15 Stars Who Could Be The Next Poison Ivy On Screen

There are a lot of twisted and dark villains in Batman’s rogues gallery. Total lunatics, murderous crime lords, eco-terrorists and more, they run the gamut of folks who are truly disturbing. If anything Catwoman comes off downright moral compared to the rest of these psychopaths. However, one in particular has managed to win over a fan base of her own.

Introduced in 1966, Poison Ivy really took off in the 1990s and 2000s as an incredibly sexy woman. Dr. Pamela Isley soon experimented on herself, becoming a woman whose kiss is literally to die for and an expert in poisons. She uses pollen to control minds and her red hair and green leaf dress made her very popular. As time as gone on, Ivy has become an eco-warrior, convinced mankind has ruined the planet and plants deserve more rights than people. While that’s led to a slew of bodies, she’s not above hurting scumbags who deserve it.

Sadly, Ivy’s only on-screen live appearance was in 1997’s Batman & Robin. Uma Thurman looked great but her campy and crazy performance ruined the sexuality of Ivy. But the character remains quite popular, particularly how in the comics it’s been more than hinted she and Harley Quinn are “friends with benefits.” On Gotham, she started off as a teenager but (in one of the show’s wilder twists) was transformed into an adult played by Maggie Ghea. With word of Gotham City Sirens bringing Ivy in, the talk of who can play her is intense. Naturally, a lot of redheads are mentioned but others can easily don a wig to play the role. Some are more qualified, able to bring the right air of sexuality and menace the part requires to let Ivy stand out. Here are 15 actresses who can be fantastic playing Poison Ivy on screen and remind fans why she’s so hot.

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15 Milla Jovovich


If the filmmakers take the idea of Ivy being older than Harley Quinn, then Milla Jovovich might be a good choice. Born in Kiev (back when it was still the Soviet Union), the actress also worked as a model, a small size but good personality. She broke out huge in The Fifth Element as the red-haired alien who could do some fantastic action pieces. Since then, Jovovich has balanced roles in some indies but better known for her action drive. That includes the smash hit Resident Evil series as well as Ultraviolet and The Three Musketeers. The woman is totally at home in action pieces and kicking butt in tight outfits, something that can work for Ivy. She also has a fantastic sex appeal with a terrific voice and looks great with red hair. Combine it all and Jovovich can make an older but still hot Ivy work and prove some ladies can still kick butt at any age.

14 Rachel Nichols


Long a favorite among genre fans, Rachel Nichols had roles in some TV shows in her native Canada. Her big exposure was playing a newbie spy (also named Rachel) on the final season of the hit drama Alias which allowed her to show off in a variety of costumes. That led to a season-long run as a rookie FBI agent on the hit CBS drama Criminal Minds. In movies, Nichols got attention for a green-skinned alien in bed with Kirk in 2009's Star Trek reboot. She then played Scarlett, the tough crossbow-wielding soldier in G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra. Nichols got her biggest role starring in the acclaimed Canadian time-travel series Continuum that had her doing great kicking butt in a tight leather suit. Looking sensational with red hair, Nichols can bring a great action drive to Ivy while selling her darker aspects and elevate the role (and herself) to new heights.

13 Bryce Dallas Howard


As the daughter of child star turned Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, it was inevitable Bryce Dallas Howard got into the business. She started off on the New York stage, including a turn in As You Like It that she later reprised for an HBO filmed version. That led to her first major movie part in the M. Night Shyamalan thriller The Village and then Lady in the Water. She got some comic book experience as Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3, dyeing her lush red locks blonde. She’s gotten more attention for The Help, Terminator: Salvation and of course Jurassic World where she managed to look great even running on high heels in a jungle. While that could be impractical with dinosaurs, it can work better with Ivy’s outfit as the lady truly loves showing herself off in hot clothing (or next to none). Howard is notable as a stunningly hot redhead but also truly talented and can combine those to make an Ivy who’s not just a sexpot but also good character building as well to stand out more.

12 Bridget Regan


Her movie roles aren’t that notable, mostly bit parts in some little seen movies. However, Bridget Regan has been building a good resume on television for roles of a woman who can be very hot and have a hidden side. She got her big break as Kahlan on the syndicated series Legend of the Seeker and stood out with her action chops, her beauty and sometimes in a tight outfit. On White Collar, she played a seemingly innocent museum worker who turned out to be a conniving thief and killer. Likewise, on Agent Carter, she looked like an innocent gal who’s really a trained Russian assassin. That ability to play someone who looks gorgeous but truly lethal is perfect for Ivy. Currently, Regan stars on the TNT drama The Last Ship and while she’s not as A-list as other candidates, she has just the right air of beauty and menace to make Ivy her most notable part yet.

11 Megan Fox


It’s true that no one would call Megan Fox a great actress by any means. But when it comes to looking hot as hell, few in movies can touch her. Compared to a young Angelina Jolie, Fox cut her teeth in roles like Hope & Faith and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Transformers made her an instant star with her steaming sex appeal, lush dark hair and tattoos. She famously feuded with Michael Bay on set of the sequel, leading to her being replaced in later movies.

She seems to have settled down a bit since then having less of a “Wild child” attitude as she’s embraced motherhood. But Fox can still look steamy, as proven by her turn as April O’Neil in the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. She also won hails for her comic timing in an extended run on the sitcom New Girl. While producers may want someone with more acting chops, the sight of Fox in that tight outfit and red hair would be enough to bring a lot of moviegoers in.

10 Evan Rachel Wood


A pretty obvious candidate for Ivy, Evan Rachel Wood came to attention on the cult family series Once and Again. Her turn as a teenager included a romance with another woman and gained her attention. Wood then earned raves and a Golden Globe nomination for Thirteen to boost her stardom more. Since then, she’s balanced out a variety of roles like a hot vampire queen in True Blood, Mickey Rooney’s daughter in The Wrestler and Kate Winslet’s conniving offspring in Mildred Pierce which included baring her body. Wood is on the rise thanks to her acclaimed turn as an android rancher in Westworld that shows real depth amid some sexy scenes. Looking fantastic as a redhead, Wood would be a great pick for the part, easily handling the sexy stuff and the inner drive that pushes Ivy’s madness along. Even if she doesn’t go full nude, Wood as Ivy would be a great choice to let the character grow.

9 Jessica Chastain


After cutting her teeth in various TV series, Jessica Chastain clicked in her very first movie role, the 2008 drama Jolene. Her turn as a bisexual drifter got major attention, including some hot nude scenes and some attention. In 2011, Chastain burst onto the scene with her turns in The Tree of Life, Texas Killing Field and The Help, the latter of which won her an Oscar nomination. She earned another the following year for Zero Dark Thirty, showcasing fantastic talent backed by some wonderful appeal, a great humor but can be very sexy if need be. Chastain has been in major demand with roles in Interstellar, The Martian, The Huntsman: Winter’s War and more. Huntsman showed her skills at action in a leather outfit and some steamy love scenes, a combination that can serve her well as Ivy. It seems inevitable Chastain do a comic book movie one day and her turn can give Ivy a nice cultured air to make the woman hotter.

8 Alexandra Daddario

Born in New York, Alexandra Daddario got her start on All My Children to show her talent. She became more famous as Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, in the epic Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Roles in TV shows like White Collar and Parenthood followed until Daddario got her biggest exposure, literally. On the first season of True Detective, she had a small role as a woman seducing Woody Harrelson’s cop but it was memorable for the scene where Daddario pulls off her shirt to reveal her ample chest. A Vanity Fair spread showed her rear end was just as a great, instantly turning her into a sex symbol. Daddario is about to show those curves off in the upcoming Baywatch movie and more credits to come. She’d had to change her hair color but those curves would be great in a green outfit to push Daddario more as Ivy.

7 Rose Leslie


Born to a noble family in Scotland, Rose Leslie was raised in London and has been creating a good resume over the years. She got major attention as housekeeper Gwen Dawson on the smash series Downton Abbey. That led her to her even more famous part, the Wildling Ygritte on Game of Thrones. Besides introducing the line “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” Leslie also doffed it all for a (literally) steaming love scene. Leslie has kept busy, her red hair and lovely charm adding to her sexy appeal in movies like The Last Witch Hunter and a run on the acclaimed BBC series Luther. Currently, Leslie stars in The Good Fight, an already acclaimed CBS online series. Her turn as the lesbian lawyer dealing with her father’s criminal work has won huge attention and boosting her up more. Leslie can bring that mix of great acting and sexy appeal to the role and who better to cast as Ivy than a Rose?

6 Madelaine Petsch

Riverdale has become a surprise smash for the CW and gotten a second season already. The new take on the Archie comics is winning hails for its unique humor and twists on the teen soap. A major highlight of the series is Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom. The heiress mourning her late brother, Petsch steals every scene with Cheryl’s sharp humor, wicked drive and fantastic outfits. Her fiery red hair is perfect for Ivy as she also showcases the curves that can bring that costume to life nicely. She’s only 22, young for the part and Riverdale is her only major credit. However, Petsch is one of the hottest redheads currently on TV and if the studio goes for a fresh face, she can be a great choice. Between her looks and her amazing sex appeal that’s on display every week, Petsch can make her Ivy a fun newcomer and show how a “nobody” can play the role as hot as any experienced Hollywood veteran.

5 Gemma Arterton


A Bond Girl is automatically a very sexy lady and Gemma Arterton can bring that to the table big-time as Ivy. She got her start in her home country of England in a variety of TV roles like Lost in Austen and others. Her star rose with the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace and her role as a tough gal fighting to avenge her father’s death was a highlight of the film. She followed it with a turn as a supernatural woman in the remake of Clash of the Titans that let her sexiness shine. Sadly, she’s been known for some big budget flops like Prince of Persia but her turn in Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters showcased her in leather and a good action style that can work for the film. Since then, Arterton has stuck to British dramas and period pieces but shines well with her beauty and sexy drive. If she can be lured back to a Hollywood blockbuster, Arterton can do a great job as Ivy to show class as well as sexiness in the part.

4 Haley Bennett


A star on the rise, Hayley Bennett can benefit from the role of Ivy and prove herself as well. She made her debut in Music and Lyrics, singing several songs herself. She slumped a bit in rather forgettable parts such as the action flick Hardcore Henry but 2016 had her bursting onto the scene majorly. First, she played a female rancher in The Magnificent Seven remake and showed a spark with red hair and good attitude. She followed it up with The Girl on the Train, winning raves for her turn as the wife at the center of the mystery. Bennett is rising up more in Hollywood and showcases the right combination of sexiness and drive to win folks over as Ivy. She can pull off the costume well and would be able to benefit from the push as a fresher face in the role can be better than someone experienced and Bennett can be a great choice for the role.

3 Natalie Dormer

The sultry British actress is best known for roles of a more regal variety. Natalie Dormer got her big break playing Anne Boleyn on The Tudors that had her baring all in hot scenes. She then found bigger fame as Margaery on Game of Thrones to show off even more. She also had a great part as Irene Adler on Elementary and in The Hunger Games. Dormer shows the sexuality needed for Ivy with that wicked smirk pushing her heat even more. While she’s stuck to playing blondes and brunettes, seeing Dormer as a redhead would be quite a hot look and she knows exactly how to play the role. She can be smart and conniving, steal scenes as the vixen and look sensational seducing men and women alike. Dormer would make a fantastic Ivy, a truly hot diva and her ability to sway men would make her hot on screen.

2 Christina Hendricks


She’s been a long-time candidate for the part and it’s easy to see why. Hendricks first got attention as the shifty con artist Saffron on the cult TV show Firefly to show off her amazing body and humor. Roles in shows like Kevin Hill followed before she earned her acclaimed part of Joan on Mad Men. Hendricks has done numerous great magazine spreads to show off that body with amazing curves and her fantastic chest. Her lush red hair is her trademark, helping her stand out majorly and adding to her status as a true knockout. She doesn’t go full nude but that actually makes it hotter by teasing what’s under those clothes. Hendricks would be fun as Ivy and while some may say she’s older for the role, that experience helps. The fact is, seeing Hendricks in those green leaves would be a truly fantastic sight, her sultry voice on display and bring Poison Ivy to full sexy life.

1 Elena Satine


Her resume reads as perfect for the role of Ivy. This gorgeous actress was born in Georgia (the country, not the state) and studied at both New York and Moscow. Elena Satine had a comic book role already, playing Mera, the wife of Aquaman on Smallville. Her big exposure (in more ways than one) was on the Starz city Magic City as a hooker who showed off her body in numerous hot scenes. On Agents of SHIELD, she played Lorelai, a goddess who could control men’s minds and showed she could play this dominating seductress easily. Satine then starred on Revenge as Louise, a nutcase who found herself falling into Hamptons society. She was so winning in the part that the producers changed it from a recurring role to a series regular. Thus, as either a lunatic or seductive vixen, Satine can do Ivy justice. Her lush red hair and fantastic body also help and so her being cast in the role can be one of the best picks ever to bring Ivy to life.

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