15 Sizzling Hot Indian Beauties On Social Media

The stereotypical conservative, shy, and retiring image of an Indian women is long gone and has given rise to sultry goddesses who’ve got it and want to flaunt it. India – one of the world’s fastest-growing economies – is moving with the times, and that means that such women have been gaining greater exposure over the past decade or so, and boy are we glad about that.

The social media boom has also meant that a lot of these women are now known to the masses, and in India, the masses seriously means the masses. With 1.2 billion people, most of whom are social media crazed. India has the world’s largest number of Facebook users and 16 million Instagram users, plus millions more around the world, just to put things into perspective. These women have found their fame and popularity sky rocket; check out their pics and you’ll realize why guys won’t need much prompting to hit that "Follow" button.

I just need to add that for the purposes of this article, I’ve tried to steer clear from the biggest, mainstream Bollywood actresses. If I included them, it would just be a list of actresses – the biggest and hottest babes in Bollywood – but I’ve gone down a different route, tried to include some variety. Inevitably, there are going to be women on this list who have been in movies, as is the case in India, if you’re hot and have some sort of celebrity status, you’re going to be involved in the movie industry in one way or another.

Having a read through this article will hopefully make you appreciate that there are some stunning goddesses doing their thing in the Indian subcontinent. They are talented in their respective fields, but also staggeringly beautiful. These 15 are sizzling hot babes and they know it, and by checking out this article, hopefully you will too.

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15 Archana Vijaya


This sultry self-confessed diva oozes beauty and elegance. She has supermodel looks, yet could just as easily be the girl next door. She is, to many Indians, a woman they’ve grown up seeing, since she was a sports anchor, hosting shows and live cricket events – yes, you’re going to be hearing a lot about cricket in this article; there’s nothing more that Indians love more than Bollywood and cricket, and having a gorgeous beauty like Archana doing the presenting just adds to the whole razzmatazz and excitement of a cricket event.

Archana did start off her career in the limelight as a supermodel; her modelling career took off, and then a whole host of opportunities came her way, and she grabbed them and made a success of every single one. Her TV duties have meant she’s gained plenty of exposure, and has also meant her social media fanbase has gone through the roof. She keeps her followers thoroughly entertained too, posting not only sizzling pics of herself, but almost daily updates on Instagram, anything from cute little clips to motivational posts. Consequently her follower count has continued to get ever bigger.

14 Esha Gupta


Yes, one of Esha’s occupations is that of an actress, and she’s a damn good one at that, but this sizzling hot beauty gained fame as a model; modelling to acting, it’s the natural transition to make, if you’re any good of course, which Esha certainly is.

Her career took off in 2007 when she won the Femina Miss India competition – a competition which she did incredibly well in, winning the Miss Photogenic category. From then on, she began to pursue modelling, and entered the Miss India International competition. But one thing she did propelled her into another level of fame: she was a model in the Kingfisher Calendar, which is without doubt the biggest modelling gig someone can get in India. Fans suddenly saw this stunning woman with an enormous amount of sex appeal, and were instantly taken in. After transitioning to the movies, Esha’s now established herself as one of the hottest Indian babes on social media, and she takes delight in posting sultry pics that are sure to get the heart racing.

13 Shweta Rathore

Shweta might not be everyone’s idea of a sizzling beauty, but to 97 thousand followers and tons of fans around the world, she certainly is.

When I tell you she’s an athlete, you’ll probably be thinking hockey or cricket right? Well, you’d be wrong. She’s actually a professional fitness competitor, and when I say fitness, I mean bodybuilding. Shweta has built her body to be beautiful, and boy has she done a good job. She has toned her body to perfection and is today a major player in the Indian fitness industry – one of the country’s biggest and best fitness personalities.

The whole fitness industry is on the up in India, and Shweta wanted to be a part of it. She began getting actively involved only a few years ago, but when she started there was no stopping her. Since she embarked on her bodybuilding journey she’s been winning competitions for fun, and has made a career out of it too, getting sponsored and becoming the brand ambassador for Muscletech – their first Indian brand ambassador.

Her rippling abs and toned physique might intimidate a lot of people, but plenty of adoring fans find her super hot and the pics she posts are incredibly alluring, hence she’s a deserved number 13 on this list.

12 Sunny Leone


What can I say about Sunny Leone? This babe is just gorgeous in every sense of the word. Born and raised in Canada, Sunny made the move to India to pursue acting, and she instantly got a huge amount of attention, but not the good type. Remember in the intro how I mentioned India’s a pretty conservative country? Well, plenty of people – mainly in the big cities – are becoming more liberal, but when people came to know of Sunny’s past, it was just too much for some. Learning about her background in the adult film industry, plenty of hate was directed towards Sunny, but even negative attention is still attention, and Sunny just lapped it up.

But despite people’s views and their judgment of Sunny based on her "immoral" past, more and more people have begun to love her. She regularly makes special appearances in Bollywood films and has managed to get herself a few major roles, causing her popularity to increase.

Sunny’s also a social media nut, regularly posting images and videos from her colorful life for all to see, to the delight of her 8.5 million Insta followers.

11 Nidhi Sunil

Nidhi Sunil is one of the hottest Indian models – actually, one of the hottest models, full stop – around. Her sultry pics prove too hot to handle for some, and she sends social media into a meltdown when she posts pics of herself from shoots, posing and looking utterly fabulous.

Look at her pics and you’d think that Nidhi got into modelling and that it was her aspiration to make it big, strutting her stuff on the catwalk. But that certainly wasn’t the case. Nidhi has said that she was actually a very simple girl, wanting a simple life, a desk job with a secure pay every month. We thank god – and hope she does too – that that didn’t happen. Being stuck at a desk being a pen pusher is no place for Nidhi. She fell into modelling by chance; she was doing some work behind the scenes at a modelling event, when someone spotted her and thought it was ludicrous she wasn’t at the centre of the actual show.

Natural beauty, elegance, confidence, Nidhi has it all, and has recently moved base and is attempting to make it big in New York. India or New York, she’ll make it work, and her fans and followers will no doubt support her along every step of the way.

10 Rochelle Rao


Here’s another model who then branched out to become involved in various different aspects of the media and entertainment industry.

Rochelle Rao is a stunner and gained fame at quite a young age. 2012’s the year where it all kicked off for Rochelle – the year that changed her life and propelled her into the limelight. She was runner up in her first modelling contest, then a few months down the line, won her first show and was crowned Femina Miss India. Rochelle then represented India in the Miss International competition, and she ended up doing mightily well – she was ranked 9th in the world out of 68 countries.

But most people know Rochelle because she then got a gig as an anchor for a cricket show. In addition to cricket, she’s also anchored various other events and shows. She has taken part in a few shows too – mainly reality TV shows – and her performances have only resulted in boosting her social media following.

9 Sonali Swami


Mom of two, dedicated family woman, and fitness guru, Sonali Swami, has a huge fanbase on social media. She’s a bodybuilder and fitness competitor who’d give any guy a run for his money with her toned physique, which she has sculpted to perfection ever since she fell in love with the iron game.

Sonali’s a testimony to the fact that age is just a number and it’s never too late to get off your ass and make a change. She’s in her 40s now, and came to bodybuilding and the whole fitness lifestyle quite late, after having a couple of kids. But with the support of her family, she decided to pursue bodybuilding, and has totally dedicated herself to the sport. Competing in various events up and down the country, she has said it brings tears to her eyes when she sees the fans queuing up to get autographs. Seeing the package that Sonali brings on stage, there’s no surprise that happens.

8 Isa Guha


Ok, so Isa’s British Indian and resides in the UK, but this Bengali babe has got to make this list.

Cricket’s not really a sexy sport and it’s hard to make it so. But Isa, who was one of the best female cricketers around for England, started pulling it in that direction. When Isa made her debut for the English nation team in 2001, everyone thought here’s just another run-of-the-mill cricketer. But she had enormous talent with both bat and ball and quickly became one of the best cricketer’s around. When she started out, women’s cricket wasn’t really popular; she’s one woman who probably drew in a whole new fanbase throughout the course of her career.

Isa did her thing on the cricket field and then got out while she was still young in order to pursue other opportunities, and she’s been flitting around the world trying to make the most of them. She was popular during her playing days, but achieved even more fame and fortune when she began commentating on the game, and anchoring sports shows. India came calling, they knew that those watching would love Isa, and got her to anchor cricket events. People found her endearing, not to mention stunning. She’s brains as well as beauty, and since she’s taken to social media, she has gained a whole new fanbase.

7 Shonali Nagrani

When Isa Guha presented coverage of the Indian Premier League event in the UK, the channel’s production team knew what they had to do to get more people watching: get a couple of stunners on the couch who sizzled in front of the camera but knew their cricket too. Isa was one, and the other, her co-presenter for the eight-week cricket extravaganza, was Shonali Nagrani. Those around the world probably wouldn’t have had a clue who Shonali was, until she appeared in the UK to co-host the 2012 edition of the IPL. I don’t know the stats, but I’m pretty sure that when seeing her on the couch, her name began trending on social media and gained thousands of new followers.

Shonali’s a style icon, a drop dead gorgeous woman, and keeps her fans drooling at the mouth by regularly posting hot pics on social media. She appears on TV in India now and again and turns up at events, but it’s social media where fans can go to get an insight into the glamorous world that is Shonali’s life.

6 Mayanti Langer

The cricket babes just keep on coming. You’ve probably realized by now how big cricket is in India. Rope in some beautiful women to anchor cricket events and host shows, and it turns cricket, that’s already pretty much watched by everyone, basically into a religion. The glitz and glamor that these women bring to cricket propels the sport to another level, and Mayanti has certainly done just that. She’s been hosting cricket shows – and sports shows for that matter – in India forever, and is undoubtedly the country’s favorite cricket host.

She’s also married to an Indian cricket player. Fans know this and it draws plenty of intrigue, especially when she’s hosting and has to comment on her hubby’s performances!

Mayanti is a sports nut and a bit of a tomboy, which when combined with her stunning beauty, makes one hell of a package. Sports and beautiful women makes a terrific combination, and Mayanti’s arguably the best sports host in India at the moment.

5 Preeti Desai


Here’s another British Indian who has achieved major success in the modelling world.

Born and raised in the UK, Preeti got into modelling quite late. In fact, she was 26 when she began modelling and competing for the first time, but was pretty soon taking the modelling world by storm. She won Miss Great Britain in 2007, making history by becoming the first British Indian woman to do so. She was crowned the winner under controversial circumstances, but look at her pics and some would say that her winning was a no-brainer.

Preeti then moved to India, and that’s where her fame really began to take off. She began appearing in photoshoots with the biggest Bollywood stars and quickly became one of the country’s best fashion models. She’s achieved supermodel status in India, and has used this fame and popularity to transition into acting.

Preeti’s an absolute stunner and has achieved so much, despite still being in the infancy of her career. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of Preeti on our screens in the future.

4 Rasika Navare

Rasika is one of those few Indian models who achieved international recognition. She began doing modelling assignments in India, but then branched out, getting involved in international campaigns in Canada and in the Middle East. She wanted to travel and people wanted her to be the face of their campaigns – it was a win-win situation!

Rasika was never serious about modelling, and she didn’t really actively pursue a modelling career. The opportunities kind of fell into her lap, but she’s certainly made the most of them. She’s taking the modelling industry by storm and her career as a model and persona as a fashion icon is going from strength to strength. But what people love about Rasika is that she doesn’t just want to be another pretty face in the modelling world. She wants to be a role model for Indian women and pursue her other passions too, and that’s what makes Rasika so loved – aside from her hot pics on social media of course!

3 Ashika Pratt


An Indian/English model hailing from New Zealand but based in New York – that just about sums up Ashika’s success as a model. Her modelling assignments have taken her across the globe.

Ashika began her career as a fashion model at the tender age of 15. Based in her home country of New Zealand at the time, she began taking part in beauty pageants, but quickly decided that they weren’t really her cup of tea. So, she started doing TV commercials and became a runway model, and in the space of a few years, Ashika was already a modelling sensation. By the age of 20 she had moved to India, and was beginning to make waves in the fashion world.

What Vogue said about Ashika in 2010 pretty much sums this beauty up: "She is the hottest new face in town. This New Zealand born-and-raised beauty is part-girl-next-door and part-temptress. As far as we're concerned, that's a winning combination on any continent." Damn right, and it’s these qualities that have gained her a massive fan following on social media.

2 Yashmeen Chauhan Manak


Gym owner and professional athlete Yashmeen is massive on social media. She gives off that bad girl persona; she wears sultry outfits, loves to strut her stuff, has tattoos, is a bit of rebel, and of course, has the muscle. All of this has made her one hell of a popular fitness competitor and social media personality.

She looks stunning, but it’s her story that has touched a lot of people and has brought a lot of fans her way. Yashmeen had a tough childhood. She was left emotionally scarred due to a number of traumatic events, and didn’t have the support network of a mom and dad, who abandoned her. She was extremely shy, but when she reached high school she came out of her shell and became a bit of a rebel. In addition to emotional baggage, she also had a lot of health problems, and she just hated everything about herself. With weights, she has turned that perception around; she now loves herself, and we certainly do too, and so do her thousands of adoring fans.

1 Shibani Dandekar


Putting Shibani as the number one woman on this list was a no-brainer. She is someone who truly does send social media into a meltdown every time she posts one of her sultry pics. She’s not afraid to strip down to her bare essentials either and post revealing images of herself – all done with class of course – for everyone to gawk at.

Shibani’s involved in this and that, and is always around on various TV shows and at events around India. She’s a singer, actress, anchor, and model, and she is a breath of fresh air in what would be an otherwise stagnant Indian entertainment industry. She’s another one who has hosted cricket shows, but she’s done much more than just anchoring cricket events.

It’s everything she brings to our screens that makes her one of the country’s best loved TV personalities. She’s bubbly, beautiful, intelligent, and also scores high on the glamour quotient – what’s there not to love?

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