15 Sneaky Ways All Women Manipulate Men

Arguably, the world wouldn’t have been such a beautiful place if it wasn't for the women, who not only have a desire to make everything look beautiful, but are also a beautiful sight to behold. Although there's so much good in women we can talk about, there's something about them that men particularly hate. Women have over the years perfected their ability to manipulate men to do anything and everything they want, regardless of how men feel about it.

Women have made men think that they're only romantic if they do everything for them, while she just lies on a bed full of rose petals looking all beautiful and hot. Women are so good at this game that even the men compete to meet all their desires, even the wildest ones that are too ridiculous. It's because of such mental conditioning that men claim they can cross the oceans for their women, or go to the moon and back for them, which makes no sense at all.

One of the reasons why men find it hard to know they're playing right into the women's games is because women use a range of sneaky ways to achieve their objectives. Since men are all different and they're not as stupid as many might think, women often use these tactics interchangeably and then stick to the ways that work for each particular man. Since women get creative every other day, here are the top 15 strategies that they've used over the years. Which of these do you think are the most effective?

15 Crying

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Naturally, men are physically stronger than women are, and they've always had an instinctive response to protect women, regardless of who the woman is to them. Therefore, if a woman started to cry over anything, any man around her would do anything to comfort her and make her stop.

Since women are aware of this simple fact, over the years they've used their tears to fight for almost anything they want, and they've gotten it. If a couple was arguing, then the woman started to cry, the man will immediately step down from his authoritative stand and give into the woman's demands, regardless of who's right.

Therefore, some women have mastered the art of crying on demand, as opposed to crying because of a hurtful or emotionally overwhelming situation. Most of these manipulative women make men feel as if they've hurt them the minute they start crying, but it's just one of their most effective tools they use to have their way.

14 Bringing Up Past Mistakes

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Most women have a way of remembering every tiny detail concerning what the men in their lives have ever done to them, especially the negative things. It's as if they have a mental list they keep adding every other day, regardless of how sweet a man can be or how long he has stayed without offending her. It's as clear as day, that although it's possible for a woman to forgive her man, it's impossible for her to forget the crime.

Women have used this method of manipulating men for so long they've perfected it, and they're all so good at it one would think they hold secret seminars on how to remember baggage and use it in any situation. This is a sneaky way men know about but can't do a thing to help themselves out of, because it seems most of them are wired to mess up on a regular basis.

13 Using And Withholding Intimacy

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Women everywhere know that their men would literally do anything to get intimate with them, especially if they know they're hot and their men go crazy just thinking about them. Although each party brings something to the table when it comes to getting intimate, it always seems as if women can do well without intimacy, but men would die without it.

This situation makes it possible for women to be so powerful they can call the shots on whether time in the bedroom is possible or not. Therefore, when she needs her man to do something for her, especially something she knows he doesn't want to, she can encourage him to do so by making him believe his reward will be intimacy.

In addition, a woman can also withhold  any form of intimacy from her man, if he doesn't meet her demands. This is arguably the worst form of manipulation, but it's sadly the most effective.

12 Reverse Psychology

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Reverse psychology is a tricky game women play to make their men do what they want them to do for them, and they do this by suggesting a course of action while expecting the man to do the complete opposite. For example, a girl will act as if she has no interest in a man while deep inside she's really into him; this behavior will challenge a man to pursue her even more because she knows men love challenges.

This strategy will also work so well against a man who thinks he's the boss and can't take orders from anyone. His woman will tell him to do something in a particular way, but she knows he'll do the opposite since she knows he's stubborn and doesn't want to be told what to do. In the end, the woman will get exactly what she wanted, and the man will realize much later that he fell straight into her plan.

11 Flirting With Other Men

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Men are proud of what they own and they don't like it when other men even attempt to mess with their things, especially the things they consider most precious to them. As much as women are not "things" to be owned, no man wants to see his woman expressing interests in other men because such behavior is an indication that he can lose her to another man.

Women will often use this manipulation strategy to get their men's attention and make them commit to them. When a man realizes he can be replaced, he is forced to step up and meet his woman's demands, because he can't imagine losing her to someone else.

Therefore, if you've been going out with a woman you like and then she suddenly starts going out with other men and makes sure you're aware of it, she wants you to declare your love for her and fight for her.

10 Causing Drama

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Women have a reputation for causing drama whenever they need to win an argument or have things work out their way. Most of them cause drama by complaining and blaming their man for all the troubles they are experiencing in life, even when those troubles have nothing to do with the man. Through such complaining, their goal is to make the man feel guilty to the level of giving in to their demands.

Some women can also start shouting, insulting their men, and being too aggressive. Such women are likely to have grown up in families or environments where they had to be tough in order to survive.

The issue with this form of manipulation is that some men also know how to cause drama and they can shout, break things, and insult just as much if not more than the women do. Causing drama is a way of manipulation that's aimed at making the other person lose control and dominating them.

9 Claiming She Did It All For You

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In a relationship, women will often want to do things for themselves, which the man might not necessarily agree with, but their manipulative ways help them to get exactly what they want at their man's expense.

If she were to go straight up and ask him, he would refuse, and bringing the topic up for discussion might result in the man explaining clearly, why she shouldn't do what she wants to do. Therefore, since she has to get what she wants and she doesn’t want to take the fall for it, she will claim she did whatever she did for the man.

For example, she will use your money to buy expensive clothes and jewelry because you want to look good when you go out with her. She could even order a whole bathroom makeover and tell you she did it so that you two could have an even more exciting time showering together, though you might not do so as often as you'd expect.

8 Excessive Compliments

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A wise woman knows that in addition to sex, men crave for respect and approval. A man hates to feel small and will often avoid situations where people will find out about his weakness, even if the exposure will help him somehow. The only place a man will let another human being have power over him is at his place of work, although he is being paid to do so.

Therefore, since women know just how much a man wants to be praised, they use it to manipulate them. A woman who knows what she wants starts complimenting the man on all the little things he does, especially the ones directed towards her until he takes notice of just how appreciative his woman is.

She then starts to hint at other things the man can do for her to get even more praise, and he will do everything she wants as often as she wants. Although a man will feel great because everything he does is appreciated, he will never realize he's just being used.

7 Playing The Damsel In Distress Card

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As boys begin to realize they're a bit different from girls, they're made to believe that they should grow up to become knights in shining armors, because such are the men who always get the girl. In order to be such a knight, a boy knows he has to save his princess from a castle, and the only way to do this is to slay the dragon. However, the only problem today is there are no castles and dragons are long gone, so they will look for another way to save the princess.

Women know just how much it means to a man to feel as if he saved her from a terrible situation, with one of the most challenging situations is changing a flat tire. Therefore, if such a woman wants to manipulate a man into doing something she wants, she will only play the damsel in distress card, and her man will rush riding in to save the day. A woman can be competent and even better at whatever she wants to be done than the man, but she doesn’t need to ruin her makeup if she has a man who is dying to help her.

6 Planting Seeds For Her Victory

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Women have perfected the art of manipulating men in a way they won't feel as if they're being manipulated at all. Unlike men, who appear to live only for the moment, women think about their future a lot, and they will do anything to bring their vision of the future into a reality.

If she likes coming over to your house to cook and clean, she's not enjoying the present, she's definitely securing her spot as your wife in future. Furthermore, she will treat you like a king and give you everything you want now because she wants to remind you of what she's doing now at an opportune time in the future.

Few men get to know what their women are up to, and when they eventually do, it's usually too late and she has already moved on from that strategy. Therefore, the next time you think how much you've impressed her by taking her out to her favorite vacation spot, think again because she started conditioning you a few months before you did the bookings, so you just got played.

5 Bargaining With You

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Women often manipulate men by staging a bargain with them to make them feel as though they're getting something in return for their sacrifice, while in reality, she's getting everything. An ideal relationship is one where both parties win in the end, but women have redefined the ideal relationship and have made everything about them. Even when she's bargaining with a man, she has her sights set to go for the win, especially in the discussions which she introduces, because she's had time to think about how she will win.

If you traded in your sports car to get a family van, and then got her a mini as a gift because you love her and you saved so much money from the trade, you played right into her plan. Your great reward lies in putting your family first and buying her the car you picked out for her, right? The truth is that you're now stuck driving the kids to school in the van every day, while she's free to go wherever she wants with her girlfriends any time she wants.

4 The Cold Shoulder

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Women have mastered the art of the cold shoulder, and they know men hate it. You may be having a good time with a woman, then out of nowhere and without warning, she starts behaving like a block of ice. In such times, she will appear to have the least interest in you, she'll be quiet, and won't talk to you except to say yes or no.

In many instances, men mistakenly believe that their women are fed-up with them and even get to the point of leaving them, but when women do this, they just want their men to pursue them. This is the oldest trick women use to win an argument, and they employ this strategy when they're not willing to give in.

Women can carry a grudge for a very long time, and they have control over many things in the home. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the cold shoulder, apologize and break the ice or you will have to clean your own laundry for a long time.

3 Getting Your Mom To Side With Her

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When your woman gets your mom on her side, you will never win any argument again. Women know how to stick together and gang up to meet their needs, regardless of who such women are to you. Since women love to talk, she can talk to your mom and make her understand what she's going through with you, and as soon as your mom is on her side, you're through.

Men have a special place in their hearts for their mothers, since their mothers are the first women in their lives and they're usually the queen of their hearts, at least according to Boyz II Men. Therefore, there's no way a man can do anything wrong if his woman and his mom gang up against him since these wield too much power over him.

Furthermore, since your mom knows you so well, she can reveal all your weaknesses to your woman, just in case you insist on having your way, and these two can use your weaknesses against you.

2 Blaming It On The Time Of The Month

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Men and women might be the same species, but they're different in so many ways. Some of the obvious differences are physical, but even this difference goes much deeper than what the eyes can see. Although the woman's body is clearly the most appealing body on the planet in every way, it's by far the most complicated.

Unlike men, women go through their menses every few weeks from the time they become adolescents to the time they're old and can't bear children anymore. The experiences women go through during such episodes are all uncomfortable and unpleasant, with the intensity varying from one woman to the next.

However, although almost every man has gone through a class highlighting a few issues concerning a woman's biology, it's almost certain they still don’t know a thing. Since women know this, they blame their biology for everything. When a woman does the worst of things, regardless of how extreme, she can blame it on her biology and no man will ask a question.

1 Using Your Kids Against You

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Men love their kids and they'd do anything for them. Therefore, since women know this fact, they know they can use their kids to manipulate their men in any way they desire. Very many men in the world have married and stayed with women they didn't really want to be with just because they love their kids and want them to grow up in a family with both parents.

Other men have been manipulated into having kids and into marriage, believing they're doing the right thing for their young ones. Other women also use their kids to get something from their men because the kids rarely get a no from their daddy. If a woman wants to go binge shopping at the mall, she says it's for the kids and the man simply understands and moves on.

Many women who've given birth to children out of wedlock have taken to extortion and blackmail, and in the process make so much money from their exes in the name of child support.

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