15 Smoking Hot Black Widow Cosplays

black-widow-cosplay by crystal graziano

It takes a special kind of cosplayer to pull off a really convincing Black Widow. Of all the female characters in comic books, movies, and anime, Natasha Romanoff’s tight black garb – while, in a word, awesome – is also one of the more subtle designs when it comes to costume. With pops of color and props, a lot of cosplays can rely on the look alone to carry the persona. With Black Widow, though, in solid black and dressed for action, the attitude becomes a lot more important.

It’s everything we love about the Russian former KGB assassin and her sexy brand of badassery. She’s calm and super cool under fire, confident of her skills and ability to hold her own with the bad boys of the MCU. We love her because she isn’t superhuman; she doesn’t have to be. She’s super hot and deadly when she has to be.

One day, we’ll finally get that Black Widow we’ve been waiting on for so long, but until then, we have the talents of dedicated cosplayers from all over the world who put the time and effort into creating their own version of the red-haired vixen spy. Here’s a look at 15 of the best.

15 Katyuska MoonFox

black widow cosplay katyuska moonfox

Aussie cosplayer Katyuska MoonFox has the bona fides – she's studying game development in her native Brisbane while she's lighting up social media with her stunning renditions of many of the femmes fatales of the gaming and comic book worlds. Her bio says she's been a gaming and anime fan since childhood, and she started cosplaying at the tender age of 12. As a gamer, she's a Final Fantasy geek and an RPG lover in general. She's also a huge Japanophile, and that includes TV shows along with anime and video gaming. Sales of her pics are helping her get through university – and we’re not surprised.

14 Claire Ana

black widow cosplay by claire ana

Model, writer, and cosplayer Claire Anastasia (or Claire Ana) is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She's been featured in print magazines as a model and does acting along with promotional work. She says she got her start cosplaying Daphne Blake from the Scooby-Doo show and got hooked on the fun after just one shoot. We have to say that she fills out the standard Black Widow jumpsuit pretty nicely and gives the cosplay a detailed treatment that looks realistic in a kickass kind of way. We also love the detail in the background of the pic that puts her in the center of the airport scene in Captain America: Civil War.

13 Nicole Salera

black widow cosplay by nicole salera

Nicole Salera is a Chicago-based model, cosplayer, gaming geek, and Twitch TV streamer. She says she got started cosplaying after attending her first anime convention. Dressing the part seemed like a natural way to experience it, and that first con got her hooked and got the ball rolling. Now, we definitely love Scarlett Johansson in the role in the MCU, no question. But, after looking through the list, it seems pretty clear that there are other versions of Natasha that we'd find pretty... acceptable. We have to say we like Nicole's big hair-no pants version of Natasha Romanoff, something they might even want to consider for the big screen.

12 Giorgia Cosplay

black widow cosplay by giorgia cosplay

Giorgia Vecchia, aka Giorgia Cosplay, is an Italian model, singer, and actress who makes an outstanding Black Widow. She’s got all the details of Natasha Romanoff’s style down to a fine art in her photo shoots in the role of the Russian master spy/assassin. Giorgia’s Black Widow has long hair and a slick latex version of the costume that leaves very little to the imagination. Not that we’re complaining. At the same time, she looks convincing with those guns. Giorgia has been cosplaying since the early days of Sailor Moon in the late 1990s and has won awards for her work. Lately, she's been seen on Italian TV reporting on comic and gaming conventions along with her ongoing modeling work.

11 Crystal Graziano

black-widow-cosplay by crystal graziano

Crystal Graziano has been considered one of the world's top cosplayers for several years. She made a splash on the world convention scene with the quality of her highly detailed costumes, which she makes both for herself and other cosplayers. Crystal is also an artist who sells her creations on Patreon, along with art prints, cosplay prints, tank tops, and jewelry she designs herself. Even when it comes to her own drawings and paintings, she says she's drawn to story-based art. She's also a big fan of anime, comic books, manga, and video games, and tends to cosplay her faves. Lucky for us, those include Black Widow in the slick version favored by so many cosplayers (not that we’re complaining) that appeared in Iron Man 2.

10 Lindsay Elyse

black-widow-cosplay-Lindsay Elyse

Lindsay Elyse is a popular cosplayer and member of the gaming community, in part via her partnership with Counterlogic Gaming as a streamer on Twitch TV. She makes her own costumes and posts about her gaming experiences on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. In other words, she's totally hot, and she's also a total gaming geek. Lindsay has donned the skintight latex confines of a Black Widow cosplay on a few occasions, most recently in some photos she shared by photographer Brecklyn Grimes back in April 2017. We love her attention to detail in the costume, including the bullet bracelets. We also enjoy her long-haired take on the KGB vixen, Natasha Romanoff.

9 Charlotte Clark

Black widow cosplay charlotte clark

Aussie Charlotte Clark is a super-talented makeup artist who was already well known in the fashion and photography biz when she decided to study at the Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup. The gallery on her professional website is stunning and includes her sizzling rendition of Mystique and, naturally, Black Widow. Her version of the former KGB operative blends the sex appeal with a realistic action element. It's so realistic, in fact, that Charlotte recreated the stellar cover of Black Widow Vol 4 #2 from July 2010, "The Name of the Rose, Part Two" in this photo shoot. Now, a lot of cosplayers are also fans of the genres they revisit in their work, but we’d have to say, this kind of detail goes above and beyond.

8 Alexia Jean Grey

Black_Widow_cosplay by alexia jean grey

Alexia Jean Grey is an up-and-coming cosplayer who's been catching eyes in the role of Natasha Romanoff for a few years now. She says that Black Widow is one of her favorite characters because of her courage along with her smarts and kickass abilities in the hand-to-hand combat department. Alexia says she goes for a classic Black Widow look but with a few touches and details of her own. She’s given the Widow different hairstyles in revisiting the character over the years. We have to say we like this sexy version of Natasha kicking back and ready for a good time.

7 Kitty Honey


Argentinian model Kitty Honey is a hugely popular cosplayer and fangirl of comics, anime, manga, and pretty much anything sci-fi. In her bio, she admits that when she was little, she wanted to be April O'Neil. Kitty Honey is actually a play on Cutey Honey, from the Japanese manga of the same name. Cutey Honey is an android girl who transforms into a heroine to fight villains. Along with cosplay, she's into fetish and alternative modeling, which makes the tight latex of a Black Widow suit seem like a natural choice. Black Widow is a complicated character like a lot of the Marvel superheroes. There’s a good side to her but a dark side as well, and we love the way Kitty Honey seems to capture that dark side in her version of the super spy.

6 Karen Scarlett


Natasha Romanoff is a favorite persona for cosplayer Karen Scarlet, and it's not hard to see why. While not an exact double for Scarlett Johansson, Karen has similar looks, and her version of Black Widow is stylish and sleek. We're loving the detail of that black Lycra jumpsuit, and she wields a gun with conviction. Karen shares her cosplay masterpieces on social media, as well as through DeviantArt, where she also includes her drawings and other artwork. The Russian native is 22 years old and is an up-and-coming cosplayer on the world stage.

5 Rayi (Rayi-Kun)

Black Widow cosplay by Rayi Kun

Like so many others, for German cosplayer Rayi (aka Rayi-Kun,) fandom began early in childhood. She's been donning costumes of one kind or another since the age of about age 11 or 12. Rayi taught herself to sew, a skill she says she learned by trial and error. The 20-year-old IT developer by trade says she loves the way cosplaying lets her be someone else for a day. She says Black Widow is one of her favorites, and we'll just add that she fills in the super stretchy super-spy suit with style. Her version includes a lot of detail – wherever her sewing skills began, she's ended up an expert in designing a completely convincing cosplay of our fave Russian super spy.

4 Mariedoll aka Maria Ramos

black-widow-cosplay-by mariedoll

MarieXDoll, a native of Monterrey, Mexico, makes her home in Houston, Texas. Mariedoll is a full-time model and her own costume maker, with a sizable social media following on the usual channels of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She's been cosplaying for about 10 years. In addition to her social media posts, she sells photo sets on Patreon.com, a revenue stream for many cosplayers these days. Her version of Black Widow is heavy on the sex appeal, with a slick latex suit and brassy accessories, and a gleam in her eye as she wields the gun. The red shade of her long tresses is over-the-top, but it goes with the vibe of this uber-hot photo shoot.

3 Amber An

black-widow cosplay by amber an

Amber An has been making a name for herself as a model, singer, and actress in her native Taiwan. She's appeared in some of that country's most popular films. It was a sexy cover shot of Next Magazine in 2009 where Amber wore only a C-string (that's the G-string minus the string around the hips) that launched her into the public eye. She was voted world's sexiest woman by FHM Magazine Taiwan. Amber has released three CDs, appeared in ten movies, and collected several TV credits in ongoing series and mini-series. Back in 2015, she cosplayed Black Widow at a media event in Taipei to promote Age of Ultron figurines. We'd have to say that she makes a fine Black Widow ready for action.

2 Callie Cosplay

Black widow cosplay by callie cosplay

Leah Burroughs is the brains and the beauty behind the company Callie Cosplay. More specifically, she's the company's professional costumer, model, photographer, and CEO. She's one of those people who can look pretty unassuming and like the girl-next-door type. In her cosplay personas, though, she seems to go for the dramatic, and she's got the sense of style to pull it off. That's what makes her a natural for a Black Widow cosplay. She understands that it's not only the look; it's the action that makes Natasha so special, and she conveys that in her Black Widow shoots. In her bio, she mentions learning all the skills that it takes to succeed as a cosplayer, including working the photography. And from this stunning pic, we'd have to say she's mastered the craft.

1 Nikita Cosplay

Black-Widow-Cosplay by nikita cosplay

Nikita Cosplay has been making her own costumes and cosplaying since back in her high school days. These days, the French cosplayer is often asked to judge competitions and attends conventions around the world. Nikita has made over 80 costumes by hand. She's known for their high quality and an often incredible level of detail. She's won awards for her work in Europe. Nikita's also a fan of mangas, anime, and video games, and that sometimes includes the Marvel Universe and our fave Russian spy. Her take on Natasha is sexy and in style – and we have to say we like the trendy hair. The coloring seems to suit Nikita, and the results come off sexy and stylish.

Sources: Patreon; Facebook; Instagram

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