15 Stars Who Love Their Spanx...And The Whole World Knows It

Sure, women feel beautiful in their dresses. Sadly, wearing them is anything but fun...and that's where Spanx comes in.

It’s no secret that women in Hollywood have to utilize some tricks in order look great in public. Too many women are criticized over weight and while many take to the gym, they still need some help looking fine in public. That’s where Spanx come in. In a variety of styles, these undergarments are specially designed to pull in the body and hide some outward curves. Thus, women can look thinner or curvier, not just in the torso but the rear end as well. Some women even wear it for their legs to help out when in jeans or long dresses. It’s a common thing in Hollywood from filming to red carpet events and aids the women maintaining their great figures so well.

Of course, there’s a tiny issue in how to keep it hidden. Unlike a simple pair of panties, thong or bra, Spanx are rather large and obtrusive. Thus, it can be easier for a woman to let slip how she’s wearing a pair under her clothing. As with any wardrobe malfunction, it can happen anywhere although it’s not as ultra-embarrassing given the entire point of Spanx is to cover up skin. Some women just shrug it off, noting that it’s common and indeed, shows stars are just like anyone else using it. But it’s still notable seeing a knockout celebrity wearing something so common. Here are 15 hot starlets who showed Spanx, often at the wrong time, to prove even the rich and famous need some support help.

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15 Katy Perry

No one has ever accused Katy Perry of being shy when it comes to her outfits. The woman was famous for showing off her very curvaceous form, often in some quite revealing outfits. She loves to boost up that very ample chest and show off her killer legs in a variety of costumes, especially for her wild concerts. From cones on her chest that fire out foam to costumes that would make Madonna do a double-take, Perry enjoys her body yet also can be surprisingly hot when in just regular outfits. This pic from a concert shows one of her more demure outfits, a simple red dress with black belt, not even flaunting her chest for a change. But you can see her Spanx peeking out from under the dress skirt, proving that even Perry needs some help but given her affinity for outfits, it's understandable.

14 Jennifer Lopez

It’s astounding to realize this woman is 48 years old. If anything, Jennifer Lopez looks even sexier than in the 2000s, her amazing beauty on full display in anything she does. Whether it’s a music album, a judge for a dance show, her hit NBC series Shades of Blue or movies, J’Lo remains one of the hottest stars alive. She maintains herself through hard work at the gym, knowing her body is a major calling card for her career and always doing what it takes to make it appear in top shape. However, given her busy schedule, it’s no surprise she has to take a few shortcuts now and then. Thus, you get pics like this with her Spanx on display. However, you can cut her a break given how tight her schedule is and it does nothing to rob her of the talent that makes Jenny From the Block a star whose sexiness and talent just never ages.

13 Taylor Swift

Few music careers have transformed like Taylor Swift's has. She started out a squeaky clean country star hailed for her down to Earth style and beauty doing songs on breakups. As her fame rose, she embraced a hotter style in performances that threw the Nashville guard. Swift then moved to pure pop with more hit albums and even hotter styles. Currently, she’s getting attention for stuff like a song trashing her past personas and jarring with some feuds with various pop ladies. However, her concerts are acclaimed for her outfits and her terrific performances. Swift is a master of the quick change between songs (and sometimes even during songs) to show off her great legs and amazing sexuality that’s grown with her age. But like many a pop princess, Swift isn’t immune to showing off a bit too much at times. Such is the case as she gives too much of a twirl at a concert, letting her skirt ride up to show the Spanx underneath. It helps her keep her form and doesn’t rob her of the great singing but shows even Swift can’t pull off a perfect show without help.

12 Jessica Chastain

Redheads have an ability to stand out thanks to how rare they are. Adding some sexiness and amazing acting talent only helps boost it more. Jessica Chastain has never had issues with standing out from the pack with her fantastic beauty and terrific acting. With hits like Zero Dark Thirty, The Help and more, Chastain has proven herself capable of handling blockbusters alongside fare that’s earned her Oscar nominations. She’s known for a fun style and sharp humor that comes out nicely in her roles. Chastain is a marvel on the red carpet, always able to pick out an outfit to match her dark red locks and help her stand out nicely. Of course, she’s not perfect as she picked the Cannes film festival for an embarrassing slip-up. Climbing up the famed red carpet stairs, Chastain showed the dark Spanx under her designer gown that got a bit more attention than she wanted. However, it didn’t distract too much to show how the lady is one of the hotter redheads on the planet.

11 Emma Watson

It’s amazing to watch how Emma Watson has grown up. She was only nine when she landed the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. Over the next decade, she grew from a frizzled-hair smart gal into a truly gorgeous young woman on screen. Watson has proven herself above that one role in a variety of movies that push her young talents well, including the recent smash hit Beauty & The Beast. She’s also quite smart with her college career and dedicated to keeping her fans happy. Indeed, she says she refuses bare-it-all scenes as she knows it will be pushed as “Hermione goes naked” and doesn’t want that. Her short hair adds to her sexiness and she’s known for a thin but nice form. This pic from the premiere of her movie Noah shows that gets some help as Watson can be seen with Spanx peeking out from the dress. But that doesn’t take away from her amazing style as watching her grow into a sexy young woman has been a truly magical experience.

10 Eva Longoria

The character of Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives was meant to be a former supermodel, which tends to be a woman of above average height. Thus, casting the five foot Eva Longoria seems odd. But Marc Cherry insisted she had all the other qualities to bring Gabby to life and he was right. Longoria became a star via the show with her hot outfits and flaunting herself, made funnier when the character became a downtrodden mom. Longoria mostly kept off screen after the show ended, mostly producing like the Lifetime hit Devious Maids and her ill-fated marriage to basketball star Tony Parker. She did return in the short-lived Telenovela and keeping busy. This pic shows her getting out of a limo for an event with Spanx peeking out from her gorgeous dress yet it just adds to her allure. While her fame isn’t as huge nowadays, Longoria still shows her model form off.

9 Jennifer Garner

For years, Jennifer Garner was one of those “hey, it’s that girl” ladies in various TV shows from Law & Order to Time of Your Life with Jennifer Love Hewitt. It all changed when JJ Abrams cast her as the lead in the spy thriller Alias and made her a star. Since then, Garner has achieved fame in movies from Daredevil to 13 Going on 30 and her fun humor on display. She’s also gotten majorly famous for her marriage to Ben Affleck to the point their divorce was front page news. Garner remains busy with promotion and some low key movie roles, settling into “mom” parts but can still impress with her talent. She prefers a low-key style in public, just running errands for her kids and such. So you can understand how this pic of her unloading her car features peeks of Spanx underneath as after three kids and various issues, she would need some help keeping in shape. Yet Garner remains a gorgeous lady in person and one very hot mamma.

8 Selena Gomez

The Disney Channel is famous for having a variety of young hot stars who turn into true sexpots. Selena Gomez sure counts in that category. Her role on Wizards of Waverly Place had her as a scheming witch with a nice style. She then appeared in a few TV movies and a variety of pop albums. But since breaking away, Gomez has embraced a much sexier style in movies like Spring Breakers and her concerts showing much more skin than before. She got major attention with the revelation she had a kidney transplant due to health issues and wowed fans by being on tour shortly afterward. Her songs speak of empowerment and being yourself and helped by her gorgeous figure on display in hot outfits. As this slip from a concert shows, Gomez does have some Spanx to help those outfits with their curves. But you can at least credit her with having underwear, something other singing stars don’t and still a magical sight.

7 Reese Witherspoon

Some ladies are able to defy time wonderfully and Reese Witherspoon is one of them. The gorgeous blonde has been impressing both audiences and critics since the late 1990s. From Cruel Intentions and Election to the Legally Blonde hits and winning an Oscar, Witherspoon has shown herself able to go from high drama to great comedy with equal skill. She’s proven that hasn’t changed today, winning huge acclaim for the HBO series Big Little Lies and looking as gorgeous as ever. It comes as a surprise that Witherspoon is only five feet tall given she has a fantastic pair of legs and a lush style. Witherspoon keeps in terrific shape yet this pic shows her Spanx style which peeks out from her dress. However, it shows even more how her sexiness is still as great as ever and why this Oscar-winner is one of the hotter blondes out there.

6 Kim Kardashian

One has to give credit to a woman who managed to use a sex tape to build a multi-billion dollar empire. She has little talent for acting but Kim Kardashian is a genius when it comes to showing off her body in various ways. She can break the internet now and then with some fantastic spreads in magazines to flaunt her nice chest and that famous rear end. She’s also boosted by her reality show, marriage to Kayne West and much more in promotional activities. Speculation abounds Kim uses some surgical boosts for her beauty, especially that rear and wears outfits meant to push up her curves. So it’s no surprise Spanx are used as seen in this pic of her walking around New York flaunting her great style. Kim seems unaware as she keeps walking but it’s not like she doesn’t know the effect she has as any press is great for her.

5 Beyonce

In terms of style, Queen Bey is one of the most dominant figures around. She’s been a massive hit in the music scene with sold out concerts and fantastic performances to rock fans. She’s done some bits in movies like Dreamgirls and her sexy style has slews of imitators and admirers. Just see how for her birthday, slews of celebrities imitated her in a special photo tribute on Twitter. Her showcasing of her pregnant belly nearly broke Instagram and she’s an expert making herself tops wherever she goes. However, as this performance shows, Beyonce is expert at showing a bit more than she might hope. For this outdoor performance, she’s wearing one of her usual hot outfits to flaunt those killer legs of hers and the twirl of the skirt reveals the Spanx she wears. However, you can forgive her for doing anything to keep that fantastic shape of hers going and it’s still not enough to take away Beyoncé’s fantastic power.

4 Sarah Hyland

The most recent entry on this list which got some major talk. The Emmy Awards are the biggest night for TV and the stars always do their best to show off on the red carpet. Even if an actress or their show isn’t nominated, they still want to make a good impression. Sarah Hyland has been a rising star ever since Modern Family premiered in 2009. Her role as the air-headed but hot Hayley is a key source of the comedy as she showcases some sexy styles in a variety of steamy outfits. For red carpet events, Hyland goes more glam and enjoys it. But this time, she got attention for the wrong reasons with her Spanx peeking out of her designer gown. A few pics had her with a wide-eyed expression as she was called on it and trying her best to handle it. It’s a bit embarrassing to have a slip-up like this dominate the attention for your show but it did give Hyland a bit more press than usual.

3 Kristen Stewart

For a while, Kristen Stewart was slammed a lot for her poor attitude. She came to fame as Bella Swan in the Twilight movies but chastised for a sour mood to reporters and almost never smiling. However, Stewart has transformed herself into an actress willing to take some serious chances with roles. She’s ignored other blockbusters in favor of indie fare like On the Road, Still Alice and Clouds of Sils Maria, which made her the first American actress to win a Cesar award. She’s also gotten attention for her love life, causing a scandal sleeping with one of her married directors. Now, Stewart is openly gay and proud of pushing herself as not conforming to anyone’s standards. Stewart tries to keep her own style going but does have to play the promotional game. Thus, this appearance on The Tonight Show had her showing some Spanx under her dress and brushing it off, showing Stewart doesn’t care too much for what others think which adds to her sexiness.

2 Blake Lively

The gorgeous leggy blonde came to fame as part of the film series The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. That led to her breakout role as Serena on the CW hit Gossip Girl. Lively has since shown her acting chops in The Town and other films and gotten more press for her marriage to Ryan Reynolds. Even after motherhood, the actress is in fantastic shape, always there for promoting beauty products and a favorite of paparazzi for her hot style. Whether in her hot dresses or just a regular outfit, Lively is always fun to watch. This pic shows that she does need some Spanx to help keep that form, even with those fantastic legs. But you can forgive her given how great Lively is in person with her bright smile and humor and those legs that just don’t quit. So while this peek of Spanx from her flower dress can be embarrassing, it also shows how she lives up to her name of Lively.

1 Katie Holmes

The former Dawson’s Creek star has had a unique career. For a time, she was stuck in a variety of teen roles in movies but did make a bold move changing it by going topless in the thriller The Gift. She had some good projects but in 2005, became more famous for her relationship with Tom Cruise. Her acting career fell to the wayside, raising children and more than a few people had high suspicions Holmes was basically a prisoner of the cult of Scientology. They finally divorced in 2012 with Holmes now rebuilding her career with turns in The Kennedys and others. Still an amazingly sexy lady, Holmes is a delight on the red carpet with her great outfits and moves. However, this pic from a premiere shows Holmes has to rely on Spanx a bit, flashing it as she steps out of her car and showing that for all her hot heat, the lady still needs a bit of support.

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15 Stars Who Love Their Spanx...And The Whole World Knows It