15 Stars Hollywood Has To Give Up On...Now

Hollywood is a place where things don’t stay the same for very long and as a celebrity, you need to keep ahead of the curve. Fame is fickle – you might be in demand today, but that can all change in an instant if you are not careful. All it takes is one bad move and celebrities can quickly find themselves on the outs. The cold reality is that stars come and go, so to really make a name for yourself as an actor and enjoy a long career you need to plan carefully and protect your brand. The stars on today’s list have failed to do that and it seems like Hollywood has given up on them.

All it takes to find yourself on the Hollywood blacklist is one bad movie or career move. It seems like some of these celebrities burnt too bright, too quickly, and found themselves burning out. And because Hollywood is an ever-changing place there are always fresh faces ready to pick up where they left off. Sometimes their ego’s and personal lives get in the way and some just don’t have the talent required to forge a lasting career. Either way, we think these stars had their time, but it’s over now.


15 Miley Cyrus Fever Is Officially Over

14 Angelia Jolie Should Focus Her Efforts – But Not On Acting


13 Katherine Heigl Needs To Learn When To Keep Quiet

With few jobs on offer Heigl just managed to land a role in the comedy Knocked Up after Anne Hathaway backed out, but instead of being grateful she only had bad things to say about the film. She said, “It’s a little sexist. It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys. … I had a hard time with it”. You’re not doing yourself any favors here Katherine.

12 Amanda Bynes Threw It All Away


11 Shia Blamed His Problems On His Celebrity Status

10 No One Is Interested In Kristin Stewart Anymore


No one actually wants to see this wooden actress staring blankly and being unreactive and if she’s ever going to compete with the Hollywood elite, then she is certainly going to need to step up her game. And we don’t see that happening anytime soon. So let’s just leave Kristin where she belongs – in the past.

9 Jessica Biel Just Can’t Compete


8 Tobey Maguire Is All Washed Up


So where did it all start going wrong for him? Many folks claim that it was the third Spiderman movie that caused his popularity to take a sharp decline. Instead of trying to take on more gritty roles Tobey seems to be stuck and doesn’t realize that his boyish looks are not going to win him roles anymore. Can he reinvent himself? Yes. Is he going to? We don’t think so.

7 Lindsay – We’re Bored AF With You

6 Mel Gibson’s Rants Ruined His Rep


5 Taylor Lautner Needs An Urgent Reality Check

4 We Just Can’t Deal With Gwyneth Paltrow


As if that isn’t enough she’s also been known to slag off other actresses like Reese Witherspoon for doing romantic comedies for money and status. Did she conveniently forget her past roles in films like View from the Top and Shallow Hal?

3 Mike Myers Just Isn’t Funny Anymore

2 Was Lauryn Hill Just A One Hit Wonder?


This might also have something to do with her legal woes and imprisonment. In 2012 the singer was charged with tax fraud, a charge that resulted in her serving time in prison in 2013. She seems to blame all her problems on other people and until she takes some responsibility it’s not lucky that she will rise up again.

1 Steven Seagal Seems Out Of Touch With Reality

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