15 Smoking Hot Pics Of Sunny Leone, The Hottest Indo-Canadian Celeb On The Planet

Karenjit Kaur Vohra, or to go by her stage name, Sunny Leone, is one of the hottest entities out of India right now. She has been for the past five years or so, ever since she burst onto the scene in the Big Boss house – a reality TV series, the equivalent of Big Brother – and then subsequently made her foray into Bollywood. It’s then that people started Googling her name, and what they saw…well, let’s just say the search results shocked a lot of people.

Sunny’s always been very open about her past, she has bared all – quite literally – and has nothing to hide. She was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, then relocated with her family to sunny California, and that’s where she was introduced to the adult film industry for the first time. She quickly became a popular figure and by 2010, had established herself as one of the most popular porn stars in the world. But after her stint in the Big Boss house, Sunny decided to shift her focus towards mainstream acting, and has been killing it in the Bollywood film industry ever since.

Because of her previous life as an adult film star, she hasn’t been everybody’s cup of tea in India. India’s generally quite a conservative country, so plenty of people, including prominent names in the industry and influential figures, have gotten on her back because of her past career choices. Of course, there are also a ton of people that love Sunny, that can’t get enough of her, and because of her porn star status, her popularity’s skyrocketed since she started doing mainstream movies.

Love her or hate her, there’s one thing that no one can argue with, and that’s that she’s incredibly hot, super sexy, and is certainly one of the hottest actresses onscreen. There are tons to choose from, a lot of which can’t be used in this article because they’re far too racy, but here’s a selection of 15 smoking hot pics of Sunny Leone.

15 Geek Chic

Okay, so this look might not rock everyone’s world, but there’s no denying that it’s super seductive, a sultry pic of Sunny in that geek chic look every celeb’s experimented with from time to time, a pic which I have to say – and I’m sure plenty would agree – that she’s pulled off superbly.

Sunny’s come out and said that she is actually a real geek at heart, certainly not a personality trait you’d expect from this brunette bombshell. Presumably she also loves to rock that geek chic look too from time to time, and judging by this pic, it’s easy to understand why. Sunny looks gorgeous in pretty much anything she tries to pull off, and this is no exception. That naughty teacher look with those glasses, seductively biting down on that pen, is enough to get anyone’s heart racing; being a bad boy might not be so bad if she’s going to be doing the scolding!

14 Condom Ad

I really can’t think of anyone more suited than Sunny Leone to advertise condoms.

In the conservative country of India, it was a pretty big deal that condoms were being advertised on TV to begin with – it hasn’t really been done before. Even if the creative minds in charge of the adverts had someone else in mind, they’d be hard-pressed to get many major celebs to do the ads – the majority of them would’ve steered clear, not wanting to risk public outrage. But luckily for them, by this point, Sunny was around and was just starting to make a name for herself in India. She’d have been their number one choice to do the ad anyway, and because of her background, she wouldn’t have had to think twice before accepting.

Sunny’s been the face of Manforce Condoms for a few years now, but this has to be one of her best pics, one of the best photoshoots she’s done with the company.

13 Beach Babe

This shot was taken on the beautiful beaches of Thailand and is the work of one of India’s best photographers, Dabboo Ratnani – boy he’s got a hard job! Once again, it’s another Manforce Condom shoot, and it was taken for the company’s annual calendar, and obviously, Sunny was the main feature of that calendar, the star of the show. She looks incredible in anything, but lying on the beach in that bikini, with that lighting, and everything done to perfection – there aren’t many better shots of Sunny than this one.

The thing about Sunny, the reason many people find her so attractive – apart from the obvious – is because she’s not your stereotypical gaunt-looking stick thin model. She’s got something about her, something on that frame of hers, and just has the perfect body type. She is fit, lean, and, of course, super hot – the ultimate package, and one that looks absolutely amazing in a bikini.

12 Music Video Vixen

This pic is a still from a music video, one of the most watched music videos over the past few years. When it came out, it drew plenty of criticism, but of course, because Sunny was in it, and because of the singers, it was a super duper hit.

The video’s basically about a group of friends who buy this lifelike doll from China. The doll then comes to life and does a bunch of things for its owner, including cook him, bathe him, and well, pleasure him in other ways. Who’s the doll? Yep, you guessed it, Sunny Leone; again, she’s probably one of only a few who could be coerced into starring in a video like that. This photo is from that video, showing Sunny doing her maid duties, and of course she had to wear that sexy outfit and make everything seem extremely hot; she even makes pouring a glass of milk super sensual.

11 Naughty Nurse

Sunny Leone as a sexy nurse – that’s probably high on a lot of people’s fantasy lists. Well, those naughty nurse dreams became a reality for the guy in this music video. This picture is a still from the same music video above, "Super Girl From China," and it’s safe to say that this pic in particular has become a lot of people’s wallpapers. This is just one of a number of sexy outfits Sunny dressed up in for that music video; the brains behind that music video knew that getting Sunny dressed up as a nurse would certainly help sell the song, and it did just that. Those who love Sunny and those who despise her all watched this vid – you just couldn’t take your eyes off it. Of course, Sunny being in the video is what made it a huge success, but the song’s pretty catchy too, which is always going to help.

10 Different Shades Of Sunny

So you’re getting three pics in this entry. Over the years, Sunny – depending on which industry she’s been in and what type of movie she’s been working on – has changed her style a lot. There haven’t been any drastic changes, just a few here and there, but it’s meant that ever since she came into the limelight, we’ve seen many different shades of Sunny. One thing she does like to experiment with is her hair. She’s naturally a brunette, but occasionally she goes for the blonde look, and has even colored her hair in shades of red, pink, and blue too. Not many people could pull that off, but Sunny certainly can. Here’s a collage of her pics, showing off those different styles, and I’m sure you’ll all agree, she looks stunning in each and every one, although – despite me not being a style expert – the brunette look has got to be the best.

9 Queen Of Seduction

This picture is classy, elegant, and super sexy all at the same time. This is Sunny posing for the cameras and getting ready to make an appearance in a film and shoot a music video. Even if Bollywood movies don’t really tickle your fancy, seeing Sunny dressed to impress might just be enough to change your mind. Bollywood’s like a religion in India, but even those who aren’t really into those movies flock to the movie theatres and cinema halls when posters of Sunny dressed like this are released; people go to see Sunny, even if it’s only for a few minutes during a song.

Sunny in a bikini, in nothing at all, or wearing risqué outfits are of course titillating, but Sunny in a traditional Indian sari – although there’s nothing traditional about the way Sunny’s wearing those garments – is just as hot. That’s why Sunny’s become the number one choice when it comes to item numbers (sexually provocative dances as part of a song in Bollywood movies) and looking at this pic, it’s clear to see why.

8 Car Wash

Every hot celeb needs to be seen doing a car wash scene or photoshoot, and Sunny’s no exception. This pic is actually from a film in which Sunny starred as the lead actress. She didn’t just make an appearance for an item song. It’s one of India’s first pornographic – or adult comedy depending on how you perceive it – mainstream films, which was released in 2016. Being an adult film, of course Sunny had to have a lead role in it, which she did – in fact, she had two lead roles, not that anyone was complaining. The more we see of Sunny the better! But having said that, the film was an epic flop at the box office. Mastizaade, which when translated into English, means "fun seekers," got truly awful reviews, with many critics deeming it not to even be a film, just a feast for those want to see a great deal of Sunny. With it being an adult film, there were also protests calling for the film to be banned in certain states, and amazingly, there were even police complaints lodged against Sunny because of what she did in the film! Anyway, despite the fractured script, this movie was all about Sunny, and looking at this sultry pic, it’s easy to see why it was shocking and scandalous, but still a real treat for those who love Sunny.

7 Sultry Shower Pic

Sunny Leone getting hot and steamy in the shower is, I’m sure, yet another thing many people have fantasized about. In fact, because of Sunny’s career, she’s probably actually done a lot of people’s fantasies in real life, but most of them are far too X-rated to be depicted on here, but this is still one of her most sizzling pics. This one is yet another pic from one of Sunny’s movies, a movie called Jism 2, an erotic thriller which stars Sunny as one of the leads. It was actually Sunny’s debut movie in Bollywood, and looking at this pic, it’s easy to understand why her popularity skyrocketed after it hit the screens. Sunny looks drop dead gorgeous in that bikini, cooling down in the shower. She’s just effortlessly beautiful; she has what many people would deem to be the perfect body, perfect looks, and just has the complete package, a photographer’s dream.

6 A Bit Tied Up

I’m sure everyone’s aware by now that Sunny used to be an adult film star, a pornographic actress, or whatever term you want to use. Her time in the industry included her doing plenty of stuff, but in addition to getting down and doing the dirty, she also starred in other adult movies around that time, bondage movies to be specific. Yes, Sunny Leone also did the whole bondage thing and was once a bondage babe. She has starred in a ton of these films, both as the dominatrix, and the woman who ends up in peril and winds up getting trussed up and gagged at the hands of the bad guy, and sometimes, bad girl. Like most things she has tried her hands at, she’s been very successful doing the whole bondage thing too, and has received a ton of popularity because of it. If it’s your thing, I’m sure you’ll also find this pic of Sunny who’s in a bit of a predicament, incredibly alluring.

5 Taking Bollywood By Storm

Sunny just looks gorgeous in a sari, and here’s yet another picture of her in traditional Indian garbs dancing and doing her thing, wowing audiences in an item number. There are normally several songs in a Bollywood movie, and having a superstar like Sunny in one of them will ensure people stick around and watch it, and not use the opportunity to have a bathroom break!

This is a picture of Sunny shaking those hips from one of her latest movie appearance. The song’s called "Laila Main Laila," and it’s from the movie Raees, which features several other superstar actors. The way things work in India, is that the songs are often released before the movie. You’ll start to hear the songs on the radio, see it played on music video channels, and because Sunny’s the main feature of this song, you can bet your bottom dollar it would’ve enticed people to go and watch the movie.

4 Pout Queen

Everyone loves a good pout. Female celebs have mastered the pout over the past few years; it’s got to be done, especially when taking a selfie. Hot pout selfies are the new trend, showing off those full, beautiful, luscious lips, in a sensual, seductive kind of manner, and you can see from this pic, Sunny’s certainly worked on her pout. She has set the trend in India with her sexy lips, and because of these poses, many other Bollywood actresses have started to follow suit. As far as we’re concerned, Sunny’s pout is totally natural too – no lip fillers are required when you have lips like Sunny. But even if she did use a little something to plump those lips up and get that pout perfect, who cares, it’s certainly had the desired effect!

3 Naughty Cop

Here it is again, I’m going to mention that "Super Girl From China" music video. That’s because those in charge of the music video, the choreographers and costume designers, really did have a huge amount of fun with it; clearly they had creative license to do whatever they wanted, put Sunny in whatever they wanted, and consequently we got to see her strut her stuff in a number of very risqué outfits. I’ve mentioned the nurse and the maid, but Sunny as a cop, that also deserves a mention. Seeing Sunny as a sexy cop must have really made a lot of people’s fantasies come true, and is just one of the reasons the video became so popular. Incidentally, Sunny also dresses up in a number of other outfits for that video, including as Superwoman. Superwoman Sunny, now that’s got a nice ring to it!

2 Sensual Seduction

Sunny Leone pics don’t get much hotter than this one. It’s truly to die for, with Sunny in that sultry red and black outfit, seductively biting her finger – it’s certainly one of her best.

I’m no fashion expert, but red and black always works, especially if that color scheme’s used to make a corset, and that corset just happens to be trussed up on Sunny. But it’s of course not just the corset that makes this picture. They’ve really gone with the whole red and black theme, with Sunny wearing those red gloves and that skimpy red skirt. It’s that pose Sunny’s doing which really sets this pic on fire. She’s being a real tease in this pic, and clearly she has pulled on the heart strings of many posing like this. It truly is a gorgeous picture, everything about it is top notch and it depicts Sunny as the stunning goddess she is.

1 It’s Sunny At The Beach

It gets hot at the beach alright, but the temperature just skyrockets when the sun comes out, and things begin to sizzle even more when Sunny’s at the beach. Beach photoshoots are always the best. Everything about them just works: the lighting, clear blue sea, the cloudless sky, soft sand, and of course, a beautiful woman laying on top of it. Photographers know that beach pictures are always a good idea, hence why there’s a ton of Sunny Leone pics of her on the beach, but this has got to be one of the best. In addition to being super hot, there’s something graceful and calming about this pose, as Sunny lays back letting the sun beam down on her face and the wind gently caress her hair. It’s just a fabulous pic, made all the more hot and spicy due to the fact that Sunny’s in a bikini.

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