15 Spine-Chilling Theories About Life On Earth

Why are we here? Why do we exist? Who created us? Why did they create us? Why do we look the way we do? Why aren’t there more aliens contacting us? We could ask questions about why we’re here and what the purpose of anything is all day. We could read every book ever written and watch every movie ever made. No matter what we do, we’ll still probably never get an answer that even partially sums up any of the questions we’ve asked. We know very little about who we are as humans and why anything exists the way it does.

Many people try to answer questions like this by using religion. They think that God created us and that we’re all here to serve Him. Some think that we’re endlessly reincarnating from one person to the next. If God is real, who created God? Who created them? Who created anything? Religion can be great and a really helpful tool for some people. However, it doesn’t always answer everyone’s questions. There’s so much we still don’t know about our own bodies, let alone our own world! We’re discovering new planets all the time and always looking for more life elsewhere. The hunt is endless, and it doesn’t seem like there will ever be complete answers. For some of us, that’s fine; for the rest of us, we need answers!

We searched the internet to find some interesting theories that people have about the universe. Some might help, but for the most part, many of these can be scary and will keep you up at night. Here are 15 Unsettling Theories About The World That Will Haunt Your Dreams:


15 We're All Just A Simulation

The simulation theory is actually a pretty popular one that basically states we’re all living in a simulation. You’ve probably at least heard of the game Sims at some point in your life, if you’re not one of the many fans who have given hours of their time to play the game. It’s a good example of the simulation theory in which some basically believe that there’s a person controlling us and choosing all of the things that we do. That would come in handy when it comes to giving reasons for the dumb things we do. It’s like "Oh, sorry, I slept until noon today; the guy controlling my actions made me do it." It’s sort of a religious belief but for scientists. Of course, if this was true, there’d really be no way for us to ever know, so for now, we’ll continue to just let someone decide what we do.

14 Singularity Will Make Us Slaves To Robots


Singularity is the idea of humans being taken over by robots. It’s been popular in many films and shows and will continue to be so until the robots actually do take over. Some believe that it’s already happening as seen with computers replacing humans for certain jobs, like the self-checkout line at your local grocery store. The main criticism of singularity is that without a conscious mind, the robots wouldn’t really have the desire to take over. Imagine all the evil leaders of the world; they had something wrong with them and some sort of motive to make them power hungry. Robots exist for a reason: to cater to our needs. If we create them, would they have the ability to turn evil and take over us? Perhaps, if they became smarter than us, they’d realize that they could operate the world better than humans and use us as slaves. For now, just be nice to your phones and laptops. Just in case…

13 You Have Another Person Living Inside Your Brain

The brain is probably the least studied organ we have. There’s so much to it and so much left to be answered about what it is and how it operates. It’s a complex organ that controls everything in our body. It’s responsible for every action and decision we make. There's one theory that suggests that perhaps, if our brain were split into two, we would operate like two different people. Each side of the brain is very different from the other, but together, they make us who we are. The right side of the brain, however, lacks the ability to communicate, as the left side is responsible for language. This causes some people to theorize that perhaps, the right side has a mind of its own but because it can’t communicate, it’s left serving the left side. If there were two different people in our heads, that would certainly help explain a lot.

12 All Of The Viruses That Used To Kill Us Are Lying Dormant In The Ice Caps


Decades and decades ago, there used to be illnesses that would wipe out populations. Luckily, we’ve pretty much made those deadly viruses and diseases extinct with the use of vaccines. Unfortunately, not everyone believes vaccines are the answer, and plenty of people have chosen to not protect their children against these viruses, but that’s a different article. There are some people who theorize that as the ice caps are melting, they’ll release some of those bacteria and viruses that caused so many people to die in the first place! There are some diseases that wouldn’t survive the cold, but some certainly would. Some believe that they’ll even be stronger than they were years ago because they’ve had time to evolve while lying trapped in ice for all these years. If we continue to warm our planet the way we are, there will only be one way to find out!

11 Solipsism Says There's No Way To Prove Anything Is Real

Solipsism is the theory that the only thing you know exists for certain is you. There have been studies of the brain that consisted of two people trying all the same foods and seeing all the same things. Time and time again, it appeared that there were similarities in the brain’s reaction to these things, but no two reactions were the same. This could mean that no one else will ever experience what you do in the same way. This also makes us start to question if other people are even real. If you can’t prove that chocolate is tasty or that yellow is a nice color, how can you prove that someone else’s mind is even real? Even our own bodies can’t be for sure to exist. We perceive everyone’s body differently, so the only thing we know to be true is our own mind. It’s a little confusing, but just try to prove that everything is real and not a figment of your imagination, and you might begin to understand.

10 A Fourth Dimension Exists Around Us That We Cannot See


In case you didn’t know, we live in the third dimension. There isn’t a list of dimensions, such that we live in one, and others live in another. Rather, we live in a universe with three special dimensions. The way to determine that is to create as many perpendicular lines, and the result in our universe will always be three. It’s confusing, but unless you’re a scientist, you don’t need to know. Anyway, there’s a theory that there’s a fourth dimension surrounding us that we cannot see. If this were the case, there would be a more advanced species or life form that would probably have the ability to interact with us without us even knowing. Some believe that the fourth dimension is inhabited by ghosts, but unless we really have a way to break through dimensions, we’ll never know.

9 The Big Bounce Theory Is Like A Groundhog Day But For Your Whole Life

We’ve all heard of the Big Bang Theory but probably not the Big Bounce Theory. We’re not talking about the show here, but rather, the idea that we were created in a big explosion. The Big Bounce Theory suggests that if the Big Bang Theory is true, then that means we came from a time when there was an expansion in density that caused the Big Bang and that caused the planets to form. The Big Bounce suggests that that expansion of density that caused the explosion is contracting again and that there will be another Big Bang. The thing about this theory, if it were true, however, would be that the same exact universe would be created. So, you wouldn’t be reborn as your neighbor’s sister’s husband’s dog; rather, you’d be born as you -- again and again for eternity. So, if you don’t like yourself, you might want to start doing so. See you in millions of years when you read this article again!


8 Aliens Visited Us Before We Had The Technology We Do Today


We’re all kind of just waiting around for aliens to come find us, aren’t we? It seems scary, but a lot of us would probably love an alien invasion so we don’t have to go to school or work tomorrow. Did you ever think that perhaps the aliens already visited our planet and decided to move on? When we look back at old cave drawings, there are some, like the one above, that seem to depict some sort of alien lifeform that wasn’t recorded anywhere else at this time. Some speculate that perhaps, the aliens visited us at a time when we didn’t have the ability to record our interactions with them like we could today. Perhaps, they saw an undeveloped civilization and decided to move on. Maybe they saw something barbaric, like a war or battle happening and decided to find a different planet. Even deeper than that, maybe we are the aliens!

7 Aliens Created Us And Put Us Here

In the popular Alien franchise, the movie Prometheus looked at the idea that we were created by a different alien species. Although done in a popular movie, there are some people who theorize that this is actually what happened. One idea behind this is that there was an alien species out there somewhere that messed up and destroyed their planet. In an effort to find a new home, they created the human species and put them on Earth in order to terraform or make the place habitable for their alien species. They either messed up with humans and decided to leave us to do our own thing, or they’re coming back soon to wipe us out and/or breed with humans. Either way, it’s a pretty freaky idea, and hopefully, if it is true, the aliens have left us to do our own thing. If we were created by a species that already messed up their own planet, that would make sense as to why we’re messing up ours.

6 We're Either Alone In The Universe Or We're Not; Both Are Equally Terrifying


There’s a popular quote that states that we’re either alone in this universe or we’re not, and both are equally terrifying. If we’re truly the only life form in all of the universes, that’s pretty tragic! Sure, humans are cool, and we know some pretty cool people, but we could all be a little better as a whole! Plus, the universe is so insanely massive that it makes us question, "Why us? Why are we the only ones who get to enjoy it and live here?" The other option is that we’re not alone, which is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Who knows who else we could meet who might have the answers we don’t? Or perhaps, there are forces out there even eviler than anything humanity has ever known. Either way, it’s scary.

5 We Reincarnate Into Each Other Infinitely; We've All Lived The Same Lives

There’s one theory based off of a short story that states that we infinitely reincarnate into every person who’s ever lived on Earth. Once we’ve lived as everyone, we become some sort of god or goddess. This theory suggests that you’re you, and you’ll eventually die and reincarnate into every single person you’ve ever met, and every single person they’ve ever met, and every single person they’ve ever met! This seems like a lot, but really, what else do you have better to do with your time once you die? As far as we know, time is infinite; there's no beginning and no end. Living as everyone would really give you a great perspective to ascend as some God. It’s also pretty strange to think about, though. That would mean we’re every president ever and everyone who’s ever assassinated or tried to assassinate a president. Who do you hope to be in your next life?

4 There's An Infinite Numer Of Universes


The most exciting theory on the list is the idea that there's an infinite number of universes that exist. That means there’s a universe where you didn’t break up with your ex and instead had kids with him or her. There’s a universe where you became a millionaire overnight, and there’s probably a universe where you died on the toilet. The problem with this is that there’s not an easy way to prove it. The thing that makes this believable, however, is that there’s not a way to disprove it! We only know what’s out there to a certain distance, and if time is infinite, space is probably infinite as well! This can also be pretty terrifying, however. If there's an endless amount of universes out there, maybe there’s one where everyone born was created to destroy humans. If you could go to any universe, which one would you go to?

3 We're Wired To Self Destruct As Individuals And As A Whole

There’s one theory that states that it’s a humans' nature to be self-destructive. This is stated to be true not just for ourselves but also for society as a whole. It explains why aliens have never contacted us and why we've yet to reach out to aliens. Instead of working on contacting each other, we’re working on destroying ourselves and each other. This would certainly give a little reason as to why we ate that entire bag of chips in one sitting. That’s self-destructive, right? This theory is a little more poetic rather than something that holds any amount of truth. We don’t even know if any other life exists, let alone how they operate. The idea is that life itself is a mistake in biology, so just like we naturally try to heal ourselves, the Earth naturally tries to heal itself by causing us to try and destroy ourselves.

2 Our Consciousness Will Never Die


One theory that’s comforting yet terrifying at the same time is that our consciousness will never die. It sort of plays into the idea of multiple universes. It states that once we die in this life, our consciousness transfers to another universe in which we didn’t die. If this is true, however, where did the consciousness of the person from the other universe that we took over go? Perhaps, consciousness is a never-ending bounce from one brain to the next. This theory does play into reincarnation, however. It’s sort of an idea that seems the most likely as well. There’s only so much energy that can exist on the planet, so instead of creating a new life while the old life ascends to a heaven-like state, why not reuse the old brain for the new brain? It’s a confusing concept, but we’ll only know if we die. Even then, maybe we’ll just be tossed right into the next life.

1 We Don't Have The Ability To Ever Know The Truth; It's Literally Impossible

One theory that’s very believable is the idea of absurdism. It basically states that there might be meaning to everything or there might not be. Either way, it’s way too much for our puny brains to comprehend. It’s simply the idea that we exist within a chaotic world with little or no purpose. Finding meaning is beyond us. We don’t have the ability to comprehend what the fourth dimension would be. We don’t have the ability to understand artificial intelligence taking over. We don’t have the ability to comprehend life outside of ours. We only know what we know, and what we create is only based off of what we already know as well. It’s fun to read theories about why we might be here and what the point of this all is, but in reality, we’ll never know, and it’s pretty likely no one will ever know.

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