15 Stars Of 2010 That No One Cares About Anymore

It seems like it was only yesterday that it was the year 2010.

It seems like it was only yesterday that it was the year 2010. But time moves quickly when one is living their daily life, going to work and doing daily mundane chores, and even more quickly when you are a star that no one cares about anymore. Now don't feel that badly for any of these people. They are still living in nice homes, and living the high life after all. Well okay, you can feel badly for a couple of them if you want, not because they are not famous anymore, but because they are totally insane.

All of these people were on top of the entertainment business just a few years ago, but now they could barely get noticed if they were out to dinner. Again, except for the totally crazy ones. Although now that I think of it, I guess these people would get noticed, but only in a way like "Oh isn't that the person that used to be a big star? Why don't they get work anymore?"

Some of these people were at the top of their games in 2010, while others were already on their way down the slide to purgatory. No matter where they were back then, there is no doubt that these are 15 stars of 2010 that nobody cares about anymore.

15 Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton seemed to be someone that people simply could not miss when it came to being a big star. She broke out as a star of the television show The O.C. and she seemed to have star power written all over her. That show did not last forever though, and neither did her stardom. No one cares about her now, which may have to do with her mental state. It was recently reported that she "reportedly had a 'meltdown' where two of her neighbors called 911 saying she had threatened to kill herself." Now no one wants to think about something as awful as that happening; it is always sad when things like that occur. Still, with that said, this is the kind of thing these people go through when they are famous and then forgotten about.

14 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is sort of in a category all to herself at this point - at least as far as this list goes. No, we don't care about Jessica Alba anymore, let's admit it. Yes she still is totally hot, but she is not anyone that people get all worked up about, at least not anymore. She still appears in movies from time to time, but nothing that is a big deal. The thing is though Jessica owns a very successful business called The Honest Company, supplying non-toxic household goods that is worth a ton of money. So let's just say that while we do not care a whole lot about Jessica Alba anymore, she probably does not care a whole lot about us either. I mean come on, she is still super hot, and totally rich, so why would she care about us?

13 Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is one of the more odd ones on this list. First he was the child star of Doogie Howser, and we all cared about him a lot. Then he was off the scene and it looked like he was going to become someone kind of like Todd Bridges or Leif Garrett, a former child star that became a joke. Then he got a gig in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle in which he made fun of himself and he became relevant again. Then he not only was relevant, but became a totally big star when he got a gig on How I Met Your Mother. For a while Neil Patrick Harris was just totally it, and was huge all over again, for the second time. And now he is back in the realm of someone people do not care about all over again.

12 Neve Campbell

For quite a while Neve Campbell was one of the biggest female stars out there. She had the hotness factor that made guys want to watch her on screen. She got her start on the TV show Party of Five and became an even bigger star when she appeared in The Craft and Wild Things.  Of course she is best known for all of her roles in the Scream Movies. In fact she was in Scream 4 in 2011. Sadly for Neve though she was already losing some star appeal by then and since that time has pretty much faded from sight entirely. There are certain qualities that allow someone to stay in the public eye and on top of their game forever and apparently Neve didn't have them.

11 Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku is another big star that went away and went away fast. She is well known for her roles in Bring It On, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel. Since then though, her career has faded, although she has continued to be a working actress, and also does a lot of voiceover work in video games. With some of these people, maybe they were lucky to be stars at all; don't sit around all bummed out about the fact that no one cares about them anymore. Still, it has to be a big thing to be someone that at one point was enormously successful, and then to turn around and just be some working actress. Let's just hope Eliza saved a lot of her money from back when she was a star and people cared about her.

10 Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is one of those people that we don't care about simply because she went totally crazy. Now way back in 2010 she was on the cover of Maxim Magazine and was thought of as one of the biggest, and hottest, new stars. Before long though she had completely and totally lost her mind. Now don't get me wrong, this was actually really entertaining for quite a long time; people really enjoyed watching her totally lose it. In the long run though, going completely and totally nuts almost never has a positive outcome. This was also the case with Amanda. She ended up getting some help; okay, let's be honest, she ended up getting a whole lot of help, and now is pretty much totally out of the public eye.

9 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen  is someone that I am sure we all thought that we would care about for a very long time. He was not only one of the very biggest stars on the planet, he also had an enormously entertaining meltdown, one that seemed would never end. But like they say: all good things must come to an end, or in this case with Charlie Sheen, I guess it would be more like all bad things come to an end. Sheen's ride to the bottom just kept getting worse and worse, and before long people stopped caring about how bad his life was, or how crazy he was. Hopefully Sheen saved a whole bunch of money, as it is pretty unlikely that he is ever going to work in any sort of meaningful way again in this industry.

8 Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood for a while, until it all fell apart. According to Looper, "Swank arguably faced a considerable backlash in Hollywood after she won her second Best Actress Oscar—for the Clint Eastwood drama Million Dollar Baby—in 2005. By then, there was a growing feeling that Swank had been excessively rewarded." Sometimes that is how it works too; an actor or an actress is thought of as someone that is really famous or that has gotten too much too quickly, and then there is a backlash, and people don't want to see them succeed anymore. If there is one thing that people in our society love to do even more than building someone up to be a star, it is to tear them down.

7 Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey would never have been thought to be on this list back in 2010. He was an enormous star, and if you were a betting man, you never would have thought that he would not continue to be a very huge star for a long time to come. But if you bet on his career to stay huge, then you would have lost your money. One day he was on top of the world, the next day he did Mr. Popper's Penguins and before you know it the guy can't get a job anymore. I mean sure, he could get a job, but as a second banana kind of guy. His days as the guy that pulls in the big money as a star are totally over. That is good and bad, because before he was a big star he was pretty funny, once he was huge, not so much.

6 Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger was at one point one of the biggest stars in the entire world. She was the star of many successful movies, such as Bridget Jones' Diary and even won an academy award. She went from that to barely working at all; in fact the only reason she has been in the news lately is because of people wondering what the heck was going on with her face. That sort of sums up the whole thing right there as a matter of fact. In 2010, you are on top of the world and thought of as one of the world's classiest stars, then a few years later the only time you are ever in the news is when people are commenting on how messed up your face looks. Hey Renee, I still think you look fabulous. Actually, I lied, I don't care what you look like.

5 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is a different kind of example of someone that no one cares about anymore. It is not that she has totally vanished as a huge star; quite the contrary actually. She is still around and still making tons of money. She also is still only 26 years old.  Yet we can see it all happening; these things do not just appear out of nowhere. She is on her way out. She became totally famous not because she is so awesome, gorgeous or talented; she became famous because she had a starring role on Twilight which just happened to catch the attention of people all over the world. While it vaulted her into stardom, as high as she went, that is as low as she still has to go. Pretty soon, no one will care about her at all, not even a little bit.

4 Snooki

People stopped caring about Snooki a long time ago, but even though you don't like to admit it to yourself, way back in 2010, she was still super famous, and people really cared about what was going on with her. I mean come on, if you say you were not into Jersey Shore back then, I know that you are lying. But the thing is, pretty much no one liked her, not even a little bit. She was totally irritating, and not even hot. I mean at least we could picture ourselves going home with Sammi or JWoww, even though you obviously would have regretted it in the morning. But Snooki? No way. I do hope that she saved her money because it will be next to impossible for her to work again, in or out of show business.

3 David Spade

David Spade is one of those guys that never should have become famous in the first place. He is a short and marginally funny comedian that did okay stand up, and then got on Saturday Night Live. Then he met Chris Farley, and the two starred in a few movies together until Farley died. Spade did a few more movies, and even starred in a couple of them, but when Farley died so, too, did Spade's career. Now David Spade is back to being what he always should have been, a moderately successful comedian that no one cares about. The thing is though, just like some of the others on this list, he never should have been famous anyway, so he got a bonus before everyone stopped caring about him.

2 Jason Biggs

 Jason Biggs was someone who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Do you know how many actors there are out there who could have played his role in American Pie? I would guess there would be hundreds that could have played it just as well as he did, but I am probably underestimating. In reality I am sure there are thousands. But they decided to go with Jason Biggs, which of course made him a really big star, at least for a while anyway. These things kind of have a shelf life. First you are an actor with pretty much no talent at all, then you make it totally big and everyone loves you, then you start the slide down to the bottom, because in actuality you are awful, then no one cares about you anymore.

1 Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is a bit like Neil Patrick Harris, in the sense that we should have stopped caring about her a really long time ago, but for some reason she kept kicking around. She was a child star on  Who's the Boss, then wound up on Melrose Place and when we finally thought we were rid of her, she wound up on Charmed. Now that might sound harsh, it is not that I don't like her, there is no doubt that she is hot and seems like a cool enough person. Come on, I mean she was 7 years old when she started acting, and it was just like 6 years ago, in 201o or so, that we stopped caring about her when she was in her late 30's. Now that is far too long to care about Alyssa Milano. Thank goodness no one does anymore.


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15 Stars Of 2010 That No One Cares About Anymore