15 Sizzling Times Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Were More Than Friends

DC comics is very creative when it comes to character designs. The comic giant has developed the likes of Batman, Superman, Darkseid and so many others more. Through all these characters, DC has also managed to create some of the most memorable couples and BFFs that fans can get behind.

Behind the Lois Lanes and Clark Kents, Bruce Waynes and Alfred Pennywises, DC keeps one of the most iconic comic tandems, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. The villain turned anti-hero pair’s relationship has kept comic book fans happy for years on end and DC isn’t stopping with the fan service just yet.

One is a sociopathic clown and former lover of Gotham’s own Joker. The other is a very toxic lady clad in the skimpiest of dresses. Both are DC’s sexiest characters and both are part of DCs hottest tandems. We’ve only recently confirmed the relationship status of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy but the pair has been teasing fans about their budding relationship for years now.

The two have had a ton of sexy moments throughout their stint in DC's outings and fan art but there are a few that stand out above the rest. Here are the 15 sexiest moments of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

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15 Poison Ivy And Harley Quinn’s First Encounter


Before anything else, it’d be nice to take a look at how Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s relationship began. After being crossed by Joker, Harley Quinn was saved by Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn is already planning on getting revenge on the Joker, Batman, and many others more upon waking up but Poison Ivy had other plans.

Almost instantly, Poison Ivy shoved a concoction into Harley Quinn’s throat. This was sort of an immunizer that allowed Harley Quinn to stay close to Poison Ivy for long periods of time. This was the start of the pair's loving and, most times, sexy relationship.

The potion that Poison Ivy gave to Harley Quinn allowed the pair to do a lot of things. Thanks to it, the pair can hug, kiss, make love and whatever else they plan on doing whenever and wherever they want to.

14 When They Seduced Bruce Wayne Together

These two feisty vixens are only a part of Bruce Wayne’s woes. The caped crusader has trouble dealing with one of them but when these two femme fatales team up to terrorize Bruce, the result is a haunting yet sexy experience for the billionaire.

In one particular episode of the Batman Animated Series, Bruce was caught off-guard in a party. One kiss from Poison Ivy was all it took to subdue Batman who was then under the guise of his usual self, Bruce Wayne. Upon getting in his limo, Bruce was welcomed not only by Poison Ivy but also by Harley Quinn.

The pair seduced the billionaire who was clearly not in the mood to fight back. A few viewers might’ve wished to be in Bruce’s shoes at the time but let’s face it, it’s dangerous to be in between two of the world’s best criminals.

13 Some Tough Love


Poison Ivy’s a poisonous temptress that can make any man literally fall for her with just a kiss or a touch. On the other hand, Harley Quinn is a sociopath that can also make any man fall for her but with an array of weapons including guns, blades and her favorite, a huge hammer.

There’s no wondering that their love affair will include a little tough love from time to time, considering their daily job of hurting people. In this panel from the comics, Harley Quinn jokingly quips that she either wants to kiss or kill Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy, of course, chose the non-lethal option between the two. After their little exchange, they proceed to go inside Harley Quinn’s room but not before Harley asks Poison whether she wants to see her “beaver” or not.

12 The Morning After


After the tough love shown by Harley Quinn that other night, the animators decided to show what happens the night after Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have some alone time. Like any usual couple, the two look sweet and happy in the arms of one other but to us, we’re just happy that we get to see the two in bed.

From the look of things, the pair was pretty tired after whatever it is they did the night before. Their bed was shared with dogs and a cat, and it’s a picture perfect image of a regular relationship between two not-so regular individuals. Poison Ivy woke up first and she decided to give Harley Quinn a little kiss on the cheek and soon after, she comments on the house’s lack of greenery.

11 Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy, Behind The Scenes

Boy, when fans make videos about their favorite DC heroes, they manage to come up with some pretty amazing stuff. Silver screen quality stuff. In this fan-made short film, Breathless, we get a deeper look at Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s sexy but complicated relationship.

The short film depicts Poison Ivy as the calmer individual between the pair and in contrast is Harley Quinn’s radical self. It stays true to the comic characters and what makes this scene sexy is the fact that we get to see how these two polar opposites make one of the comic world’s most dashing couples. We get to see a host of what we’d usually see from the pair. Poison Ivy working on her plants. Harley Quinn smashing a guy to death. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy fan made film if there wasn't any kissing involved.

10 This Towel Fight


It seems as though DC has quite the knack for making fans all giddy inside. Regardless of who’s currently at the helm of developing Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, there’s bound to be a very sexy scene inside. This time, we get to see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the locker room.

Based on what Harley Quinn is saying to Poison Ivy, it seems as though the poisonous temptress feels a bit down. Being the close friend and joker that she is, Harley Quinn decides to cheer up Poison Ivy and it was in a way that would make fans of the pair even more giddy .

Harley Quinn took off her towel and whipped Poison Ivy’s bum with it playfully. Poison Ivy didn’t like the idea but let’s face it, the two were probably headed to something special after the little towel whip.

9 The Sweet Act Of Love

In this short scene from the Batman Animated Series we get to see how Poison Ivy can’t help but submit to Harley Quinn’s every demand. Both of the sexy DC temptresses are in their regular wear as well and it makes the scene all the more sexy for us lucky viewers.

It was Christmas time and the two are alone in their apartment without any gifts or decorations at that. Harley Quinn, being the joyous lady that she is, requested for a Christmas tree but this was of course against Poison Ivy’s mentality. Still, Poison Ivy had something in store for Harley Quinn instead of a Christmas tree.

This is a pretty normal scene but we rarely get to see the pair in their usual outfits. Both are pretty sexy looking like regular people and that little pillow fight at the end makes the scene all the more sexy.

8 This Very Sexy Scene


In this scene, Harley Quinn, who just got out of a toxic relationship with Joker, was having a heart to heart to with a distraught Poison Ivy. What makes the scene extra sexy is that Harley Quinn just got out of the shower and boy, she wasn’t having second thoughts walking around naked in the same room as Poison Ivy.

It was also in this scene that the two professed their love for each other in a subtle way. It was a pretty sweet moment that reveals just how close these two are.

Before taking her leave, Harley Quinn jokingly asked Poison Ivy whether she wants to feel her breasts but Poison Ivy declined. She even quipped that Harley Quinn has no time and that touching her breasts would lead to something even sexier. Sadly for us, we wouldn’t get to see how these two play inside the room once the panels turn blank.

7 When They Showered Together


Alright, those who’ve been following the comics are a lucky bunch. In one particular issue, fans got a good taste of fan service with what DC planned for the pair. After a day’s hard work, both Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy got in the shower. While this might just be a regular form of fan service, the pair was in the shower at the same time WHILE helping each other wash up.

Only foam and steam served as the censors for this steamy scene and we’re sure that fans were delighted with this issue. The pair was literally helping each other reach unreachable places and look out for any unwanted dirt. If it wasn’t for Harley Quinn’s hunger, the scene would’ve gone on.

The only downside of the entire scene was when Poison Ivy found an actual human pinky toe in Harley Quinn’s hair.

6 Relationship Status


Earlier this year, the long-running rumor that Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have been confirmed. The villains turned anti-heroes are actually in a relationship with each other and they join the comics list of same-sex couples. For us fans, it was a big fan-service from DC but for many, it’s a relief that DC finally answered the rumors.

The first question that pops to mind is how do they manage to well… make love? According to Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy gave her “a shot” of something that makes her immune to the latter’s poison. From then on, both are free to do whatever they want without the consequences of Ivy’s special power.

It’s up to the imagination of fans to figure out what this couple does behind the panels in the comics but we’re guessing that they’re both happy and fun with whatever it is they’re doing.

5 Getting A Little Handsy


When fans started seeing how DC is fully shipping the Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy boat, it was only a matter of time before the animators went almost overboard and drew a scene that’s not kid-friendly. In this scene, the pair was in quite the sexy predicament and both were a bit “handsy” during the intense moment.

With Harley Quinn on top of Poison Ivy, it was obvious that the two were in the middle of something intimate. When Ivy asked Harley if 'that' was her hand that was touching her, Harley simply responded with the same question. Based on what we know from Poison Ivy’s powers, there’s a chance that she’s getting a little help from her plants. Sadly, the moment was interrupted with a knock on the door. But we all know where that scene is headed and it’s not a panel that people under 18 should see.

4 Went Shopping For Some Scantily Clad Clothes

Here, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn did what they do best, cause havoc. Many expected the duo to terrorize the billionaire on end but surprisingly, the pair only wanted to do some shopping. Free of charge of course. From then on, viewers were treated to a simple and sexy scene.

The pair tried on one thing after another. Lucky for us, the majority of the clothing they were trying on was a great sight. We get to see just how the duo fares outside their usual getups and both were very sexy to say the least.

While this entry is not as sexy as the others on this list, we’ve got to admit that it’s pretty exciting to see the pair in sets of clothes they usually wear. We can’t pick who’s the more voluptuous between the two as both are equally drop-dead gorgeous in their own ways.

3 When Harley Cheated On Joker With Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn’s toxic relationship with Joker started way back when she was still Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Thanks to the Joker’s mind games, Dr. Quinzel became Harley Quinn, thus losing her innocence forever. While Harley Quinn is obviously deeply in love with Joker, there’s no denying that it’s a one-sided relationship.

In this fan made video, Harley Quinn finally did the right thing and set aside her one-sided relationship with Joker for a love affair with Poison Ivy. While it’s not good to cheat in a relationship, Joker deserves all the hurt he’s going to get from this.

This is not canon and in the comics or other media, Harley Quinn was loyal to the Joker until the day they split. Lucky for us, she finally had the guts to stand up to Joker’s abuse and she finally went the right direction with Poison Ivy.

2 A Kiss Under The Moonlight


Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s relationship isn’t all sexy and provocative. The two also share quite a few romantic moments. They’re definitely at the forefront of the best queer relationships in the comics and this scene further solidified the pair's status as one of the most romantic couples in comics.

Everything was set. Snow, a street lamp, and the moon. The pair shared a passionate kiss under the moonlight and it was enough to melt the snow around them. Even Poison Ivy couldn’t help but feel happy as spurts of roots and plant life began flourishing the moment her lips touched with Harley Quinn’s.

We don’t know what the sure signs are when Poison Ivy is happy but the roots growing is probably crystal clear proof that she’s more than happy with Harley Quinn and the pair would not need a man in their lives ever again.

1 Of Course They Kissed Again


This is most definitely on top of the wish list of comic book fans; DC and Marvel alike. After years of being teased by DC about the relationship between the two, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn finally shared one passionate kiss. The kiss, though only one panel long, was enough to send waves of people swooning all across the globe.

In DC ‘Bombshells’ #42, the villainous albeit sexy duo finally gave fans the scene that they had been looking for so long. It was even quite the romantic scene. Thanks to some scientists, Poison Ivy lost all her memory and the blank slate left behind was forced to do research.

Harley Quinn came to the rescue and gave Poison Ivy a kiss in hopes of triggering Ivy's lost memories. Poison Ivy was very hesitant and even said that Harley Quinn was being a distraction. Harley continued on by saying, “but I’m your favorite distraction.”

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