15 SLINKY Vamps Turning 30 This Year

If 40 is the new 20, then would that make 30 the new 10 or the new 15? Well, both choices are not only inappropriate, but illegal, so let’s say 30 is the new 18, to be on the safe side. That said, women who are 30-years-old are as youthful as ever, and when it comes to celebs, they’re even hotter than the average girl-next-door.

Looking great and young is part of the Hollywood standard of beauty, so when celebs turn the big 3-0, they know people are taking note of how well they are holding up. One tiny sign of a fine line or wrinkle or even a single cellulite dimple can cause the tabloids to have a cover story conniption.

Botox and fillers help keep some of these celebs looking fine-tuned, while others keep it real and still look as hot as ever. Of course, many of them have had some work done already, like boob jobs, nose jobs, butt-lifts and implants, and liposuction, but as long as the end result isn’t obviously fake, everyone’s more than happy to accept these stars’ looks for what they are, no matter how they achieved them.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so some like the tall and lean types, others prefer a curvy girl, some swoon over blonde hair and blue eyes, and the rest get turned on by something a bit more “exotic.” “Hot” is all over the map, as are these 15 stars who are turning 30 this year.

Let’s all wish these gorgeous gals a big happy birthday, and when they blow out the candles, they can wish for 10 more years of hotness.

15 Blake Lively – Aug. 25

This summer, everyone’s favorite Gossip Girl actress will turn the big 3-0. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that the beautiful Blake Lively shared her “traveling pants” with the chicks in her “sisterhood?” Nowadays, the new mom and wife of one of Hollywood’s hottest hunks, Ryan Reynolds, is all grown up and probably wearing a pair of pants of her very own… designer brand, no less. Lively is the quintessential all-American gal with the flowing blonde hair women covet and legs that go on for days. Her sexy, yet sweet smile is contagious and her body of work on screen is as hot as her actual body. Fans have adored her in flicks like All I See Is You, The Age of Adeline, and Savages, and we know her career is nowhere near over. As half of one of the coolest “power couples,” Lively is lovely and she’ll certainly sizzle on her 30th birthday this summer.

14 Brooklyn Decker – Apr. 12

The magazine Sports Illustrated became a heck of a lot sexier when the absolutely gorgeous model, Brooklyn Decker graced its glossy pages. The sexy and sporty blonde has a body to die for and a face you just can’t stop staring at. Just ask her devoted husband, tennis pro, Andy Roddick (the lucky bastard). Not only is Decker “decked,” but she is a great actress too. You may have seen her acting roles in Lovesong, Stretch, Battleship, or Just Go With It. Even after having her baby, Decker’s body is still in top-notch shape, thanks to her enviable good genes and vigorous workout schedule. She’s no super-skinny string bean, but a hot and healthy lady the guys love and the gals appreciate. This spring, the sexy supermodel will turn 30, if you can believe it, giving the 20-somethings a run for their money. Decker is just as hot as she’s ever been and we can’t wait to see her next SI spread.

13 Evan Rachel Wood – Sept. 7

Come this fall, the mysteriously alluring actress, Evan Rachel Wood will enter into her third decade on Earth. Her ever-changing style and flair for the unique makes Wood a site for sore eyes no matter where she’s seen – acting her heart out on screen or on posing for photogs on the red carpet. She was a hit in movies including The Wrestler, Into the Forest, Thirteen, and The Ides of March, among numerous others. Wood loves to change up her hair color and style, leaving us to look forward to how she’ll emerge the next time she’s spotted by the ever-snapping paparazzi. Ex-hubby Jamie Bell must miss waking up to such a glorious sight in the morning, but he can always catch Wood on screen and reminisce. The actress’ 30s are sure to be as smoking as her 20s, so just wait and see how Wood lights the fire on screen in the future.

12 Ke$ha – Mar. 1

Ke$ha is a no holds barred and beautiful babe with a super-successful music career in her back pocket. With chart-topping hits including “TiK ToK,” “Die Young,” “Blah Blah,” and “Your Love is My Drug,” the sexy singer’s work is as smokin’ hot as the work of art she is herself. Ke$ha is best known for her uniquely bold choices in makeup, clothing, and hairstyles, and her stage presence is fierce and full of sizzling fire. Even without her notable signature styling, her natural beauty comes through when she tones it down on her days off. With so much success seen in her 20s, the singer is sure to keep things just as hot, or even hotter in her 30s, despite her recent legal matters with Dr. Luke. Put your money on Ke$ha for a notable decade to come. We’re ready for some fresh new music to celebrate your 30th with ya!

11 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley –Apr. 18

This year is sure to be quite a big one for the super-sexy and seductive model and actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Not only will the breathtaking beauty turn 30-years-old this April, but she is expecting her first baby with beau Jason Statham this year. Congrats to the happy and way-too-good-looking pair! The too-gorgeous-for-words Victoria’s Secret bombshell is not only heaven’s gift to the world of lingerie, but she has been in a few movies as well, including Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Statham must be over the moon to be linked to such a fabulous woman and to hold the title of the soon-to-be father of her child. Tall and tempting, Huntington-Whiteley is a unique beauty with a mysterious air about her. Statham is one heck of a fortunate dude to have snagged such a sexy “better half.” That baby is certainly going to be one good-looking kid. Genetics are on his or her side!

10 Shay Mitchell – Apr. 10

Shay Mitchell may not be a liar, but the Pretty Little Liars star is certainly damn pretty. And we would be lying if we didn’t think she looks beyond fantastic for someone who will turn the big 3-0 this April. The bronzed brunette stunner is not only a successful television actress, but we have loved seeing her in movies including Cadaver, Dreamland, and Mother’s Day. The Canadian-born beauty is sexier than ever, making her presence on screen something it’s hard to steer your eyes away from. Her body is in sublime shape, her hair is shiny and luxurious, and her face is as beautiful as any model’s. With looks like Mitchell’s, the television program ought to be named Sexy Little Liars instead, but maybe there’s already a porn film bearing that title. No matter what you call it, as long as Mitchell’s the star, it’s bound to be a #1 hit.

9 Ellen Page – Feb. 21

Due to her youthful looks and petite frame, it’s hard to wrap your mind around the fact that actress Ellen Page is going to be 30 this February. Cute as a button, the brunette star has wowed us with her acting prowess in movies such as Juno, Freeheld, Inception, Whip It, Into the Forest, and An American Crime, to mention a few. Even with minimal makeup and styling – her go-to look – Page is always camera-ready because she’s naturally pretty. Her younger-than-her-years appearance makes us know she’ll be looking fresh for years to come. With so much work under her belt, Page is sure to keep the talent coming throughout her 30s and well beyond. With talent and good looks like hers, movie producers will be knocking down her door until she’s ready to retire. We hope it’s not too soon though, because when Page is on the big screen, audiences are always on the same “page.”

8 Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi – Nov. 23

From “hot mess” to simply hot, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has transformed her looks and life since her hard-partying days along the Jersey Shore. She may have “smashed” any dude who gave her the time of day back in her early 20s, but now, the almost 30-year-old is happily married and a mom of two. With her tiny stature, it’s hard to believe Snooki will be 30 in November, but she’s certainly matured since her stint on the wild reality show. She has toned up, freshened her look, and styles herself far better than she did back when she was hitting the bars and clubs with her trashed housemates. With her wild child days behind her, Snooki is ready to show the world she’s actually a down-to-Earth gal who is quite attractive when she’s not totally wasted. Yes, it was fun watching her make a fool of herself on Jersey Shore, but if she kept that behavior up, who knows what would have happened. A cleaned-up version of Snooki is far sexier than one puking on the curb after too many shots of cheap alcohol.

7 Ronda Rousey –Feb. 1

She will beat the living crap out of you if you suggest otherwise, so accept the fact that mixed martial artist and actress Ronda Rousey is one seriously hot broad. Don’t let the mean stares and bulging muscles distract you. Rousey is a natural beauty with gorgeous blonde hair and a girl-next-door charm (with the strength of the lumberjack two doors down). Not only does Rousey work her ass off in the ring, but she’s proven she’s got some major acting chops in movies including Furious 7, Mile 22, Road House, and The Expendables 3. She may be intimidating to most guys, but underneath the muscles there’s surely a tender heart and a sensitive soul. Rousey is physically strong, but her good looks are even stronger. She turned 30 on Feb. 1 and is still going at it in her sports career and with her acting roles. Happy belated b-day girl!

6 Hilary Duff – Sept 28

Can you believe that little Lizzie McGuire will turn 30 come September? The actress and singer is now a mom and she’s looking hotter than ever on the smash television show Younger. With her petite frame, winning smile, beautiful blonde locks, and sparkling eyes, Hilary Duff appears younger than her 30 years. That, paired with the “cutsie” rolls she often plays in movies like A Cinderella Story, Material Girls, Cheaper By the Dozen, Agent Cody Banks, and others in a similar genre, make Duff seem more like a young 20-something than a lady hitting her 3rd decade alive. Duff is on the singles’ scene now after breaking things off with her ex, so fellas are lining up for a chance to feel “Sparks” fly with the multi-talented hottie. Duff’s 30s are sure to be hotter than ever, with the raves about her new TV show and her ever-growing sex appeal.

5 Kristin Cavallari – Jan. 5

We first got to know the sexy California beach babe, Kristin Cavallari when we saw her on the successful reality show, Laguna Beach, and now, the one-time 15 minutes of fame chic has had far more stardom than even she must have dreamed of. Cavallari is now a hit in the fashion world, she’s married to football player Jay Cutler, and is a doting mother of three. It’s hard to believe she gave birth to three kids with a body that bounced back like hers. Perhaps her hubby showed her some workout moves he uses on the field. Cavallari is the all-American gal with golden blonde hair, tanned skin, and a fit figure. She’s popular as a television personality thanks to her down-to-Earth persona and made-for-TV looks. Cutler is one lucky guy to be married to such a beauty who turned 30 in January. He “scored” with her and many times in the game too!

4 Naya Rivera – Jan. 12

The exotic beauty Naya Rivera is an actress and singer with smoking hot looks that make the fellas (and some ladies) sing with Glee. As one of the lead actresses on the musical hit TV show Glee, Rivera stood out as a force to be reckoned with thanks to her stellar acting abilities and vocal talent. Her hot looks didn’t hurt ratings either! Sorry fellas, Rivera is taken – she’s hitched to Ryan Dorsey and she has a child. Married or not, Rivera is still one of the sexiest gals out there and we can’t wait to see her in more films. She was great in Mad Families and At the Devil’s Door, and surely anything she stars in next will be one to watch. As gorgeous as she is in person, seeing Rivera’s hot body and exquisite face on the big screen is a theater-going treat. That, plus a tub of popcorn is all we need for an afternoon of enjoyment!

3 Tove Lo – Oct. 29

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Swedish singer and songwriter, Tove Lo, is a sexy electropop star with hits including “Cool Girl,” “Talking Body,” “Out of Mind,” “Not on Drugs,” and “Scream My Name,” to name a few. Not only is she a success with her own hits, but she’s written songs for other famous singers as well, making her a standout in the music world. Aside from her evident talent, Lo is a real looker with piercing eyes, light brown beachy hair, and a toned body. Lo has already won a number of awards for her musical talents, and when she turns 30 in October, she’s sure to win even more throughout the decade and beyond. Her unique style, mesmerizing stage presence, and hit-making abilities make Lo not only interesting but even sexier. Lo is one to watch if you don’t know her already, but once you see her, you’ll have a hard time turning your eyes away.

2 Rachel Bloom – Apr. 3

Rachel Bloom is best known and admired for her side-bending hilarious comedic skills, but the actress and comedian is pretty darn hot too. She will be 30 in April, and she is more popular than ever thanks to her funny girl status that just won’t quit. If she doesn’t have you in stitches, she will have you “at hello” thanks to her good looks and great body. You may have seen Bloom on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or How I Met Your Mother, and she’s not only a talented actress, but a producer, TV personality, and comedian. Her viral internet music video, F@&k Me, Ray Bradbury caught lots of attention and it seems like the comedic cutie isn’t slowing down any time soon. Look out for more from Bloom as she celebrates the big 3-0 and the decade to come. Get ready to laugh and lock eyes with foxy and funny female!

1 Son Ga-in – Sept. 20

Son Ga-in, also known simply as “Gain,” is a sultry singer from the girl group, Brown Eyed Girls, as well as an actress who hails from South Korea. Her trendy K-pop music is a real sensation with fans, and her hot as fire sexy looks have gained just as much attention as her entertaining abilities. The exotic beauty’s musical collection includes hits such as “Bloom,” “Paradise Lost,” “Truth or Dare,” “Carnival,” and “Must Have Love,” and with the success Gain has seen in her 20s, it doesn’t seem like anything will fade once she turns 30 in September. K-pop fans adore the stunning singer and actress, not only for her musical and acting abilities, but for her sexy stage presence as well. You may not know Gain yet (shame on you), but once you tune in to the K-pop princess, you will never want to miss out on another note.

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