15 Smoking Hot Celebs Who Rock Tight Latex

WTF? Vinyl is for floors and countertops. Latex clothing? Not just yes, but totally trending, every young hot celebrity is rushing to have themselves stuffed (like sausages?) into skin tight latex dre

WTF? Vinyl is for floors and countertops. Latex clothing? Not just yes, but totally trending, every young hot celebrity is rushing to have themselves stuffed (like sausages?) into skin tight latex dresses, shorts and pants. As Glamour magazine (UK) said, "The vinyl trend is well and truly happening, and we're not sure if we're ready for it. The fabric, once the preserve of the dominatrix and flooring, is appearing more and more in the style of the stars." Are we ready? Heck yeah.

There are a few problems. Like it's like being wrapped in very thick plastic wrap and it's hot in there. So don't try it on a hot summer day. Secondly, if you snag the thing, then it could split and your stuffing could be on public display. But is it too raunchy for even La-La land California, home of the wall to wall celebrity population? Courtney Stodden got turned away from a Beverley Hills club when she showed up in her Smurf blue latex mini-mini dress. But exhibitionists like our Courtney and Kim K. aside, young and oh, so hot celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, and quirky singers like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are embracing their inner latex. And humble latex is gone mainstream. Givenchy designed a latex number for none other than Beyonce to wear to New York's Met Gala ball. Brings back memories of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston dancing the night away at the beginning of their brief little summer fling. What was it? HiddleSwift, TayTom? We forget.

Here are 15 hotties who are strutting their stuffing in latex. And it's happening now. We are so ready.

15 Sofia Vergara

So hot, iPhone made it into a wallpaper. Sofia Vergara and latex were made for one another. It's a match made in guy-heaven. This girl could look hot in a potato sack, but stuff her into this yellow latex number and double "wow" happens. The Modern Family hottie pulls it off big time. We think she's channeling her inner Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, who reportedly has her own little latex number in leopard print. Imagine a scene in the show where permanently worried Jay Pritchett clocks this yellow number and locks her in the house. Much foot-stomping and pigeon English later, he gives up and she wiggles her way out the door. Go Gloria/Eva. In case you are interested, she also rocks skin-tight latex leggings.

14 In Tribute To A Latex Pioneer

In a world before Kanye West's reported "psychiatric episode", Kim was a latex pioneer. Think about it. The world has Kim Kardashian West to thank for naked selfies, big a** women and latex skin tight tube dresses. Men everywhere are so grateful. Smoking hot it may be, but latex ain't easy. Cosmopolitan magazine got one of its reporters to try on a style similar to Kim's little pink number. First, though, she had to exfoliate her whole body, shave (down there), forget about perfume and deodorant, get lubed up and find a friend. Apparently skin tight latex is not a one-person kind of style. Pull, tug, tug, pull. Take a break and pull and tug some more. It can take a while, as most pieces don't have anything as sane and easy as a zipper.

At the end of the day, latexed up and glammed up; the reporter's verdict? She felt like a latex p*nis. Her words, not ours.

13 Kylie Jenner - Red Hot And Fun

When Kylie Jenner hit the streets in a skin-tight red latex dress, England's Mirror newspaper ran it with the predictable headline: "Kylie looks red hot". So is the teenager channeling her inner Kim K? Maybe. But it's hot and new and skin tight and designed to get those paparazzi clicking. Just in case anybody on the planet missed her red hot pics, she posted the snaps to her Instagram account. Then there was Kylie atop a blue ball with smilie faces all over it, dressed in latex stockings that almost reached her backside and a little latex white bodysuit that seemed to display more than it hid. So, who wins the battle of the latex, Kim or baby sister Kylie? We're not going there. And wait until you see other sister, Khloe...

12 Bella Hadid - From Haute Couture To Latex LBD

Back at the Met Gala.

Bella wore Givenchy for the main event, but by the time she hit the after-party hosted by her man, rapper The Weeknd and everybody's favorite angry model Naomi Campbell, we had a LBD in latex and six-inch heels. No word on whether she shaved and who it was that helped her stuff her considerable assets into the dress. As for The Weeknd, he is still trying to catch up with his new A-List status, telling Rolling Stone magazine, "I just started being fancy, to be honest. Like, I just started learning how to pronounce what I'm wearing." Hey for a guy who used to be homeless, used drugs and didn't graduate high school, we think he's doing fine. Besides, he bought his mama a huge house.

11 Beyonce - Latex Couture Heaven

Givenchy and latex. What is the world coming to? But there Beyonce was in May of 2016, at the Met Gala in head to toe nude-tone latex that, quite pleasingly, looked almost as if she were in the buff embellished by fairy lights. That backside, those curves. It was pure bliss. Apparently, the trick with latex is to have it custom-made, using nearly a dozen body measurements. And don't forget to lube up, so it slips on, like a second skin. Did Jay Z rush in and help? London-based designer Atsuko Kudo, is the woman behind the scenes who is credited with bringing latex onto the red carpet. She helped with Beyonce's dress, saying that latex empowers women. How? We don't know.

10 Katy Perry - Quirky Latex Retro

This look is only for the brave and Katy Perry. It's so skin tight, we're not so sure that it's not body paint. Buzz Net commented that Perry seems latex-obsessed, both on and off the stage. "When you think of Katy Perry, you most likely are thinking about candy, wigs, [ex] Russell Brand and maybe even latex dresses". Brand? Wasn't he the jerk who dumped her via a text? One in the same. Don't expect those two to exchange Christmas cards. Perry is a little different in her use of vinyl. Her latex style is quirky, retro, getting onto cutesy. But watch out. In this picture it looks suspiciously like she is toting brass knuckles on her right hand. The girl packs a punch. And she looks cutesy hot.

9 Lady Gaga -Latex Pioneer

Lady Gaga was into latex clothes around eight years ago. What was once kinky and outrageous has almost gone mainstream. Thank you, Lady G. She's even run up, rather forked out for, a flesh-colored latex outfit that was supposed to make you think it looked like a condom. Of course she said it was all in the aid of reminding people to think safe s*x. Never mind the press coverage, the paparazzi, the TV appearance and all those Instagram posts. It was in a good cause. Namely Lady Gaga. Forget the flesh-colored condom business. This fetish-inducing dominatrix cat suit and bondage gloves are our day-wear favorite. Hands down.

8 Courtney Stodden - Smurf Blue Mini

Courtney and her "twins" resplendent in Smurf blue mini and kinky big dog collar. Never mind she got turned away from a club or two on a night out in Beverley Hills. Google is now full of those pictures, in just about every conceivable pose. Yes, always smiling. It is so tight and so short that if she snagged it or tore it, the twins would almost certainly see the light of day. But the girl's only 22-years-old and, like Lindsay Lohan, does not wear it well. So how does a former TV reality wannabe, who was once married to a man 34 years older than she is, get attention these days? Cue the Smurf blue latex number and kinky dog collar. Don't forget to smile. This is the same girl who rolled up to Comic Con body painted as a superhero. Like no clothes, but lots of paint. Taste has nothing to do with it for our Courtney.

7 Eva Longoria - Hot Dominatrix

Sadly, you won't be seeing her street walking in this little number. It was for a photoshoot for her cover story in GQ Mexico. But we like it anyway. The dominatrix whip and gloves are nice touches, we think. Eva Longoria is everybody's dream of Latino hot and sexy. So not a "desperate housewife". And hooray, she also seems plagued by wardrobe malfunctions as skirt-in-the-air Kate Middleton. Sometimes we even get a flash of underwear without Eva. Sometimes we get confirmation that there just isn't any underwear. Google "Eva Longoria latex" in Google Images for more fetish wear and a looks-like-it's-painted-on cat suit.

6 Rita Ora

Carrying on with the kinky side of latex (is there another side?), singer Rita Ora plonked down $477 for this pencil dress, complete with that all-important bondage collar. But it did not really work out that well, at the end of the day. Seems Kim Kardashian turned up at the party for Madonna wearing almost exactly the same dress. "Awkward! Rita Ora steps out wearing near-IDENTICAL pink Latex dress to Kim Kardashian at the same party for Madonna" reported a clearly tickled-pink Daily Mail. The next morning Kim Kardashian was spotted coming out of a tattoo parlor at 5 a.m. Must have been some party. This was all clearly pre-Paris robbery, as Kim seemed to be sporting the huge diamond ring that thieves made away with.

5 Heidi Klum

Next, we come to Hollywood's and Vito Schnabel's favorite serial cougar, ex-super model and Project Runway regular Heidi Klum. Her style? It's hot couture, color blocked and wonderfully skin tight. She turned up to a Victoria's Secret show wearing this little black and white number. Not a hint of kinky here. Like Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner, Klum channels a couture-hot latex style. The only thing is, putting the thing on over her head must have taken a lot of lube, tugging and persistence. Bet guys were lining up around the block to help. We wonder about the underwear, if any. See, no lines. Not even a hint.

4 Bianca Gascoigne - Glamour Model Extraordinaire

Meet Bianca Gascoigne. Her dad was a famous English footballer and her mom is a television personality. The English have The Sun newspaper. And The Sun has its "Page 3 (read little to no clothing) Girls". England also does a nice range of "gentlemen's magazines" (again, forget the clothes) and when she was only 20-years-old our Bianca appeared on the cover of Loaded, followed by a spread in Nuts. The titles say it all. Now you might think this little (very) blue busty number looks like a version of that Kim K. dress. That's because of the London-based designer Atsuko Kudo (of Beyonce dress fame), who had a hand in both outfits. We think we prefer the blue one. Kind of makes her eyes (and other things) pop.

3 Lindsay Lohan

Just when you thought you might be in a Lindsay Lohan-free zone, here she is, again. Now bad-girl, sometimes jail-girl, often passed-out girl, Lindsay is doing (practically) head to toe black latex. We'll throw in here (for free) that major couture houses are coming up with latex shoes and boots. This outfit is a little cat-woman like, a little dominatrix-like. In all honesty, a whip wouldn't have looked too out of place with this outfit. So, what's she doing hanging out in this little, black latex number? We're not sure. Looks like she's slumming... again.

2 Miley Cyrus - Is This A Joke? No It's Just Miley

If we said to you, guess who showed up to the Video Music Awards wearing a pink latex dress with 3-D lettering reading "Do It" and what looked like a Minnie Mouse bow in her hair, we're betting you would guess first time that it was try-so-hard-to-be-outrageous Miley Cyrus. It's got a Snapchat juvenile flare to it that is proof positive that even latex can be a total turn-off.

Notice please: If she had a date, he decided not to join her for the picture. At least she's kept her tongue in her mouth. And there are no nipples on display. So, be thankful for small favors. Her on-stage latex looks can be totally hot. This one? Stick a pin in it and deflate the "Do It" balloons. And let's end on a hot note.

1 Khloe Kardashian


Just to counteract your fear and loathing of pink latex, here is good (not so) old Khloe Kardashian. What else would a girl wear to Scott Disick's lavish Las Vegas birthday party. pronounced her dress a stunner, but commented she had better have plenty of talcum powder to hand when she peeled it off. Like peeling off a band-aid stuck to your skin. No, her sister Kourtney, and Disick, are not back together, but apparently they are on partying terms. Meanwhile, over at a Vogue party Kourtney Kardashian was rocking dominatrix leather on a red carpet somewhere. What would we do without the Kardashians? Would we like to try? Maybe. Maybe not. Did you notice the only Kardashian-Jenners we left out were Caitlyn Jenner and momager Kris? There's a very good reason that you can figure out.

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