15 Starlets You Won't Believe Were Once Hot

In today's day and age, being beautiful is something that is extremely important — especially if you want to become a celebrity or actor. Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule, as personality and talent also play a major role in becoming one of Hollywood's elites. However, women and men can all agree that seeing attractive actors on-screen definitely makes a movie seem a whole lot better. Since a movie is always more realistic when there is a proper mix of beauty, ethnicities, and age groups displayed, there is always a need for an assortment of actors. This makes it a lot easier for actors to land roles no matter their age.

Acting has been a part of our world for centuries, and it isn't uncommon for actors to be born with handsome looks and then still be cast when they start to fade with age. In every generation, there are new stunning celebrities that take the place of older ones, however, they can never replace them completely. Thanks to movies and pictures, the essence of past actors lives on forever, and never fails to amaze the public when they resurface. We often get so used to seeing our favorite actors in their senior years, that we forget that they were once young and gorgeous, just like everyone else. To refresh your memory, here are 15 pictures of stunning actresses in their youth.

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15 Martha Stewart

via Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has been in the limelight ever since she was a young girl. Although many people pigeonhole her as a television personality, mainly one who likes to cook and decorate, Stewart is much more than that. At 75 years old, Stewart has aged gracefully and become one of the most recognized celebrities in the world. Before Stewart became known for her many cookbooks and TV shows, she was actually a stockbroker. To pay for her education, Stewart began modelling at a young age, which she proved to be very good at.

Stewart is a beautiful and successful woman, one who has dabbled in many different fields of work. However, her modelling career has somewhat been forgotten about. Stewart has modelled for popular clients such as Chanel, and was at one point in time considered to be super hot.

14 Lil' Kim

via LockerDome

When Lil' Kim first joined the Brooklyn-based group Junior M.A.F.I.A. in 1994, she was considered to be a sex symbol. Although Lil' Kim had grown up in a difficult setting, she never allowed her talents to go to waste and soon found herself amidst a group of artists that helped her rise to fame. However, it didn't take long before Lil' Kim's fame went to her head, and before her fans knew it, the rapper began to modify herself in peculiar ways.

Since then, both Lil' Kim's image and career have taken a blow, and the star has come face-to-face with many financial issues. Many of her fans seem to forget that she was once a gorgeous woman, and have now become accustomed to her 'plastic' and unnatural look. Lil' Kim's skin and facial features have changed dramatically over the years. So much so that it is easy to forget how beautiful she once was.

13 Sally Field

via Pinterest

When Sally Field first became an actress in 1965, she was young and beautiful. While the years have been kind to her, we tend to forget that Field had once been seen as a fresh-faced beauty who stole the hearts of her viewers. Field has won and been nominated for countless awards, all of which she has acquired due to her obvious acting talents and not her looks.

As the actress ages, how adorable she once was gets buried beneath her impressive career. When looking at her, however, it isn't hard to imagine how charming she had been in her youth. Field is now 70 years old and looking great! More than that, she is still very active in the acting world and her talents seem to be growing along with her age.

12 Helen Mirren

via Pinterest

Helen Mirren first started her acting career in 1967, and quickly rose to fame due to her great looks and undeniable talents. While many of us know her as an older actress, she was once considered as one of the most beautiful actresses of her time. Today Mirren is still avidly present in the acting world and is currently working on many productions. However, it is her skills and not her looks that land her current roles, which might have been the opposite once upon a time.

At 71 years of age, it is safe to say that Mirren is aging with grace and is still one of the most stunning actresses in her age group. Mirren's acting talents might be hard to ignore, but it is her beauty that is impossible to forget. When looking at her pictures from back in the day, it really isn't hard to see why she captivated her audiences.

11 Liza Minnelli

via xink.info

We all know who Liza Minnelli is. What we don't know, however, is that she used to quite the looker. Minnelli is often referred to as The Queen of Broadway or Hollywood, meaning that she has dominated her field for many decades. The celebrity began pursuing her dreams when she was only sixteen years old and quickly found out that she had the talent, stamina, and beauty to make it in the industry.

At 70 years old, it's clear that Minnelli has had a long and impressive career. Nonetheless, Minnelli always strives to put more credits to her name and is still avidly present in showbiz. Nowadays, there have been rumors about her encountering health issues, and so she has moved away from the spotlight temporarily.

10 Diana Rigg

via IGN.com

You may not know who Diana Rigg is, but if you do, chances are you were born in the 20th century or absolutely love watching HBO's Game of Thrones. Rigg was born in 1938 and debuted in her first movie, A Midsummer Night's Dream, in 1959. She was worldly recognized for her grace, beauty, acting skills, and attractive raspy voice. As the years passed and she began to age, Rigg did not lose interest in her acting career. Instead, she pursued various movies and became a class-A actress.

Currently, Rigg has taken up the role of Olenna Tyrell in the TV show Game of Thrones, clearly demonstrating that being 78 years old isn't going to stop her from reaching new heights as an actress.

9 Jane Fonda

via Pinterest

At one point in time, Jane Fonda was one of the most desirable actresses in Hollywood. While the years have passed, many would agree that this classic celebrity has aged with dignity and beauty. Fonda might be turning 80 years old this year, but that hasn't stopped her from being cast in countless movies. Although Fonda's beauty has stuck with her throughout the decades, there's no denying that she was absolutely gorgeous in her youth. In fact, many would compare her to the beautiful Amy Adams, as both actresses look like two birds of a feather in their peak ages.

Fonda has been acting for over 57 years and has made quite the name for herself. She is currently working on a movie called Our Souls at Night, which should be hitting the big screen in the near future.

8 Meg Ryan

via worldnewsinn.com

Meg Ryan is a classic case of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. Although she is still a very beautiful woman, many would agree that her good looks were somewhat altered when she decided to add collagen to her seemingly perfect face. Born in 1961, Ryan dreamed of moving to New York City and becoming a journalist, however, paying the bills became rough and she turned to acting for financial support. In the end, Ryan found that she enjoyed acting and decided to stick with it. Ryan's acting career quickly took off and she became well-known for her role in the classic movie When Harry Met Sally.

Ryan was always considered gorgeous and was known for her sparkling blue eyes and curly blonde hair. In 1994, she was voted as one of The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People Magazine.

7 Jessica Lange

via DNA

There's no denying that Jessica Lange is one of the most stunning women in her age group. This classic beauty has tiptoed her way through Hollywood and managed to maintain her exquisite reputation. Born in 1949, Lange quickly found out that acting was her vocation, and decided to tackle the industry head on. In 1976, Lange landed her first role as Dwan in the movie King Kong.

Since then, Lange has starred in numerous Hollywood bangers as well as sitcoms. Although the years have passed, Lange has managed to hold onto the good looks that first got her recognized in 1976. In the last decade, Lange has played various roles on the spooky TV series American Horror Story, and acquired an even bigger fan base than before.

6 Candice Bergen

via WordPress.com

Candace Bergen was born in 1946 and landed her fist role in the movie The Group only twenty years later. Although she is still very present in today's acting world, not many people know just how gorgeous she was in her youth. Anyone who has eyes can see that Bergen has managed to age gracefully and is still quite the looker. In her youth, however, she was extremely sought after and appreciated for her undeniable beauty.

Nowadays, Bergen has the tendency of being cast in roles that cause her to look stern. Nevertheless, she is a funny and talented celebrity who can act circles around the typical actress. At 70 years of age, Bergen is still very involved in the acting world and is currently working on two productions.

5 Cybill Shepherd

via Pinterest

Cybill Shepherd was born in Tennessee in 1950. By the time she turned 16 years old, the young beauty was already dominating the modelling world and winning contests left and right. Her in-your-face beauty was extremely hard to ignore. So much so that she eventually found her way behind the camera. Shepherd became a fashion icon before she hit 18 and even became the spokesperson for L'Oreal. Shortly after, Shepherd began landing roles in movies and quickly took a liking to acting.

Her acting career commenced in 1971 and is still going strong 40 years later. At 67 years old, Shepherd is still acting in movies and hasn't let age put an end to her beauty. Until today, Shepherd is still renowned for her modelling career and will forever remain a timeless beauty.

4 Betty White

via hiroo onoda no brasil

Everyone knows and loves Betty White. She's fun, cute, hilarious, and upfront, causing her to remain a much-loved and admired celebrity. What not everyone knows, however, is that White wasn't always considered "cute", and was rather seen as gorgeous in her youth. Born in 1922, White remains one of the oldest celebrities to still be a part of the acting world. This feisty actress has been in showbiz since 1945 and hasn't stopped acting since.

Many people love White because of her attitude. Despite the actress being 95 years old, she still manages to find humor in any situation and make her audiences squeal with laughter. White is definitely one of Hollywood's brightest gems, and will always remain as so. White is currently acting on the popular TV series Bones, where she plays the role of Dr. Beth Mayer.

3 Jamie Lee Curtis

via Pinterest

Jamie Lee Curtis is a timeless actress who has reached the hearts and minds of many generations. Born in 1958, Curtis was quickly swept up into the acting world, as both her parents were successful actors. Curtis became an overnight sensation in 1978 when she landed the role of Laurie Strode in the classic movie Halloween.

Throughout her acting career, Curtis was always seen as an attractive and hilarious performer. Her long legs, athletic figure, and facial symmetry caused her to get cast in countless movies and TV shows. Curtis has had an extremely diverse acting career and has rightfully taken her place as one of the top actresses in Hollywood. Curtis has currently been cast as Jamie in 2018's upcoming film Spychosis.

2 Jessica Walter

via Pinterest

Jessica Walter is probably the most hilarious actress in her age group. Not only can she pull off different types of roles, she can inhabit them flawlessly and make you feel as though she is simply being herself. Walter started off her acting career when she was only 10 years old by landing the role of Julie Murano in the TV series Love of Life. As a result, Walter has grown up behind the camera and graced us with her good looks and hilarious attitude.

In the last couple of decades, Walter has shown off her comedic side by acting as Lucille Bluth in the TV series Arrested Development, as well as doing the voice acting of Malory Archer in the hilarious cartoon Archer. Sine many of us know Walter as an older actress, it is easy to forget that she was once drop dead gorgeous.

1 Ursula Andress

via Hollywood.com

Ursula Andress is one of the most renowned beauties of her time. Born in 1936, Andress quickly rose to fame thanks to her gorgeous looks and acting talents. Andress was a renowned actress in both Europe and America, and began her acting career without speaking a word of English. Since then, she has managed to learn how to speak French, English, Italian, and German, which no doubt helped her land roles in various countries.

Andress became well-known in America when she was chosen to play Vesper Lynd in 1967's Casino Royale. However, her accent was so thick that her voice was dubbed over, which also occurred in many of her films that were aired in America. Andress has had a long and successful career, and will forever be one of the greatest beauties in acting history.

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