15 Snobby Celebs Who Are Lucky They're Hot AF

When you're a celeb, it's not hard to be perceived as full of yourself and conceited...especially if you actually are. There are a number of celebrities that have been wrongfully accused of snobbery, but there are many who are actually hella rude and I am calling them out for it. Luckily, we can forgive these celebs because they are unforsaken gorgeous and we all know that the rudest individuals are usually the hottest. From irrelevant actresses such as Lindsay Lohan, to mega stars like Kim Kardashian- there is a bit of diva in each of these bombshells.

I often wonder what types of demands the rich and famous have when they go on tour or make appearances. Celebrities like Lady Gaga take full advantage of their fame and their ability to request whatever they would like to request in their riders. Gaga has even gone as far as requesting a mannequin with pink, fluffy, pubic hair. Many celebrities go too far with their diva demands and their pretentious demeanors ends up costing them their careers; other, are hot enough to get away with it -literally and figuratively. Most of these celebrities wouldn't be where they are today without their looks, and they probably wouldn't be as snotty if they didn't have their looks either. Luckily, they can afford to stay good looking for years to come...as most of us visibly age, these divas can afford buying their good looks and that allows them to keep making such outlandish demands.

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15 Kylie Jenner

Kylie has been frequently compared to her big sis, Kim, and being a diva just comes naturally to them both. Kylie reportedly refused services from the provided hair and makeup team at an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ afternoon talk show. She requires only her personal glam squad to beautify her look. She also wasn't satisfied with just one dressing room, but she needed multiple...stating that her team just couldn't be downsized and the show would need to accommodate her entourage. Not only have insiders reported snotty behavior from Jenner, we all are able to watch the diva antics unfold on KUWTK. On multiple occasions, Kylie throws an immature tantrum about things like Kendall borrowing her clothes, or Khloe not traveling with the fam to Thailand.

14 Katy Perry

Speaking of T-Swift, Katy might have some things to add to Taylor's growing list of negative attributes, but Katy Perry isn't such a nice girl either. The singer has been making top 40 hits for a good portion of the last few years, so staying humble was probably not an option for Ms. Perry. She is also infamous for her concert rider demands. She is rumored to have a 40-page rider for most of her concerts and even had a 23-page policy drafted up for her driver’s in different countries during her worldwide tour. Perry also was snubbed by Barbara Walters when Katy showed up about 3 hours late to an interview with the highly credible journalist. Perry claimed she wasn't trying to be a diva, it was just bad timing as it was right in the midst of her marriage break up with Russell Brand. The “Roar” singer can get away with being untimely when she relies on her looks.

13 Rihanna

Rihanna is shameless when it comes to her public displays of not giving a damn- which makes her even hotter and even more likely to get away with being a diva. Personally, I love how blunt and honest Rihanna is, but those on the receiving end of her unfiltered comments might not feel the same way. For instance, she called out Ciara for being irrelevant and basically said that the only reason she is ever interviewed is so the interviewers can ask Ciara about Ri. Again, as a chart topping singer, it seems to be the norm to have an excruciating list of demands while on tour. Rihanna has even requested specific furniture to be in specific locations in the green room at appearances. But when you're hot and you can get away with it..why not make outlandish requests?

12 Ariana Grande

Before she was the beautified diva we now know her as, she was the co-star on a Disney series- Sam & Cat. This was where her she must have realized her worth, as her snotty attitude actually was the reason the show was put on hold for further production. That wasn't the first time she had issues with co-stars, as the Nickelodeon show, Victorious, was also cancelled due to Grande’s lack of cooperation with other cast members. Once Ariana graduated from kid shows, her fan following and stardom increased. She is well aware of how gorgeous she is and she has specific guidelines she wants photographers to follow if they plan on taking her picture. For instance, she has reportedly insisted on being photographed only from her right side and in specific light.

11 Mariah Carey 

Mimi holds the title of snobbiest celeb for about 15 years and counting, but she isn't ashamed of her claim to fame. Mariah Carey has an extraordinarily long list of diva behaviors that she's gotten away with... well, kind of. She's infamous for arriving to scheduled gigs, (un) fashionably late, creating hellish lists of demands for any and all appearances and green room necessities, refusing to sing, being rude to fans, and being rude to other high profile celebs. And why in God’s name did Nick Cannon think impregnating Mariah Carey (and marrying her), would be a good idea? No wonder they're divorced (although, Nick has only taken the high road when asked about his ex-wife). Besides the fact that she walks around her mansion in high heels 24/7 (ok we get it, you're a diva), or that she spends $40,000 on pet grooming and pet chauffeurs (absolutely NUTS); she reportedly refused to pay her dying sister’s medical bills! Oh and she also bathes in champagne, Cristal (5k a bottle) to be exact. Being hot can only get you so far MC…

10 Gwyneth Paltrow

Ok, this one surprised me, but the middle-aged bombshell was once deemed one of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood. If I was an A-List celeb, I would be pretentious too I'm sure, but I probably wouldn't spout off some of the things she does during interviews. For example, she told Conan O’Brien that she would rather die than let her kid eat Cup-O-Soup...and she also said she would rather die than eat cheese from a can (relax Gwenny). Oh and what really tops it off is how she claimed that working out/exercising daily, as a mom, is incredibly easy...well OF COURSE, it's easy for someone who has hired help to raise your children while you do 2-hour gym sessions each day. Hopefully Paltrow is humbled one of these days because I really do like her movies…

9 Kim Kardashian

Well this is probably a pretty obvious declaration. The Kardashian/Jenner clan is not known for being the most humble, kind and generous group of women, but they are known internationally for nothing but their beauty; and Kim K is the leader of the pack. Not only is Kim married to the self-obsessed, Kanye West, she has made her claim to fame by her looks alone- and that will make anyone a diva. Kim has a plethora of divalicious moments to indulge throughout the years on KUWTK, but ever notice the intro or advertisements for the show? Kim and Kim’s butt are the center of it all. In the first few seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, Kim literally pushes her family members out of the way with her butt so she can be front and center. The most cringe-worthy of all her diva antics has to be the selfie book she made. Kim has enough self confidence for an entire generation of women.

8 Taylor Swift

America’s Sweetheart has some bad blood. Within the last couple years, reports have circulated that Swift isn't the sweet and innocent Southern Belle we all grew her up to be. She's actually a demanding little B. While flying (on her private jets, with an army of staff), she is infamous for making outrageous food requests, then changing her mind mid-flight. She was also sued by a limo company for being such a diva. She usually has a high list of backstage demands and also has strict no-photo rule when out in public lately. I guess we could've guessed she wasn't the nicest after all of her diss tracks to ex-lovers, but I still had hope that she wouldn't fall victim to the celebrity diva status. Besides the demanding demeanor she has recently acquired since abandoning her country girl roots, she has also been in more than one public feud with women like Katy Perry and Demi Lovato. I guess it was only a matter of time before T Swift had her own group of haters.

7 Nicki Minaj

The “Beez in the Trap” rapper is known for being eccentric and making a statement during performances and appearances. She is also known for kickin’ it with some of the hottest rappers of the moment. Nicki isn't afraid to call out other people that she doesn't like and she does it very publicly. For instance, at the BET awards a couple years ago, Nicki made sure to mention during her award speech that she writes all her own songs, then did the “sipping tea”’gesture, as she was clearly referring to her rival of the night, Iggy Azalea. She also refers to another fellow diva in one of her rap songs and has been known to dislike Mariah Carey for quite some time. Minaj has paved the road for female rappers and she is well aware of what a big deal that is to the music industry, which could be a very good reason behind her diva behavior.

6 Katherine Heigl

It breaks my heart to have to list a Grey’s star, but Heigl has dug her own grave for many years when it comes to divalicious behaviors. It all started back when she made her big screen debut on ‘Knocked Up’. This film gave her the opportunity to become the star she is today, but Heigl reportedly deemed the film sexist and claimed that it was a poor portrayal of women. Harsh words about a movie that made her famous. She also proved her divaness when she withdrew her name from the Emmy Nomination a year after she won Best Supporting Actress for Grey’s Anatomy. She stated that she didn't believe she was given ‘Emmy-worthy’ material that season and doubted her chances of winning. She has also been chosen for a variety of different movies,that could've made her acting career even larger than it currently is, but her outrageous salary demands have prevented her from landing roles in films such as Valentine's Day.

5 Lindsay Lohan

Although Lohan isn't the most relevant celeb on the list, her history of diva behavior is still noteworthy. Perhaps some of these behaviors is why she is no longer a contender for top movie roles. Lohan had many chances to redeem herself after proving unprofessional for so many years as she would show up to set extremely late and usually still high or hungover from the night before. She didn't believe her antics were too troublesome as she made life even more difficult for those who worked with her as she had a number of ridiculous demands while working. For example, her beverages had to be a certain temperature and she reportedly had a number of fits if the lighting in her dressing room was bothering her (most likely because of her hangover).

4 Megan Fox

Megan is by far one of the hottest celebs on the list, but she may have ruined her chances of being the star she deserves after her behavior on the set of Transformers. Unfortunately, she made her debut on this movie and she also ended her career here too as she didn't have much relevant work post-Transformers. Fox was fired from the movie as she called director, Michael Bay, Hitler. After the movie debuted, a few crew members wrote an open letter, outlining some of the antics of Fox. The letter was quite harsh and could be the reason behind her demise as an actress. The crew members stated that she was unprofessional, rude, thankless and full of herself. She was an inexperienced actress when she was brought onto the Transformers franchise and she allegedly acted as if she was a force to be reckoned with. Megan expected to be pampered at all times and would rarely come out of her trailer without being poked and prodded.

3 Lea Michele

The ‘Glee’ star has had her fair share of hate-filled blogs featuring her supposed diva behavior on the set of the popular sitcom. Naya Rivera, Lea’s ‘Glee’ co-star, confirmed rumors of Michele’s behavior in her tell-all book, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up. She stated that Michele just didn't like sharing the spotlight and she acted extremely stuck up. Lea insisted on hand sanitizer within arms reach; she also was infamous for throwing fits and locking herself in her trailer, stalling production. Rivera said that the cast would often times celebrate and drink at a location called the “Love’s Nest”, and Lea Michele made an appearance at the cast gathering only once, and sipped tea while everyone downed shots. Rivera isn't the only co-star who complained about Lea’s behavior; Kate Hudson didn't speak too kindly of her either and a number of other cast members confirmed the allegations of Michele stalking production to have a toddler-like temper tantrum.

2 Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag was made famous on the reality series The Hills back in the mid-2000’s. Since the final season of the series ran in 2010, Montag has made a living by working on a number of different reality shows that feature celebrities. “Speidi” (Heidi and her douchey husband, Spencer, coined this name during The Hills era) is starring in the new Celebrity Big Brother (they also appeared on the show together in 2013) that had the first episode air on March 1st. The couple reportedly demanded that they have fish and chips delivered to the Big Brother house on multiple occasions. They stated that if their demands weren't met, they would leave the show. During Heidi’s days on The Hills, she snubbed her co-stars frequently as she refused to take group photos with them and she also demanded that no one speak to her during reunion shows.

1 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is nothing short of an incredible genius. So rightfully, her demands have always been a bit out there. Gaga requires multiple assistants to keep her upright as she refuses to wear anything less than obnoxiously high heels. She also has had a variety of infamous wardrobe choices that have required their own support staff. Her 2011 Grammy Award Show entrance featured Gaga inside a man-made egg, which also required 4 extra members to walk with her down the red carpet so they could hold up the platter that her egg laid upon. Gaga also has outlandish requests when she is on tour, requests that would be similar to those made by a drunken college student making a joke on someone. On her Born This Way Tour, her rider requested a mannequin with puffy, pink pubic hair and Irish Whiskey. She also allegedly demanded she have a bath of blood for some type of spiritual ritual, this is still up in the air as no confirming reports have been made.

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