15 Smoking Hot Photos Of Tiger Woods’ Thirstiest Mistresses

Way back in 2009, the sporting world was in shock at the news of Tiger Woods being an unfaithful husband to his ex-wife. He was on top of the sporting world at that point and following the news, his stock plummeted. Countless females took a stand claiming they hooked up with Tiger. Reports suggested that these affairs started at his bachelor party.

Even today, affair claims keep surfacing. According to a recent report, it was actually a source in 2007 that began the Tiger-cheating speculation, but we’ll have more on that during the article. As for this list, we’ll take a look at the “thirstiest” Tiger hookups with some of their most jaw-dropping pictures. His mistresses include club workers, models, adult stars and even an unlikely candidate: a diner worker. Buckle up folks, because this is going to be one heck of a ride!

Take out the golf clubs and get ready to swing at this “Not So PG” article featuring Tiger’s "thirstiest" mistresses. Like always, be sure to pass on the article to a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 smoking hot photos of Tiger Woods’ “thirstiest” mistresses. Let’s begin!

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15 Joslyn James – The Adult Star

Once the Tiger scandal started to go viral, the story took a shocking twist with even the likes of various adult workers speaking out on how they hooked up with the legendary golfer. One of those women was adult star Joslyn James. James took things a step further not only making the claim that the two hooked up several times, but even showing some harsh evidence via text messages the two shared.

The texts were certainly of the “Not So PG” nature as Tiger was very “thirsty” for James, judging by the nature of the messages. Words in the exchanges between the parties included Tiger using the terms spank, bite and even, slap. Yup, it seems this was one of Tiger’s more “hardcore” mistresses. James took things a step further following the relationship asking Tiger for 20K in child support.

14 Laci Somers – The New Bombshell

Despite the fact that it was well known Woods was and still is currently dating Kristin Smith, it didn’t stop the rumor mill from spreading the news of his newest mistress, one Laci Kay Somers. Laci is a jaw-dropping model who has more than eight million followers via Instagram. Judging by her picture, she certainly seems like Tiger’s type.

The links between the two began just before Tiger’s arrest. TMZ even questioned Somers on the heels of Tiger’s arrest. However, the model denied the claims that the two were together that night. The speculation of Tiger and Laci being an item began when they were allegedly seen partying it up. With Woods currently in rehab getting help to clean up his act, this relationship might in fact be done with. But in terms of “thirst” factor, Laci ranks up there as one of the very best in the entire list. We’ll have a little more on her later in the article.

13 Cori Rist – Lingerie Model

You can add stunning looking lingerie model to the list of “thirsty” Tiger mistresses. Once again, following the theme, Rist was a beautiful blonde. She had legs for days and maintained a petite and slim figure.

Like most of the other females, Rist was very open about the affair speaking to various tabloids such as NY Daily News and Huffington Post. In her testimonials, Rist explained that the intercourse between the two was like “the 4th of July”... Okay, we made that up, but seriously though, she compared it to “fireworks”, which is like, essentially the same thing. Rist actually had fond memories of the encounter and even she was involved in a relationship at that point which of course, ended following the news. Cori recently made headlines once again actually defending her former love interest, wishing him well in his recent battles.

12 Rachel Uchitel – The New York Party Girl

Rachel was one of the first “thirsty mistresses” to come clean about her relationship with Tiger. She worked as a Manhattan night club host and it’s there that the relationship between the two officially began. To this day, Rachel admits things got out of control from that moment on when she officially met Tiger.

For years and years, Rachel continued to live in the spotlight of the affair situation. Her ex-husband even dropped a horrible quote claiming he hoped “she died”. She’s gone through some troubled times since the affair, even opening the door to rekindle a relationship with Tiger at one point. Not too shocking that the feelings were not mutual.

We celebrate Uchitel with this inappropriate throwback picture of some dude grabbing her inappropriately on the beach. For what it’s worth, she recently stated that she “doesn’t care about Tiger anymore”. Bravo, Rachel (or brava?).

11 Mindy Lawton – The Diner Waitress

The trend of what Tiger’s mistresses resembled seemed to be quite simple; beautiful, busty and usually blonde. Lawton was quite different however, as she appeared to be older, and worked in a diner as a waitress. A casual hookup in his car during 2007 would eventually turn into a 14-month long affair. To make matters worse, Lawton was under the impression that the two were madly in love, and that she was the only chosen one by Tiger. Ouch.

Again like the others, Lawton admitted Tiger had some serious game when it came to the “Not So PG” acts inside of the bedroom, or in this case, the car. He certainly had a way with the ladies and his experience likely facilitated that factor. Known as “the fifth mistress”, things would eventually end between the two, and Lawton ended up being just another name talking about her “thirsty” experiences with the pro golfer.

10 Kalika Moquin – Another Cluber

Moquin was just another “thirsty” club goer Tiger encountered along his path of destruction. Kalika was very quiet about the ordeal, but she did manage to say some huge secrets during an interview. For one, Tiger claimed his marriage as an absolute sham, and that it was crazy pressure on his life. He also dropped the infamous “I’ll leave my wife in a flash” quotation which rocked the tabloids worldwide. Like the other mistresses, this relationship lasted a couple of months, with even some making the claim that the two were spotted making out in public out and about in clubs. Yup, things even got “Not So PG” inside of the night-time establishments.

Unlike the others, Moquin had a black head of hair; however, she was blessed in a certain area that was a theme for most of the “thirsty” ladies that Tiger hooked up with.

9 Holly Sampson – Another Adult Star

Evidenced by most of the testimonials, Tiger liked it rough between the sheets; the dude was literally like a tiger in the bedroom. That’s especially true judging by some of the other women he hooked up with and that included adult workers like Holly, who admitted that Tiger knew how to work his magic in the bedroom.

Sampson was extremely vocal about the details and it was obvious; she was looking to get her name out there with such a story. Holly was positive about the experience claiming it was “amazing”, during her interview with the New York Post. She even got descriptive about the interaction through several video interviews. Yup, Sampson was pulling any punches when it came to the details about the events that took place. Without a doubt, Sampson can be classified as one of Tiger’s “thirstiest” mistresses!

8 Jamie Jungers – The Party Animal

Blonde and beautiful, the next thirsty mistress on the list is the beautiful Jamie Jungers, who hooked up with Tiger at the peak of the scandal madness. For Jungers, things ended up working out pretty badly as she had way too many expectations pertaining to the affair. Jungers actually believed the two had a legit connection, which really didn’t help things especially emotionally. She hit a wall following the relationship, spiraling into a depression and even becoming an addict according to her own testimonial.

It was even reported that Jungers repeatedly asked Woods for some money following the relationship's end. She admitted in several interviews that she simply got “absolutely nothing” from it all. Looking at the evidence of all these women on the list, you are not alone, Jamie. You are not alone.

7 Loredana Jolie – Playboy Model

You can add Playboy Model to the list as Jolie was truly breathtaking to look at and certainly a person that fit the mold in terms of what Tiger was into. Jolie took things a tad bit too far writing a book on her experiences with Tiger; she didn’t shy away from the details, that’s for darn sure.

Jolie explained that Woods had several “twisted fantasies”. The two would engage in intercourse from 9:00 PM up until the sunrise, if you can believe. She discussed the fact that Tiger loved to be in control and wear a suit while he watched her and a friend go at it in the bedroom. Yup, she was very detailed about what Tiger liked.

For what it’s worth, the Playboy model even discussed the fact that she flirted with Michael Jordan at one point in time...

6 Julie Postle – Mistress Number 11

Identified as Mistress number 11, Postle was another jaw-dropping beauty that hooked up with the pro golfer. The shot you see above certainly proves what a lucky son-of-a-gun Tiger was in this instance (although in truth, he was in most of these cases).

Not too shocking, Postle met Tiger at a club way back in 2005, years before the details came out in 2010. Like the others, Postle new Woods’ motives and to his credit, he wasn’t sugarcoating things, as he would actually text message other women while he was in bed with Postle! Seriously folks, you only see stuff like this in movies!

Like he told the other women, Postle said that Woods used his marriage as a PR move more than anything else. Woods said the relationship wasn’t real and that it was all done to enhance his public image. Man, did that not work out the way he wanted to....

5 Theresa Rogers – The Cougar

It was only fitting that Tiger added a cougar to his collection of hookups; enter Theresa Rogers, aka “The Cougar". A friend of Rogers claimed the old hookup even tried to have Tiger’s baby! Yup, not only was she thirsty, but she seems to be quite the savage as well, judging by that statement. But seriously though, who are we to judge? Especially Tiger!

Rogers ended up taking this desire way too far claiming her daughter was in fact Tiger’s. She demanded a whopping $2 million in order to keep quiet about the child, which as you might expect, did not go down.

The two had a relationship that spanned five years, so it really seems like Tiger was digging this older cougar. However, many believe her motives were just to gain bragging rights (whatever that means).

4 Jaimee Grubbs – LA Cocktail Servant

Grubbs was one of the first names to go viral following the details of Tiger’s alleged unfaithfulness. Grubbs took part in various interviews both online and in person, exposing the truth and details behind the hookup. Following Jaimee’s testimonials, the dominoes really started to fall with various other club goers and workers making the claim that they also shared a relationship with the formerly married golf megastar.

Woods was a true savage in this relationship as Grubbs made the claim that they “s**ted” on the regular with Woods usually demanding a nasty or “No So Pg” picture from Grubbs. He also wasn’t shy when it came to the trash-talk, saying things like “I will wear you out”. Seriously Tiger, what the heck were you thinking in all of this? Good heavens! In her defense, it seems like Grubbs was one of his mistresses that he actually cared for according to the details. However, the word “defense” is out of the window given all these examples!

3 Lindsey Vonn – The Relationship

Okay, first and foremost, we know that adding Vonn to the “mistresses” category is one hell of a stretch because the two were publicly dating at one point. This relationship was Tiger’s first following his marriage coming to an end. Even Vonn divorced her previous partner Thomas Vonn, before entering the relationship.

The two dated for a couple years during 2013 to 2015. Both have fond memories of the relationship, however Vonn claims the press made it really hard on the couple. It seems like following the breakup, the two have steered in opposite directions as Woods appears to be a wreck, while Vonn is doing better than ever not only with a new partner, but looking gorgeous in the process. Her Instagram photos can get you lost. It isn’t too shocking to understand why she’s being followed by more than a million followers.

2 Rachel Uchitel – Out Of The Pool

We conclude the article with this second to last picture featuring another shot of the stunning Rachel Uchitel that started all the madness back in 2009. The story was initially written by the National Enquirer, who linked the two. If you can believe it, reports are still surfacing today that the mother of the waitress mistress was actually the first to tip off the National Enquirer back in 2007. Man, what a twisted story?!

Rachel’s name however will always be linked to the madness as according to reports, Tiger’s ex-wife saw her name on his phone following the speculation and article being released. Shortly after, the debacle began and Tiger’s life completely fell apart not only losing his family and marriage, but getting dropped by various companies in the process. We’ll always remember the smokebomb Rachel Uchitel as the one that started it all.

1 Laci Somers – The Golf Picture

This smoking hot picture went viral and with reason. There were recent claims of the two being an item and when this picture was discovered, it started a bit of a firestorm, as Laci takes a liking to something Tiger likes as much as his women: golf. Of course, Laci comes across as flawless in the shot; if you haven’t done so, take one quick look at her Instagram and you’ll likely despise Tiger just a little bit more.

As of today, it seems like Woods is still spiraling following the recent event that saw him passed out at the wheel of his vehicle. Many truly believe his days as a golfer are done. In truth, we hope Tiger can put all of this in the past and start fresh once he fully recovers from his recent rehab stint.

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