15 Soccer Players Who Score Hotter Women Than Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest scorers in the world of soccer at the moment. However, he is also known as a prolific scorer in terms of having some of the gorgeous women of recent times. The Portuguese soccer star rose to fame from his starting days in Manchester United to becoming a legend in Real Madrid. His list of girlfriends includes Gemma Atkinson, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton.

Gemma Atkinson is one of the first high profile girlfriends Ronaldo had during his career. However, the actress revealed later on that the couple could not go out much. They stayed in Gemma’s house and had cups of tea while watching sitcoms. The huge popularity of the soccer player made it impossible for the two to go out in public.

Ronaldo is also known for having a serious relationship with Irina Shayk. The soccer star was with the Russian model from 2010 to 2015. They were often seen with Cristiano Jr, Ronaldo’s son, whom he fathered during this period. However, the identity of the mother of the child has been kept a mystery. Cristiano Ronaldo’s most recent girlfriend is known to be Georgina Rodriguez. They recently had a vacation in France, and things seem to be getting serious between the two.

Nevertheless, there are many other soccer players in the world right now who are known for having beautiful girlfriends. Many of the girls are models, while there are some others who are quite established in their own individual careers. But, all of them have one thing in common. They are extremely beautiful.

15 Andriani Michael (Jack Wilshere)

According to Jack Wilshere, Andriani Michael made him the “luckiest man in the world” when she agreed to marry him. The Arsenal footballer apparently got down on one knee at Andriani's surprise 25th birthday party and popped the question. And, Andriani Michael said YES. Andriani and Jack’s love story is a pretty interesting one. Andriani is the daughter of Jack's barber, Michael Michael. Jack started dating Andriani after having two children with his previous girlfriend, Lauren Neal.

Jack went public about his relationship with Andriani in 2015. However, Jack’s girlfriend prefers not being in the spotlight. It is Jack who keeps on posting intimate snaps of the couple together. Jack hailed his girlfriend for standing by him during his injury troubles. He wrote on Instagram that it was important to have Andriani around during difficult times. He also wrote in one of his posts that she is the one who kept him going.

14 Tanya Robinson (Phil Bardsley)

Tanya Robinson is a British glamour model who grew up in North Yorkshire. She is also an actress who works in the reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Cheshire. As a top class model, she has done photo shoots for many magazines like Nuts and FHM. She also takes part during the promotion of the “Honeys On Tour” for FHM. In 2003, Tanya was a part of a Lynx advertisement. She posed as a pizza delivery girl in pink underwear. She also appeared in a French comedy film, Double Zéro.

Phil Bardsley married Tanya Robinson in 2014. He has three children with her. Earlier in March 2017, Bardsley went to Dubai for a vacation with his wife. They shared photos where they were seen relaxing on the beach with refreshing drinks. The wife of the former Manchester United defender, Bardsley also shared photos of her in a red bikini to flaunt her curves.

13 Amra Silajdžic (Edin Džeko)

Edin Džeko’s wife, Amra Silajdžic, is a Bosnian model and actress. She was first married to a Serbian businessman called Vladimir Vićentijević. The couple had a daughter who was born in 2003. However, they got divorced in 2007. Amra started dating Džeko in 2011 and got married to him in 2014. She had a daughter with Džeko in February 2016.

Silajdžic won the Elite Model in Paris when she was just 16. Before she started dating Džeko, she was one of the cast members of CSI NY. Amra Silajdžic is one of the highly popular celebs on Instagram. She also acted in the Bosnian film, Ja sam iz Krajine, zemlje kestena (I Am from Krajina, the Land of Chestnuts). In 2010, she was a part of Enrique Iglesias’ music video, No Me Digas Que No. She was also featured in Blake Shelton’s Honey Bee music video. Amra Silajdžic also acted in the ABC sitcom, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.

12 Coleen Rooney (Wayne Rooney)

Coleen Rooney is a British TV presenter and columnist. She is one of the most renowned WAGs in the world of soccer. Wayne Rooney met the love of his life when they were both in secondary school. Coleen was just 12 when they met for the first time. They started the relationship four years later. They dated for six years and got married in 2008. Wayne later admitted that he had gone to prostitutes while dating Coleen. He called himself stupid to do such things. He eventually settled down with Coleen.

Coleen and Wayne’s wedding was a bit controversial. The Catholic Church did not like the fact that the couple got married at the Abbey of Cervara, a converted monastery. The local bishop’s office warned them against doing so but they went ahead with their plan anyway. Coleen gave birth to their son in 2009. The couple had two more children together, with the third child born in January 2016.

11 Elena Gomez (Javi Garcia)

Javi Garcia is a former Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Benfica soccer player. The defensive midfielder now plays for Russian club FC Zenit Saint Petersburg. Elena Gomez, on the other hand, is into fashion design. She sells her own designs via her own website. She is a dog lover who is quite active on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Elena Gomez and Javi Garcia had a beautiful wedding at the Moratalla Palace. The bride wore a beautiful dress from Roberto Diz, a white crepe silk dress embellished by hand with nacre. She wore gold Jimmy Choo sandals with a 12-cm heel. Elena’s groom wore a blue wool morning suit designed by Derby 1951. Elena Gomez and Javi Garcia have a couple of kids. In her most recent Instagram post, Elena shared a black and white photo where she and Javi, both topless, are holding their kids against their chest.

10 Edurne (David De Gea)

Edurne García Almagro is a profession singer who is known as Edurne. She is also a TV anchor and actress. Her claim to fame was Operacion Triunfo, a popular talent show in 2005. She became famous with “Despierta” (Wake up). In the Spanish charts in 2006, the song became number five. Edurne represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. She started dating English goalkeeper, David de Gea, in 2010.

The Spanish goalkeeper plays for Manchester United and the Spain national team as well. Considered as one of the most talented goalkeepers of recent times, de Gea captained Spain when it won the under-21 European Championship in 2011 and 2013. He also led the national side in the 2012 Olympics. He debuted in 2014 for the senior team and was selected for the soccer world cup that year. He is considered as Spain's long-term goalkeeper after Iker Casillas.

9 Pilar Rubio (Sergio Ramos)

Sergio Ramos is one of the most popular soccer players of his time. He is the captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. His girlfriend, Pilar Rubio, is a Spanish TV presenter and reporter. She was the presenter of the talent show, Operacion Triunfo, for three years. Thereafter, she started her acting career and acted in a number of TV series and movies. She has been engaged with Ramos since 2012. They have two children together.

Pilar Rubio became popular with her performance in Sé lo que hicisteis... of La Sexta. In the comedy program, she looked at a number of news articles. In 2007, she appeared in La ventana indiscreta where she dealt with funny homemade videotapes. The couple recently visited London for a vacation. They shared intimate moments together. In one of the photos, the romantic couple was seen smooching each other on the Carnaby Street.

8 Alex Curran (Steven Gerrard)

Steven Gerrard’s wife, Alexandra Curran, is an English model. The former Liverpool captain’s wife is also a fashion columnist. Alex is one of the original trendsetters of soccer players having glamorous girlfriends and wives. Gerrard got married to Alex in 2007. They have four children together. After having three daughters, Alex gave birth to their first son in April 2017. Alex Curran writes a weekly column for the Daily Mirror. She wrote for OK Magazine from 2009 until January 2013. She was also a nail technician. Before dating Gerrard, Alex dated businessman Tony Richardson. At that time, the soccer player was dating British actress Jennifer Ellison.

Alex Curran was arrested in 2006 after a teenage girl had been hit in the face with a glass bottle. Alex was suspected to be the one responsible for it. She was later released on bail and charges against her were dropped later on.

7 Polly Parsons (Thomas Vermaelen)

Thomas Vermaelen’s girlfriend, Polly Parsons, is a British TV presenter. Before dating the Belgian soccer player, she dated EastEnders star Sid Owen for a number of years. They got engaged in 2009. However, their engagement was called off in 2012. It was the same year she started dating Thomas Vermaelen. The couple now has two sons together—Raff and Ace.

Polly Parsons co-presented Fun Song Factory with Laura Hamilton. She was Princess Sapphire in Genie in the House, Toonattik. She also played Crystal in Disastrous for Nickelodeon. She was a presenter on BBC Three's The Real Hustle. She also played Becky in Meet the Parents on E4 and acted in Don't Get Screwed for BBC Three. Polly Parsons is a lingerie model who loves to flaunt her body in minimum clothes. She generously flaunted her baby bump on Instagram as well. According to FHM, she is the most beautiful WAG in the world.

6 Shakira (Gerard Piqué)

Shakira is probably the most famous name on this list. Her love story with Piqué is one of the most famous celebrity love stories in recent times. At the moment, they are one of the most celebrated couples. They attract enormous media attention all over the world. The way these two met for the first time was pretty interesting. These two met while Shakira was shooting for the promotional song of the 2010 soccer world cup in Africa.

While shooting for the “Waka Waka” song, Piqué and Shakira met as the soccer player was one of the star players featured in the video. The Spanish player, who plays as the center-back for FC Barcelona, apparently hit off instantly with the Colombian singer. Even though the couple initially dismissed media reports about their dating, they made it official in 2011. Shakira later said that Piqué had promised to her that he would win the 2010 world cup, which he did.

5 Gabriella Lenzi (Neymar)

Brazilian soccer star Neymar, another Barcelona player, has a girlfriend called Gabriella Lenzi. He earlier broke up with TV actress Bruna Marquezine and hooked up with Lenzi, a Sao Paulo-born supermodel. The 5-feet-9 model happens to be a fitness freak. Her Instagram account is totally filled with fitness photos. She apparently spends a lot of quality time in the gym. According to reports, she depends heavily upon swimming and gymnastics to stay fit.

Lenzi was included in the list of women Esquire loves. The website looks for the most beautiful women on social media. They learn more about those girls and introduce them to the public. Whenever Neymar goes through a bad phase in his game, fans expect Lenzi to play a part in motivating him. Fans expect her to keep the soccer player “happy” so that he can perform well on the field. Seems like Lenzi is under a lot of pressure from Neymar’s huge fan base.

4 Antonella Roccuzzo (Leo Messi)

While fans keep fighting over Leo Messi’s superiority over Cristiano Ronaldo, here is one aspect of the competition that the Argentine player is apparently winning. Messi is all set to get married to his childhood sweetheart, Antonella Roccuzzo, who is Italian but was born in Argentina. Messi was a shy kid who kept visiting Antonella’s family just to have a chance to see her. After she finished her studies in odontology and then social communication, she moved to Barcelona to live with Leo.

The FC Barcelona icon will get married to Antonella in their native city of Rosario. The couple has been together for more than 10 years now. The couple has two sons together, Thiago Messi and Mateo. It is believed that the two sons are going to play a significant role in their parents’ wedding. Some of their family and friends won’t be able to travel to Argentina. Therefore, there will be a second ceremony for them in Barcelona.

3 Yolanthe Cabau (Wesley Sneijder)

Real Madrid player Wesley Sneijder’s wife, Yolanthe Cabau, was named the Sexiest Dutch Woman for three years between 2006 and 2009. She started her relationship with the soccer player in 2009. The couple got married the following year in Italy. Yolanthe is known for her philanthropic works. She is the co-founder and ambassador of Stop Kindermisbruik, which works against child s*x abuse cases that take place in developing countries. The organization also works on freeing child prostitutes. It stops children from going into such trades. After freeing child prostitutes, the organization helps them cope with the trauma they have gone through.

Yolanthe acted in a number of Dutch productions like Snowfever and Costa! She also worked in the TV series, Onderweg naar morgen, between 2005 and 2008. She acted in a short film called Turkse chick in 2006. The short film was nominated for the Gouden Kalf which is the Dutch equivalent of the Oscar.

2 Melissa Satta (Kevin-Prince Boateng)

Five years back, when Kevin-Prince Boateng suffered a thigh injury, everybody thought he suffered the injury during the game. However, his girlfriend, Melissa Satta, claimed that he got the injury from too much "time underneath the sheets". According to her, the soccer player was “always injured” because they did it 7-10 times a week.

Before dating Kevin-Prince Boateng, Melissa Satta dated other Series A soccer players like John Carew and Christian Vieri. However, she has been engaged to the AC Milan midfielder since 2012. The couple had a son in 2014. However, they said they would get married only when they had a daughter together. Kevin-Prince Boateng was suspended from the Ghana world cup team and sent home in 2014, after he was reported to have verbally abused the manager. Melissa, on the other hand, worked in films. She mostly acted as a TV presenter. The couple is reported to be expecting their second child.

1 Ann-Kathrin Brömmel (Mario Götze)

The sexiest WAG in international soccer has to be Mario Götze’s girlfriend, Ann-Kathrin Brömmel. She is a top model, and German soccer player Götze is called the talent of the century. He scored the winning goal in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final. Ann-Kathrin Brömmel has 697,000 followers on Instagram. She is extremely popular on social media. And, she does not want her only identity to be “Götze’s girlfriend.” She believes she has her own goals to achieve. If she does not achieve her own goals, she says she won’t be happy. Ann-Kathrin Brömmel was one of the top 50 participants in Germany's Next Top Model.

In her Instagram profile, Ann-Kathrin Brömmel loves to explore her sexier side. She often shares her bikini pics and lingerie shots, while flaunting her perfect body. Instead of staying as one of the most stunning WAGs, she has established herself as a top model herself.

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