15 Stars Who Almost Played A Lead On Friends

It’s been an incredible 22 years since Friends debuted on our TV screens, and even more incredible, is how popular the show remains. It’s common to turn on the TV today and still witness re-runs of the show, as it seems no matter how often people watch it, Friends is a show that pleases. Part of the show's charm most certainly is down to its tremendous characters. Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Joey.

The success of these characters is definitely due to the actors that portray them. But have you ever considered a world where things were different? Where it was alternative actors portraying the parts of some of the most loved characters in TV’s history. It’s a hard thing to do. Even replacing one actor in the role of one of the Friends gang seems to change the whole dynamic of the show.

This list will show you just how close some actors in the business were to playing one of the leads. It’s crazy to think how different Friends would have been if these stars had secured a part. It also makes you wonder if the show would have had the same success.

15 Tea Leoni (Rachel)

14 Jami Gertz (Monica)

13 Janeane Garofalo (Phoebe)

12 Kathy Griffin (Phoebe)

11 Jon Favreau (Chandler)

10 Eric McCormack (Ross)

9 Elizabeth Berkley (Rachel)

8 Craig Bierko (Chandler)

7 Leah Remini (Monica)

6 Jane Lynch (Phoebe)

5 Hank Azaria (Joey)

4 Jane Krakowski (Rachel and Phoebe)

3 Jon Cryer (Chandler)

2 Ellen DeGeneres (Phoebe)

1 Courtney Cox (Rachel)

Perhaps the most interesting case on our list and one that not many people seem to be aware of is the fact that Courteney Cox, who we know as having played the part of Monica Geller, could have played the part of Rachel Green. In fact, Cox was actually offered the role of Rachel but declined as she said she felt the role of Monica was more interesting and suited to her. So, if it wasn’t for Cox’s own decision things on Friends could have been very different. Can you even imagine Monica being Rachel? Would this have then meant that Rachel would have been Monica? This is too much to fathom. A change like this would have changed the whole dynamic of the show. Thankfully, each character ended up playing who they did and it seems this is the way it was always meant to be.

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15 Stars Who Almost Played A Lead On Friends