15 Skeevy "Shameless" Characters That Are Hot In Real Life

There are a lot of shows that we’re obsessed with here at The Richest. Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black and Friends, spring to mind. And of course we always enjoy throwbacks, like Baywatch and Saved by the Bell. But there’s a television series out there that hasn’t garnered enough attention from us – Showtime’s Shameless. So we thought that we’d put our best foot forward and right our wrongs. The show has a huge cult following, and deservedly so. It follows the ups and downs of the Gallagher family. They are a blue collar, white trash bunch of Irish American folk living on the South Side of Chicago. They struggle with paying bills, doing the right thing in the face of adversity, and most of all fighting with each other. There’s mental illness, substance abuse, and most of all chaos – all mixed with a healthy dose of comedy.

If you are a fan of the show, then you will love this list. It counts down all the skeevy characters of Shameless and shows what they look like in real life. The transformations are astounding. Usually actors look better on-camera than off, but Shameless is not your typical series, and these are not your typical actors. And if you aren’t familiar with the show, this is a good place to start before you begin binge-watching. Either way, you’ll never look at these chain smoking, Old Style drinking, unemployed Gallaghers the same way again.

15 Mandy #1 (Jane Levy)

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14 Mandy # 2 (Emma Greenwell)

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13 Sammi (Emily Bergl)

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12 Ethel (Madison Davenport)

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11 Mickey (Noel Fischer)

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10 Karen (Laura Slade Wiggins)

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9 Jody (Zach McGowan)

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8 Jackie (Alessandra Balazs)

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7 Queenie (Sherilynn Fenn)

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6 Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter)

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5 Linda (Marguerite Moreau)

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4 Amanda (Nichole Bloom)

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3 Lip (Jeremy Allen White)

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We’re going to come right out and say it: Lip Gallagher is hard to look at. His hair is always a mess, his eyes are frequently bloodshot, and his clothing looks straight out of the rummage bin from the Salvation Army. Add to that the fact that he smokes like a chimney, is frequently drunk, and speaks profanely, and it’s hard to find much to like about him. He’s the type of person that is assaulting to all the senses. But Lip has won over faithful fans time and time again. He’s witty, down to Earth, and smart as hell. And the fact that he’s good in the sack has many girls dreaming about him. Jeremy Allen White plays the role, and off-camera he’s actually a good looking guy. In the right light his facial features are sharp, his eyes are deep, and his hair is combed. Lip cleans up well! With honest to goodness looks like his, his career is sure to go places.

2 Debbie (Emma Kenney)

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Debbie is Fiona Gallagher’s little sister, who has a big attitude. She’s had trouble finding her way in life. She has daddy issues, difficulty finding friends, and ultimately winds up as an unwed teen-age mother. She is often frustrated by her looks, as she pales in comparison to other girls. She’s short, has a pear-shaped body and a homely face. Her family can’t afford to buy her the finer things in life, so she can’t compensate for her flaws through traditional female means like designer clothing, nice makeup and glittering jewelry. Fans feel bad for her – and even more so for her baby daughter. Emma Kenney is a talented actress who plays the role perfectly. That said, no one was prepared for how good looking she is off-set. With just a little bit of makeup and the right lighting, Kenney is able to show off her best features.

1 Fiona (Emmy Rossum)

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Fiona is the star of the show, and of the Gallagher family. She holds everything together, even if she doesn’t always do the right thing. Funny, smart and cunning, she is the whole package. But fans of hers are often frustrated by how skeevy she tends to look. She rarely wears makeup, usually don’t brush her hair, and dresses in drab duds that most girls would keep in the back of their closets. Emmy Rossum portrays Fiona perfectly, so people often forget how beautiful she truly is. Her cascading brown hair complements her big brown eyes. Her petal pink lips stand out against her milky white skin. And her body is the ideal mix of soft and toned.

Sources: ShamelessWikia, Zimbio, TVLine

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15 Skeevy "Shameless" Characters That Are Hot In Real Life