15 Spoilers, Secrets, And Rumors Surrounding GTA VI

Grand Theft Auto V, upon the game's initial release on September 17th, 2013, turned out to be one of the biggest financial and critical successes in gaming history. Financially, the game broke sales records within the game industry within days of its release. On the first day of release alone, it made $800 million and, within the next three days, made $1 billion. It quickly became the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. Critically, it hit the shelves to rave reviews from critics and loyal fans of the franchise. To this day, GTA V continues to receive awards and rankings for being one of the best video games of all time.

With all of the success and momentum which GTA V is riding on, it only puts extra pressure on Rockstar Games to top it for GTA VI. When Rockstar seemingly put all of their chips into GTA V, what could they possibly have in store for Grand Theft Auto VI? That seems to be the question on every fan's mind as they eagerly anticipate the game's release. Some doubt that Rockstar could ever top their success of the last game, but considering the rumors we've read and heard about, the project in its earliest stages of development, we might have a lot to be excited about. Here are 15 of the juiciest, most intriguing rumors regarding GTA VI that we hope are true.

15 Cop/Criminal Option

The story mode of Grand Theft Auto V was the first time in the series where players could choose to flip back and forth between playing three main characters: the volatile Trevor, the hot-headed Michael, or Franklin. If, for any reason, the player is not fond of any of these characters, then they have the option of switching them out for another. New rumors suggest that players will have a similar option again with Grand Theft Auto VI, only this time, they'll be giving the option to play as either a cop or a criminal. It would make for an interesting dynamic, especially with the cop option. The GTA universe has never been a place for cops unless they were dirty. If there was an option to play it dirty as a cop or go down the straight and narrow, that would be ideal. Add to the fact that we can also play a criminal who's either on the cops' side or against them, this could make for a revolutionary story mode.

14 Time Travel

This is a rumor that, if true, fans are bound to either love or hate. With rumors that the next GTA installment could work as a prequel to Vice City or, at the very least, feature multiple locations, fans have been speculating that the game's story mode could have some time-travel capabilities. Not that we may get flashback levels, but the story might be literally centered around time travel. This brings to mind when Saints Row IV introduced superpowers to their characters, another case of a crime game leaping into the realms of science fiction. Fans were split between those who thought this was the moment the franchise jumped the shark and those who loved the new twist. If GTA makes the same leap, it would certainly be a daring move.

13 First-Person Options

The HD remake of Grand Theft Auto V gave players a new feature that was exclusive to current-gen consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4): first-person capabilities. The first-person shooter option was incorporated into the game, but it produced little fanfare or general talk from critics, seemingly because players were so used to the third-person format that few even bothered to play with the first-person point of view. Rumor has it that the folks at Rockstar plan to rectify that by expanding on the first-person pov feature introduced in Grand Theft Auto V. With the success of recent games like Outlast and Overwatch, seeing something like first person POV being a bigger part of GTA's story mode would be a nice addition to the next game.

12 Map Will Be Entire US

In previous Grand Theft Auto games, the playable maps have always been vast but limited and constrained to one state or city. If rumors are to be believed, that's all going to change with the next installment of the popular gaming series. There have been rumors suggesting that the map of Grand Theft Auto VI is going to allow players to scavenge all across the United States of America. Thanks to the progressive advancements of current gaming technology--not to mention how even more advanced gaming tech is going to be upon the release of the next-gen consoles a few years from now--it's not too hard to see this prediction coming soon. Giving players access to such a wide open world leaves some unlimited potential on the table for players to be on whole new adventures never before imagined in the franchise.

11 Create a Character for Story Mode

One of the richest aspects of GTA Online is the ability of players to create and customize their own characters. Unfortunately, players aren't afforded those same liberties for Grand Theft Auto V's story mode. GTA Online is fun when goofing around as your own character, but nothing would be more satisfying than to be fully invested in a story mode by rummaging the town through the eyes of a character of your own design. Looks like that longtime dream for GTA fans is bound to become a reality, at least if rumors are truly to be believed. And out of all the rumors that have been mentioned on this list, this one might arguably be the biggest one that all Grand Theft Auto fans are secretly hoping will come to fruition in hopes of a more immersive storytelling experience.

10 Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo

In December 2003, Rockstar Games had big plans for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, so much so that the company decided to apply for three specific trademarks with plans to market these names as future Grand Theft Auto games. One of those trademarks happened to be Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo. Unfortunately, in addition to the rest of these projects, production on GTA: Tokyo fell apart and was eventually discontinued. In the case of GTA: Tokyo in particular, the problem was that the city's complicated road system presented an issue for developing the in-game map. However, it's been rumored that since modern gaming systems can work past such limitations now, Rockstar may have restarted production on the project. Fans who assume that the next GTA game will take place in Tokyo hope that the gameplay is something similar to Sleeping Dogs, even though that game took place in Hong Kong.

9 Grand Theft Auto: Bogota

Bogota is the capital of and largest city in the sovereign state of Colombia. Colombia has always been a location that's been seldom mentioned in the Grand Theft Auto franchise but never seen. Allowing the playable character(s) in the next Grand Theft Auto game to roam the streets of Bogota would be a nice change of pace for the game series and would tie in directly with many of the Grand Theft Auto games that directly reference the sovereign state. It would also provide some unfinished business for Rockstar if they truly are going in this direction, considering that the company applied for a trademark of Grand Theft Auto: Bogota back in 2003 before those plans were scrapped. We don't know much about what Rockstar Games had in store for the game, but we do know that rumors revolving around the company returning to the pipe dream have resurfaced in recent times.

8 A PlayStation 5 Exclusive

Every gaming fan is eagerly anticipating the release of the next entry into the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but Xbox users might be missing out on the action for Grand Theft Auto VI. Some reports have claimed that we won't be getting another Grand Theft Auto game until the year 2020, which has also led to speculation that Grand Theft Auto VI might be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Why is this good news? While those who prefer Xbox over PlayStation may feel a little left out of the loop, this is no reason to be discouraged. With the developers able to focus on just one console rather than several consoles, it allows for them to focus more on making the experience on the next-gen console even better. It also allows more hype for that next-gen console, which is never a bad thing.

7 Destructible Environment

Creating chaos has always been the go-to theme throughout the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Whether that called for the player to go on a full-on rampage against citizens on the streets or to lead a nonstop war against the cops until their wanted level reaches five stars, chaos and destruction have always been more than allowed in the GTA universe. They've actually been encouraged and rewarded. It seemed like everything in the player's way could be destroyed, except for, well, buildings. Buildings seemed indestructible up to a point, but with the new Grand Theft Auto looming, there's a chance that Rockstar will allow players to decimate buildings until they're reduced to rubble. It would certainly be something that would give the player something more to do than to just attack people, and it would also allow more freedom to cause more mayhem across the city.

6 Grand Theft Auto: Sin City

One of the suggested Grand Theft Auto trademarks that Rockstar Games initially applied for was Grand Theft Auto: Sin City. In fact, in 2003, back when the franchise was still relatively fresh off of the heels of Vice City, Amazon's UK website "leaked" that the next GTA title would be Grand Theft Auto IV: Sin City, which was scheduled for a November 4th, 2004 release in Europe. We quickly found out that the location of the following Grand Theft Auto game would not be in Las Vegas, but San Andreas. Still, the prospect of the Grand Theft Auto series taking its reins to The Gambling Capital of the World would make for an interesting prospect if Rockstar Games truly is considering picking this project back up from the scrap yard.

5 Prequel or Sequel to Vice City

Out of all of the rumors revolving around the possible location of Grand Theft Auto VI, perhaps the more interesting and eyebrow-raising one of them all is the possibility that GTA VI could take place in Vice City. We have no idea if it means that we'll see the return of everyone's favorite ill-tempered anti-hero, Tommy Vercetti, but if these rumors are true, then it may also be true that this Vice City follow-up could be either a prequel or a true sequel. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is still hailed as one of the better games in the franchise, and so, a return to the city--whether as a prequel or sequel--will be a welcome way to follow up the franchise.

4 Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Involved

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been no stranger to featuring a few celebrity cameo appearances here and there. Samuel L. Jackson, Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, Ice T, Danny Trejo, and James Woods are just a few celebs who lent their voices to the franchise, and if rumors are to be believed, a major Hollywood couple is set to do the same for the next entry in the series. That couple happens to be Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. The married couple seems to be involved in the project, and if rumors are to be believed, they'll be the starring couple at the center of the next game. Allegedly, Eva Mendes is supposed to play a female protagonist, while Ryan Gosling is supposed to be voicing her love interest. If any of this is true, then this is a big acquisition for the series and will perhaps be the biggest celebrity names to enter the franchise yet.

3 A Virtual Reality Version

Virtual Reality games appear to be the next wave of the future for the gaming industry, so expect a lot more of such titles arriving to us in the near future. PlayStation VR was only just released to the public back in October 2016, and Rockstar Games already looks to introduce the relatively new concept into the biggest gaming franchise under their umbrella. Despite the fact that Steve Zelnick--a CEO behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise--admitted that he was "ambivalent" about VR technology--keep in mind that he said this four months before the tech was released to the public. He also added that he would be willing to see VR introduced to the GTA universe if it proves to be a strategic fit for the franchise and the franchise could benefit financially from the move. Considering that reviews for the VR have been positive so far and that the console has sold well, this might suggest we could see some VR in the next GTA.

2 2018 Release Date

This one stems more from wishful thinking rather than any actual rumors with reasonable warrant, but the theory behind this one is interesting enough that it deserves a mention and generated some big speculation. Someone managed to trace back into the history of the Grand Theft Auto franchise and noticed a recurring time gap between certain Grand Theft Auto games. Ever since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there's been a 4-5 year time gap between each Grand Theft Auto game. If these recurring incidents (or, rather, coincidences) are to be believed, then we should be expecting a new Grand Theft Auto game in 2018. However, as much as we may want this to be true, it's highly unlikely, and reports say that we should be getting a new Grand Theft Auto game in the year 2020, at the very latest.

1 Female Protagonist

One of the most interesting rumors that have been circulating around the interwebs regarding Grand Theft Auto VI has been that the story mode for the next game is set to star a female protagonist as the lead playable character. It would be an understatement to say that the franchise has been severely lacking in strong female characters or any female characters, for that matter. Female characters in the franchise come few and far between. The few times that a lady is present in the series, she's usually a minor character created for eye candy or a stripper/prostitute that the player can fondle in a mini-game. The franchise has been, for lack of a better term, a sausage fest. A female lead protagonist in the next game would more than rectify and make up for years of unfair in-game treatment of women.

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