15 Sketchy Things Going On In Jay-Z And Beyonce's Relationship

Perhaps one of the most popular power couples in the world, Jay Z and Beyonce look like they have it all. Money, fame, talent, and now a growing family, it's no wonder why people diligently follow their every move and listen to the lyrics of every song for that little nugget of information that provides a closer, more inside look at their relationship.

But, like any couple, there is some good and some bad. Every fan knows that these two have had troubles. That said, for the most part, they are very good at keeping their private matters private until they want to share more. And in today's day and age, that can be a tricky thing to do with social media and paparazzi everywhere.

As private as they are, there are some things the world has learned about the ultimate power duo. Interestingly enough, not all of it is fantastic. In fact, some of it is kind of weird. Maybe that's what comes with this much money and fame.

Before you think we're trying to out the couple or change people's opinions, know that we still believe Jay Z and Beyonce are about as amazing a celebrity couple as there is. But, we couldn't help ourselves but put together a list 15 different things going on in this relationship that makes them not only unique but a bit, let's say, sketchy.

What's the sketchiest thing about this couple? Read on and you decide. Is it all just a sham or an illusion? Is it strictly business? Or, is this true love? Feel free to comment or add something that maybe we missed.

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15 They Would Definitely Fail Any Sort Of Dating Game Show

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It's not much of a surprise to hear that Beyonce and Jay Z don't share their personal lives with the media. But, it's becoming evident that they've either told so many false stories or they've lost track of how they actually met. It's sort of odd considering that rumors say they spoke on the phone for almost a year before their first date. Needless to say, put these two on some sort of Newlywed or dating game show and they'd likely fail miserably.

Beyonce thinks they were 18 when they met and that they started dating when she was 19. Jay Z said they'd known each other since she first started recording in her days as part of the group Destiny's Child. Beyonce's former boyfriend has told stories about being with her into her twenties and that Jay Z was not around. All these contradicting stories could be nothing more than confusion, but when you're dealing with a couple as famous as these two, people will find any reason to stir up a conspiracy. Jay Z was 32 and she was 20. That's a big enough jump to get people asking questions.

14 Lied To The Media For Years

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Let's ignore for a minute that they can't recall when they actually met. After they started dating, for the longest time, they didn't want anyone to know. Jay Z has since revealed to Vanity Fair that as far back as 2001 he was courting Beyonce, but when they collaborated on projects a couple of years later, both Beyonce and Jay Z insisted that there was nothing more than friendship going on. They repeatedly denied or ignored questions about their relationship for years, and it was difficult to tell by their vague song lyrics (which today are a tell-tale sign of what's really going on between them).

It wasn't until 2004, at the MTV Video Music Awards, that they openly appeared together as a couple. For three years, they were together and people figured there were things going on, but the couple hid it from everyone until they were good and ready (which, of course, is their right).

13 Rumors Are That Their Marriage Is A Business Arrangement

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When you make the kind of money these two do–and there is a huge profit to be made by being together and holding the title as music's hottest couple–it's bound to strike up conspiracy theories that the relationship itself is nothing more than an arranged business partnership meant to rake in as much profit as possible. After all, the first photos of Beyonce in her wedding dress were part of her music video for "I Was Here."

There are sources close to the couple who contend that Beyonce realized getting with Jay Z was a major step up for her in her music career, and the prospects of becoming one of the biggest female stars in the world were too good to ignore. As you'll see later, others swear that most of what we see and hear about Beyonce and Jay Z are nothing more than a plan put into action to make a huge profit off of our interest in them as a couple.

12 The Relationship Is Hush-Hush


Don't ask Beyonce or Jay Z about their relationship unless you want to get shut down. Both have advised interviewers that they won't talk about the details of their relationship. Beyonce has especially come out and publicly stated both her and Jay-Z's distaste for being asked. Instead, they prefer to use their music to tell their story.

It's actually quite a smart tactic. If you know that millions of people want to know every little thing about you and your husband, why not write about it in your songs so that people have to buy your music to know more?

Both believe it's nobody's business. But at the same time, it's their business because writing about each other in their songs makes them a boatload of cash.

11 Part Reality Stars

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If you want conspiracy theories, here's one.

Beyonce and Jay Z aren't just in a business relationship, they time their drama to ensure that they get the most out of their business, just like two reality stars might do. If we're to believe this theory, we'd have to look at the timing of some of their biggest tours and when news about their relationship hit mainstream media. The Solange-versus-Jay Z brawl was timed right around a tour, and the "Lemonade" lyrics that caught so much attention only made more people want to buy tickets to the shows. It's not much to go on, but it's enough to have people believe their drama is just a moneymaking scheme.

Listen to the lyrics of some of Jay Z's songs and you'll realize that there is a part of this statement that might be true. He talks about the song "Lemonade" (a song that got huge because of lyrics about their relationship) still being popular and making the couple money.

10 Beyonce Timed Her Pregnancy Statement

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You'd think getting pregnant (if you planned it) was something you'd be proud to share with friends and family. Not Beyonce. No, Beyonce didn't even tell her father, Mathew Knowles. It could be due to the on-and-off relationship they've had and some rumors that Jay Z and Beyonce's dad can get into a bit of trouble when they're together. But Mathew went on record saying he had to see it on Instagram to know she was having her second child.

Beyonce's dad figured it was a business decision to keep it a secret (which, of course, means that some of our other theories about the couple might be true), but he regrets not getting a phone call until later. Maybe Beyonce was trying to teach pop a lesson.

9 Couldn't Decide On Names


When it comes to very creative artists naming things, especially children, you can bet that the names will be unique. Such is the case with three out of three of Jay Z and Beyonce's kids. The only difference is the last one, who got his name sort of at the spur of the moment.

Their first child, Blue Ivy, was a tribute to their favorite color and number. The twins, Rumi and Sir, were also symbolic, but in opposite ways. Rumi was long planned out and named after a Persian philosopher named Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī. Sir, on the other hand, didn't get named until he came out. Jay-Z told People magazine, "Sir was like, man, come out the gate. He carries himself like that. He just came out, like, Sir." So, they named him Sir.

There are also rumors that Jay Z took Beyonce's last name and Beyonce took his last name at their wedding. None of this has been confirmed, though.

8 Freaky About Four

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When we said Blue Ivy was named in part for the couple's love of the number four (the Ivy part of Blue Ivy is the Roman numeral for four), we weren't kidding about just how gaga the couple is over that number. Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z were born on the fourth of the month (September of 1981 and December of 1969). They were married on April 4th (that's 4/4) and each got tattoos of the Roman numeral four (IV) on their fourth fingers.

Fans are wondering if this means that the couple will have another child. After all, one more would make four, and that seems to be the lucky number for these two. Even the release dates of some of their albums add up to four. Jay Z's newest album and tour is called 4:44.

7 Tried To Trademark Blue Ivy

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You know the couple is all business when they try to trademark and copyright their kids' names. The couple actually tried to trademark Blue Ivy's name with the plan to market it as a baby products line. From what we've heard, even though that move has been met with some resistance, the couple is still trying to secure the commercial rights to Blue Ivy Carter, Rumi and Sir Carter, as part of their branding empire.

Nothing is actually stopping Jay Z and Beyonce from using the names as part of their brand. Their argument is that they're more famous and stand to lose a lot by having someone else do the same and piggyback off their success. The U.S. Patent Office isn't buying it. I guess they can't sell everyone.

6 Too Generous

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We all know that celebrities give gifts worth the kind of money most of us wish we could make in a year. Beyonce and Jay Z are known to give each other gifts worth more than our entire families will make in a lifetime...combined. And, we're not talking mom and dad here. We're talking their brothers and sisters, their kids, cousins, their friends, and the friends of their friends. One gift from this power duo will out-value all of that.

Their gifts include a $40-million private jet, an island that was given as a birthday present, a $2-million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, a $5-million Hublot watch, a $500K ring, and $350K worth of Birkin bags. This is the true definition of having more money than one knows what to do with it.

5 The Music Does The Talking

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We mentioned earlier how Beyonce and Jay Z don't speak about their relationship to the media, but they do rap and sing about it. When Beyoncé released "Lemonade" in 2016, it sent people into a tizzy over what appeared to be cracks in the foundation of her marriage to Jay Z. Fans went crazy trying to figure out if there was "another woman."

Not alone in her use of lyrics to send a message, in 2006, Jay-Z's track "Kingdom Come," spoke specifically to the idea that Beyonce loved her relationship to her work more than she loved him and that he couldn't compete and that there was no relationship. Ouch.

In his new 4:44 album, he wrote all sorts of lines about potentially-unfaithful behavior which gave the impression that this album and tour was a creative apology. If it's all at work, they know how to push buttons because fans ate it up.

Way back, in his song "Lost One," he rapped about breaking up with Beyonce before they got married.

4 Members Of The Illuminati?

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When you get to be really rich and famous (Beyonce and Jay Z kind of rich and famous), there is a huge contingent of people who'll believe any strange rumor. The Illuminati often comes up and people will find anything from hand symbols to clothing to numbers that represent certain dates. While we can agree that there are a lot of coincidences, for now, we believe that's all these are.

But, some have gone to great lengths to try and make this sound believable. They've made connections like Blue Ivy's name, which is an acronym for "Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati's Very Youngest." It got so bad that Beyonce actually referred to the rumors in one of her songs asking people to chill out with the Illuminati chatter.

3 There May Be Other Children

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A young man named Rymir Satterthwaite has been fighting like crazy trying to get Jay Z to acknowledge him as his son. Satterthwaite filed a civil lawsuit in December of 2014 suggesting that Jay Z has been dodging him and using the legal system to get out of looking after his responsibility. He's devastated that Jay Z is so proud to share news of his twins but not acknowledge his "other child."

Another man named Jerald Andrews initially claimed that DNA tests proved Jay Z was his dad but later changed his story. There were rumors that Jay Z paid $1 million to keep his name off the child's birth certificate but that hasn't been proven and Jay Z contends he doesn't have any other children besides those he's fathered with Beyonce.

Being famous brings all sorts of people out of the woodwork. It doesn't often turn out to be true, but who knows?

2 The Elevator Incident

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By now, most of the world know about the bizarre incident that was Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, attacking Jay Z in an elevator. Beyonce simply stood there while it happened, and Jay Z did the right thing by not retaliating.

Once again, the couple talked very little about the incident in public, limiting comments to a public statement calling the issue private. But, everyone still wanted to know what exactly had happened. In a remix of "Flawless," Beyonce wrote, "Of course sometimes s**t goes down when there's a billion dollars on an elevator."

Again, was this all a work? Was it a legit issue? Was it over money, women, or simply the case of a sister being temperamental and intoxicated? For some people, the circumstances just seemed too strange not to be planned.

1 Can't Stand Kanye West And R Kelly

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If Jay Z's marriage is a business work, could it be that some of his more famous friendships and collaborations are simply ways to make money and not done because of a true desire to work with someone else? That would explain Jay Z's rumored hatred for Kanye West.

The two rappers have had some pretty heated and public issues with each other (mostly about kids and family). But really, who hasn't Kanye called out in the last few years? The rumors are that Jay Z can't stand Kanye and that he only puts on a good face and tolerates him.

The same holds true for Jay Z and R. Kelly who were rumored to be close. Many suggested that the tour that combined Jay Z and R Kelly was a disaster because Jay Z wanted it to be after the statutory r*pe charges against Kelly.

The tour was full of all sorts of crazy activity from R. Kelly walking off stage to coming back only to get pepper sprayed by a member of Jay Z's entourage. They each filed lawsuits against one another, and it's not looking like they'll be close after those incidences.

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