15 Smoking Hot Female Athletes You Need To Watch For In 2017

Believe it or not, some people still say women shouldn't have any place in sports unless they're waving pom-poms on the sidelines.

Believe it or not, some people still say women shouldn't have any place in sports unless they're waving pom-poms on the sidelines. It goes without saying these critics are nothing more than male chauvinists, and apparently, they haven't found the time to pull themselves away from a boring mid-season game of baseball to try on a game of tennis. Yeah, go watch Billy vs. Bobby, you bums. Anywho, in an attempt to ease these fellas into the wonderful world of women in sports, I've compiled quite the list of this year's most appealing attention grabbers. Now, I know this may seem like a grotesque way to get people interested in these athletes, and in a way, yeah it kind of is, BUT I'll bet after this a lot of you go investigate these ladies for whatever reason, and in your interweb perusing you come across an impressive stat or two and just like that, BOOM, you're hooked. Enough rambling, here are 15 smoking hot female athletes you need to watch for in 2017.

15 Winifer Fernandez

Winifer is the 21-year-old indoor volleyball player for the Dominican Republic national team and the Mirador club team, which I'm told is a big deal. She's also, without a doubt, the hottest girl I've ever seen with an old lady's name, and very much in the running to have been the hottest girl at the 2016 Rio Olympics (that includes athletes and attendants in the crowd). At 5'7" her teammates towered over her at the Olympics last year, but that didn't mean lil Winifer didn't do her part. She's been playing since she was ten-years-old, won the triple crown under 18 division, and represented her home city of Santiago in several national and international competitions until 2012 when she was chosen to join the national team. And, not to sound like a pig, or discount her many accomplishments, but she also has a flawless backside and she ain't shy to show it off on her Instagram.

14 Paige Spiranac

The magazine Golf, recently ran an article about Spiranac in which they describe the metaphorical record scratch that occurs whenever she steps onto the driving range. "Men nudge each other and stare, turning the ogling into a communal event. One dude, about to take a swig of beer, is frozen by the sight of Spiranac, his glass a couple of inches from his lips. Women inspect her from head to toe." Legend has it, the vision of beauty that is Paige Spiranac wears her skin tight workout clothes to the range, so lord knows that ain't helping. But she's more than just blonde hair and legs, this girl qualified for the Junior PGA Championship four times before she was 18 and participated in the Junior America’s Cup and the Colorado Junior All-Star teams. But it wasn't until she was in college that she received big time attention when she helped her team win the Mountain West Conference Golf Championship and a video of her trick shots went viral on YouTube. Spiranac has a long career ahead of her, beauty or not. 

13 Anastasia Ashley

Do not, I repeat do not go to Anastasia Ashley's Instagram in public. It will only lead to an embarrassing moment of you not being able to stand up for several minutes because this 29-year-old pro surfer has a body that's hotter than an L.A. summer and she loves showing it off. She's also some sort of surfing prodigy. This girl found a surfboard in a trash can at age six and used it to win a sponsorship by age seven. At 16, she won her first national title and she later won the Pipeline Women's Pro. Most recently she started her own jewelry line, and she was featured in the Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. And if you really want to see Ashley in action, then be sure to check out her pre-competition warm up. She's notorious for strapping on a pair of noise-canceling headphones and twerking in her bikini until it's time to hit the water.

12 Michelle Waterson

Waterson is one of the hottest women that can beat your scrawny, internet-list loving butt into the ground, but something tells me you'd probably like that, wouldn't you? The Colorado Springs native and former model started fighting at the age of 10 and made her MMA debut just 10 years later. Now, Waterson has had a hell of a career leading up to her UFC debut, which happened only two short years ago. She has a series of TKO wins under her belt and she's a former Invicta FC Atomweight Champion. When she finally hit the big time that is the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2015 she whooped some butt and ended the night off with a rear naked choke, then after over a year off due to a knee injury, she came back this past December to do the exact same to Paige VanZant in the first round. Waterson is a force to be reckoned with, so think twice before asking her out.

11 Quincy Davis

Back to the beach with this one. Quincy is a 21-year-old surfer from Montauk, Long Island with a passion for not only the beach but also Christmas movies and designing clothing. Now, since that reads like a classified ad, let's move on. This girl started surfing young. She came in first in the NSSA Open Women Championship when she was 14-years-old and the trophies just kept on rolling in. She has sponsorships from Oakley and Volcolm and like any smart businesswoman, jumped on the chance to maneuver that into more lucrative ventures (i.e. the fashion design). What makes selling clothes easy, is that Quincy is a bonafide, grade-A smoke show so she doesn't have to pay for a model. She can just slip into one of her own designs and the little surfers around the world are going to want to look just like her.

10 Alana Blanchard

If you get a chance, go check out Alana Blanchard's Instagram. I don't want to discredit any of her surfing accomplishments, but seriously, her Instagram is something to see. She has 1.7 million followers and for good reason. So good are the reasons, in fact, many parents think she's a lousy influence for their children. Which is silly, because if you look past her perfect bikini-clad body, you'll find that she's a Women's Pipeline champion, a Rip Curl Girls Festival Junior Pro champion, and a Billabong Pro Pre Trials in Hookipa champion among others. She's also a designer for Rip Curl. She makes specialty wetsuits for female surfers. See, mom and dad she's using what she's learned and giving back. If her appearance is too much for you to handle, then don't look at her. But to be honest, I bet that's going to be more of a struggle than you think it is.

9 Allison Stokke

The story of Allison Stokke is an important one to tell here. Stokke spent her adolescent years training to excel in the sports of track and field, specifically pole vaulting, which she did. She set numerous high school pole vaulting records during her time at Newport Harbor High School in California, but it wasn't until she competed in New York at age 17 that she gained national attention. During the competition, she was photographed for a track and field website. Soon after, other blogs noticed how inexplicably hot she was, and reposted her images, and just like that Allison Stokke became the hottest thing in track and field. However, she wasn't known for her accolades, but rather just her flawless body. She became the subject of a large debate regarding if the sex appeal of female athletes was overshadowing their sports.

8 Jacqueline Carvalho

Meanwhile, on the volleyball court... the nearly perfect Jaqueline Carvalho is winning championships and breaking hearts. She's a wife, a mother, a double Olympic champion from 2008 and 2012, and could very well be the sexiest woman in spandex on this list... but that's for you to judge. If you do not award her that trophy, well that's okay, she has plenty on her mantel as is. She won Best Spiker at the 2010 FIVB World Grand Prix and Best Receiver at the 2012 FIVB Clube World Championship. Oh, and did I mention she's from Brazil? The birthplace of the thong bikini and possibly the most beautiful women throughout our entire planet. Respectfully, it seems besides one sultry photoshoot, the new mother has preserved her modesty, but don't fret, the one photoshoot that you can find is indeed worth finding.

7 Ellen Hoog

Unless you're really into the Dutch, or really into field hockey, or really into hot girls, then you may not have ever heard of Miss Ellen Hoog because she's a Dutch field hockey player, and she's really hot. She's also no pushover when it comes to the field hockey... um... field. Hoog is a champion many times over with two Olympic gold medals from 2008 and 2012, and apparently, she wanted to mix it up a bit because she added an Olympic silver medal to her jewelry box in 2016. The really cool thing about Hoog, besides how good she looks in that men's button down shirt in the photo above, is that she was the first player ever to decide a championship match with a penalty shot, which she did to win the 2012 Olympic game, and just for the hell of it she did it again in 2016. Yeah, the girl has got some game.

6 Kassidy Cook

What can we determine about Kassidy Cook just by examining the above photo? Well, she's a dog lover, that much is certain. Um, she has a pool, yup, there's a pool there for sure. Oh, and she is wearing the hell out of that bikini. A Texas native, and an Olympic diver, Cook isn't even in her senior year at Stanford yet. Now, she's not a medal winner just yet, but the next Olympics aren't too far away when you're that young, and for a girl who's work clothes consist of a one piece swimsuit and a bathing cap, she definitely knows hot to pull off a bikini. Another fantastic little fun fact about Miss Cook... she has a sister at Purdue and, can you believe it, she's a knockout as well.

5 Hilary Knight

Think you boys can handle a professional women's hockey player? Well, if you think you can, step up to the plate, or ice, or whatever. To say that Hilary Knight is accomplished is a vast understatement. She was the youngest player on Team USA when she competed in the Four Nations Cup in 2006 at age 15. She's competed in two Olympics, and won two silver Olympic medals in 2014 and 2010, in which she was the youngest player on either the men's or women's team. Here's a better and simpler way to explain how talented Knight is, since 2008 when she was 17-years-old she has competed in eight world championships and won six of them. And yeah, she has some killer thighs and a million dollar smile to add to the piles of glistening trophies she has in her bedroom, you can choose which you find more intriguing.

4 Grete Sadeiko

It really is difficult to find anything wrong with the 23-year-old Estonian heptathlete. She has a smoking body, she has a promising upcoming Olympic career, and she's a recent college grad so you know she's not a total ditz. Only issue is, you have no chance with her. And I don't mean like she's out of your league, which she certainly is, I'm talking about how she's dating quarterback, Robert Griffin III, so unless you're a young handsome star athlete who is also very rich (don't forget that part, that part is very important), then you should probably sit this one out. Plus, who can keep up with this girl if not another pro athlete? Do you know what a heptathlon consists of? It's 100 meter hurdles, then the high jump, then the shot put, then another 200 meters, then the long jump, then you throw some javelins around, and then to finish it off you still have run another 800 meters. Just keep her, RG3, just keep her.

3 Leryn Franco

Okay, so maybe Leryn Franco isn't technically competing any longer. She was a 2012 Olympic javelin thrower from Paraguay who never really had too much acclaim in the sport other than making it to they Olympics (which is a big deal so cut me some slack). Also, she's a runway model, a print model, and an actress. So, if she's more well known for her appearances on the stage and screen rather than her performance in track and field what is she doing on this list, you ask? Look at her. That's what the hell she's doing here. Leryn Franco has discussed possibly returning to the sport that brought her original fame, so I also have that little tidbit to fall back on, and she does have two national championships as recently as 2013 and 2014, and she truly was a powerhouse in the sport from the mid-90s up until three years ago. Don't count the gorgeous Miss Franco out just yet, I sense a comeback. And if not, who cares, she's still going to kill it in those leggings.

2 Camille Leblanc Bazinet

Personally, I'm not one for Crossfitters. They talk your ear off about how much they can squat and deadlift, and frankly it's an irritating new breed of bro that the world just didn't need. The women however, the women Crossfitters are bulky in all the right places and love showing it off. Which brings us to Canadian Crossfit Games athlete, Camille LeBlanc Bazinet. She took home the gold at the 2014 Crossfit Games and placed first or second in each regional she's competed in since 2011. If you're into an accomplished weightlifter, look no further than this girl right here. She'll have you eating paleo in no time, and before you know it, you'll have 400 lbs. of iron on your shoulders while your knees buckle beneath you just so you can have a chance to hear her call you a wuss in French. Yeah, she's from Quebec, she probably speaks French.

1 Sydney Leroux

Syndey Leroux, or "Syd the Kid" as she is often called, is a 26-year-old Canadian American professional soccer player and Olympic gold medalist. In college, she ranked fifth in record points scored at UCLA and fourth in most goals ever scored. Overall she's ranked fourth in UCLA's record books for points and game winning goals. She also has the tanned skin of an Egyptian princess and made the amazing decision to cover some of it up with eye-grabbing ink. This girl is pretty hot to trot. Her dog, "Boss Laroux" even has a steady Twitter following. Unfortunately, for any of you potential suitors out there, Syd the Kid got married to her long time boyfriend, MLS player, and overall better match than you, Dom Dwyer in 2015. And if that wasn't enough to make you think you had no chance, the couple had their first child just this past September. You'll have to settle for pictures of her on the internet just like all the rest of us.

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