15 Snaps That Were Sent Just Before Something Horrible Happened

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows its users to easily send and receive photos and short video clips without having to worry about the pictures forever being on the internet. This is because all the photos and videos on Snapchat disappear immediately after they are viewed, unless of course someone takes a screenshot of it. Snapchat is great for capturing embarrassing, funny, scary, and happy moments while the moment is taking place and not having to worry about erasing the pictures later if it was of something bad. Teenagers everywhere love the app for its privacy, but others love the app for those times that people screenshot horrifying and embarrassing moments that were never really meant to be seen by our eyes.

Adults everywhere seem to love the app in order to capture and send moments that they would otherwise get in trouble for, such as speeding, drinking and driving, affairs, and even drugs or other much worse criminal activity, but there is always someone out there ready to screenshot these things. Nothing is really ever totally private, which is exactly why we were able to compile a list of 15 Snapchat mishaps that just happened to be a screenshot. Some of these are the last pictures that someone took of themselves moments before tragedy occurred, some of them are of people getting stolen from, burning buildings, and even people catching their partners in the middle of an affair. Some of these stories are not for the faint of heart and others are kind of hilarious.

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15 Gypsy Woman

I have to admit, this guy looks genuinely concerned in the snap that he took after a gypsy woman supposedly took money right out of his hands, but I don’t know that Snapchat would be the first thing I turn to if I had money stolen. Maybe he has his priorities a little mixed up, or perhaps he already contacted the police and is just wasting time while he waits, or maybe he decided to just let her have it instead of making a big stink out of it. Upon doing some research on this photo we learned that this man is a backpacker, meaning he travels around the world with nothing but the backpack on his shoulders. Of course, he should know that in certain parts of the world you have to be extra careful when it comes to interacting with other people because the crime rates in some spots are outrageous, but he will probably be a little more careful next time around.

14 Caught Before The Tragedy At Pulse Nightclub

Most of you aware of the tragedy that took place not that long ago inside of the Pulse Nightclub when a gunman came into the small club that was packed with people and started to fire into the crowd. It was a terrible massacre, and I cannot imagine what the people inside of the club went through that night. One person’s Snapchat however gave us a small inside look at just what was going on that night. Amanda Alvear’s Snapchat story started out perfectly normal with selfies with friends, everyone having a great time, but things quickly took a turn for the worst. Amanda continued to take snaps of herself while trying to avoid the gunman. Sadly, she was not able to escape and those snaps ended up being the last time that anyone heard from her, as she lost her life in this terrible incident.

13 About To Catch Her Cheating

Pretty much everyone has been cheated on at some point in their life. It is a heartbreaking thing and no matter how many times that it happens to us it never seems to hurt any less than it did the first time. Which is why this man’s snap of him crying before catching his girlfriend in the act of cheating hits home pretty hard for most of us. My guess is that he wanted to catch the moment on Snapchat for everyone to see just what she had been doing behind his back, but the look on his face tells us just how hard this was for him. A lot of men have called this guy a sissy for crying like that, but honestly, I think he would be heartless not to cry. I mean if you truly do care about someone and love them, then crying is a perfectly normal response to finding out that they have been deceiving you since day 1, regardless of whether you are male or female.

12 Defeated

The look of defeat is a look that most of us mothers have on our faces at least twice a day, and I can honestly say that I feel this girl’s pain. There is nothing worse than having a long day at work only to come home and look forward to eating that delicious meal that you have slaved over the stove to make only to drop it all over the floor for the dog, or in her case, cat to lick up. The look on her face is pure defeat, and we definitely feel bad for her. I think that if it were a long enough day and I was exhausted then I would probably just forget about it and go to sleep, because no one has time for that kind of mess. It seems as though she was having the type of day when you everything that could go wrong does and you just want to give up and plant your face into your pillow for the night.

11 This Girl Luckily Survived Snapping And Driving

We all know how horrible texting and driving is, so what makes anyone think that snapping and driving is okay? Her eyes were not off of the road for just a quick second either; she was actually looking directly at her phone’s camera for way too long and we later learned that she was actually going 100 mph when she crashed. Luckily, she survived. She was, however, able to capture her near crash on Snapchat, and it even posted to her story before it was over. I really do not think that sending a snap to all of your friends is worth such a huge risk, but I am sure that she learned her lesson after she managed to recover from the accident, which apparently took a very long time. I do not care how boring her drive might have been. You are never supposed to take your eyes off of the road and this is a good example of why.

10 Snapchat Catching A Tragic Moment

This is a series of snaps taken by some young women who snapped their entire journey in a car together up until the moment where they lost control of their car. Only one woman in the car was able to survive. She was the driver, and she went on to serve time in jail and extensive fines for vehicular manslaughter. She will forever be regretting the decisions that she made that night and I highly doubt that she will ever be able to forgive herself. It is a terribly sad thing that happened to these young girls, but the fact that it was caught on Snapchat and saved can be a way to show other young men and women just how dangerous it is drive while under the influence and how easily things can go from a good time to going horribly wrong.

9 Forgetting To Turn Off The Flash

We have all been there. We have all gotten a really cute cashier, server, waiter or waitress and wanted to show all of our friends just how cute they are. That is exactly what this girl was trying to do when she pulled out her phone to send a snap of her very cute Subway sandwich maker to her friends over Snapchat, but sadly for her, she forgot to turn off the flash! Talk about embarrassing! This guy was obviously thrown off by the sudden flash and if that were me taking the picture I would have darted out of there so quickly. I wonder how she explained to him why her flash went off. I suppose she could have said something along the lines of, “Oh, I accidentally turned the flashlight on. Oops,” and maybe she could have gotten away with that, but I highly doubt it. Who knows though, maybe this worked in her favor, and he thought that she was cute too.

8 Stuck On The 23rd Floor

This woman snapped herself being stuck on the 23rd floor of her apartment building while her relative called 911 to get help. We are unsure as to why it is that she felt the need to grab her phone and snap everything instead of trying to keep herself and her family safe, but I guess that is the hold that social media has over our lives these days. As it just so happens, luck was on their side that day, because everyone in the building was able to escape with only minor injuries. It was the best possible outcome that they could have had and I am sure that this girl’s Snapchat followers would agree with me on that. It is kind of frightening to see from this snap just how far up they were when they became trapped. Snapchat can be used to capture some terrifying moments.

7 Snapchat Ghosts

Snapchat is known for its crazy filters that everyone loves to use, the most popular filter being the puppy dog one. In order for these filters to work Snapchat needs to recognize a face and then map its main features, such as the eyes, mouth, and nose. Without these things it does not recognize that there is a face and therefore the filters do not work. So when this guy pointed his phone at a wall, he was more than surprised when he saw that the filters were picking up on a face. This Snapchat has forever been saved and was dubbed the Snapchat ghost. Which is kind of strange coincidence since the Snapchat logo is a ghost. After seeing this, I am not ashamed to admit that I am kind of terrified of using the filters when I am home alone now. I think I would have run out of my house in the blink of an eye had that been me.

6 Missing Girls

These snaps were taken of a couple of missing girls, who both went missing from the same area. They were both walking some old railroad tracks when they disappeared. At first everyone knew that the girls were missing, but although the parents knew where they had gone, no one knew what happened to them. Later some evidence came to light that showed both of the girls candidly being captured on Snapchat and that was the last time that they were ever seen alive. Unfortunately, these girls lost their lives. They were found the day after. The man was responsible for the heinous crimes was not captured, although a photo of a man that many suspected to be responsible was found on one of the girls’ phones. However, no one has been apprehended for this awful crime yet.

5 Chocolate Soap

Okay, in all fairness, that does look like a fancy piece of chocolate. I would probably have bitten into it as well had it been me. Could you imagine being at work and seeing these cute little things that would appear to be delicious chocolates wrapped up in saran wrap, only to bite into one and find yourself spitting it right back out? Whoever decided that it would be a good idea to make soap that look identical to chocolate should be forced to eat one themselves, because this is just downright cruel. It is however also kind of funny, since it did happen to someone else and not us, this is a classic and comical mistake. I am sure that from now on she will think twice before eating anything random that is left out at her job, but hey, at least her mouth was clean for the rest of the day.

4 MPH Filter

Another Snapchat filter that became popular not that long ago is the one that tells you how fast you are going when you are in a moving vehicle. Whoever thought to make this filter definitely should have thought twice because it quickly ended up leading to several crashes after young men and women everywhere tried to make it go up into the hundreds thinking that it made them look cool. This was the case for this young woman who was snapping as she was driving, not too long after getting her license. She decided to take this new filter out for a spin along with her car. She managed to get up to just over 115 mph and add it to her Snapchat story right before she lost control of her car, and luckily, she survives. I don’t know what is with all of these young people thinking that it is okay to keep their eyes off the road for so long, but I wonder how many accidents and lives it will take until they realize that it is not worth it.

3 Who Wants Ice Cream?

This guy’s Snapcat story started off great.He had what appears to be the biggest swirl of ice cream ever sitting on top of a cone, and he thought that life was going great. Then suddenly things took a turn for the worst. That’s right, that precious mound of ice cream tumbled right onto the ground. How sad is that? Better yet, who didn’t see that coming? I mean, did he think that the laws of gravity did not apply to him? This is definitely a sad yet funny end to his Snapchat story, and we are glad that someone managed to screenshot this one before it disappeared. I think that the caption that he put with that last snap is pretty spot-on, as I am sure that I would feel that way too had I just wasted that much ice cream and money. Maybe next time he could just get two ice cream cones instead of one huge one.

2 Merry Christmas

Upon looking at this snap, the only thing that you might find wrong it is the fact that it seems slightly unprofessional for the NYPD to be snapping a drug raid, but when you find out that they raided the wrong house ON CHRISTMAS, then your opinion of this snap changes. Apparently the NYPD had a warrant to search a nearby house for drugs after an extensive investigation, their plan was to raid the house on Christmas when they knew that things would be in full swing. This plan, however, backfired when after cuffing this innocent family and messing up their home they realized that they were in the wrong home. That had to be the worst Christmas of this family’s entire lifetime, and we can only hope that the NYPD paid to cover any damages that were made during the raid as well as offer an apology to this poor unsuspecting family.

1 Falling For A Snap

This snap became famous after the girl behind it passed trying to get the perfect selfie. Apparently this very young woman was known for scaling the tallest buildings around the world and then getting breathtaking shots for Snapchat and her other social media platforms before making her way back down. This particular snap however had a sad end when the girl taking the photo fell just shortly after taking this photo. Some people say that she is lucky that she at least met her end doing what she loved, but in reality, she probably passed away terrified. This very sad moment was heartbreakingly immortalized by this Snapchat photo. I will never understand people who purposely put themselves in harm’s way like that. We feel for this poor girl’s family.

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