15 Stars Who Got Pregnant (And Cashed In)

Recently, pop culture has seen an uprising of pregnancies. But not all of them are unplanned.

The Canadian rapper Drake might've gotten two women pregnant. One of them, Sophie Brussaux, is a former p*rn star, but she was also Drake's former fling. However, now, their relationship is much more complicated. Unlike Drake's other groupies, Brussaux actually hired a lawyer. She's ready to fight for her unborn child.

The entire situation gives people déjà vu. After all, Chris Brown went through an eerily similar experience with his own baby momma. In 2015, Nia Amey announced that he was going to be a father for the first time. She was pregnant with his daughter, Royalty, a little girl who's now two years old. Even though Brown first dismissed Amey's allegation, a DNA test proved that he was the father.

Drake and Brown are two very different men (and former foes), yet both stars have gone through similar situations. Millions of other men in the United States can relate to them as well. Sometimes, planned pregnancies happen, especially if the man has enough money to provide a life of financial support and comfort.

That's why partners should practice safe s*x. Who would want an STI and a baby (when they're not ready)? Always have a c*ndom or two by your nightstand. You don't have to learn the hard way. You can just learn through secondhand experience.

Just take a look back on the fifteen celebrities who are now locked in for a lifetime. Note: The list is purely based on speculation and opinion, not factual evidence.

15 Kat Stacks (Soulja Boy)

Soulja Boy has never stayed away from trouble. Whether he's fighting with a member of the rap group Migos or getting jumped in "his hood," the rapper's fallen on hard times.

However, seven years ago, he was the king of the world, which meant he had to be extra careful around the women he slept with. "Kat Stacks tweeted that she might be pregnant by Soulja Boy," an article states.

Obviously, his love interest was either lying or impregnated by someone else. However, the rapper may still be a father. During the early months of 2017, he claimed that he was about "to be a father soon." Update: the rapper was just trolling the public.

14 Paul George's Groupie?


The famous basketball player, Paul George, never had babies on the brain. He was just very focused on his own career as an Indiana Pacers player.

However, one stripper proved the man had game both on and off the court. According to a few gossip sites, "A former Miami stripper slapped the NBA star with a paternity petition. The 24-year-old is not denying that he is the father of the 4-week-old girl named Olivia."

The story seems like your average groupie tale, but it gets much more complicated. The former stripper claimed that the basketball player offered her a million dollars for her to abort their baby. While the silver lining looks faint, George eventually let go of his insane bribe, so he could form a relationship with his daughter.

13 Tyga's Baby Momma

Tyga makes cool clothing, but his music's been in the toilet.

His ex, Kylie Jenner, could be one reason, but the emotional and financial stresses of parenthood could be another reason. In October of 2012, his baby momma, Blac Chyna, née Angela White, gave birth to his firstborn, King Cairo.

The pair had met on his video shoot for his hit single "Rack City," and he and the retired stripper seemed like another cute couple. However, their constant arguments were why they split. They just weren't meant to be, but they still had to co-parent their child. As Tyga began dating Jenner, White set her sights on a wealthier man. She definitely upgraded.

12 Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna... Again

When White met Rob Kardashian, their hookup was odd at best.

After all, Kardashian's youngest sister was dating White's baby daddy, so why would they even consider dating each other!? White and Jenner would constantly get into petty fights, so people wondered why Kardashian had such a passion for Jenner's bully. At first, people thought their relationship was a publicity stunt.

Then White got pregnant and their fairytale romance morphed into a nightmare full of trust issues, depression, fights, and legal trouble. She can cry over spilled milk, though. They now have to take care of their daughter Dream.

11 Amber Rose (Wiz Khalifa)

Wiz Khalifa started dating Kanye West's ex, former stripper, Amber Rose.

However, the rapper and stripper seemed like a match made in heaven. Who knew what their intentions were from the beginning, but they seemed forever bonded when Rose said she was pregnant.

The couple gave birth to their son, Sebastian, on February 21, 2013. However, their joy was cut short. While people might have thought of Rose as a groupie, her husband was secretly a hoe. He was having affairs with multiple women, specifically adult stars. Needless to say, their picturesque family was shattered. They still look like they co-parent well together, though.

10 Lil Wayne Getting 3 Women Pregnant (In 13 Months!)

Sarah Vivan

Lil Wayne was one of the richest rappers alive, but his wealth's been dwindling.

He's fathered several children and his son, Dwayne Carter III, was born in October of 2008. While the mother's identity is obscured, people know that she was a former stripper that Wayne had relations with.

"A stripper in Ohio gave birth to his son in October 2008," an article states. The baby boy was his second child, but Wayne's a very busy man. According to the same article, the rapper got three women pregnant "within a span of 13 months." Instead of pulling out of women, he's knocking them up. How in the world can he keep up!?

9 Karrine "Superhead" Steffans and Kool G Rap's Baby

Karrine Steffans

If people were to ask millennials if they knew of Kool G Rap, they would probably just shake their heads left to right in response. However, he's a lyrical master who's inspired hot artists like Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt. Not only can he rap, but he's gained the respect of the greats like Jay Z and Eminem. In short, the man's a legend. He's also a father.

His son's mother, Karrine "Superhead" Steffans, is notorious in the hip-hop community. She's known for her skills in the bedroom, particularly in fellatio. Before her success as a writer, she was a groupie who slept with artists from The Game to Usher. However, her greatest accomplishment was becoming a mother. Her days of stripping and slurping are over.

8 Stevie J's Baby Momma

Joseline Hernandez

Another hip-hop legend is Stevie J, a man who's now known more so for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta than anything else.

Oh, he's also known for his longtime girlfriend Joseline Hernandez, the firecracker and star of the show. The pair always had their problems, but they were just unable to resist each other. Now, they have their beautiful baby girl, Bonnie Bella, involved.

Last year, Hernandez announced that she was pregnant, and she gave birth in the cold month of December. Now, her entire life's warm and even her mercurial baby daddy seems happy. So when's the wedding again?

7 Shad Moss And His Fiancé

Joie Chavis

Whether people call him Bow Wow or Shad Moss, his daughter calls him daddy.

However, his love for his baby girl has been overshadowed by the drama of recent events. His baby mamma, Joie Chavis, a former stripper, was a woman Moss was seeing. His love affair would have been nothing new if he had never been Erica Mena's fiancé. Yeah, things were (and still are) pretty messy.

The love triangle of sorts has taken an emotional toll on all three individuals, but the little girl has been affected the most. Recently, Moss' six-year-old daughter had to deal with the drama of her very own birthday party. Her two maternal figures were fighting and Moss only fanned the flames. Hopefully, all three can put their hate aside...at least for the child.

6 Chief Keef And Co-Parenting?


The 21-year-old rapper, Chief Keef, may not be on Wayne's level, but he has just as many kids as the "How to Love" singer. He fathered his third baby with stripper Shannon.

However, aside from a video of him farting on her, there's little footage or photos of the two together. Maybe they broke up? According to the rapper, she split from him.

"Shannon Pregnant a*s Said she finna get a [expletive]," he Tweeted. They went their separate ways in 2014, the year she was supposed to have his child. Hopefully, they can effectively co-parent. Even though they're still very young, their child will always need them.

5 A Baby Momma And A Homewrecker... Future

The man who got Ciara pregnant, Future, chose to get another woman pregnant. He found his next girlfriend at a strip club, and he and Brittni Mealy kept in touch with each other. Well, they were too touchy. Mealy got pregnant. She was no longer a stripper. She was both a baby momma and homewrecker.

Needless to say, she was put on blast.

However, she and Future were still going strong. They were spotted at lavish parties with star-studded friends like Meek Mill, and they were prepping for the birth of their baby. Even though the two eventually split, Mealy still got what she wanted—success. Well, at least the material kind of success.

4 Adrien Broner's 6th Baby Momma

Pretty Redz

Accomplished boxer and rapper Adrien Broner can proudly say that he's a father of at least four children. According to famous magazine MadameNoire, his sixth baby momma is a stripper named Pretty Redz. She was supposedly carrying twins, and she supposedly gave birth already.

"The former lightweight champion welcomed baby number six and seven after girlfriend and stripper Pretty Redz gave birth to a set of twins," the outlet states.

Even though the magazine said she was his baby momma, there's no proof. The only time Pretty Redz is mentioned on the Internet is when Broner performed cunnilingus on her or a Migos member got her pregnant (oh, the irony).

3 Hugh Hefner's Ex, Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson is a woman of many talents. She's a stripper, an ex of Hugh Hefner's, and a baby momma. She met her children's father, Hank Baskett, when he was playing football.

However, after she met him, their lives seemed to go down the rabbit hole.

He was fired from the Eagles, exploited on reality television, and caught with a transs*xual model. His decisions made the perfect pit of depression and anxiety, and they were almost swallowed whole. Their babies, a boy and a girl, were their saving grace, though. While their story's plagued with turmoil, they should remember that no relationship is a fairy tale. No matter their past, they can still try to create a happily ever after.

2 Layla Lace Pregnant With Drake's Baby?

Layla Lace

Drake's so much of a player that the rapper has to be mentioned twice. Aside from a skin-flick star demanding child support, an Instagram model named Layla Lace is also telling people that she's pregnant with Drake's baby.

However, she's also throwing major shade. People are just there to sip the tea, though.

The model posted several Instagram photos that proved she and Drake were intimate and how she felt betrayed by a man who seemed like a nice guy. Apparently, he was too good to be true. She writes, "I guess still in this era this is the new thing that after you tell a dude you pregnant they stop answering they phone !!!" She's definitely angry, so Drake should take her hurt feelings as a lesson learned. He should never, ever annoy or aggravate the women he could've impregnated. In other words, he needs to show respect for the mothers of his children.

1 Kim Kardashian West

For the big finale, the list will end with Kanye West. As far as the public knows, the rapper only has two children and he's married to their mother, Kim Kardashian. Obviously, they are the definition of a power couple. However, no amount of money can erase their past.

Kardashian got famous for her leaked s*x tape, divorced a basketball player after 72 days, has been married three times to three different men, and has only been with wealthy men.

She was never a stripper or professional adult star, but she's still a gold digger. Although we can now say that she's definitely digging her own gold these days.

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