15 Stars Who Actually Look Better Without Makeup

Despite the stereotype of Hollywood being all about beauty, fitness, and just appearance in general, some of our favorite celebrities actually look better without makeup. Going out with a fresh face or posting it on social media seems to have become more acceptable in the past few years thanks to the girl power movement being all about self love and embracing the skin and body you’re in; besides, some celebrities simply opt out of wearing makeup all of the time because of the toll it takes on your skin. Drake is probably to thank for this as well, considering his lyrics, “Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on, that’s when you’re the prettiest I hope that you don’t take it wrong,” in one of his first hits “Best I Ever Had.” Girls everywhere, famous or not, seemed to embrace this and probably started posting their favorite au natural looks on social media for everyone to see they could pull off the effortlessly chill yet chic look (probably with those lyrics as the caption).

Alicia Keys also pushed the movement even further when she opted out of wearing makeup altogether. From the cover of her most recent album Here to magazine shoots and even performing at awards shows, the songstress wasn’t allowed to let her natural beauty shine. Still, some stars simply look better and more refreshing without makeup. That’s not a secret. So take a look at some of the girls we think look better when they opt out of wearing makeup for the day… or at least the moment.

15 Zendaya Coleman

Via: Pop Sugar

Zendaya Coleman might have been marked as the face of CoverGIrl early last year but she’s a beauty without makeup. The actress and singer has been spotted on countless occasions rocking a comfy outfit with a fresh face and still turned heads in a good way. She has even posted snapshots of her without the go-to filter that most ladies, from the every day woman to the all-star celebrity, have used on Instagram and Snapchat. In fact, one of Coleman’s most talked about moments was about beauty. Remember when she made headlines after her back-and-forth with Giuliana Rancic when Coleman rocked dreads at the Oscars in 2015? She let Rancic and anyone else who had a problem with her appearance know she really doesn’t care what they think. Or the time she said, “The best thing is to realize that you are who you are and you gotta work with what you got.”

14 Jennifer Lopez

Via: New York Daily News

Jennifer Lopez AKA J. Lo is another natural beauty who deserves to be on this list. She is often seen without wearing a full face of makeup and considering her time in the game, it’s safe to say she has deserved a few days without her glam squad. Still, let’s just be honest and say any of us would kill to have her glow and highlight skills together. But when she opts out of it, she’s even prettier. I mean, she clearly has the beautiful and healthy skin to pull it off, and if you’re wondering about how she still looks like she did when she released songs like, “If You had My Love,” (okay maybe she doesn’t look the same as she did that far back but she still looks amazing) she shared some of her secrets recently and said she doesn't smoke or drink, “sticks to the basics,” and of course gets lots of sleep. Excuse me while I go take a nap.

13 Demi Lovato

Via: M Magazine

Demi Lovato’s glowing skin is gorgeous! And I’m not talking about a good concealer that’s featured in the latest YouTube makeup tutorial. I’m talking about her natural skin (maybe she's born with it?). It’s actually refreshing to see Lovato conquer this as she has been open with her struggle to embrace self-love. She wrote an open letter last month and said, “feeling better than I’ve ever felt. It’s all about self-love. Tell yourself you’re beautiful daily. Be gentle with yourself.” I have to say I was relieved when she added, “Eat carbs without guilt and remember that life is too short to worry about what others think!” What gives you better skin than pizza topped with a bowl of ice cream? Either way, Lovato is a great example of someone loving the skin they’re in and letting all of her fans know they don’t have to wear tons of makeup to feel gorgeous.

12 Kourtney Kardashian

Via: New York Daily News

Kourtney Kardashian is arguably the prettiest Kardashian and Jenner sister, especially when it comes to not wearing any makeup. I mean, she really doesn’t need much of it at all. And when she does wear it, it’s kind of like, “Who are you and what did you do with Kourtney?” She might be the oldest Kardashian sister but she’s certainly aged the best. Not to be rude to any of the other siblings, it’s just safe to say that Kourtney is rocking it when it comes to her natural beauty. It’s not often that it’s said a woman in Hollywood doesn’t need makeup, but this is certainly the case with Kourtney. Of course a little lip gloss, mascara and just a tad bit of eyeliner never really hurt anybody but with Kourtney it’ll just look a tad bit made up and almost just like any other Hollywood girl. Hopefully she doesn't want that because we definitely don’t.

11 Tia and Tamera Mowry

Via: Huffington Post

We first met these twins before they even really started wearing makeup. They grew from school girls to college girls on the hit series Sister Sister. So to see them all grown up now and married with children, it’s hard to see them with completely made up faces. I loved when Tamera let her natural beauty shine through on an episode of The Real, the daytime talk show that she is one of four co-hosts for. She and Tia also have no problem flaunting their natural beauty on Instagram. They have both been major advocates for self love so it’s no surprise they often take this stance separately and together. Tia once said, “I like to embrace natural beauty. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep, drinking a lot of water, and exercising.” I think it’s safe to say that Tamera probably follows the same pattern.

10 Gigi Hadid

Via: New York Daily News

Gigi Hadid might be a major supermodel but her going makeup free is a huge bonus for her. One of the photos that got her the most attention is when she was spotted with a fresh face when she posted a snapshot of her getting extra cozy with none other than Zayn Malik. I think the photos prove that we’re not the only ones who are fans of Hadid when she decides to go sans makeup for the day. Going makeup-less isn’t her only move to help her fans embrace their own looks. She once spoke out about different body images and said, “Everyone has a different body shape, so you kind of have to figure out not only what works best for your body type, but what also makes you feel confident. Even if everyone thinks you look good in a bikini, and you don’t feel good in it, you’re not going to be at your best…”

9 Nicki Minaj

Via: YouTube

Yes the Queen Barb definitely needs to be on this list. Have you ever seen her without makeup? She looks absolutely gorgeous! Much better than with all of the hoopla and caricatures that are a part of whatever character she is for the day. The natural version of Nicki Minaj likes to grace our social media every once in a while, and it’s always a treat when it does. I wouldn’t go as far as saying Nicki is unrecognizable like many of her other fellow stars, but I do have to say that she looks much better without it. And just like the other women on here, she has lots to say about embracing herself without all of the extra theatrics. She has had the “I am woman hear me roar" statement going strong for quite a while, and thankfully so considering the high level of influence she has with young teen girls.

8 Miley Cyrus

Via: YouTube

Oh Miley. Yes we love the big fingers and the twerk pants, but there’s another reason why we miss you back in your Hannah Montana days. Ironically enough, it’s before Cyrus seemed to go Hollywood. What makes that interesting is that when Cyrus started to change over into someone who seemed to be completely different than we remembered, she reminded fans that she was only playing a Disney character on Hannah Montana. Thankfully, she hasn’t gone too far left when it comes to dressing up into different characters and styles. She has toned it down quite a bit and of course never fails to let us see her natural beauty, which looks way better than any fashion do or don’t that she can pull off for the biggest award shows of the season. Thank you Miley for loving yourself enough to see the real you, whatever side you choose to be!

7 Kylie Jenner

So Kylie Jenner is a girl who looks like a completely different person without makeup; well, without her lips anyway. Okay that might have come across a little harsh but I have to say that Jenner has really transformed. And while some might think she’s a sexy something or other, I can’t help but think that her lips could really bust at any moment with all of that filler. Still, even when she does have her lips enhanced, she looks better with a fresh face than with a face full of lashes, foundation, and of course lip liner. She has admitted in the past that she is self conscious about her lips, which is why she chooses to make them more… let’s use the word voluptuous. I mean, that’s completely her prerogative. After all, she’s over 18 now. But the thing is she doesn’t need it. She would be beautiful without much of it.

6 Hilary Duff

Via: Huffington Post

Hilary Duff is another child star that looks better without makeup. While there has been speculation that Duff went under the knife and got a bit of plastic surgery done between her Lizzie McGuire days and now, she still looks much better without makeup. The few times that she has been caught out sans makeup in the streets of Hollywood and New York City really haven’t garnered her any side eyes. At least not in a negative way. I could totally see a situation where a guy sees her without makeup and asks her why she wears so much. I mean, Chad Michael Murray pretty much did ask her that in A Cinderella Story. But I definitely concur. Whether she has decided to get plastic surgery or not, I believe she looks much better without makeup. And it might be safe to say she’s not here for wearing it all the time either.

5 Taylor Swift

Via: You me and trends

Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but not many can argue and prove that she isn’t a natural beauty. We also met her when she was a teenager and even after she started to gain traction, she really didn’t put on a ton of makeup with the hopes of looking older and proving to fans that she had matured. In fact, she has been in the game as we know it for roughly ten years and still really hasn’t been seen with a ton of extra makeup on. And that’s how we like it! Remember when she was in the “You Belong With Me” phase and seeing her with red lipstick was like, “Oh my gosh she’s so grown up now!” Now, she barely ever wears it. I think she has taken hints from her “people” and embraced her natural beauty so much to the point if she was seen with a lot of makeup it just wouldn't look right.

4 Jordin Sparks

Via: New York Daily News

This beauty is underrated without a doubt. And she looks amazing without makeup. She's another good girl who hasn’t really gone bad and probably never will so her image displays that as well. I have to say this is another one who should she wear a ton of makeup, would definitely get the side eye. But she seems to know that, or doesn't care enough to wear a ton of makeup, and kudos to her for that. She looks gorgeous with a natural face and doesn't mind talking about it. The singer and actress took things a step further when she enhanced her beauty and lost 50 pounds in the earlier stages of her career. At this point, I think it's safe to say that Sparks does what she wants for her, not a publicist who thinks it's best. And it’s certainly a win for her in the beauty department.

3 Jessica Alba

Via: Elle Canada

If she hasn't been already, this girl needs to be in a commercial for facial cleanser. That's how amazing her natural look is. Jessica Alba isn’t one to wear a whole lot of makeup unless it's for a special event and she really shouldn’t start. She's been famous long enough for us to know what she looks like both ways and I think an audience favorite is the fresh face. I think she said it best when she said, “My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing.” That's a major reason why the natural and no makeup look works for Alba. I think if a celebrity is going to do it at all, they have to look like they are comfortable with it, and Alba has a great way of doing that and wanting others to join the troop.

2 Chrissy Teigen

Via: Glamour

This beauty isn’t a favorite just because of her hilarious clap back skills on Twitter and her adorable marriage to singer and actor John Legend. And let’s not forget that she delivered their adorable daughter. No, we love her because she isn't afraid to rock the now popular no makeup look. In fact, she looks better doing it. She was known for being a model back in the day but now that she’s a wife and a mom, she seems to be able to relate to the every day woman like never before; and that includes leaving the house with no makeup without being terrified that someone will snap you and you’ll end up on a stranger’s Instagram or worse, TMZ. Teigen is unapologetically herself and when that includes not wearing makeup, we’re all for it. If she could just release her skin secrets, from cleanser to moisturizer, that would be great.

1 Beyonce

Via: Lipstick Alley

Queen Bey has rocked no makeup on the streets and even in revealing and intimate DVD projects. And that’s when it seems like she’s the most vulnerable. Of course we love the alter ego of Sasha Fierce and everything that comes with it, but Beyonce’s choices of no makeup at times, no matter how rare they are, is always a win over the character she creates on stage. It’s no secret that she’s a natural beauty (and pretty much a natural in everything she tries to do), so seeing her without makeup brings about a “WERK BEY” chant more than seeing her completely made up for the Met Gala or the Grammys. She has clearly and without a doubt exemplified girl power in her music, but she also does it when she decides to be brave enough to leave the house without a full face. Because as private as she tries to be, she’s certainly not naive enough to think no one is watching. Two snaps for you!

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