15 Stars Hollywood Has To Give Up On...Now

Hollywood is a place where things don’t stay the same for very long and as a celebrity, you need to keep ahead of the curve. Fame is fickle – you might be in demand today, but that can all change in an instant if you are not careful. All it takes is one bad move and celebrities can quickly find themselves on the outs. The cold reality is that stars come and go, so to really make a name for yourself as an actor and enjoy a long career you need to plan carefully and protect your brand. The stars on today’s list have failed to do that and it seems like Hollywood has given up on them.

All it takes to find yourself on the Hollywood blacklist is one bad movie or career move. It seems like some of these celebrities burnt too bright, too quickly, and found themselves burning out. And because Hollywood is an ever-changing place there are always fresh faces ready to pick up where they left off. Sometimes their ego’s and personal lives get in the way and some just don’t have the talent required to forge a lasting career. Either way, we think these stars had their time, but it’s over now.

15 Miley Cyrus Fever Is Officially Over

Fame is fickle – just ask Miley Cyrus. There was a time when you couldn’t open a tabloid without her seeing her name. She had the eyes of the world glued to her as she morphed from a sweet, wholesome young girl into an over-sexualized nymph and it seemed like the world just couldn’t get enough of her. But it seemed as though she was trying too hard and the further off the rails she went, the more bored we became. And then, while she was still twerking and falling around, new singers came onto the scene and Miley was left behind. Yes, she’s earned more than $360 million during her career, but it just can’t buy her the credibility that she needs to build a career as an adult.

14 Angelia Jolie Should Focus Her Efforts – But Not On Acting

Now don’t get us wrong on this one – Angelina Jolie must be commended for actually using her celebrity status to do some good in the world and we admire that. But we also think that it’s time she left the world of acting behind her so that she can focus on her humanitarian efforts. Have you seen her in a big name movie lately? No, the only reason that her name is in the tabloids so much is because of her split from Brad Pitt. It’s been 17 years since she won her one and only Academy Award for Girl, Interrupted and without some kind of reinvention on her part she’s not likely to pick up any more in the future. It’s not that she’s a bad actress – she’s certainly had her moments – but we think she should quit while she’s ahead.

13 Katherine Heigl Needs To Learn When To Keep Quiet

A couple of years ago Katherine Heigl’s career seemed to be well and truly taking off. She won an Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy in 2007, for her role as Izzy Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy, but when she was nominated again the following year for the same role Katherine made a disastrous move. She withdrew her name from the nomination stating that she didn’t believe that her work for the season deserved a nomination. This was not met well by the Hollywood community and the actress ended up being written out of the role.

With few jobs on offer Heigl just managed to land a role in the comedy Knocked Up after Anne Hathaway backed out, but instead of being grateful she only had bad things to say about the film. She said, “It’s a little sexist. It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys. … I had a hard time with it”. You’re not doing yourself any favors here Katherine.

12 Amanda Bynes Threw It All Away

Amanda Bynes rose to prominence as a child star on the Nickelodeon series All That and The Amanda Show. She followed up with roles in several films such as What a Girl Wants and She’s The Man but fame seemed to affect the young star in all the wrong ways. Suddenly she was on the front page of tabloids getting busted for drinking and driving and we started to realize that she was nothing more than another child star gone bad. It’s a story we’ve heard so many times before that it’s hard to stay interested and Hollywood certainly wasn’t interested in taking on a troubled actress. She’s gotten help for her psychiatric issues since and seems to be doing better now, but we think her acting career is well and truly behind her.

11 Shia Blamed His Problems On His Celebrity Status

The reason that Hollywood needs to give in Shia LaBeouf is simple – he’s given up acting. After starring in the blockbuster hit Transformers Shia’s life seemed to take a turn for the worse and it wasn’t long before his personal life was sprawling out of control. He blamed this on his celebrity status (of course) and decided that he was fed up with all the attention. He decided to retire from acting stating on Twitter “In light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity, I am retiring from all public life.” He even wore a bag over his head, saying that he “wasn’t famous anymore” on Instagram to prove his point. We get it, Shia – thanks – and don’t worry, we think the world will keep turning without you.

10 No One Is Interested In Kristin Stewart Anymore

Many people expected Kristin Stewart’s career to take off into the stratosphere after the Twilight series, but it seems like people have finally started to notice that Kristin’s talents are, well, pretty limited. Twilight was a prime example of how an overhyped movie can make people believe that an actress has talent, but judging by her sharp decline in popularity after Twilight fever died down Kristin should be concerned with her lack of offers.

No one actually wants to see this wooden actress staring blankly and being unreactive and if she’s ever going to compete with the Hollywood elite, then she is certainly going to need to step up her game. And we don’t see that happening anytime soon. So let’s just leave Kristin where she belongs – in the past.

9 Jessica Biel Just Can’t Compete

Jessica Biel seems to be under the impression that the reason she is not being offered big leading roles is that she is “too pretty” but we don’t think that being voted the sexiest woman in the world has anything to do with her work drying up. Biel enjoyed some success in the early stages of her career with movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blade: Trinity, Stealth and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry but she has never managed to land a standout role. She’s up against strong actresses like Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson for roles and she just can’t seem to outshine them. Not only did she lose out on the role as Catwoman (which went to Hathaway) but she also botched her audition for the part of Fantine in Les Miserables, a role that secured Hathaway a Best Supporting Actress Oscar. No-one said acting was easy, right?

8 Tobey Maguire Is All Washed Up

Why do we need to give up on Tobey Maguire, you ask? Well, when last did you see him making waves in Hollywood? That’s right, it’s been a while. It may not seem like it was that long ago that Tobey was flying high on his Spiderman movie series and getting Oscar nominations, but it’s been almost ten years since he did anything worthwhile and it seems like he just can’t seem to get anything going.

So where did it all start going wrong for him? Many folks claim that it was the third Spiderman movie that caused his popularity to take a sharp decline. Instead of trying to take on more gritty roles Tobey seems to be stuck and doesn’t realize that his boyish looks are not going to win him roles anymore. Can he reinvent himself? Yes. Is he going to? We don’t think so.

7 Lindsay – We’re Bored AF With You

Can you say Lindsay Lohan’s name without rolling your eyes? Yeah, we can’t either. Sure there was a time when her antics were amusing and almost interesting, but that’s certainly not the case anymore. We’ve moved on from this attention-craving young actress, although it doesn’t seem like she’s noticed yet. Like many child stars, Lindsay tried to make the transition into an adult actress without much success. She might be well-known but it’s for all the wrong reasons and the notoriety is certainly not landing her any acting roles. The problem is that Lindsay’s range is limited to only the least challenging roles and the truth is that people just don’t want to take a chance working with her. It’s over Lindsay – we’re bored AF with you.

6 Mel Gibson’s Rants Ruined His Rep

There is a reason why Mel Gibson’s name is on the Hollywood blacklist, but it has nothing to do with his acting. It’s more about his personality and his violent and offensive outbursts. Gibson seems to be under the impression that he can do and say whatever he pleases without consequence, but that is most certainly not the case. He has not been given the opportunity to star in a hit movie in years and we don’t think it’s going to happen again if he fails to clean up his reputation. Maybe the star of films like Braveheart and Lethal Weapon can clean up his act, but whether or not people are going to be able to forgive him for his racial slurs and violent temper remains to be seen.

5 Taylor Lautner Needs An Urgent Reality Check

Taylor Lautner hit the big time when he landed the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight series. In the late 2000’s Taylor was a teen idol and sex symbol and in 2010 he was named the highest-paid teenage actor in Hollywood. But the fame seemed to go to his head and instead of taking on roles to build his career as an actor he just saw dollar signs. It’s rumored that he demanded $7 million to star in Stretch Armstrong and an astonishing $10 million to star in biblical story David and Goliath, but the directors didn’t think that he was worth it and turned him down. After Twilight he did manage to get a leading role in the film Abduction but the role did very little for his career. If Taylor doesn’t get a reality check soon he can kiss his acting career goodbye.

4 We Just Can’t Deal With Gwyneth Paltrow

Okay, Gwyneth is not a bad actress per se, but is it just us or is she getting stranger and stranger all the time? She’s been sharing her ideas about food and healthy living with the world for a while now and let’s just say that she’s being met with a lot of resistance from the medical community. It’s absurd to think that people would actually take advice from an actress rather than a qualified person but that’s the world we live in. Gwyneth should just stick to what she’s good at and leave the advice for the professionals.

As if that isn’t enough she’s also been known to slag off other actresses like Reese Witherspoon for doing romantic comedies for money and status. Did she conveniently forget her past roles in films like View from the Top and Shallow Hal?

3 Mike Myers Just Isn’t Funny Anymore

There was a time where Mike Myers was a hot commodity in Hollywood, but his brand of comedy doesn’t seem to have anybody laughing much these days. But what exactly caused his popularity to decline? Well, we can’t say for sure, but some people think it might have something to do with the fact that he’s just so difficult to work with. He might be a comic genius, but behind that, he is apparently a high maintenance control freak. There were even rumors doing the rounds that he had someone fired from the set of Austin Powers because they annoyed him. Seems pretty hard for that friendly face doesn’t it? But there must be a reason why we haven’t seen Mike around in a while, although we can’t say we’ve missed him that.

2 Was Lauryn Hill Just A One Hit Wonder?

In the late 90s Lauryn Hill released a hugely successful album called The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 and went on to sell approximately eight million copies. But that was it. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill remains her only solo album and since then she has only managed to release a handful of singles. Her star burnt bright, maybe too bright, and now it seems like it may have burnt out completely.

This might also have something to do with her legal woes and imprisonment. In 2012 the singer was charged with tax fraud, a charge that resulted in her serving time in prison in 2013. She seems to blame all her problems on other people and until she takes some responsibility it’s not lucky that she will rise up again.

1 Steven Seagal Seems Out Of Touch With Reality

Steven is another one of the action stars that we really need to just give up on. Yes, we all enjoyed his on-screen antics, but he just doesn’t seem to know when to quit and let some fresh faces take the reins. There’s also the matter of his apparent aversion to telling the truth. You wouldn’t think that a successful actor would need to lie, but some of his statements have left us shaking our heads. He’s been quoted as saying he hopes to be known as a great writer rather than a sex symbol (sorry Steven, we don’t think so) and even alluded to mysterious ties with the CIA saying, ”You can say that I lived in Asia for a long time and in Japan I became close to several CIA agents. And you could say that I became an adviser to several CIA agents in the field and, through my friends in the CIA, met many powerful people and did special works and special favors”. Honest Steven, we don’t even care.

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