15 Stacked Babes Who Are (Or Who Claim To Be) Silicone-Free Zones

Hollywood is a town awash in Botox, silicone, and fillers, a place where pouting, full lips, and eye-popping cleavage are, like the best movies, “made in Hollywood.” But even in Silicone Heaven, some Hollywood babes have kept it natural up top. They are silicone-free, without that tell-tale “plastic” look that has some stars looking as if they have a helium-filled balloon in there. How can you be sure? Well you can’t ever be totally certain. But if it looks like a balloon and feels like a balloon, it’s probably silicone. All of the babes on this list have maintained that they are silicone-free and natural. And, more to the point, they look as if they are. Of course, type in any famous female name and “boob job” and you will have some site or another “claiming” all sorts of things. We begin big and get bigger. Our “natural” babes start at a D cup and go up–wait for it–to an H cup! Let’s put things into perspective. If Katy Perry’s healthy D cup means a chest measurement of 36 inches, then Amber Rose’s H cup is a staggering 42 inches. We’ve got American hotties, Latinas, with a smattering of English roses. So, get ready. Here come 15 stacked hotties whose assets are God-given and not made in Hollywood.

15 Katy Perry - 32D

Take a look at her twins. Those 32D’s are a handful, literally. Katy is a lusty girl, with a love of tight brightly-colored lycra tops, dresses, you name it. And she has fun with it too. She’s been paired up with hotties such as singer John Mayer and actor Orlando Bloom and, less successfully, was married to British comedian Russell Brand. Apparently, he was so turned off by our Katy that he had to think of other women when they were “doing it.” Ouch! Now, that’s not nice. The other side of the story is that Katy did her best, but Russell’s urges were so wild that... well... it was difficult. They’ve both dished the dirt whenever the opportunity arises, whether Russell is talking “boring” to Howard Stern or Katy is telling all to Cosmopolitan. Those two are best kept way, way apart. Personally, with her natural assets, we can’t see Katy Perry ever being boring.

14 Salma Hayek - 32D

When Hayek hit Hollywood in the 1990’s, she had two problems—she couldn’t really speak much English and she was dyslexic. Her assets? Those 32D’s certainly didn’t hold her back either on Mexican TV or in Hollywood. Now, here’s a question: What do Salma Hayek and supermodel Linda Evangelista have in common? The answer is a French billionaire (yes, billion) named Francois-Henri Pinault. Way back in 2005, Evangelista and Pinault were in lust. A couple of years later, he hooked up with Hayek. Oops! Then Evangelista filed a paternity case claiming Pinault was the father of her son, Augustin James. Not so, he said. But then, he paid up. Hayek and Pinault went on to get married and have two kids, not necessarily in that order. It’s hard to believe that Hayek and her D cups are 50 years old.

13 Kim Kardashian - 34D

She is described as an entrepreneur, socialite and TV star. How did she get her foot on the ladder of fame? Well, she grew up in Beverly Hills rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. But, the thing that really launched her (and the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan) was a s*x tape of a young Kim Kardashian and her then boyfriend, rapper Ray J. Some say that momager Kris Jenner even brokered the release of the tape. That’s the Kardashian way—anything for fame and fortune. Literally anything. Now, gossips sites are all over rumors that Kim Kardashian has had “work” done to certain assets. She says not. The appearance of her very generous 34D’s looks naturally voluptuous to us. Pushing 40 years old and reportedly still traumatized by being robbed in Paris, she is stuck with–er... got married to–Kanye West and the proud mum of two kids. Maybe, just maybe, she’s moving from hot to not. But those 34D’s are a fond reminder of her glory days.

12 Ariel Winter - 34D

The Modern Family star is still only 19 years old and has literally gone from an awkward adolescent to a hot babe right before our very eyes. And those 34D’s used to be F cups. Ariel Winter simply got tired of carrying all that weight on her petite frame and had a breast reduction. Back a year or so ago, she and her dysfunctional family were washing their dirty laundry in public with Ariel claiming her momager, Crystal, had abused her and mom claiming Ariel was an out-of-control wild child she tried to reign in. When Ariel turned 18 and was legally liberated, she slammed the door on momager, but not before Crystal witched on about how stupid Ariel’s breast reduction was. Ariel said that her mom used to dress the underage Ariel too provocatively because those 34F’s were Crystal’s meal ticket.

11 Aubrey O’Day - 34D

Aubrey O’Day is another 34D kind of girl. It’s hard to describe her because she’s done all kinds of things, like girl bands (Danity Kane), modeling (Playboy), reality TV (Big Brother), and singing solo. Now, she’s got a lot of weird in her, as anyone who checks out her social media will see. She’s had tattooed DJ boyfriends and mystery women girlfriends. And she’s had more hair color choices than all the Kardashian girls put together have had. But, she totally denies having had “work” done. These days, her “career” seems to be going from one tacky reality show to the next. You know, the kind of thing when her twins are hanging out all over the place and she’s having fights and busts up and reducing her housemates to exasperation and sometimes to tears. Our Aubrey is first and foremost a babe whose greatest assets are probably those 34D’s.

10 Kate Upton - 36DD

We’re moving into the big girls now. Like really big. Kate Upton and her 36DD’s first hit it big time when they were in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition. Since then, she’s done a movie or two and reportedly considers herself an actress. Rumors of her diva behavior on the photoshoot for the 2017  SI Swimwear Edition continue to make the rounds, with some saying the sweet bubbly Kate everyone fell in love with has gone diva-head big time. We hope not. There was something so fun and hot about her modeling. She was the perfect combination of hot and all-American girl-next-door. Time will tell. Although the sight of her as a bikini-wearing nun in the reboot of The Three Stooges really does make us think “naughty but nice.” She’s still every young guy’s dream girl.

9 Scarlett Johansson - 32DD

Another double D masterpiece, 30-something Scarlett Johansson is the kind of babe who reportedly "did it" in a hotel elevator. It’s okay. It was Los Angeles’ 5-star Chateau Marmont, where the rich and famous go to do drugs and cheat. Outside elevators, Scarlett is a totally bankable star, with a string of hit movies a mile long. It didn’t hurt box office when she donned that skintight jumpsuit to play The Avenger’s Black Widow. Now, our blonde beauty was once married to Canadian hottie actor Ryan Reynolds. Back in 2011 when she was married to Reynolds, naughty nudies she took on her cellphone and sent to her hubs were hacked and leaked onto the Internet. Shock horror all around. Back then, there was like an epidemic of leaks that had major Hollywood stars like Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence crying foul and guys everywhere grinning from ear to ear. Just imagine those 32DD’s.

8 Esther Baxter - 34DDD

Well, we’re moving on up in the cleavage stakes. Meet triple-D Video Vixen Esther Baxter. Baxter is a hot mix of African, American, Indian, Cuban, Norwegian, Italian, and Puerto Rican. She first burst onto the scene in 2004 when she strutted her stuff in Petey Pablo’s “Freek-A-Leek” music video. And she has gone on to appear in some 25 of the most popular music videos ever, with megastars such as Kanye West, Ludacris, and Will Smith. She’s like the reigning queen of the Video Vixens, a woman with an overdose of charisma and a winning smile. Rapper Bow Wow has claimed that he lost his virginity to older woman, Esther, when he was only 15 years old. Now, Baxter has tried to move from Video Vixen/glamour model into acting, “tried” being the operative word. If you can’t see her in the movies, try Instagram. She does a nice range of bikini shots.

7 Kelly Brook - 34E

Kelly Brook is an all-natural E-cup English lass who (not surprisingly) won a beauty contest when she was 16 years old. By the time she was 18, she was co-hosting Britain’s totally quirky and off-the-wall breakfast show, The Big Breakfast. Quirky? At one point, one of the presenters was interviewing guests as they lay side by side in an ornate king-sized bed. She’s had a way busy love life over the years, including being all loved up with The Fast & The Furious’s Jason Statham. As a model, she sold everything from potato chips to bras, before she landed a gig as a “Page 3 Girl.” Think tabloid newspaper, hot babe, little-to-no clothes. Just imagine that. She also did a Playboy gig. Our Kelly, too, has “tried” to transition into acting, with some success on TV. But her mainstay has remained her work for mostly British TV as a presenter.

6 Keeley Hazell - 32F

With Keeley Hazell, we’ve reached the heady heights of the F cup. It took a while to find a picture of Keeley we could show you because her thing has been “glamour” modeling. She dropped out of school at 16 and became a hairdresser before Page 3 and glamour modeling came her way. As we said before, think little-to-no clothes and lots of T & A. It’s easy to see how she might just catch an editor’s eye. And like models all over the world, she’s moved into “acting,” having relocated to Hollywood where the action is. And she’s done pretty well, with appearances in movies like Horrible Bosses 2 and TV’s The Royals. She even auditioned for Fifty Shades of Grey, but despite her considered “talent,” they did the film without her and her God-given assets.

5 Sofia Vergara - 32F

Apparently, Sofia Vergara has considered breast reduction surgery and has even contemplated on getting fake boobs. Why? Well, it seems like she thinks that her 45-year-old F cups are not a perky as they once were. Like I lie down and they flop over, she has said. When the feisty Colombian first hit Hollywood, she was totally ecstatic to discover saucy underwear guru Frederick’s of Hollywood who, in her words, made bras for strippers, “skinny girls with enormous boobs.” Apparently, F-cup bras are hard to come by in Colombia. But, there’s a bright side. Those “enormous boobs” of hers, together with her fiery Latina ways, landed her a plum job as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, the unintentionally hilarious trophy wife of long-suffering Jay Pritchett, on the long-running mega-hit show Modern Family. 

4 Charlotte McKinney - 32F

This “curvier bombshell with extremely big boobs” dropped out of high school to pursue modeling. She got nowhere, at first. Agencies took one look at those F cups and ran a mile. So, she took to Instagram and found “Insta-fame.” Esquire took notice and people started calling the 23-year-old “the next Kate Upton” or maybe Kate Upton with bigger boobs. Like Upton, she jiggled her assets for a Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl ad and then took those F cups to Dancing with the Stars, where she was (believe it or not) a celebrity dancer, enormous boobs bouncing as she strutted and kicked. She told the New York Post that Playboy bombshell Anna Nicole Smith was an inspiration to her. Smith died of a drug overdose in a Florida hotel room in 2007. Charlotte McKinney hit Hollywood and has landed gigs in movies such as Baywatch. She says she owes her success to her cleavage and her 1.3 million Instagram followers.


3 Christina Hendricks - 32F

Here’s one last 32F before we move on to the heavy hitters. Christina Hendricks is proud of her God-given assets, saying that her F cups are very real. “They’re so obviously real that anyone who’s ever seen or touched a breast would know.” Guys were volunteering for that little touchy-feely experiment, we bet. Christina Hendricks is a 21st century star stuck in a 1950’s bombshell body. She gives new meaning to the word “curves.” And, in spite of that (or maybe because of it), she’s one busy actress, with roles in TV’s Mad Men and movies such as Bad Santa 2. While she’s into strutting her stuff on the red carpet, she’s not really into taking her clothes off in films. That’s like private stuff, she says. Quite right too. Let’s get back to the touching.

2 Amber Rose - 36H

She’s a singer. She’s a model. She’s a Video Vixen. She used to be a stripper. And, occasionally, she tries to act in film or TV. She’s also got 36H boobs and a 42-inch chest. Whoa! Amber Rose appeared on E!’s Good Work to tell the world that she was a natural 36H with “really nice” boobs. It seems like back in the day, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa got up close and personal with her assets. But, of course, it didn’t last. And what about the rumors that she had “work” done on her booty? Not true, she says. And to prove it, she let her fellow Good Work guest, drag queen Ru Paul, feel her famously big booty. His verdict? “This s*** is real. This case is closed! I love it.” Has anybody asked Wiz or Kanye? And since when is Ru Paul an expert on backsides? Forget we brought that up.

1 Jennifer Love Hewitt - 30H

Our last naturally stacked babe is Jennifer Love Hewitt and her 30H chest. The Texas hottie’s singing and acting careers took off in the 1990’s, but, sad to say, have probably peeked and are on the wane. But, her talent and “assets” are still up there with the best of them. She tells anybody who asks that she wears a tiara when she takes a bath. It’s hard to say what that one is about, though. There’s something else that might peak your interest. In 2010, she wrote a book called The Day I Shot Cupid, in which she discussed love, the deed, and stuff like that. And, she talks “vajazzling her vajayjay.” WTF? That’s putting Swarovski crystals on her lady bits. Apparently, she started some kind of “vajazzling” trend. What about “boobjazzling” those 30H twins?

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