15 Smoking Hot Russian Women You Would Commit Treason For

Russia has always been that one country that has a bit of a fighting chance against us.

There has, as of late, been a lot of talk in the news about Russia. It has always been a bit of a scary place for most Americans. We have long been the toughest kid on the block, but Russia has always been that one country that has a bit of a fighting chance against us. And with Putin leading their country, let's face it, they are just a tiny bit scary.

But who cares? With all the hot women that are over there, I would visit in a heartbeat! Wait, so you thought that Russia was filled with stout women who wear scarves and thick coats and who drink way too much vodka? Not even close. Russia is chock full of some of the most smoking hot women anywhere. If you don't believe me, don't take my word for it. Just check out the photos of the 15 hot chicks that I pulled together for your viewing pleasure.

But  I know, what you're thinking: "Hey Leon, it isn't cool to be into anything that has to do with Russia right now. Those guys are scary!" Oh come on... Where would Donald Trump be if he had an attitude like that? It's more than cool to be into all these hot Russian women; just don't tell anyone about it.

Here are 15 smoking hot women from Russia worth committing treason for.

15 Anya Monzikova

Okay, so some of these super hot chicks did not stay in Russia long, and one of those is Anya, who lived in Russia only until the age of 8, and then moved to Florida. She is a model and an actress who, in the year 2006, was named one of the most beautiful women in the world by People Magazine. If they say it, then it must be true, right? She used to be one of the women on Deal or No Deal. Remember how hot all of those women were? And while we're thinking about that, remember how irritating Howie Mandel was and still is? But enough about him. Let's get back to talking about Anya, or actually, let's stop talking about her and just look at her. She truly is an amazingly beautiful woman who has an incredible body as well.

14 Olga Fonda

Olga, who is incredibly gorgeous, is from Russia and first came to America as a 14-year-old exchange student. After that year, she went back to Russia; then for college, she again became an exchange student in Maine, which is my home state and not exactly known for being full of hot Russian women. She got into modeling and eventually ended up starring in How I Met Your Mother, Nip/Tuck, Melrose Place, and Entourage, and she even played Owen Wilson's girlfriend in Little Fockers. She has also been in the Vampire Diaries. Now if you'll excuse me, I am not going to write a whole lot more on her as I have to get busy driving around my home state and hope that I might bump into her. There are only a million people here; it wont take too long.

13 Natalia Vodianova

Natalia is super hot and also in really good shape. Do you think that happens by accident? No way! She works hard at it. And she also makes her kids work hard at it too as she said in an interview with Mailonline: "Here’s what I did with my son. At 10, he was frankly getting a little chubby. I said to him, 'You cannot sit down with this thing happening to your stomach.' So yes, I am a little military when it comes to them eating c**p. Well I tell them they are gorgeous and beautiful and all those good things, but I tell them to watch what they eat, because those habits will stay forever, so you need to make healthier choices from the start." Well, I guess to be a successful supermodel, you have to be at least a little bit crazy when it comes to such things.

12 Anne Vyalitsyna

Anne is amazingly hot -- so hot that she was in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for ten straight years. Her husband, Adam Cahan, is really rich. See how that works? Check how excited Ann was when she got engaged as described by Stylish: "In the picture, which was first shared on Snapchat with a ring emoji, Vyalitsyna, 30, proudly put her left hand's radiant bling on display. Her new accessory adds extra pizzazz to her outfit of a black crew-neck shirt, jeans and a choker. 'Yep this ? happened,' she captioned the smiley pic featuring her oval-cut diamond set on a thin platinum band." See how the world goes? Since it first started, rich guys have been getting really hot women, and that's probably not going to change any time soon.

11 Irina Shayk

Okay, so here we have yet another total smoke show. Man, Irina is hot. What is the deal with these women over in Russia anyway? If you need to be told, once again what we have here is another gorgeous model. According to her website, "Irina is the global beauty ambassador of Avon Cosmetics, amongst many other prolific woman [sic] such [as] Reese Witherspoon and Fergie. She has graced the covers of top magazines including Vogue, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and many others." She has an exotic look that would it hard to guess she was Russian. But in reality, would you guess any of these women as Russian if you didn't know any better? Are they all this hot? Someone, please say yes.

10 Tatiana Sorokko

Tatiana is one of the most successful Russian models ever. In fact, she may even be the most successful. She was first discovered by an agent named Marilyn Gauthier. Tatianna said of this time, "Marilyn was one of the first Western modeling agents to come to Russia to scout, and she insisted that I come to Paris. She told me that my features were striking and exotic, which surprised me because I never considered my looks exotic at all!" Ahh, to be a modeling agent, hanging out in Russia and scouting amazing-looking women to hit up to be models. Could there be a better job in the entire world? Well, maybe with the job that Putin has, he would think so, but to be honest, I would still choose being an agent over that any day.

9 Elizaveta Golovanova

Next on the list is Elizaveta, who is looks amazing and is absolutely stunning. She has not done a whole lot of modeling or acting but is known for her success in beauty pageants. She was Miss Russia in the year 2012 and competed in both Miss World and Miss Universe that same year. She made it to the top ten in Miss Universe. Can you imagine what the pageants are like in Russia? Just dozens of absolutely gorgeous women to look at. And if you go up and talk to them, they would have pretty much no idea if you were a complete and total idiot because they don't speak English. A whole bunch of really hot women who have no idea how lame I am? That truly sounds like heaven to me. I wonder how much flights cost?

8 Tatiana Kovylina

Tatiana is the next incredibly stunning woman from Russia to make the list. She has modeled for Ann Taylor, Calvin Klein Jeans, Cole Haan, and Givenchy, and she has done runway work for Victoria's Secret. She was also in the music video of Duran Duran's single "Falling Down." I don't blame those guys for putting her in a video, not even a little bit. If I had a band, I would pay her to be in a video with me. In fact, maybe, I should just start practicing my guitar, write some song, and start a band, just so I would have a reason to put her in a video. Anyway, one can see why she is a model. Is it really even possible for someone as hot as she is to not make money from how good she looks? I don't think it is.

7 Vlada Roslyakova

Vlada has had a ton of success as a model, and it's easy to see why, as she has the type of look that fashion designers love -- meaning that she's not only hot and gorgeous, but has a very artistic and classy look as well. She first started modeling in Russia, then went to Japan as a model, before finally coming to the United States and being really successful pretty much right away. In fact, Vogue Paris named her one of the top 30 models of the 2000s. She has modeled for many top brands, in print and on the runway, and has also been on the cover of many magazines.  I wonder if any of these women go back to Russia often, and if so, whether they have a big enough suitcase for me to stow away in? One can only hope.

6 Irson Kudikova

Irson, who lives in Moscow, is 6 feet tall, an absolute knockout, and is a popular singer and actress in Russia. She sounds perfect, right? I mean there's nothing wrong with her at all, not even a little bit. She's the most amazing woman in the world! Well except for the whole Mickey Rourke thing. According to Ms. Kudikova in Black Book magazine, the actor recently asked her to marry him: "He told me, ‘You’re a fantastic woman. I want to marry you.'" Kudikova claims the two of them spent plenty of time together in Moscow and insists they're about to be engaged." Before you throw up, like I almost did, don't worry. The whole thing never happened, but it was still enough to almost make me lose my breakfast.

5 Valentina Zelyaeva

Out of all the incredibly hot women from Russia on this list, Valentina still stands out. She is just that gorgeous, which makes sense as she's a very successful model. She's also very successful at making women who are overweight mad. On the subject of banning underweight models from Milan Fashion Week, she said, "I think it's discrimination. We are skinny; this is our work. There are lots of overweight people working in offices, but I'm not going to say, 'This girl is fat, she can't work in an office'" Umm, yeah Valentina, I don't really think that's the point; you know what I am saying? I could try and explain it to you, but honestly, I would just get distracted looking at you and how totally hot you are.

4 Sasha Pivovarova

Sasha is an extremely successful model, who started in Russia and now lives in New York City. She said in an interview, "My favorite places in Moscow are the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art -- it has a wonderful collection of Impressionists -- the Justo club, and Sanduni Bath, which is the oldest bath house in Moscow. For Russian food, I like the Zhiguli restaurant. And so far, New York is much colder than Moscow!" Sasha was born in Moscow and did not think of being a model until her husband took some photos of her and sent them to a modeling agency. She was signed, and now she is a rich and hot model living in New York City, as opposed to a poor and hot chick doing whatever in Moscow. She is totally gorgeous.

3 Masha Novoselova

"Masha" is the kind of name that makes one think of kind of bad things, but more so if the person named "Masha" looks like this woman. My god, she is an absolute knockout. If you want to see more photos of her, she once did a spread in Eurowoman, of which Complex says, "The photo shoot isn't like most, with the model looking really dirty hot in the images. Honer Akrawi captures the photos of the Russian fashion model with tousled hair and a dark aesthetic. The monochromatic spread is sexy and quite unexpected considering the happy looking cover." Every photo that Masha is in looks amazing. She is one of the most successful models in Russia, and is also possibly the most popular.

2 Oxana Zubakova

Oxana is smoking hot, but that did not keep her from getting involved in a money laundering scheme. According to EveningStandard, "Oxana Zubakova, 37, gave evidence by videolink from Moscow to support her demand for the return of cash and jewellery seized in police raids on London safe deposit centres. She claimed she kept hundreds of thousands of pounds in cash at locations in London, Moscow and Spain 'because it was my comfortable way of keeping my money safe.'" I have to be honest: she is so gorgeous I wouldn't even care if she had a bunch of bodies buried in her basement. I probably don't have to tell you, but she is a model, and obviously a good one if she was hiding all that money all over the place.

1 Tatiana Georgieva

Tatiana is a Russian model who also goes by the name Tanya George. She's just 20 years old and is not only totally gorgeous, but has an absolutely stunning body as well. Do you think it is something in the water over there? I wonder why the name change though? Doesn't she want to have this totally unique and sexy-sounding foreign name? Tanya George makes her sound like she's a babysitter who's really into country music, not a totally hot Russian model. This is the kind of thing that makes me think that she's probably a Russian spy of some sort. And if I'm right, obviously, I just blew her cover, which probably means that I will get some sort of medal from the government.


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15 Smoking Hot Russian Women You Would Commit Treason For