15 Sleazy Nightclub Photos These Stars Want To Forget

Before you know it, you’re on the dance floor showing off your signature moves– and you think you look amazing.

We’ve all woken up the morning after the night before and felt an instant flash of regret, right?

It’s Friday night. You’ve had a long, difficult week and all you want to do is have a few drinks and a couple of laughs with your friends. You spend time getting ready and choosing an outfit that makes you feel good. Then you head out.

The club is pumping when you arrive and there’s a sea of sweaty bodies and a promise of excitement. You have a few drinks and before you know it you’re on the dance floor showing off your signature moves – and you think you look amazing. You have a few more drinks and that’s where things get fuzzy…

When you wake up the next morning you feel rough. Your head is pounding away and your stomach is making threats. You pick up your phone and check your messages. Sure enough one of your friends was kind enough to record the evening with a series of deeply embarrassing pictures.

You’re still luckier than these celebs, though – at least you’ll be able to live down the shame in time. For them, well it might not be so easy.

15 Miley Cyrus Being Herself

Miley, we get it. You needed to reinvent yourself and set yourself apart. You needed to an individual, that’s cool. You wanted to kill Hannah Montana. Well, you’ve succeeded. Epically.

Where do we even begin with you? Your outfits which are barely more than a bootlace and a few sequins? Your controversial sexually fuelled dance moves? Your overhyped Milky Milky Milky Tour in 2015 in which you performed wearing fake breasts and a prosthetic penis? The plague of twerking that you inflicted on us? Oh, Miley, we’re just left shaking our heads in shame for you.

Here we see her at her hard-partying best – trying to get the perfect party selfie to share with her gormless army of fans. Then again she is worth $200 million so we guess she can do whatever she wants. Just leave us out of it okay Miley?

14 Kelly Osbourne Hits The Pavement

Kelly Osbourne certainly has a long way to go before she can live up to her hard-rocking dad Ozzy but it looks like she’s giving it her best shot. Kelly is known to party hard and there’s always a sneaking paparazzi to catch her at her worst moments.

This is definitely one of them. This was taken back in 2014 after Kelly and then boyfriend model Ricki Hall tried (and failed) to get back to the car after a night out on the town in London. We’re thinking maybe liquor was involved…

The photographer captured a series of deeply embarrassing pictures as Kelly started to slowly slump down and took Ricki along with her. He struggled to maintain his centre of gravity and collapsed on top her. This forced one of her assistants – who looked mortified – to come and assist.

13 Lindsay Lohan Hides Under A Table

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay... we are sure that you’ve had hundreds of nights you wish you could forget.

Lohan has become the poster child for what happens when young stars run wild and it’s cost her what could have been a lifelong career. Her behavior over the past decade has left many movie studios unwilling to work with her due to her unprofessional conduct. All night parties and constant trips to court and rehab have ruined her professional credibility.

Just days after appearing in court Lindsay was caught on film at a nightclub in Sao Paulo, Brazil – hiding under a table in an attempt to hide away from fans. Sorry, Lindsay, fame has its price, doesn’t it? You can’t have the money and status without the world watching you.

12 Paris Hilton Dances Like No One’s Watching

The back story of this picture is actually quite sad. You almost feel sorry for the super-rich and super-spoiled hotel heiress. Almost, but not quite.

Paris has tried her hand at everything – she’s a businesswoman, a media personality, model, actress, singer, DJ and shockingly even an author. But her time in the spotlight seems to be over. She’s had to make way for the younger crowd and she doesn’t seem to be handling it well at all.

Here’s a perfect example: the night before the AMAs, Paris heads off to a private party where the Pussycat Dolls were performing. In true Paris style, she launches into a sad attention seeking display, dancing on tables and shaking her booty. The problem was that no-one was interested in her – they weren’t even watching. Well, except that one guy. Fame is fickle Paris, stick to spending your megabucks instead.

11 Selena Gomez Takes A Seat

Okay, looking at this picture of Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez you have to feel just the slightest twinge of sympathy. Most of us know how it feels to leave a nightclub – you’re usually desperate for a little fresh air and have an overwhelming need to sit down. You don’t look as good as you did when you went in. You’re fragile. Now imagine there were people with cameras just waiting for you to make a fool of yourself– intrusive isn't it?

That said, the pair does look as though they really enjoyed their evening right? Selena especially, although in this shot she looks like she’s trying to keep something in that’s bursting to get out. And all those flashing cameras can’t be helping much we’re sure.

10 Tara Reid Believes In Moderation (!)

9 Matthew McConaughey's Face

Before he settled down and had three children with Brazilian model Camila Alves, Matthew was a wild Hollywood bachelor, flitting from party to party and woman to woman. In an interview with the Sunday Press in 2014 admitted that the turning point came for him when he was facing 40 – and had just spent a night in a jail cell. He had been arrested the night before after neighbors reported him for playing loud bongo drums and dancing around naked in his garden in the early hours of the money.

Now that he’s all grown up, and made a name for himself in serious movies like Dallas Buyers Club we’re sure that he looks back at snaps like this one and asks himself “What was I doing?”

8 Nicole Richie (And The Hilton Sisters)

Nicole Richie may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth but it hasn’t seemed to have done her any favors. In fact, the socialite has the worst excuse for poor behavior – the classic “I was bored so...” And we all know what happens when you are bored right? Add deep pockets to the mix and you have a recipe for social failure.

She was exposed to money and celeb status from a young age and when she reached her rebellious stage she really went wild. Back in the day, her and BFF Paris Hilton made headlines almost weekly partying up a storm all over the world. It ended in a heroin addiction for Nicole. So one wonders how she must feel when she looks at pictures like this one. A twinge of regret?

7 Kiefer Sutherland Is Dragged Into His Hotel

Between 1989 and 2007 Kiefer was arrested for driving under the influence not once, not twice but four times. You would think he would have learned his lesson the first three times but you’d be wrong. When he was arrested in 2007 after failing a field sobriety test he was released on $25K bail and later sentenced to 48 days in jail. Barely two years later he was in trouble again – this time for head-butting fashion designer Jack McCollough after a fundraiser in Soho.

Alcohol seems to be a problem for Sutherland, and it’s one he still seems to be struggling with many years later. This photo was snapped when the actor returned to his hotel following a raucous night out in London in June 2014. He needed more than a helping hand to get inside safely.

6 Miranda Kerr Dancing On The Table

Miranda Kerr had the honor of becoming the first Australian model to sign with Victoria’s Secret, joining the elite ranks of models like Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolína Kurková, Selita Ebanks, and Heidi Klum who also do work for the top end lingerie giant. And back in 2010/2011, she seemed to have everything going for her – she was married to actor Orlando Bloom and gave birth to their first child. It seemed almost like a fairy tale. But then in 2013, the couple announced their split…

5 Verne Troyer Needs A Lift

Verne carved out a neat niche for himself in Hollywood but that comes with perils of its own. One of the drawbacks to being famous is that your personal life becomes open to public scrutiny and you can’t always control what the media gets hold of. Troyer found this out the hard way back in 2008 when a self-made sex tape that he made with his girlfriend leaked out – creating controversy and causing legal problems for the actor.

By the end of the year, we’re pretty sure he was itching to see in the New Year and kiss 2008 goodbye. But he may have taken his celebrations a little far because when he left the nightclub he needed a friend to help carry him. And sure enough, the paparazzi were there to capture it all.

4 Jessica Simpson Almost Bares All

After a few drinks, clothing can get tricky to manage. Something to consider if you know you’re going to be having a few. Sure those heels look great now but are they going to become death-traps later? Your skirt feels too short already? Wait until the tequila kicks in.

Jessica Simpson had the body to wear this outfit that’s for sure but the question is was it really the best choice for a boozy evening out? When she and fiancé Eric Johnson emerged from the Warwick nightclub (situated in Hollywood) in 2014 she needed quite a few pairs of hands to help her get safely to the car. And a few pairs of eyes too as she seemed to be having some trouble with her own. Not your greatest moment Jessica.

3 Christina Aguilera Has One Shot Too Many

Say what you want about Christina she’s certainly worked hard to achieve her celebrity status and that $130 million net worth. She’s been ranked number 58 on Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, becoming the youngest and the only artist under 30 to be named. She’s racked up five Grammy Awards and sold more than 50 million albums. That’s a lot to be proud of.

But like us all, she’s had some moments that she can’t be feeling too great about as well. Being a celebrity means living a busy life and when you add a little alcohol into the mix you might end up – well, looking like this. Thank goodness her handlers were on hand to help her leave this party.

2 Lady Gaga Would Like A Double

Laga Gaga is a legend in her own lifetime – her incredible achievements include a Songwriters Hall of Fame's Contemporary Icon Award, twelve Guinness World Records, three Brit Awards, and six Grammy Awards. She’s sold more than 27 million albums and 146 million singles worldwide. She’s even won a Golden Globe for her work in American Horror Story: Hotel. She was also the first woman to have four US number one albums in the 2010’s when her album Joanne topped out at #1 on the charts in 2016. She is an icon to millions with her outrageous fashions and unashamedly unique persona.

And even when she gets photographed drinking in a nightclub she still manages to look amazing– although we might recommend she just slosh it all into one glass next time!

1 Jude Law Takes A Siesta

When English actor Jude Law isn’t making movies like A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Repo Man, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain he likes to enjoy himself and unwind with friends and a few drinks. Nothing wrong with that, right?

When Jude stepped into The Box, a trendy New York nightclub located on the Lower East Side in March 2009, he had no way of knowing that his drunken antics would be caught on film and obviously shared with the world. At the time the Law was in town filming scenes for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes.

In the pictures we see Jude committing the drunken sins we’ve all been guilty of at one stage or another; launching in drunk monologues, stumbling around, and finally falling asleep sitting up. The ladies don’t seem to mind, do they?

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15 Sleazy Nightclub Photos These Stars Want To Forget