15 Stars Who Look Way Older Than They Really Are

It might be rare to find a celebrity who actually looks their age. With plastic surgery and Botox available at their fingertips, it’s not surprising that they want to look forever young for the rest of their lives. Still, plastic surgery or not, there are some celebrities who look way older than they actually are. They could be the ones who have decided to age gracefully and let nature take its course. There might also be a handful of them who have gone overboard with going under the knife and that’s why they look way older than their true age.

However, it’s never been a secret that the Hollywood lifestyle can take a toll on one’s body. From having a glam squad ready to do a full face of makeup and contour every day (and possibly even multiple times a day if a major event is happening), the glitz and glam can turn into a wear and tear on the average body, star or not. Factors like heredity, drug use, and simple stress can also play a factor in why some celebrities have aged at a more advanced and aggressive level than their peers. Plus, many stars either lie about their age or claim they are younger than they really are. Others don’t reveal it at all as they want to take on certain (younger) roles. But while age is a mysterious topic among celebrities, some don’t keep theirs a secret and wear it so proudly that they actually look older than they really are. Take a look!

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15 Lady Gaga

This pop star and actress is only…wait for it… 30 years old! In fact she’ll be 31 in a couple of days. I have to say I thought she was around 30 when she first hit the scene back in 2008, but it looks like back then she was only in her early 20s. She has certainly made a name for herself since then and is worth half a billion dollars. What better way to kick off your flirty thirties? Another way she celebrated coming into the new decade was getting her driver’s license. Yes she might have been nearly 15 years late, but hey it’s a big accomplishment for her, next to winning several MTV Video Music Awards, Grammy Awards, and Billboard Music Awards, just to name a few. What a life Gaga has lived in her 20s. I can only imagine what will happen for her in her 30s. If she has her way, she might have a “Little Monster” sometime soon.

14 Adele

Thanks to the title of Adele’s albums, we know her true age. From 19 to 21 and her most recent 25, she has been very vocal and open about how old she is. Still, it’s also no secret that she looks way older than her current age. Don’t get me wrong, Adele is absolutely beautiful, she just looks like a more mature woman. And I love that she is winning in her personal life and career as she stands for the girls who might not look like the average Hollywood model. We’ll have to start keeping up with her age ourselves because the now 28-year-old said she’s going to stop naming albums after how old she is. I kind of like the concept and think it’s cool because you can tell where she was in her life when she wrote different songs. But I’m sure Adele will be around for decades to come so an album titled 50 might be a bit much.

13 Macaulay Culkin

Via: The Independent

The once adorable star of the Home Alone franchise certainly looks much older than his 36 years. While he went on to star in movies like My Girl and childhood favorite Richie Rich, life has certainly happened to the child star and it looks like it has taken a toll on his body. Rumors spread that he suffered from drug abuse, but he cleared those up last year. He said people didn’t “necessarily” need to be concerned about his health. “I was not pounding six grand of heroin every month or whatever,” he told The Guardian. “The thing that bugged me was tabloids wrapping it all in this weird guise of concern. No, you’re trying to shift papers.” He added that he might want to tell his own story about it one day. In the meantime, Culkin still looks older than 36. But it’s good to know he’s doing well in spite of the speculation.

12 Hilary Duff

Via: And Pop

Hilary Duff isn’t pushing 30 just yet but many have said that she looks beyond it. I think it’s in part to the plastic surgery that she has reportedly received. Rumor has it that Hilary received lip fillers, a nose job, dental work, and breast implants. Interestingly enough, Hilary has revealed that she attracts older men after her divorce. “I never think being single sucks until I go out in Los Angeles and the options are terrible,” she said during an interview with Redbook. “I really attract the old men!” She confessed in another interview with Time magazine that she used to lie about her age “all the time,” but she never really stuck to it. “A fake ID would never work for me because they’d be like, ‘We know who you are.’” For now, she said she felt like the old woman in the bunch in the Brooklyn neighborhood she lived in recently.

11 Angelina Jolie

This actress is also said to look older than she really is. Angelina Jolie is only 41. But she could easily pass for a woman who has aged gracefully into her late 40s or even early 50s, especially when the life that she has lived is taken into consideration. Jolie is now going through a divorce to the much older heartthrob Brad Pitt, who is 53, and the two have six children together! Could you imagine having six kids before 40? Three of them are biological and the exes adopted the other three. The age difference between her and Pitt could have been the reason many assumed she was older as well. Still, Jolie has kind of always had a very mature look even before her romance with the actor. Whether it’s her cheekbones or her full lips, Jolie could easily pass for a woman who is gearing up to celebrate the big 5-0.

10 Zendaya Coleman

Via: Celebrity Gossip

While she might not have ever gone under the knife to alter certain features she has, she certainly has a mature look nearly every time she steps out of the house with a full face of makeup and dressed to the nines with a crop top and leather jacket to complete her look. In reality, Zendaya is only 20! But she has rocked several looks that make her look much older, from the pixie cut to the short bob, all the way to the faux dreads that got lots of attention and even started a mini war with E! News host Giuliana Rancic. It’s clear that it’s her image that makes her look older because when she’s spotted makeup and care free, she looks like a girl in her teens just living her life. Hey, at least she’s having fun with it! And she’s certainly earned herself a spot on the list of our girl crushes.

9 Gisele Bundchen

Via: Today

This supermodel is 36! It might be the biggest insult to say she looks older than that but at the same time, she has been in the game for years. In fact, she signed her first modeling deal when she was only 15. Some might assume Gisele started at a later age, which could play into the idea that she looks older. Her NFL star husband Tom Brady also looks a little older than his age at 39. But the couple is determined to stay healthy as they get older. Their celebrity chef Allen Campbell revealed that they steer clear of white sugar, white flour, and MSG. He said they eat organic vegetables 80 percent of the time. The other 20 percent includes duck, grass-fed organic steak, or wild salmon. Sheesh! They also don’t drink coffee or any caffeine for that matter, and avoid dairy. I think I might write that down for my own diet!

8 Kate Upton

Via: Featured on AOL

Can you believe Kate Upton is only 24? Many people were surprised by her age when she was hanging out with stars like Sean “P. Diddy” Combs on yachts before she was even old enough to legally drink alcohol. Despite being said that she looks older than she really is (I would say at least pushing 30), she has always been pretty big on self-confidence and not paying attention to what her critics have to say about her body image. She said she has thanked people who have spoken negatively about her “because it really made me sit back and find out who I was and what meant something to me and how I thought about my body. At 19, I wasn’t thinking about that. I sat there answering all these questions I had about my body because I really didn’t know.” At least we can say that she’s really coming into her own, even at such a young age.

7 Harry Styles

This boy-band member seemed to go from puberty straight to manhood without passing Go or collecting $200. Harry Styles is only 23 (in fact, he just turned 23 last month), but he looks much older thanks to his style and image, just like Zendaya. He might not have any facial hair showing but his previous long tresses certainly help him advance beyond his years in the look department. Now he also seemed to have traded in his skinny jeans, scarf, and hat for a tux on a couple of occasions. Word is that the stresses of his life have also played a factor in his aging. Still, after he cut off his hair he did look a bit more boyish than like a grown man going through the struggles of life. But I’m not against Harry channeling his grown man status and maturing in his look every once in a while.

6 Margot Robbie

Via: Business Insider

This star is another one who doesn’t look her age. Margot Robbie was under lots of scrutiny last year after Vogue magazine said she was only 25. In fact, many speculated that she was at least in her mid-thirties, especially since she was said to be 23 back in 2008, so she would be at least 30 in 2016. She was even said to be 17 a couple of years ago. On top of that, her birthday on Wikipedia dates back to 2008. So how old is she really? Well, if she is claiming to be 25, she doesn’t look it. “People seem outraged that I’m 24,” she said last year. “People think I’m a decade older.” Well, considering there are a handful of discrepancies when it comes to how old she really is, we might just have to take her word for it. We’ll just say she has a pretty mature look, even if she's only 26.

5 Liam Hemsworth

Via: Hashtag Legend

This hottie might be easy on the eyes but he’s only 27. His The Dressmaker co-star Kate Winslet seemed to be surprised when she found out he was younger than he looks. “It didn’t even occur to me,” she said. “And the funny thing is now that the film is coming out, people are noticing that. I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, I completely, honestly, until today, I didn’t know how old Liam was.” Well, he’s just a few years older than his fiancé, and now alleged wife, star Miley Cyrus, who is 24. Ironically, she looks younger than her age. Maybe because we’ve known of her since she was a child. Liam’s brother, Chris Hemsworth, also looks a bit older, as he’s only 33. I think his facial hair might be a major reason for it. But just because they look older, doesn’t mean these two brothers aren’t two of the best looking guys in Hollywood.

4 Lorde

Via: The Odyssey Online

Lorde has been able to laugh off speculation that she is much older than 19. She was said to be 17 back in 2014 and only 16 when her hit Royals was playing on almost every airwave. Lorde joked about it and said, “Hi, I’m Ella and I’m actually 45,” during an interview with Vanity Fair. One New Zealand website went as far as ordering her birth certificate for NZ$17.02 to find out her real age. It not only revealed that her birthday is Nov. 7, 1996, but that her real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor. “At last, Lorde age truthers, the rumors can be put to rest,” the site wrote. “Lorde is not old, she is just more talented and successful than you were at 16 or perhaps than you ever will be, really. (She’s also quite funny about it.)”

3 Lindsay Lohan

The actress’ alleged drug abuse and drunken nights have put a toll on her body and make her look much older than the 30 years she is said to be. Still, 30 is a major milestone and despite her rocky phase in life, Lindsay said she is at peace with where she is. “When I turned 30 I always aspired for this, I always said when I turn 30 that will be the defining moment of what I do,” she told Good Morning Britain. “I found a lot of solace, I reached inside and my intentions were in the world. Taking control of my life.” She also said she didn’t turn to alcohol in her teenage years but rather got caught up with the wrong crowd. We can’t deny that she looks much different than the adorable little girl who played twins in her breakout movie The Parent Trap, but there are very few celebrity stars who have aged as gracefully as the Mowry clan (Tahj, Tia, and Tamera). But in all honesty, Lindsay is looking rough.

2 Kylie Jenner

Via: In Touch Weekly

Kylie Jenner has accomplished what many say she has wanted all along. She might only be 19, but she looks like she’s at least 25. Much of this is because of her now iconic full set of lips, that are definitely not noticeable in the before photos of the reality star. In fact, if she rocked the lips she was born with, she might look closer to her age. But she has definitely started a movement of lip plumping so hey, it’s her prerogative. Still, her new look hasn’t stopped fans from teasing her. Many said recently that she could pass for a 30-year-old woman after she reportedly got more surgery in addition to her lip fillers. She admitted to using the fillers on a recent episode of the reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians and said that it was always an insecurity she had to deal with while growing up.

1 Lebron James

Via: Moe Jackson

One of the most powerful NBA players of all-time just turned 32. He doesn’t look it, but what he’s accomplished at such a young age could be why many people think he’s actually older. He was drafted to the Cleveland Cavaliers straight out of college and has been on a whirlwind in his career since then. I might not be the biggest Lebron fan, but I have to say that his hairline is also a factor that has made him look older in the past. It’s his feature that is the most talked about even more than his height. He has already lived a pretty amazing life off of the court too, with three children and his high school sweetheart as his wife. And it doesn’t look like he plans on slowing down anytime soon. His wife, Savannah James, is also pretty young and just turned 30 last year. What a life!

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