15 Starlets Whose Hotness Keeps Yo-Yoing

When it comes to the rich and famous, everything matters.

We hate ourselves and the world around us when they come – bad hair days, bad skin days, bad love-life days, and bad days for no obvious reasons. For us, regular people, dealing with problems such as the car breaking down, or waiting for two hours at the doctor’s office is an everyday banality. And nobody really cares about that but us. However, when a famous person has a bad day (or let alone period!), it is already a disaster! When it comes to the famous and the beautiful, everything really counts, whether it is wardrobe malfunctions, mugshots, or being caught in an embarrassing photo after downing 12 drinks in a sitting. Questionable behavior, drunk driving, disorderly conduct, substance abuse – everything adds to a Hollywood sweetheart’s rotten image. And sometimes we just see a proclaimed fashion icon without makeup and wearing a worn-out jumpsuit, and we think, “Can’t be her! Simply can’t!” And yet, it IS her! Let us break it down for you – many female celebs have the supernatural power to change from the beauty to the beast and back to the beauty again.

From Mariah Carey to Christina Aguilera, from Lindsay Lohan to Britney Spears, let's take a trip down short-term-memory lane and revisit their highs and lows in the recent years.

15 Angelina Jolie

Whoever thinks this is not one hell of a beautiful woman, please raise your hand! Exactly, as expected – no hands in the air! With her full lips and bright blue eyes, the daughter of John Voigt and Marcheline Bertrand was destined to reach for the highest stars in the Hollywood sky. Since she appeared for the first time on the movie screen in 1982, she’s experimented quite a lot with her looks. To become the glamorous global movie star and humanitarian of today, Jolie went from her signature brunette waves to a pixie cut in 1998, blonde curls and then, around year 2000, Goth makeup and clothes.

No matter what she is wearing and how her hair looks, she has always been stunning. And yet, there was a period, not very long ago, when she terrified her fans by looking sickly thin. She’s always been slim and elegant, but this time her legs and arms looked more skeletal than ever.

Thank God that despite all the drama surrounding her divorce from Brad Pitt, she was able to resume her previous lustrous looks.

14 Britney Spears

Back in the late 1990s, she was that sweet, innocent girl at heart whom everybody instantly fell in love with. The catchy tune of "...Baby One More Time" and the video in which Britney dances in a scanty version of a Catholic schoolgirl uniform made her a world-wide celeb literally overnight. With her career picking up fast, she shed the innocent image and went for a provocative, sexier one.

Years passed and Spears found herself in the middle of a swamp of troubles. She was checking in and out of rehab facilities, having problems with the police, and one day, after going through a serious breakdown she shaved her head.

Fortunately for her loved ones and her fans, Britney is back on her feet, stronger, even sexier than before, and doing… backflips during her live shows.

13 Lil Kim

She used to be such a lovely little piece of work!

But now the hip-hop legend’s cocoa brown skin and sexy black locks are gone. Probably for good. That was the celebrity’s dramatic transformation that shocked social media the most last year. Everybody was wondering, “Why does she look like a white woman?!”

Lil Kim’s new look brought up a conversation about body image. Some people claim that the singer has gone for such a drastic change because she wanted to meet the beauty standard which prevails in America.

The whole who-did-what-for-what-reason commotion, however, is a bit misaimed. Lil Kim is still sexy, only in another way. She probably just wanted a change. No other intention added.

12 Lindsay Lohan

One such list cannot possibly leave out one of the baddest kids who ever breathed the exhilarating, yet poisonous Hollywood air. The girl’s been changing like a rolling stone through the years! In her breakthrough film, The Parent Trap (1998), with her red hair and freckles, she was simply adorable. The sweet-16 Lindsay added blonde highlights to accentuate her sun-kissed skin. In 2005, she was already a blonde bombshell with more lashes than her lids can bear.

Then, around 2010, the transformation began. Her looks, along with her behavior, drastically changed for the worst.

Nowadays, however, things are looking up for Lohan again. The actress has settled in London, keeping a lower profile and spending her time mostly at home and with friends. She claims she’s never been happier before.

And we may add this new lifestyle looks really well on her, too!

11 Tyra Banks

A fashion model, actress, author, producer – she is a true originator of whatever she takes on. Her modelling career is impressive. And she never does think quietly. Since she was 15, she has walked the runway in feathers and bras covered in shiny stones, and turned heads when she appeared on two consecutive Sports Illustrated covers. In 2003, she created the successful reality television series America’s Next Top Model, which she produced and hosted for twenty-two seasons in a row.

Then, in 2007, she put on a few pounds and the tabloids didn’t miss making public pictures of her in a bathing suit under headlines such as “America’s Next Top Waddle” and “Tyra Porkchops”.

In 2017, she is back in the spotlight looking like a million dollars.

10 Christina Aguilera

This one has a monstrous talent, for which she has been rightfully honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is said to have one of the best voices of her generation. And we say amen to this. And yet, her looks have sometimes mismatched her artistic performance to the point that she’s seemed ridiculous. Of course, she is sexy – in 2004, she introduced the absolutely stunning image inspired by classic movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich.

In 2012, Aguilera started receiving criticism for having gained too much weight, to which she replied, “I got tired of being a skinny white girl.” And looking at this picture, we kind of believe her.

However, only a year later, she got tired of being ridiculed for her curvy figure and swiftly put herself back into shape.

9 Mariah Carey

Everybody loves a curvy mama, but what happened to Mariah Carey around 2015 is more than we can handle. And it must have been even harder for the male dancers who had to flip her around the stage during her live performances.

Her red-carpet diva style has always been her biggest asset (apart from her cherubic and distinctive voice, of course). She likes being flashy, that’s for sure, so she never misses an opportunity to … glitter.

Problems were weighing down on Carey, and she was weighing up. She was so devastated by her divorce from her husband, Nick Cannon, that she couldn’t stop gorging on pizza and ice cream.

But then, just last year, the singer proudly showed her new body, which she claims is due to her relationship with now-fiancé James Packer.

Yes, love can be a b*tch, but also the best fitness instructor.

8 Tori Spelling

The actress has changed more than just her hair color since her glory days in Beverly Hills 90210. While she was a part of the 90210 cast, Spelling was among the most desired girls out there, along with her female co-stars Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth.

Rumor has it that what caused Tori’s transformation was her husband’s one-night stand with another woman in 2014. Of course, this made the actress’ confidence drop to the freezing sub-zero level. She got more plastic surgeries on top of those she’d already had; she had her first breast implants in her 20s. Then she had to have them redone as they had expired. Apparently, she also had her nose done. As a result, her current face looks like a synthetic mask due to the overuse of botox and fillers.

Now, Spelling is regretting her plastic interventions, and we are waiting to see if she at any point will make the Rene Zellweger move and get her previous face back.

7 Renee Zellweger

She is among the celebrities whose faces have changed perhaps most dramatically over the years. In 1998, in her glorious breakthrough days as Bridget Jones, she posed for Life magazine, apple-cheeked, smiling sweetly.

Her appearance at Elle’s annual Women in Hollywood awards in 2014 raised eyebrows. The actress’ eyes were significantly wider, her cheekbones and forehead higher. Zellweger simply looked unrecognizable. Although she vigorously denied a scalpel to be involved in her changed looks, one must be blind not to see she had not one or two, but a series of plastic surgeries.

And just when we started to get used to her new features, in 2016, she appeared at the premiere of Bridget Jones’ Baby “wearing” her old face.

We can’t wait to see what she’ll look like in another ten years.

6 Kristen Stewart

Stewart’s looks have been changing from hot to hotter and now, with her hair really short and bleached, some swear she looks the hottest. Her hotness though has been yo-yoing between girlish and anti-girlish. As Bella Swan in the Twilight series, she was the epitome of femininity and vulnerability. She has always loved experimenting with her hair, but with the years passing, she’s been going into more and more badass looks. Despite her tough, boyish exterior she’s been pulling off recently, the fans and the media are crazy about her.

At the premiere of her new movie Personal Shopper in the beginning of March, Stewart not only turned, but twisted heads hitting the red carpet in a daring outfit in black and blonde short hair.

5 Paris Hilton

Before the Kardashians and the Jenners took Hollywood by storm, Paris Hilton was the nation’s favorite top socialite. She found fame at just 20 years of age when she was pronounced New York’s “It Girl”. Back then everybody thought she was super hot…

A few years later, her fame and hotness escalated when her sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked.

Since then, the Hilton heiress has tried pretty much everything which doesn’t involve hard physical or intellectual labor: modelling, reality TV, DJ-ing, and, of course, acting. But for someone who is famous only for being famous, her hotness was doomed to fade away – despite the boob job, the scandals around her disruptive behavior her being caught smoking illegal substances, and the unsuccessful attempt to go back into the entertainment business!

The fact that we stopped hearing about the playful blonde most probably means that she is staying out of trouble. Which is best for her!

4 Kelly Osbourne

She is a kid born and raised in one of the highest-profile families in show business, and, together with her brother Jack, has always been in the spotlight.

We remember Kelly first as an eccentric overweight teen in The Osbournes – the reality show which followed the day-to-day lives of her family. Until 2012, she was bullied, suffered a seizure and her health seriously deteriorated. But she decided to turn her life around – she changed her eating habits and did some hard work at the gym. The result? 70 pounds down and her slender body adorning the covers of beauty magazines.

The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has led a long battle with her weight swinging from super slim to levelling to a more natural weight.

Now, the 30-year-old is back to her plumper self. “I had a six pack … but it sucked,” confesses Kelly to The Telegraph. “I was miserable and hungry.” We totally believe her! Currently, she goes punk and her whole face beams with satisfaction and joy.

3 Lana Del Rey

Before 2010, she was Elizabeth (Lizzy) Grant – a promising singer born to wealthy parents in New York City. But Lizzy, although young and sexy, looked like any of hundreds of aspiring artists, and that was the reason why success would never come to her. Lizzy was a flop.

The transformation came in 2010, when Lizzy Grant debuted under a new pseudonym. She also changed her musical style and went for a more vintage look to suite her altogether new self. Men find her soft and delicate femininity irresistible, women accuse her of being anti-feminist and a bad voice for what they are trying to achieve in this modern competitive world of ours.

Elizabeth Grant’s hotness has been a constant since her debut as Lana, but what puts her on our list is the controversiality with which this hotness of hers has been regarded by the two sexes.

2 Rihanna

The Barbadian singer started out her career just like Britney Spears – a sweet, sweet starlet destined to reach the stars.

In 2011, however, her performances were labelled too vulgar ad offensive. She was even accused of being promiscuous by a columnist from The Telegraph, who claimed her sex-pot image was promoted by a greedy record label. And Rihanna herself said something in that vein, “I love feeling as somebody’s girl - I love being tied up and spanked.”

Nowadays, her hotness is already tamed and upgraded with class and sophistication. At the 2017 Grammy Awards, the singer was the one who spiced up the show. She didn’t take home a statue, but she brightened the show with her Armani halter top and ballroom skirt.

1 Kirstie Alley

She is our champion! She was such a heartthrob when she first claimed her presence in Hollywood in the late 1980s!

Alley started gaining weight in 2003. By 2009, she had already gained additional 83 pounds, and weighed 228 pounds!

In September 2011, she said she had lost weight due to a revolutionary weight loss product, for which she faced a false advertising lawsuit alleging her claim was misleading. Actually, she started losing weight thanks to a special training program aiming at putting her into shape for the TV show Dancing with the Stars.

At the present moment, Kristie Alley definitely deserves our cheers.

She’s kept herself on the very same organic weight loss program and she’s lost another 50 pounds. “I feel really good,“ the 66-year-old actress told Today of her transformation. “I’ve had a lot of great things going on in my life and I managed to keep the weight off, and that’s a good thing.”


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