15 Sizzling Pics Of Twitch Streamers

We are living in a new day and age. Those who are still too blind to realize that society probably will move on from just residing in the real world to also live in a virtual reality will soon find out that the grand majority of the population is already shifting towards this age of technology. One of the greatest examples of this shift is the newfound popularity of E-sports and online gaming. Long gone are the days when people were made fun of because they loved video games. Today, we actually have E-sports athletes competing and winning millions and millions of dollars in events all over the globe. So, the next time your mom or dad tells you that you will never make a living playing video games, you can pretty much say that you have about the same chance of becoming an E-sports star as you have of becoming a professional basketball player.

The symbol of this new online gaming community is the streaming service Twitch. To put it all in perspective, we’re going to throw at you a few numbers we got from Twitch’s 2016 year in review report.

In 2016, about 2.2 million unique streamers were using the service. There were more than 292 billion minutes of gaming watched. More than 1 million people paid in order to subscribe to any given number of Twitch-streaming channels. And more importantly, Twitch has also helped raise more than $25.3 million for charity. Yes, people have watched other folks kicking some a*s in Call of Duty and, at the same time, have sent money to help those in need in real life.

But more than those little facts, Twitch is also home to some of the hottest women on the Internet. And to prove that point, here are 15 sizzling AF pics of Twitch streamers.

15 TaraBabcock

Via: pinterest.com

We could hardly find a better way to summarize what kind of person TaraBabcock is than the way Tara portrayed herself in the introduction of her Instagram profile.

“YouTuber/Twitch streamer. Body of a p*rn star, mind of a philosopher, and heart of a gamer. I collect nerdy things and show off my t*ts (and kitten!)”

Mind of a philosopher? Check. Heart of a gamer? Hell yeah! Body of an adult star? Check, check, check. This girl is all that people who are on Twitch looking for beautiful gamers are searching for. There is no doubt that she is one of the hottest gals on the streaming service, but she is also a very entertaining gamer to watch. She has more than 168,000 followers on Twitch and over 157,000 on YouTube. She also has a hilarious segment on her Twitch channel where she plays a new game from scratch.

14 Legendarylea

TaraBabcock might have everyone beat when it comes to having the body of an adult star, but in comparison to a few of the other ladies we will have on this list, Tara is small fish when it comes to Twitch following. The next lady on our list, Legendarylea, is the perfect example of that.

Did you think having more than 168,000 followers was a big deal? Lea has surpassed that milestone ages ago. As of the time of writing of this article, Legendarylea had nothing less than 621,546 followers on her Twitch channel. Those are ridiculous numbers in anything. Not only on Twitch, but her following is also impressive across several other mediums of social media. For example, Lea has more than 115,000 followers on Instagram, where she is very active showing her fans how she is living every new day of her life. YouTube is also an excellent source of followers for Lea, as she has more than 176,000 of them there.

13 ZombiUnicorn

Via: youtube.com

She might not have the biggest following on Twitch, but Nati Casanova, a.k.a. ZombiUnicorn, sure has one of the most amusing Twitch nicknames out there. This Cuban gamer is one of the most prolific streamers on Twitch. If you are lucky, you might be able to catch her streaming once or twice every day. And the peculiar thing about ZombiUnicorn is that, more often than not, you are going to get to see her doing a range of things other than actually gaming. In just a quick browse over her videos page on the streaming service, you can see that she has done streams while getting a tattoo, going to the gym, or even cooking. That is the kind of fresh content that keeps Twitch so lively and helps it bring more people to the service as the days go by. Sometimes, you just don’t want to watch somebody play a video game, and watching a channel like ZombiUnicorn’s could often give you that outlet.

12 DizzyKitten

Here is yet another prolific Twitch streamer who keeps people entertained with every new stream. DizzyKitten has been in the game ever since the end of 2013, and her grind on Twitch has paid off amazingly. It took a few years, but she has finally reached the astounding number of more than 471,000 followers on the website. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about her YouTube channel, which she seems to have abandoned for almost a year now. Either way, we are still glad that we can watch her playing new games on Twitch every other day.

DizzyKitten plays a bunch of different games on her channel with anything from Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series to World of Warcraft being game. However, as of late, she seems to have started to focus on developing her skills and playing Battlegrounds. Still, every once in a while, you still get to see her playing games like Stardew Valley.

11 KittyPlays

Via: youtube.com

Here is another Twitch juggernaut we would like to show you. KittyPlays is on Twitch so often that she has more than 400 videos on her backlog alone. And that huge backlist sure helps as it undoubtedly played a vital part in her tallying the ridiculous number of almost 767,000 followers. Could you imagine having almost 800,000 people watching you do anything? That is some serious confidence this lady has to have in order to put her face out there and get ready to face the inevitable haters that come with that kind of fame.

Nevertheless, she does an amazing job at keeping her composure and entertaining all of the fans who are there actually to have fun. She also has a lot of fans who follow her on YouTube with more than 332,000 subscribers. But, if you would like a better look at her day-to-day personal life all you have to do is join the more than 213,000 people who follow her on Instagram.

10 Sssniperwolf

Via: facebook.com

Twitch streamers don’t get much hotter than Sssniperwolf. She is unbelievably hot and has the number of followers to go along with that. The only peculiarity about this streamer is that unlike almost all of the other entrants on our list, the social media in which she is most famous is actually not Twitch.

As a matter of fact, Lia (which is her real name) doesn’t even keep videos of her playing on her Twitch channel. And that might be a factor in why she has “only” about 220,000 followers on the platform. And that “only” might sound hypocritical since we have been congratulating other women who had fewer followers than her. But in Lia’s case, this is warranted because she actually has more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram alone. Yeah, this is the definition of being Internet famous. One thing is for certain though, it is easy to guess why so many people follow her on Instagram.

9 Schyax

Via: twitter.com

Now, we shift from someone who has millions of followers, to a streamer who has only a few tens of thousands keeping tabs on her every day. Let us just say that the more than 45,000 people who follow Schyax on Twitch are not making such a bad decision. After all, this Portuguese streamer is one of the finest female Twitchers Europe has to offer.

The obvious reason for why we are saying that is because she is ridiculously beautiful and also has an awesome sense of humor. Just check out one of her streams, and you will find out why. But more than that, she provides her fans with a healthy variety of games to watch her streaming every other day. She loves playing League of Legends, and while she might not be a world-class player, Schyax is still entertaining to watch. She also plays the likes of Overwatch, Battlegrounds, and the classic World of Warcraft.

8 MiaKhalifa

Yeah, yeah, you can save all the excuses and say how you don’t know who this is for people who will actually listen. Don’t worry, buddy, we are not here to judge anybody, and we are certainly not here to judge anybody who knows who Mia Khalifa is. In case you legitimately have no idea who this woman is, Mia Khalifa is someone who became famous in another industry. By another industry, we mean that she was arguably the most famous adult star in the world not too long ago.

Mia could very well be at the top of this list, but because her entering into Twitch was very controversial, as some longtime Twitchers complained about how her fame “on the other side” was the only reason she got so many followers so quickly, we decided to settle for the middle ground.

Fair or not, Mia is entertaining as hell and has more than 262,000 Twitch followers today, a number that just keeps growing because she is as popular as she is beautiful.

7 DeerNadia

Via: youtube.com

Now, we go from someone who got more than 200K followers on Twitch overnight, to someone who actually worked very hard to get to that impressive number. DeerNadia has been on Twitch since April of 2014 and has used all of her beauty, tenacity, and skill to rise through the ranks of Twitch and become quite the recognizable character. She started out streaming while playing Hearthstone and did that for most of 2014 and the following year.

The year of 2016, however, was when she began to drift away from that image of a Hearthstone player and started to become more eclectic in her choice of games, which turned out to be a huge deal for her following numbers. Dead by Daylight, The Last of Us, The Evil Within, and League of Legends are just a few of the games you can watch her playing on the videos tab of her channel. Lately, she has been going hard on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

6 2mgovercsquared

via Pinterest

A lot of the female Twitchers who were featured on this list had the one characteristic in common that they did not particularly seem to care for their YouTube channels as much as they probably should. That is not the case with 2mgovercsquared. She is the perfect kind of streamer who takes equal care of both her live and backup channels. In this instance, the live would be her Twitch account and the backup would be her YouTube account, just to clarify.

But we can confidently say that she focuses on both of them equally, mostly because of the fact that she has about 452,000 Twitch followers and an even more impressive 487,000 YouTube subscribers. Keeping content up for this amount of people must not be easy to do. Nevertheless, 2mgovercsquared is clearly someone who puts in a lot of work on her videos and is always doing a live stream to keep her fans entertained while the next video is in the oven.

5 KayPeaLol

via Twitter

You know you have made it when people want to buy merchandise with your name on it. That is exactly the case with KayPeaLol. As her nickname implies, she is an avid League of Legends player. Not only that. She is so good that you can actually go on the web and buy T-shirts, hats, cellphone cases, and even freaking coffee mugs with her logo on it. Yes, for those who have gotten this far without realizing E-sports were for real, this is your proof.

We are not going to say that looking as good as Kay doesn’t help, but looks alone will not get you more than 654,000 fans on Twitch or more than 596,000 YouTube subscribers. Everything is possible if you put in the work, and just looking at her videos tab, we can easily deduce that KayPeaLol puts a lot of work on both her brand and her LOL skills.

4 Djarii

If you are one of those people who quickly fall in love with anybody who has a different accent, especially a British one, this is the Twitch stream you should be following nonstop. An English girl living in Scotland, Sophia White claims on her website to be the United Kingdom’s “biggest female influencer on Twitch.” And after watching a couple of her live streams, we have no reason to deny that. It would actually be awesome if it turned out to be true. This young gal is beautiful, entertaining, and an avid lover of rock ‘n roll and heavy metal. Seriously, she is always playing this brand of music in her streams.

In terms of followers, she has quite the respectable set of numbers with 167,000 followers on Twitch and almost 20,000 subscribers on YouTube. As for games she plays, we can get the occasional variation. But most of the time, she is playing Battlegrounds.

3 CinCinBear

With over 362,000 happy subscribers on Twitch, CinCinBear is a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world. She loves sharing what happens in her life with her fans and mostly does so through her YouTube channel, which has almost 45,000 subscribers. A good example of the kind of stuff CinCinBear likes to share with the lucky individuals who follow her on social media are her travels, like the time she vlogged while she was in Japan, which was super entertaining.

And while she has made a lot of success playing games on Twitch and giving people a day-by-day look at her life on YouTube, CinCinBear also looks elsewhere when trying to find other streams of income. An excellent example of that is that she is one of the many Twitch streamers who have Patreon accounts. There, she offers a whole bunch of cool stuff like digital cosplay prints.

2 Blondiewondie

Via: quickmeme.com

Unless you are an old-school Twitch fan, there is a good chance that you have never heard of this name before. But there is a good reason for that. Blondiewondie was, at one point, one of the most famous female streamers on Twitch, and a large reason behind that is because she was (how could we describe it?) peculiar.

It is hard to find words to describe a person like this young blonde bombshell who used to scream and moan while playing World of Warcraft on Twitch. Whatever you may want to call her, there is one thing that is undeniable. This woman had a cult-like following that almost got to the point of being ridiculous. Seriously, at some point, there was one person who donated more than $5000 to her channel. How crazy is that?

Now, with a bit of good news, we might be getting lucky soon because she has hinted on her Twitter about a return to Twitch earlier this year. Cross your fingers, fellas.

1 Taymoo

via Flickr

If you wanted entertainment here, we are going to give you entertainment at the highest level. We have talked about women who were great at the games they played and girls who were so beautiful you would not be able to take your eyes off the screen while watching their stream, but we had yet to find someone as talented as the gal who took the number one spot on this list.

Taymoo started streaming all the way back in 2014 and made a killing while her Twitch career lasted. She was prolific and, despite just turning 22 years old, has quite the following on the live stream platform. Taymoo has a total of more than 122,000 Twitch followers and more than 33,000 people following her on Instagram. But there is a good reason for it. Not only does she play games while streaming, but she also wows viewers with her athletic prowess. She even did a freaking backflip during a stream once.

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