16Lil Mama Goes After Chris Brown Haters

Chris Brown has done plenty of things in his life to warrant a lot of hatred. Such as savagely beating Rihanna in 2009. Something that rapper Lil' Mama thinks the public took way too seriously.

"Look at Chris Brown. There’s always a

rock being thrown at him, to the point where maybe his heart is hardened....You’ve done things in your past that’s not on the record because you didn’t have the fame at the age of 15. And the sh*t that you was doin', you and your loved ones and your close friends, they remember that sh*t and they forgive you for it. Imagine the whole world not forgiving you for something that you did."

Brown also received support from Lil' Mama after he was arrested following charges of assault with a deadly weapon

"We need to stand in his corner. We need to make sure that he is taken care of properly. We can deal with mental, physical, spiritual help. Personal help later but right now we need to make sure he’s protected because it’s just an allegation."

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