15 Stars Who Are Hotter Than Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been in the public eye since she emerged as a star on the Disney television show Wizards of Waverly Place. The success of that show put Selena Gomez on the map and started her meteoric rise to success. Her relationship with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber also helped Gomez gravitate to the center of the entertainment world. The talented Gomez has a great deal of talent to boot, shining both in the acting and singing worlds. Gomez stepped into the music world and flawlessly conquered it just as easily as she had climbed the ladder of success as an actress. Her on again-off again relationship with Bieber fueled the tabloids and every online outlet available. It caused both young stars to grow-up in the public eye and their celebrity grew with every publication.

With Selena Gomez’s success, the media has gone gaga with her appearance. Her bikini poses have become the stuff of legend on the Internet. It isn't that Gomez is a stunning "Perfect 10", it's that she has a girl-next-door vibe to her. The combination of that wholesome kind of personality mixed with some classic beauty make Gomez a sensation. Gomez has been the center of many online articles with photogs seemingly attempting to crawl through bushes and hide in trees to get the latest snapshot of the young star in her latest bikini. However, there are numerous celebrities who should also get their fair share of attention. There are many others who should be capturing the kind of attention Gomez gets and probably even more so. These then are 15 celebrities who are hotter then Selena Gomez.

15 Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba may not be a young hottie anymore but there is little doubt about the hottie part. This extraordinary beauty has been talked about for years now. Her looks supersede her talent and success. But make no mistake about it, Alba has made an excellent living in the entertainment business thus far. After some successful dabbling in smaller television roles, her break-out came in 2002 when she landed the lead in Jessica Alba television series Dark Angel. A sexy Alba was nominated for a Golden Globe for her efforts although she later admitted the stresses of the role and maintaining a perfect physique caused her to suffer from anorexia during this time. Alba landed two key movie roles in 2005 that brought her super-stardom at the time: Fantastic Four and Into The Blue. Since then, Alba has been a household name. Alba has also established herself as a successful businesswoman in addition to her hotness. Jessica Alba is a far cry from the bathing suit wearing surfer goddess in Into The Blue as she is now CEO of her own company and a mother to boot, Alba has branched out successfully in every aspect of her life; and oh, yeah, she’s still smokin' hot!

14 Mila Kunis


The girl from That 70’s Show who seemed to have that pouty spunkiness that drew viewers to her falls in at #14. If there is any question that this pint-sized beauty should be on the list, one need to look no further than Friends With Benefits. The movie starred both Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake and we definitely benefited from their onscreen romance. Mila Kunis is a sexy slim woman and we are big fans of this brunette with just the right amount of attitude. Kunis always showcases a good deal of spunk that is a very attractive quality. She is very pretty but not overwhelming in any way. Her personality combined with her fit figure is a big draw for many and just one reason why this “70’s Girl” is definitely worth the look. Her marriage to "childhood" sweetheart Ashton Kutcher is a nice fairy tale ending for the Hollywood couple. We certainly are rooting for them to last.

13 Emma Watson


Emma Watson fans rejoice! Gracing the list at #13 is Harry Potter’s key sidekick (and equal), Emma Watson. This British delight has grown into a beautiful young woman with a sexy accent to boot. Of course, we got to see Emma Watson grow up right before our eyes. She emerged as a young beauty and grew out of her more youthful appearance into a beautiful looking woman. With that evolution, Watson has begun to appear in more adult roles, and thus, is giving many of her fans much more to see of her. Watson was actually born in Paris, France prior to moving back to Oxfordshire, England when her parents split up. She lived with her mother during the week and spent the weekends with her father in London. Watson knew at a young age that she wanted to be in the entertainment biz. She trained at the oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts to cut her teeth in the business. The training paid off. Despite her success in acting, Watson has many other focuses. She announced in February 2016 that she was taking a year off to embark on some “personal development.” That could mean a lot of different things to different people, but essentially, Watson has the money and means to hit the pause button on life and do things on her own terms. She is working on woman’s rights. Well done, Emma.

12 Blake Lively


If you haven’t seen the movie The Town, then you are missing out. The Ben Affleck driven thriller/drama is a masterpiece. It also features a sexy and sultry Blake Lively. Every time she is on the screen she pops and oozes with sexuality. Lively is a beautiful woman and lands here at #12 on our list. From 2007-2012 Lively started in the CW drama series Gossip Girl. During that time, she also popped up in various movies along the way. In fact, while filming Green Lantern in 2011, she fell in love with future husband Ryan Reynolds. Her most recent endeavor was wearing a bathing suit for 90 minutes in the shark infested waters of the film The Shallows. The movie was literally Lively in a bikini and cost a paltry $17 million. It took home over $118 million at the box office. That is the power of Lively’s beauty (and her body in a bikini). Born in Tarzana, in Los Angeles, California, Lively grew up on the southwest side of the San Fernando Valley, just a few miles from good old Hollywood. With her father being an actor and her mother being a talent scout, it was natural that Lively took to the entertainment business. Lively’s success since has been well-chronicled. Time magazine named her one of its most influential people in 2011. named Lively their most desirable woman in 2011 and People magazine named her one of 2012’s Most Beautiful. No matter how you look at it, Lively is a real beauty.

11 Natalie Portman

When Natalie Portman appeared in Luc Besson’s Leon: The Professional, she was just 12 years of age. At that time, the strong-lipped, cute Portman showed off incredible acting chops and would go on to have a wildly successful career. In between acting, Portman also managed to get her degree from Harvard University. Her appearance in Stars Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace in 1999 is all the more remarkable because she was attending high school on Long Island during filming. Portman has won many awards during the course of her career including multiple Golden Globes, an Academy Award for Best Actress (Black Swan), SAG Awards and numerous others. Born in Jerusalem, Portman is an Israeli beauty who has the face of an angel. She is classically beautiful which is what draws so much positive attention her way. She also is a classy individual, an intelligent woman who has driven herself both on and off camera. One of Portman’s best moments was when she made fun of herself on Saturday Night Live, committing to The Lonely Island song with hilarious success. The Andy Samberg-driven song was a big hit and showed Portman’s personality and ability to make fun of herself. She is all aces to us.

10 Elsa Pataky


Elsa Pataky is a Spanish model and actress. Although she has hit the big 4-0, we are excited to pay homage to this Spanish beauty. Known for her appearances in the Fast and Furious series, Pataky’s journey began in Madrid, Spain, where she was born. From there, Pataky found success in Spain and Europe. With her European success in hand, Pataky finally got US recognition after marrying Chris Hemsworth. With the Fast and Furious series calling her name, she was thrust into the forefront of American entertainment. The US audience loves Pataky and she started producing films in the US, including her husband’s film, Thor: The Dark World. Pataky may be getting more opportunities due to her marriage to Hemsworth, but make no mistake about it, she is an absolute stunning beauty. Her Spanish accent and olive skin only add to a body that is made to sin and a face carved to perfect. The former Spanish model struts her stuff well onscreen and definitely has our attention. Regardless of her husband, she has earned this spot on our list.

9 Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel is like a fine wine; she gets better with age. Her appeal is undeniable. She is a beautiful woman from face to figure. Biel started as an aspiring singer in her early years. She found great success in acting when she landed a gig on the CW’s biggest hit of all time, 7th Heaven. A young teenage Biel showed her acting chops on the small screen and as the television series moved into its twilight years, Biel began to broaden out to the big screen. She showcased her sex appeal for all to see in back-to-back in movies in 2001 and 2002; Summer Catch and The Rules of Attraction. These two movies would be Biel’s calling card that she was no longer a cute teenage girl on a television series; she was now a beautiful young woman. Over the years, Biel has bounced back and forth between A-List big movies and indie films. She has found quite a bit of success and at the same time been a beautiful vision on screen. In 2005, Esquire magazine labeled Biel the “Sexiest Woman Alive.” In 2007, Biel began dating pop superstar Justin Timberlake. The singer/actor then wed Biel in 2011. Both Biel and Timberlake continue to be a successful power couple, covertly staying below the radar and successfully keeping their personal life personal. There has never been as much as a nibble at a negative rumor concerning Biel who continues to stun on screen while donating her time off-screen to various charitable causes.

8 Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly may never achieve the kind of meteoric success that Selena Gomez has achieved, but Kelly is an absolutely stunning beauty. Her acting career began shortly after high school when Kelly moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico back to Los Angeles to attempt to make it big. She was doing a modeling test shoot when she landed a manager. It seemed as if Kelly might turn to the medical field before she was able to land a few small television parts. Then in 2006 her big break came on the critically acclaimed NBC drama Friday Night Lights. There, Kelly displayed both her acting chops and her good looks playing high school student and cheerleader Lyla Garrity. Kelly got into the role by training with an actual cheerleading squad at Pflugerville High. Kelly was a big hit on the short-lived show before leaving the show after 3 seasons (her character went off to college…which makes sense because Kelly was actually 26 when she first landed the role!). After her television success, the beautiful Kelly went on to appear in a variety of movies, many of which are considered smaller in terms of budget. A few shining roles were as Sara Matthews in The Roommate and as Jackie Kennedy in the acclaimed film, The Butler. Kelly has popped up here and there but never reached superstar status. She is a beautiful creature and we hope to see much more of her!

7 Jennifer Lawrence


Well, of course Katniss Everdeen makes this list! Jennifer Lawrence is a beautiful and honest young woman who seems to tell it like it is wherever she goes. She is enthralling to watch due to her beauty and the various things she says in interviews. Her success started with her first major role all the way back in 2007 on The Bill Engvall Show. After that, a 2011 appearance as the mutant Mystique in X-Men: First Class, grabbed Lawrence wider acclaim and attention. She landed the role of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games film series and the rest has been history for Lawrence. She is beautiful and talented with a ton of personality, all of which were on display throughout her role in the Hunger Games movies. And although she has garnered nearly all of her fortune and attention due to this gigantic series, it is movies like Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle where Lawrence has teamed with friend Bradley Cooper to create absolute magic on screen. Certainly, Lawrence has looked troubled and beautiful in both movies, but she has showcased the kind of talent that goes along with looks and personality that is rarely seen in celebrity. An Academy Award (Silver Linings Playbook), three Golden Globes and numerous other awards show how talented this 26-year-old truly is. With films that have grossed over $5 BILLION worldwide, Lawrence already has four Academy Award nominations under her belt and is the highest paid actress in the world. She is a beauty and a phenomenal talent!

6 Rihanna


Some talents are as good as gold and others shine bright like diamonds. Rihanna has seemingly both under her belt. The ridiculously talented Rihanna is still just 28 years of age but has seemingly been singing with tremendous success for decades. It was the 15-year-old Rihanna who first garnered success back in 2003 when she recorded demo tapes and signed a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings under the guiding hand of Jay Z. In 2005, Rihanna, just 17, released her first studio album, Music of the Sun, and then followed that up in 2006 with a second album, A Girl Like Me. Rihanna spawned her first two big hits with the singles “Pon de Replay” and “SOS.” As Rihanna turned 18, she kept singing and took greater control in the creative process of producing her own music. She also evolved into a sex symbol, showcasing a style and figure that caught the worldwide web by storm. Her new image led to various albums and collaborations that yielded hit after hit. Soon, Rihanna was solid gold, singing the chorus of many hit songs with a number of the world’s biggest rappers such as Eminem, Jay Z. and T.I.. Rihanna’s path to success started in Saint Michael, Barbados where her father was addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol. Her parents divorced and her troubled childhood improved. Rihanna has always been heavily influenced by the reggae music she loved as a youth and has carried that with her in her own original brand of writing and singing. Worth over a quarter of a billion dollars, Rihanna’s popularity, beauty, and success are almost untouchable.

5 Megan Fox


It hardly seems fair that one of the most beautiful and sexy women in Hollywood is married to the dork from Beverly Hill 90210…but so is the truth in this rare case. Megan Denise Fox is as good as her name; a beautiful fox who seemed to be an obsession that super-film director Michael Bay couldn’t live without. Fox’s career started like so many, as a teenager, popping up in bit roles in television shows and movies. When she was an extra in Bad Boys II back in 2003, audiences didn’t think much of it. But director Michael Bay saw something in Megan Fox that he couldn’t resist and she became his muse. Fox’s 2007 appearance in the blockbuster Bay film Transformers was her break-out role that landed her atop A-list actresses. She reprieved the role again until Bay and Fox began to butt heads. In 2009 on the set of Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen it was rumored that Michael Bay demanded that Fox gain 10 pounds. Although Fox was set to appear in the third installment of the series, she was suddenly removed after she made comments comparing Michael Bay to Hitler. That was the end of that. Since then, Fox hasn’t appeared in any blockbusters but she has stayed busy. Any question over Fox’s hotness should easily be answered by her 2012 appearance in Judd Apatow’s This Is 40.

4 Beyoncé

All hail to the queen. Beyonce lands on the list as a beautiful woman who has done it for years with her voice and amazing looks. The big time singer was born in Houston, Texas. She gained fame being a part of the wildly successful Destiny’s Child. Destiny’s Child owned the late 1990s and as the new millennium came upon us, Beyonce had the itch to go solo. With the undeniable success of her first solo album in 2003, Dangerously In Love, Beyonce saw a different path than being part of her super-group. With number-one singles “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy” in hand, Beyonce broke away from Destiny’s Child in June 2005 and released her second album in 2006. From there, Beyonce has exploded with grand success. When you combine her amazing voice and fierce lyrics with her beautiful looks, Beyonce has risen to massive success amassing nearly half a billion dollars.

3 Charlize Theron


When you talk about a beautiful actress literally looking like a princess, Charlize Theron comes to mind. She is absolutely stunning in the most classy of ways. Originally born in South Africa, Theron saw herself more as a dancer when she was a teenager. She also signed a modeling contract and spent a year in Milan, Italy hitting the runways. After a short time there, Theron was transplanted to the United States and New York, where she attended the Joffrey Ballet School. There, Theron’s knees started to give out and her dream of being a professional dancer quickly faded away. Theron didn’t know what her next move was and her mother flew from South Africa to the United States to help her daughter figure things out. Her mother gave her some tough love and bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles for Theron to chase a career in the film industry. A 21-year-old Theron landed a role in 2 Days in the Valley (1996) which got her notoriety. The Devil’s Advocate (1997) a year later garnered Theron the kind of big movie attention she craved and also displayed her immense sensuality. In 2003 Theron was named by AskMen as one of the Most Desirable Women of 2003. Theron started to amass awards, namely for her work in the twisted film Monster. Film critic Roger Ebert called Theron’s performance one of the greatest of all time. In addition to her beauty and amazing acting talents, Theron has been a big activist. In 2008 she was named the United Nations Messenger of Peace. Theron is the real deal.

2 Scarlett Johansson


New York-born Scarlett Johansson grew up poor with a mother who was labeled as a film buff. She made her film debut in North (1994) at just 10 years of age. She did a few other smaller roles until she was featured in her break-out, starring role in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation (2003). Just 18 at the time, Johansson displayed the beauty and talent that would ultimately lead to her becoming an A-list force. In 2004’s A Love Song for Bobby Long, Johansson once again played the main love interest while displaying her amazing hourglass figure by wearing numerous tight t-shirts. It was clear right away that not only was Johansson a stunning beauty who captivated audiences with her looks and sultry voice, but she possessed immense talent. Johansson’s early success has allotted her the opportunities to play a wide variety of roles and write her own ticket in the business. Johansson has worked tirelessly, starring in multiple movies per year. Her success in big movies as well as small is evident by box office winners such as The Avengers, Iron Man 2 and Captain America: Civil War to go along with her numerous Golden Globe nominations. Johansson has also scored regularly at the top of Maxim’s yearly Hot 100 issues. In 2011 Men’s Health named Johansson one of the “100 Hottest Women of All-Time.” No matter how you shake it out, Johansson is hot and successful.

1 Kate Upton

The #1 spot on this list goes to a swimsuit model who has captivated audiences and the Internet with her ample assets. Kate Upton has been something special. As far as beauty is concerned, Upton has both the facial beauty to impress anyone who gazes upon her and a sinful body that knocks men out cold. Still just 24 years of age, Upton has seemingly spent the last seven years making an impressionable impact on the male race in particular. Carl’s Jr. used her in a television commercial ad that sent the world spinning. Upton’s broad appeal also comes from her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. Her looks are deadly, both sensual and inviting. She has a bubbly personality and smile that draws people right in and an incredible figure that is only outdone by her reputation. Staying largely below the radar, Upton appeared in 2011’s Tower Heist in a cameo role. It was her appearance in The Other Woman (2014) with such stars as Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann that legitimized Upton as a force beyond the modeling field and Internet. Upton now has more movies on the way as she cuts her teeth in acting but her beauty will always be forged from the years of modeling this young star has done which garnered her so much attention. With blonde hair and blue/green eyes, Upton is the quintessential blonde bombshell who stands out in a crowd. In 2011, Upton began dating baseball star Justin Verlander and they have recently gotten engaged. We know one thing for sure…Justin Verlander is a VERY lucky man. And secondly, Kate Upton is our number one scorcher on this hot list.

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15 Stars Who Are Hotter Than Selena Gomez