15 Smoking Hot Pics of Priyanka Chopra YOU MUST SEE

If you assume that you have some intense fever because your heart is beating fast and feel all hot and bothered, don’t worry. You don’t have the flu or some illness. It’s most likely because you’re lo

If you assume that you have some intense fever because your heart is beating fast and feel all hot and bothered, don’t worry. You don’t have the flu or some illness. It’s most likely because you’re looking at the beautiful Priyanka Chopra, which means you have Priyanka Fever. Priyanka Chopra is one of the most talented and gorgeous celebrities in the world at the moment. She first rose to fame by winning the Miss World 2000 pageant and then became one of the biggest actresses and singers in Bollywood. She is one of the most popular and beautiful celebrities in India. She has also moved on to a career in Hollywood and has appeared in TV shows and movies. She’s quickly becoming one of the most talked about international celebrities. With her exotic and stunning beauty, she is becoming a dominant force in both Bollywood and Hollywood.

She is one of the first South Asian actresses to have a great amount of success in Hollywood. In addition to acting, she also has a very successful career as a singer and model. She is often ranked high on hottest celebrity lists in both India and North America. She has appeared in blockbuster Bollywood films, romantic comedies and tragic dramas. She’s having the same type of success in Hollywood, starring in a blockbuster action series and will soon be taking over the big screen. She is one of the most gorgeous women alive. Here is a look at 15 Smoking Hot Pics of Priyanka Chopra YOU MUST SEE.

15 Movie Premiere

via:Bollywood News

There is a good chance that the words “beautiful”, “sexy” and “hot” have all be invented to one-day describe Priyanka Chopra. In this pic, she attends a movie premiere while wearing a sexy, tight blue/greenish dress. She shows off a bit of her shoulder and sexy legs. It’s safe to assume that she broke somebody's heart that night looking so killer. She probably had to turn down a plethora of marriage proposals that night. Priyanka can look stunning in an elegant gown or sexy little skirt. She somehow manages to make it seem like she can look incredibly gorgeous with little effort. One can only assume that she woke up this way and just rolled out of bed. With her breathtaking beauty and great talent she’ll be fending off marriage proposals and getting major movie offers for a long time. This is obviously just the beginning for this exotic beauty that will surely be breaking hearts forever with her beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile.

14 Green and Red Lehenga

Priyanka Chopra breaks hearts in a stunning gown or short skirt. She turns heads in sexy jeans or little shorts. She is also incredibly sexy when wearing classic Indian clothes like a sari or lehenga. This pic will have her fans all over the world drooling. She made her debut in the Bollywood film, The Hero: Love Story of a Spy. She played a supporting role in the film but was praised for her performance. She had her big breakthrough with her critically acclaimed role in Aitraaz. She was praised for her performance as the villain. She then went on to star in two blockbuster films, Koi…Mil Gaya and the action film, Don. Around this time she had several career setbacks with several Bollywood critics believing her career was over. Of course they were all proven wrong. In this pic, she shows that she can look stunning in no matter what she wears. She wears a sexy lehenga with a green top and red bottom. She looks stunning in this lehenga but it's very likely that it's her natural beauty that makes the lehenga so hot.

13 Maxim Cover


The country of India is known for its intense heatwaves. The summer and the winters can be very hot. However, it’s very possible that the reason it’s so hot in India is because of the sizzling hot Priyanka Chopra. She poses in this black little number that is so hot; it’s impossible to tell if you’re sweating because you’re in India or because you’re looking at this pic. Her success in Bollywood continued to grow in her career. She was praised for her outstanding performance in the film Barfi! In the film, she played an autistic woman who falls in love with a deaf and mute man. In 2013, she voiced a character in the Disney animated movie, Planes. It also starred Dane Cook, Terri Hatcher and Val Kilmer. She’s also done a lot of modelling for several magazines. She is often featured in Maxim magazine. In 2011 and 2013, Maxim chose her to be 'Hottest Girl of the Year'. This pic was a part of her Maxim photoshoot and was the cover. She wears all black with her hair up showing off her beautiful neck. This picture proves why she was picked for Maxim’s 'Hottest Girl of the Year' twice. There is a good chance she’ll win it several more times.

12 Beautiful In A Rams Jersey

If you’re not a fan of the NFL, you certainly will be after seeing Priyanka in this hot photoshoot. She wears various NFL jerseys in the whole photoshoot, proving that not only is she so hot but also the perfect girl. After her massive success in Bollywood she is repeating that success in Hollywood. She currently stars as Alex Parrish in the ABC thriller, Quantico. The plot revolves around Alex who after graduating from the FBI Academy, joins the FBI but soon becomes the prime suspect in a terrorist attack. Joshua Safran created the series, which first premiered on September 27, 2015 and is currently in its second season. The series also stars Josh Hopkins, Yasimine Al Massri, Jake McLaughlin and Blair Underwood. The series has received positive reviews from critics with Priyanka Chopra getting much praise for her performance. In this pic, Priyanka wears very short gold shorts and a St. Louis Rams jersey. She somehow makes the Sam Bradford number 8 jersey look incredibly sexy, mostly because she’s wearing it. She shows off her incredible body and sexy legs in this sizzling picture.

11 SpongeBob Shorts

Priyanka Chopra has many beautiful and amazing assets. She’s incredibly talented, stunningly gorgeous and has a smile that could make a human melt. She also has unbelievably sexy legs that go on for days. Not only is she hot, but she also has brains. Originally, Priyanka had dreams of studying aeronautical engineering but that all changed in 2000. While attending school in India, she entered and won a local beauty pageant, “May Queen”. Eventually, she entered and won the Miss India title. She went on to win the Miss World 2000 crown on November 20th, 2000. She soon began to receive several offers to appear in Bollywood films. She made her movie debut in the 2002 Tamil film, Thamizhan. In this pic, she shows off her stunning legs that go on for days. She wears little SpongeBob shorts and a white t-shirt. She lays on her back with her hot legs in the air. To make this pic even hotter she flashes her gorgeous smile that easily lights up the room.

10 Sexy Back

Priyanka Chopra is known for her gorgeous smile, sexy legs and stunning eyes. One might be surprised to know that she also has a sexy back. One might even say she’s bringing sexy back… okay, nobody will say that but she does look stunning in this backless dress. Priyanka continues to have a ton of success in Bollywood. She is one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood and the most popular. She continues to appear in Bollywood films. She starred in the biographical film, Mary Kom, portraying world boxing champion and Olympic medalist Mary Kom. Her fame and success in Bollywood has become worldwide. She has started to receive major roles in Hollywood. She currently stars in the ABC series Quantico. She will also be starring in the action comedy Baywatch. In this picture, she shows off an elegant beauty in this stunning gown. She shows off her sexy back in this sizzling photo that just leaves people wanting more from her.

9 Sexy Sari

Priyanka Chopra looks smoking hot in a gown, short skirt, jeans and a lehenga. However, she breaks hearts in this sexy sari but at the same time is the type of girl you’d love to bring home to mom. Priyanka is an extremely talented actress and model. In addition to her incredible talent as an actor, she’s also a very accomplished singer. She sang often during her pageant days but has done very little playback singing for the Bollywood films she starred in. She is the first Bollywood star to sign with Creative Artists Agency. She released her first single, “In My City” featuring Will. I. Am, on September 13, 2012. It received some criticism but was a major success in India. It was also used for a TV spot for NFL Networks Thursday Night Football. She was nominated for several awards at the World Music Awards. Her second single, “Exotic” featuring Pitbull, was released in 2013. In this pic, Priyanka wears a sexy sari, which is classic Indian attire. She shows off her incredible body with a slight smile.

8 Pretty In Pink

via:Sulekha Movies

Warning: if you stare at this picture too long you might fall madly in love with the breathtaking Priyanka Chopra. You have been warned. Despite many critics in India writing Priyanka Chopra off, she proved all of them wrong. She soon began to appear in several critically acclaimed films while also showing a wide range of roles. She was universally praised for her show-stealing performance in the film, Fashion. For her performance in Fashion she won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress and the National Film Award. She was praised for her critically and commercially acclaimed role in the film What’s Your Raashee? The plot of the film revolved around a young man searching for love and meets 12 women who might be his soulmate. Priyanka played the roles of all 12 women with distinct personalities and features. That’s right, there were 12 smoking hot and sexy Priyankas. In this pic, Priyanka wears a sexy little pink dress that shows off her incredible figure, sexy shoulder and her sizzling hot legs.

7 Smoking Hot Red Dress

Priyanka Chopra looks stunning in just about every color. She looks gorgeous in every color but she makes red-hot look even redder and hotter. Priyanka Chopra dominated Bollywood and now she looks to do the same in Hollywood. In addition to starring in Quantico, she’ll appear in the new Baywatch movie.

Baywatch was a hugely popular series in the 90’s that starred David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Seth Gordon will direct the film version that is slated for a May 19, 2017 release date. The film will star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Priyanka Chopra, Zac Efron, David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. It’s safe to assume that every single one of her fans will hope she’ll run along the beach in slow motion. In this pic, she breaks hearts and makes mouths drool in this stunning and sexy red dress. She is showing off the perfect amount of leg that just makes this sizzling picture that much hotter.

6 Sexy Legs

There is a very good chance that Priyanka Chopra’s legs could bring wars to an end. Her sexy legs and ability to look stunning in whatever she wears makes her one of the sexiest celebrities in the world. Priyanka is one of the highest paid actresses in India. She is widely regarded as a sex symbol. Her success outside of India has helped make her even more popular in India. She is often considered one of the most popular and influential Indian celebs. People magazine named her India’s Best Dressed Woman of the Year in 2011 and Maxim named her 'Hottest Girl of the Year' in 2011 and 2013. Forbes ranked her 8th on their highest paid TV actress list and Time included her on their Most Influential List. People included her on the Most Intriguing feature. In this pic, she wears a pair of sexy short shorts and a stripped top. She looks into the camera while giving a sexy pose.

5 Black & White

In this pic, Priyanka poses in a sexy black and white outfit for another photoshoot. She shows off her sexy legs and body but she is wearing a jacket on top. It hides just a little bit but shows off enough that’ll make your heart skip a beat. This picture helps explain the reasons why she was so successful on the pageant circuit. It’s also clear that she is one of the hottest South Asian actresses and it’s easy to understand why all eyes are on her. Once again, everything about her in this pic is perfect. In Bollywood, fans and critics often praise Priyanka for her sexy and beautiful eyes. She does have incredibly gorgeous eyes and it won’t be long before fans and critics in Hollywood will all be praising her eyes, too. Her incredible body, hot legs, sexy eyes and unbelievable talent all make her one of the hottest celebrities in the world.

4 Sexy Cleavage

This picture is from a photoshoot for Complex magazine. She wears a sexy tight blue dress that leaves little to the imagination. She shows off a great amount of cleavage that leaves her fans drooling. It helps that she has incredibly hot legs that are pretty much perfect. Everything about this picture is incredible, from her hair, her clothes and this sexy look she gives to the camera. This pic shows exactly why she is regarded as a sex symbol and one of the most popular celebrities in India. She once noted that after winning several pageants in her early days that she was offered many marriage proposals. One can only assume that those marriage proposals have greatly increased, especially after seeing this stunning pic. However, it seems that she doesn’t mind being single and even said that until she is married she still considers herself single. This picture proves that Priyanka is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood and Bollywood.

3 Pink and Blue


Priyanka Chopra looks gorgeous wearing a gown, dress or a sari. Not surprisingly, she looks incredible when wearing very little clothes. In addition to her acting and singing she also makes several appearances on other TV shows. She hosted the third season of the reality series, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi in India. The series did much better in the ratings than the two previous seasons. She won the Indian Telly Award for Most Impactful TV debut for hosting Fear Factor. She also served as a judge on both the Miss India and Miss World pageants. She performed in the 5th season opening ceremonies for Indian Premier League cricket along with Kareena Kapoor and Katy Perry. She’s also modelled for Pepsi, Nokia and Nestle. She was the first Indian model to model for Guess. This exceptionally hot picture is from a Maxim photoshoot. She wears blue pants with only a pink bra that’ll leave her fans drooling and dreaming of Priyanka.

2 Gorgeous Smile

Priyanka Chopra has many beautiful and amazing qualities about her. She’s talented, beautiful and has the sexiest pair of legs in the world. However, her greatest asset might actually be her breathtaking and stunning smile. Her smile is brighter than the sun. With all her success she has attempted to give back as much as she gained. She is involved with several charities and causes. She is an ambassador for NDTV Greenathon, which is an initiative to support eco-friendliness and provides electricity to villages. In fact, she adopted seven villages to give them a regular supply of electricity. She also donated to the Nanavati hospital to build a cancer ward. She often works with children and girls and is a champion for children and woman’s rights. She is a huge supporter of education for girls and gender equality. With her beautiful smile and laugh she will continue to travel the world trying to help as many as she can.

1 Sexy Orange Lehenga


Priyanka Chopra looks unbelievably beautiful in this sexy lehenga. Everywhere she goes she breaks hearts and leaves them wanting more. She is a very accomplished actress, singer and model. She has dominated the pageant circuit, Bollywood and now is becoming a force in Hollywood. In addition to all that she somehow finds the time to write. In 2009, she started to write a column for the Hindustan Times known as 'The Priyanka Chopra Column'. She wrote roughly 50 articles for the site and often expressed her feelings and opinions about certain subjects. She often dealt with women's rights, pregnancy, social and economic issues. She’s written extensively about women’s safety in Mumbai. She has written columns for The Guardian, The New York Times and She looks fantastic in this pic wearing a sexy orange lehenga. Like in many colors, this exotic beauty looks sexy, hot and gorgeous in orange. She shows off her incredible body in this pic wearing Indian attire. To top it off her beautiful smile makes this picture that much hotter.

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15 Smoking Hot Pics of Priyanka Chopra YOU MUST SEE