed in the past starting with tough-talking tomboy "Charlie", Alyssa Milano's "Sam's" best friend on Who's The Boss, then there was snobby mean girl "Stacey" when the kids from Saved By The Bell went to work for the summer and of course meanest wife ever, "Carrie" from King of Queens, to be blunt and say it like it is. And she does. Once she left Scientology, she has never held back for true feelings for the organization or their golden boy, Tom. Prying back the curtain, Leah told all that only after paying a whopping $1 million to the church, could she meet the famed scientologist — and she's a celebrity, too! She said that she was invited to Tom and Katie's wedding but only if she could ensure that J.Lo and Marc Anthony would be there, too. Weird. At the wedding, Katie made Tom (and everyone else) wait about twenty minutes before walking down the aisle. Strange. Post-wedding, Tom invited Leah and other celebrities over to his house for dinner and games— like hide and seek. Okay, that's just bizarre, even for Tom.


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