15 Stars Who Channeled Their Inner Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is a classic seductress who everyone recognizes, and although she's just a cartoon, she's a huge influence on the way celebrities dress at big events. Countless female celebrities have all channeled their "inner Jessica Rabbit" when choosing their dresses for red carpet events. Some make a conscious effort to emulate the iconic cartoon character, while others might not even be aware that they look like just like her.

Could it be that these females celebs have some deep-seated memories of watching Jessica Rabbit as little girls? Is that why they're dressing up like her? It's crazy to think of how much of an influence Saturday morning cartoons can have on a young person's psyche. Maybe these celebrities were watching these cartoons and thinking, "that's what I want to look like when I grow up." In this way, these celebrities could be dressing up like Jessica Rabbit and not even realizing it.

But why is Jessica Rabbit so attractive? The reasons have to do with what men view as being attractive. And these attractive features were definitely understood by the artists who created Jessica Rabbit. She's a prime example of the fabled, "Woman in the Red Dress." These women are always extremely attractive, simply because red is more attractive than any other color for all humans. Studies have shown that we view people wearing red as more attractive than they are normally. Jessica Rabbit's red dress, red hair, and red lips are basically an overload of attractiveness. She also sports giant lips and huge eyes, and two other parts of her body are also huge and very much on display. All of these features make Jessica Rabbit extremely attractive on a deep, instinctual level.

15 Katy Perry

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Katy Perry is pretty much the perfect girl to dress up as Jessica Rabbit. Although she doesn't have red hair, she definitely has the persona, as well as the bust size! She also has big, beautiful eyes that are extremely alluring. So when she put on the sparkling red dress, red gloves, and red heels, everyone immediately drew comparisons between her and the cartoon seductress. She squeezed into the revealing red dress for USO's VH1 Divas Salute The Troops event in 2010. She was changing into a lot of different outfits backstage during the event, but it was the Jessica Rabbit costume that made headlines. When she came out wearing the outfit to perform her song "Firework," everyone's jaws dropped. Days later, she was all over the news as fans and reporters gushed over how hot she looked in the outfit. Later, the dress went viral on the Internet, and was known thereafter as the "Katy Perry Rabbit Dress."

14 Ariana Grande

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Another celebrity who went for the Jessica Rabbit look was Ariana Grande. Like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande is a singer, so channeling the look of Jessica Rabbit was only natural. She's also every bit as beautiful as the cartoon seductress, and has been getting a lot more adventurous on stage, and is definitely using her sex appeal to hypnotize her fans. We all know that Ariana has a very flirtatious side, but with this red dress she seems relatively tame. The red dress looks just like the one from the cartoon, especially the way the dress has no straps, but it doesn't have that trademark slit down the leg that reveals a lot of skin. Her hair is long, flowing and wavy, and even though it's not red, it still reminds us a lot of Jessica Rabbit. Although we've seen Ariana Grande wear much more revealing outfits, she proves here that she can look sexy without showing off a lot of skin.

13 India Love

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India Love isn't one of the most famous celebrities, but she definitely got people's attention when she dressed up like Jessica Rabbit. Unlike some of the other girls on this list, she purposely decided to dress up like Jessica Rabbit. Truth be told, India is the kind of girl that looks hot in whatever she decides to wear (or decides not to wear). But this outfit is definitely one of the sexiest Jessica Rabbit outfits ever. She gets extra points for nailing the purple gloves, which Katy Perry got wrong (she wore red gloves instead). Her face also looks a lot like the cartoon character, with luscious lips. And below her face, there are another two very huge features that remind us a lot of Jessica Rabbit. She also goes the extra mile by dying her hair red, which completes this undeniably gorgeous costume. We look forward to more pictures of India playing dress up!

12 Blake Lively

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Blake Lively is definitely one of the hottest celebrities alive today. And she also reminded us of Jessica Rabbit when she wore this stunning red dress. The dress didn't feature any sparkle that is characteristic of Jessica Rabbit's dress, however she showed off the tantalizing full length of her leg with a long slit down the side, just like the cartoon seductress. The dress also has shoulder straps, which is also unlike Jessica Rabbit's iconic dress, but Blake Lively showed off just as much cleavage - maybe even more. This dress was made by Versace, and it's made out of the finest silk. She wore it for her first ever night at the Emmys, and she certainly made an impression! Part of what makes Blake Lively so similar to Jessica Rabbit is about her personality, and not so much about her looks. She has that dreamy look and beautiful eyes that just hypnotizes the viewer.

11 Alessandra Ambrosio

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One of the hottest supermodels and Victoria's Secret Angels that ever lived, Alessandra Ambrosio made the perfect Jessica Rabbit. You can see that she was definitely consciously trying to emulate the cartoon seductress, as she even posted on her Instagram: "So much fun being Jessica Rabbit last night." And I don't think anyone had any trouble recognizing who she was dressed up as that night. She's got everything: the red hair, the purple gloves, the luscious red lips, the sexy red high heels, and of course, the stunning red dress that shows off her amazing long legs in all their glory. Alessandra wore this outfit for the exclusive Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party, which took place in Beverly Hills and was organized by George Clooney among others. I'm sure this 35-year-old goddess was quite a hit at this party! She is definitely one of the girls on this list who pulled off the “Jessica Rabbit” look with the most style.

10 Kelly Brook

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Kelly Brook is another incredibly hot celebrity, and we were so glad when she decided to give the "Jessica Rabbit" look a try. She definitely fits right into character with her red dress, juicy red lips, and stunning heels. Although her hair isn't red, tons of people immediately drew comparisons between her and Jessica Rabbit. The amount of cleavage she shows off in this strapless dress is almost overwhelming, and it definitely pays fair homage to the cartoon icon. The dress also features the classic long slit that is crucial to replicating the Jessica Rabbit look. Although she might not have been trying to look like the cartoon femme fatale, she ended up looking a lot like her. Kelly wore this dress for a music video she was filming in 2013. The hit single was named "Juliet," and she filmed the video just after breaking up with her boyfriend. Do you think he regrets it?

9 Giada De Laurentiis

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Giada De Laurentiis reminded us a lot of Jessica Rabbit when she wore this stunning red dress. Although she's definitely not "flaunting" her sex appeal like some of the other girls in this list are, she still emulates a lot of charm and seductiveness, and for that reason she conjures up images of Jessica Rabbit. Her dress is quite conservative, but it definitely has a sexy side to it, as it has a long slit down the side and shows off her lovely long legs. It also reveals Giada's generous cleavage, enough to make Jessica Rabbit herself proud. She might not have red hair, but her face has almost cartoon like features - big, beautiful eyes, very prominent cheekbones, and an extremely seductive mouth. She wore this stunning red dress for a fashion show dedicated solely to red dresses, the Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show. With a fashion show like that, we were sure to get a few girls who reminded us of Jessica Rabbit.

8 Rita Ora

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Rita Ora turned a lot of heads when she was spotted wearing this mouth-watering dress. It just oozes sex appeal, and it definitely reminds us of Jessica Rabbit - it might even be sexier than the cartoon character in fact! The only ingredient missing is the red hair, other than that she looks just like Jessica Rabbit. The slit in this dress is dangerously high... It creeps up past her waist, showing off those amazing curves in full, amazing detail. Her lips are painted up in an alluring red and her heels also add to the "red dress" look. She is definitely channeling her inner Jessica Rabbit here. She wore this stunning dress to the 2014 MTV VMAs, and she made sure that she stood out and attracted attention. At the time, she had just broken up with her boyfriend Calvin Harris, and he probably saw these photos and regretted his decision.

7 Kendall Jenner

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This list wouldn't be complete without the addition of a certain young model named Kendall Jenner. Like a few of the other girls on this list, her dress is a little more conservative and classy. But even so, it still reminds us of the cartoon seductress Jessica Rabbit. The red dress doesn't show too much skin, but it does show enough to be incredibly sexy and alluring. The trademark slit down the leg is there, and it has never looked better. She also has big, delicious red lips that remind us all of Jessica Rabbit's smackers. The similarities pretty much end there, as Kendall has black hair not red, she wore nude heels, and the dress has one strap over the shoulder, instead of Jessica Rabbit's strapless dress. Kendall is also a lot less curvy than Jessica Rabbit, but takes nothing away from the final product. Those subtle Jessica Rabbit influences meld with Kendall's own personal style to make her mesmerizing in this outfit.

6 Heidi Klum

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There is one celebrity on this list who went further than anyone else to "channel their inner Jessica Rabbit." Although you might not recognize her, that's actually Heidi Klum. She perfectly duplicated not only the dress, hair, and gloves, but also the actual face and body of Jessica Rabbit. This was achieved by liberal use of prosthetics all over her body, including her face and even her boobs and butt. She posted the whole process on YouTube, which actually went viral for weeks. In the video, it shows Heidi Klum getting fitted with the prosthetics, which involved her being put in a cast for hours. But the end result is amazing. Guests were both shocked and amazed when they showed up to Heidi Klum's personal Halloween part in New York to find their host transformed in such a way. Out of everyone in this list, she definitely put the most work into her costume, although it does look a little weird and creepy if I'm being completely honest.

5 Bella Hadid

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Another amazingly hot young model that I simply had to add to this list is Bella Hadid. She saw what Rita Ora did and decided to take it ten steps further with this almost scandalously revealing red dress. This is definitely a new take on the Jessica Rabbit look, but she is every bit as sexy and seductive as the cartoon icon - perhaps even beating her in this department. The red dress shows every beautiful inch of this model's legs, and then goes several inches further, just to be sure. Although her boobs are nowhere near as big as Jessica Rabbit's, they are definitely on display, and not much is left to the imagination. Her heels are very high, and although they're not red like Jessica Rabbit's, they really show off the curvature of her long legs. Her hair is not red, but with a face as beautiful as Bella Hadid's, people aren't looking at her hair anyway.

The best part about her Jessica Rabbit look was the fact that Bella was not in the least bit shy about showing the cameras everything she possibly could, without taking off her clothes. She was playful and naughty as she bent and posed while the photographers desperately tried to get as many pictures as possible. One photographer famously managed to get a peek up her skirt, although this was hardly a difficult feat considering how the dress barely managed to cover her. If you're wondering, she wore red panties to match her dress.

4 Rosie Huntington-Whitley

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The star from Transformers 3, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, made quite an appearance when she showed up to the premiere of the movie wearing this stunning red dress. Like a lot of the other girls on this list, the dress and overall vibe of the outfit was much more reserved and classy than the sexual tones of Jessica Rabbit's cartoon image, but it does remind us of her nonetheless. The dress sparkles, just like Jessica Rabbit, and this is something that a lot of the other girls on the list didn't have. Also, the dress features the obligatory long slit down the side, which does a great job of showing off plenty of this actress' sumptuous legs. Her hair, although not red, shares the same waviness as Jessica Rabbit's, and her lips are just as pouty and as sexy as those of the cartoon seductress. Indeed, her whole face is very similar to Jessica Rabbit's, as it has the same kind of drop dead gorgeousness and the entrancing eyes.

3 Jade Albany

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If you live in Australia, you've definitely heard of Jade Albany. And if you haven't, then these images should ensure that she stays fresh in your memory. This starlet was a contestant on Australia's Big Brother reality television show, and she was a fan favorite. She showed up wearing this amazing red dress to the Dally M Awards, which is an award show for Australia's Rugby League. The event was held at the Star Casino in Sydney. The dress, which was made by New York fashion label Dollhouse, is very reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit. Although it may not have that slit down the side, it still has a very "showgirl" vibe to it. It's also strapless, showing off Jade's ample cleavage which is clearly giving Jessica Rabbit a run for her money. Her wavy hair and red lipstick is also done in such a way that matches Jessica Rabbit perfectly.

2 Minka Kelly

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Minka Kelly looked ravishing in her stunning red dress as she walked down the runway back in 2014. There is something about Minka Kelly that is positively hypnotic. Her face, her personality, and her amazing body all combine to form a woman that is just bursting with charm and sex appeal. In this respect, she is just like Jessica Rabbit before she has even put any clothes on. But once she changed into this red dress, the first thing that came to a lot of people's minds was the fact that she looked just like the iconic cartoon character. The dress sparkled and shone, just like Jessica Rabbit's dress. It also featured a long, revealing slit down the side to show off Minka Kelly's amazing legs. She wore this dress when she walked down the runway of the Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show, which took place in New York. The fashion show was a fundraiser to raise money for heart disorder research.

1 Miranda Kerr

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Another model and Victoria's Secret Angel that had to be included in this list is Miranda Kerr. We've all seen her wearing much less clothing than this, but she still manages to make this one of her sexiest looks ever. Part of the reason of this is because the red dress she's wearing reminds us a lot of Jessica Rabbit. It's just as sexy, and it might even show off more skin than the cartoon character's dress. The long leg slit is there, and in addition to that, huge pieces of the dress are cut away to reveal Miranda's beautiful curves from her boobs down to her waist. It's a dress that takes influences from a dress like Jessica Rabbit's, but adds a sexy, modern twist that makes it unique and stunning all at the same time. Although Miranda is a skinny woman without a lot of curves, the way this dress is cut still manages to get our mouths watering.

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