15 Starlets Who Have Already Proven They Can't Handle Fame

Throughout the years, Hollywood has culminated a laundry list of troubled young celebs, and at this point, we should understand it comes with the territory. As the public, we love nothing more than to lay judgment upon those who snap in the spotlight, but it’s not that difficult to comprehend. I mean, having everyone scream your name while simultaneously counting your millions is a poisonous little cocktail anyone would be hard-pressed not to get drunk off of. It’s hard enough to not let it go to your head when you’re an adult let alone when you’re not even old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Since the eruption of camera phones and social media we’ve gotten front row tickets to the now famed implosions of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes, but frankly, their meltdowns are old news at this point. It’s a new decade, and our thirst for drug-induced celebrity insanity demands to be quenched. Unfortunately, many up-and-comers have learned from their predecessors and managed to avoid bad press and missteps. However, a few have veered away from the advice of their publicists allowing the creation of this list. Here are fifteen Hollywood starlets who have already proven they can’t handle fame.

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15 Demi Lovato

Via Hitsync

I’ll begin by saying that it seems Lovato has tightened up recently. Her career is moving along smoothly and if you ignore her recent Twitter rant which she appropriately concluded with “You can’t change crazy” then it’s safe to say she’s on the straight and narrow. However, it wasn’t too long ago the former Barney and Friends star let depression, bulimia, self-harm, and bullying get the best of her and checked into rehab at the ripe age of 18 where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Now, before you get all huffy puffy and accuse me of cutting down a girl because of an involuntary mental health issue, you should know that I am merely mentioning these past instances. I’d like you all to concentrate more on her admitted daily cocaine use, and to also recall all the coke she was smuggling onto airplanes. I mean, take a lesson from those before you, Demi and lay off the white.

14 Selena Gomez

Via Pinterest

Did you know that Selena Gomez has 104 million Instagram followers (the most out of anyone else in the entire world)? She also has nine Teen Choice Awards, one MTV Video Music Award, four Radio Disney Music Awards, and two stints in rehab for mental health. Now, I am by no means saying her unstable mental health is a fault. We all get sad sometimes. However, I am citing the fact that she canceled 34 tour dates and halted all work on new music a reason for not being prepared for the colossal responsibility that comes with being a global icon. You’ve got fans, lady, loyal fans, not to mention a gang of people with strict schedules that rely on you to not sporadically bail on commitments because you’re feeling emotionally under the weather.

13 Sasha Lane

Via GQ

Maybe you’ve heard of the movie American Honey. If you haven’t, don’t be embarrassed, it’s quite new and I’m happy to enlighten you on the plot. (Clears throat) A gaggle of misfit youths travel the Midwest selling magazines while dealing with the bumpy rollercoaster that comes with the freedom of hard partying and young love. It won the Prix du Jury (Jury Prize) at Cannes and its leading lady, Sasha Lane, won best performance by an actress at the British Independent Film Awards. Which is interesting because she was discovered by chance while partying in Panama City, FL on spring break, so Lane’s approach to fame is sure to differ from someone raised in Beverly Hills. And because of that, I want to be fair. It isn’t because of a red-cheeked, powdery-nosed mugshot that got her on this list. On the contrary, from what I’ve read she seems to have a decent head on her shoulders. However, it’s what she said in a recent Guardian interview that put her at number fifteen.

“I’m truly exhausted by people and all of that and I’ve never had a chance to look out for myself,” she said, “I really like to spend a lot of time alone.” While this isn’t an unreasonable request for your run of the mill working schmo. A budding celebrity should be ready and willing to take on whatever camera flashes in their face, whether they want it or not.

12 Debby Ryan

Another Barney and Friends alum, Debby Ryan is more well known for starring on the series The Suite Life on Deck. If you don’t know what that is, that means you’re over the age of twenty-seven and will better recognize the show as “that Disney show with the kids from Big Daddy on a cruise ship.” Recently, she’s been on a slew of TV shows, but it’s her 2016 DUI felony that’s put her on this list. Apparently, Ryan took a hazardous left turn one drunken night and found herself on the business end of a Breathalyzer after smashing into a Mercedes. After paying her $1,000 bail she took to Twitter to apologize saying, “I recognize that I am a role model and have always worked hard to set a good example for my millions of fans. I am so sorry to disappoint everyone." We all make mistakes, but not all of us risk million dollar acting contracts when we do.

11 Ariel Winter

Via TV Tropes

It’s no secret Ariel Winter has had issues in the past. Of course, those issues had nothing to do with her behaving badly. In 2012, at the young age of 14, Winter began the process of having her older sister become her legal guardian claiming their mother had been physically and mentally abusive and by 2014, she announced she was officially emancipated and the Modern Family star was able to have complete freedom at 16. Achieving the dream of every teenager in America is one hell of an accomplishment, and people everywhere assumed the court decision was one Winter would take seriously and responsibly and for all we know she did… for two years. It seemed the moment Winter became legal some sort of switch flipped and she morphed into the antithesis of her nerdy, reserved television persona. Out of nowhere, Instagram and Snapchat followers alike were served sultry picture after sultry picture, each one seemingly racier than the last. Now, I haven’t heard any complaints from adolescent males, but the mothers of middle America who considered Winter to be a role model to their daughters were outraged to say the least. Winter’s response? Nothing more than a hair flip as she continues to flaunt what her “former” mama gave her, officially making her the leading cause of high blood pressure in publicists who represent Ariel Winter.

10 Emma Roberts

Via Scream Queens

If Eric Roberts is your father, you probably lead with telling everyone Julia Roberts is your aunt. That’s a cheap shot, but let’s get past it. Emma Roberts is one of those classic starlets who got famous from a Nickelodeon show, started a singing career, stopped a singing career, and then became widely known after appearing on more adult programming (and no, I don’t mean p*rn, so don’t leave this web page to look it up). The cause of her name appearing on this list is strange because it has nothing to do with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or even an unfortunate quote taken out of context. No, Emma is here because in 2013 she did a tap dance on the face of her boyfriend and American Horror Story co-star, Evan Peters. In July of that year, the couple had a bit of a spat in Montreal that resulted with Roberts in cuffs and Peters sporting the three “Bs” – bloody nose, bite marks and bruising. Peters, be the loving boyfriend he is, quickly dropped all charges and the two are still exchanging Valentine’s gifts to this day which means one of two things: either it’s true that love can conquer all, even a rabid, razor-clawed girlfriend with a mean left, or Evan Peters learned how to block.

9 Bella Hadid

Via GQ

Even if you’re the lesser known Hadid sister, that still very much means that you’re in the public eye. Bella is the step-daughter of famed music producer, David Foster, and Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Foster (her biological dad, Mohamed Hadid is a real estate powerhouse and equally no joke). She famously dated R&B superstar, The Weeknd, a man nominated for a Kid’s Choice Award last year for a song about cocaine, and by age 17 was no stranger to the spotlight. The problem is that that spotlight’s wattage got cranked up pretty damn high when Hadid was arrested for a DUI in 2014. While cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway at 4 A.M. the teenage model ran a stop sign and nearly rammed into an L.A. Country Sheriff’s patrol car, which if I’m not mistaken, is one of the worst types of cars you can hit in southern California. To make matters worse, she blew double the legal limit. Oh, and she had a suspended license. Oh, and she was four years under the legal drinking age. That’s a lot of wrong packed into one speeding car.

8 Blac Chyna

Via Life and Style

I’ll say this about Blac Chyna – although her knack for manipulating Kardashians, fans of the Kardashians, and various hangers-on alike has put her in the hateful eye of the public lately, I’ll make the argument it’s these exact traits that prove she can absolutely handle fame. She started out as nothing more than rap video eye candy, then started dating the Samoan river monster that ate Rob Kardashian, got the baby, got the ring, got the name, the brand, the show, and now she’s a household name. That takes a level of finesse you just can’t teach. However, with great fame comes great responsibility, and getting arrested for being, what experts are calling, “super-duper wasted” at Austin International Airport can hardly be called sensible, and having the cops find two ecstasy pills in your luggage after a quick search isn’t exactly a smart move either.

Ms. Chyna, being the silver-tongued savant that she is, wasted no time in employing an unprecedented defense when she calmly explained that the confiscated drugs were in fact “not hers” to which the arresting officers probably replied, “We don’t believe you,” as they hauled her away in cuffs.

7 Kylie Jenner

Via Teen Vogue

In my experience, I’ve found that people either love or really really hate Kylie Jenner. The youngest contributor of the Kardashian super empire has managed to piss off millions of internet followers who once considered her a role model with her hundreds of posts wearing, well basically, next to nothing. To be fair, for every person that looks down on her, another person regards her as a style icon. No matter your opinion, it’s difficult to ignore the extreme means the 19-year-old has taken while trying to step out of the lanky shadow of her seemingly flawless runway model sister, Kendall. In the span of four years, Kylie has gone from looking like the adorable girl next door to a tired Armenian mother who split her time over the past forty years between Newport cigarettes and daily 11 AM vino breaks. To make matters worse, she denied plastic surgery rumors for years claiming her signature pouty lips were the product of clever makeup tricks and a hazardous method of sticking your mouth into a shot glass and sucking until your lips were filled with so much blood they were triple the size. That sentence alone should give you an idea of the grotesque damaged results that millions of teens experienced across America when they dabbled in the fashion secret at home, but if not, feel free to hit up Google after this.

6 Kelli Berglund

Via Ace Showbiz

Okay, so maybe Kelli Berglund’s offense isn’t on the same level as many of the other ladies on this list, but when you’re a budding star in the public eye even the slightest misstep can snowball into snowman made of bad press. Apparently, the star of Disney’s popular show, Lab Rats, was at Coachella this past year trying to have a totally kick-ass time with her besties when cops busted the 20-year-old with a fake I.D. while trying to enter an age restricted section of the festival. Although the young actress was only briefly detained, the incident was a top headline on gossip blogs and said to have resulted in “hella bad vibes,” and a, “totally harshed mellow.”

5 Miley Cyrus

Via Marie Claire

I know I’m late to the party on this one, but Miley’s evolution from Disney’s shining rosy-cheeked star to America’s number one bad girl in the past few years falls into my date range of “Hollywood starlet.” This girl grew up the daughter of memorable one-hit wonder, Billy Ray Cyrus, hit it big on Disney with her show, Hannah Montana, then basically gave the middle finger to all involved. She hacked off her locks, stuck her tongue out and went from wholesome to hated in the blink of one closed eye.

The case of little Miss Cyrus is interesting, because typically, no matter how a pop star drastically changes their image, the fans still follow. However, her album sales plummeted after she made the switch, even with the Hannah Montana name still attached to the projects. She was hit with more scrutiny when she was filmed smoking a bong which she claimed was filled with the legal, but still very psychedelic drug, salvia, released a viral video of her shaking it in an elephant costume which subsequently made her the spokeswoman for twerking, and then got singer Robin Thicke into a whole heap of trouble with then wife, Paula Patton, when she used him as a "pole" at the MTV VMAs.

Today, the dust has pretty much settled and people have accepted Miley as who she is, or wants to be, or whatever the hell, but it sort of feels like everyone is still waiting for that one major slip up so they can yell, “I told you so.”

4 Farrah Abraham

Reality TV stars have a code of conduct that’s a tad more lenient than actual actors or singers. After all, 90% of them are on TV for being magnets for trouble in the first place. Still, there’s an invisible line that apparently can be crossed, and when it is, America coils back into the safety of their sofas and wag a judging finger at the screen. Farrah Abraham is the twenty-five-year-old television personality who became known when she was featured as one of the teenage mothers-to-be in MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2009 and again on its spinoff, Teen Mom, three years later. At first, Farrah was known as the girl who had a hate-fueled relationship with her mother, but oh boy was that just the tip of the iceberg.

In 2013 she was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, and then later that year, in the spirit of fame mongers before her, a s*x tape of Farrah was released by Vivid Entertainment. Abraham claimed the tape was leaked, which is odd because the man in the movie was a seasoned p*rn veteran, and one year later she released a sequel. Now, that’s all really disgusting and embarrassing and all, but my favorite bit of the Farrah Abraham saga occurred in March of just this past year when she claimed an Uber driver sexually assaulted her which resulted in her being banned from driving service. Do you have any idea how universally hated you have to be to publicly say a strange man made advances on you, and an appointed United States Judge rules that you’re just an unlikable jerk who’s probably lying? That’s unprecedented.

3 Zendaya

Via Tom and Lorenzo

You know you’re a big deal when people know you by only your first name. Zendaya was the star of Disney show, Shake It Up, as well as a few movies your kids will make you watch a thousand times, and the singer responsible for songs with titles that sound like they were generated by a teeny bopper algorithm i.e. “Swag It Out,” and, “Something to Dance For,” and she’s quickly becoming something of an icon amongst the young ladies out there. She’s also quickly becoming known for having trouble follow her.

In 2015 during an episode of Fashion Police, host Giuliana Rancic said the starlet’s dreadlocked hairstyle at the Oscar’s must have smelled of “patchouli” and “weed” a comment Zendaya considered to be an attack on her race resulting in a public apology from Rancic and also her resignation from the show completely a few months later. In September of last year she accused a supermarket cashier of racism when the clerk wouldn’t accept her payment, allegedly throwing Zendaya’s wallet back at her while exclaiming, “You can’t afford this!” at least that’s the scoop according to Zendaya’s Snapchat. But amidst all the controversy that the star sees herself apart of, it’s her spread on the cover of Wonderland magazine that really had people red in the face. The 19-year-old was shot in a nightie with her head tilted back, one hand caressing her chest while the other is clamped snugly between her legs. Fans took to social media to blast the image, to which Zendaya responded by saying the sexuality was unintentional and calling the haters perverts.

2 Kristen Stewart

Via The New Yorker

Kristen Stewart is most notable for two things: her emotionless facial expressions, and her role as Bella in the top movie franchise every boyfriend hated being dragged to more commonly referred to as The Twilight Saga. It was during her time with the box office cash cow that she met and fell in love with her co-star, Robert Pattinson, which resulted in a highly publicized relationship that made every teenage girl totally jelly balls. However, things went south in 2012 when some sneaky paparazzo spotted her swapping spit with her director, Rupert Sanders. And while it may seem like the press that follows publicly cheating on a Hollywood dreamboat couldn’t get much worse, it did, because Rupert was a happily married man of ten years. Stewart was labeled a home-wrecker and managed to hang onto her career by the skin of her teeth. Fast forward to present day and even though the actress has switched teams, she seems to be in a similar situation yet again. Back in August, Stewart was spotted with singer, St. Vincent, who at the time was in what seemed like a happy relationship with model/actress, Cara Delevingne. Then, just one month later, St. Vincent split from Delevingne and committed fully to a relationship with Stewart. Needless to say, fans haven’t been too quick to give the new couple their blessings.

1 Hailey Baldwin

Via Pinterest

There’s a lot of maintenance that goes hand in hand with being popular in Hollywood. You have to watch what you say, be mindful of what you do, and be careful not to make powerful enemies. Hailey Baldwin, for instance, is a pretty good example of what not to do. The 20-year-old daughter of Stephen Baldwin (no, not that Baldwin, the other Baldwin. Yeah, the one from Biodome) is an international model by day and a universally disliked trollop by night. And I don’t mean disliked by opinionated fans hiding behind a Twitter feed, I mean disliked by her peers in the industry. Bieber had his way with the poor girl before tossing her to the curb and even posted a photo of her bare butt to add insult to injury. And when Baldwin fired back by posting an excerpt from Melissa Molomo’s book, Say What’s Real, she was hit with a cease and desist letter from Molomo’s attorney. Selena Gomez has been pretty vocal about not trusting Baldwin one bit. This may sound like nothing more than high school drama, but when one of the biggest young celebrities can’t stand you it means you’re probably not going to get a job in the industry. Yeah, that’s how much pull Selena has with 104 million Instagram followers.

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