15 Sizzling Hot Celebs With Beauty Marks

Moles. No, not the underground animals, but the beauty marks that have been as hot as a sizzler ever since Marilyn Monroe burst onto the scene. So yes, her beauty mark wasn’t real but a fake one drawn on, but it was iconic nonetheless. As was the iconic upper lip one of Madonna, but some Hollywood belles have been fortunate enough to have a mole right where it counts – and it not only becomes a beauty spot, but garners plenty of fans all by itself.

Beauty mark became extremely popular in the eighteenth century. Of course, this was also the time when bombastic sleeves that resembled mutton legs were the height of fashion, and powdered wigs were considered rather suave – so what did they know?

Medically speaking, these beauty spots, marks or moles are considered a melanocytic nevus which sounds far uglier than it looks, and in case you are grossed out already, remember that they are a congenital defect of the skin. That said, many iconic beauties wear their visible facial moles with pride, accepting that this is how they were born and consider them to be badges of beauty. And yes, many of these current hotties were known more for their iconic beauty marks than for anything else. Think Cindy Crawford, Eva Mendes, and even today’s busty beauty Kate Upton. They all have moles on their faces, and yet, these melanocytic growths do nothing to detract from their beauty, it only adds to it.

So gals and guys, do wear your beauty spots with style? Not everyone is lucky enough to have them! Here’s some inspiration:


15 Ariana Grande: Photograph Only My Left Cheek. ONLY!

So while she makes decent music, there's nothing great said about Ariana Grande. In fact, quite the opposite! She insists, demands, and basically throws a fit to ensure that she is only photographed from her left side which means only her left cheek should ever be photographed. Wonder what’s wrong with her right cheek though?

So there’s a beauty mark/dimple on her left cheek which I guess is the reason she wants (read: dictates) that she simply has to be photographed from her left side. She is known to have walked out of photoshoots, fired photographers, and thrown hissy fits when her rule had not been adhered to – and is even to known to have stated, “shoot me only on my left side and if you (the photo crew) use red light, I would ‘kill myself’." Well Bang, Bang indeed Ariana!

14 Sherilyn Fenn: Twin Peaks? Nah, Just One Mole Will Do


After a rather controversial appearance in the erotic Two Moon Junction, Sherilyn Fenn went into hiding, or so it seemed… She then burst back into the scene in the 90s cult series, Twin Peaks playing high school femme fatale Audrey Horne who dressed like a 50s babe in saddle shoes, tight sweaters, and even tighter skirts, and basically destroyed every other show’s sexuality like it wasn’t even there.

Of course, while Sherilyn’s bodacious bod and her femme fatale attitude did a lot to cement her sizzling sexiness on screen, the mole on her left temple, just where that awesomely arched eyebrow ends, added oomph as well. And this is why this hottie dated hotties like Prince and then later, Johnny Depp. She may have never become a Hollywood biggie, but that mole and her sass made her a cult Hollywood hottie for sure.

13 Mariah Carey: To Mole Or Not, That Is the Question

For a very long time, we kept seeing pictures of Mariah's right side of the face only, and it kept us wondering if something was wrong with one side of her face. For a time it seemed that Mariah was really self-conscious about this beauty mark of hers, though she’s not the only one blessed, or cursed, with this sort of  non-cancerous lesion (yep, sounds gross that way, doesn’t it!).

Of course, Mariah's nuttiness is not just limited to her mole for this is the diva that enters a restaurant only when her songs are playing in it, and while she is there, only her songs are allowed to play, as a necessity. This is also the diva that decided to pretend that she didn’t know who JLo was when media personnel had the audacity to ask her a question about it!

Though now she likes to be photographed from her left side, suddenly accepting that beauty mark that she was sort of born with...

12 Eva Mendes: Wear It Like You Own It


A body to die for, cheekbones to kill for, and Ryan Gosling by your side, does a woman need anything more? Well, if you are Eva Mendes, you also get blessed with a fabulous beauty mark – a mole on your left cheek and never before has a woman owned her beauty spot the way Eva does.

With that face, that voice, and that ass, uh, sass, she’s been voted in the top tens of many Top 100 Most Beautiful Women lists. And while she may not have become one of the best actresses in Hollywood, she is still a pleasure to watch onscreen with her persona and those hot looks. Plus she really owns that mole on her cheek, and it definitely adds to her sexiness. If you don’t believe us, go ask Ryan Gosling. The next time you see him, that is. Oh, that’s right – you don’t. (Insert evil laughter here.)

11 Karlie Kloss: Beauty Marks Abound In This Celestial Beauty

Karlie Kloss was all of 15 when she was "discovered" and put into print inside Teen Vogue’s fashion editorials. They loved her so much that she was brought back as a cover the very next year and since then, she has ruled the runway unlike any other model; Karlie has a signature runway strut, a zombie-like, expressionless walk and then she just lowers her head and glares at the photographers with an incredible amount of hotness mixed with sass.

Complementing her every move is the constellation of moles that run on her right cheek, almost in a triangular pattern which, kudos to Karlie, she does nothing to hide at all – even for her close-up photo shoots. And perhaps these moles are there to help us truly differentiate Karlie and her 3-inch shorter BFF, Taylor Swift! The height difference doesn’t help because all Karlie does is wear flats and Taylor dons heels – so they end up looking like emaciated doppelgängers!

10 Sophia Bush: A Mole And That Husky Voice!


So Sophia Bush didn’t really make it into the memorable list when she appeared in a small two-bit role as Sally in National Lampoon’s Van Wilder starring Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid. She was actually noticed for her acting, her voice, and that cheek mole when she landed the role of scheming vixen/loyal friend Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill. Movies like John Tucker Must Die, Stay Alive, and The Hitcher followed and she soon became one of the hottest women in the world, according to FHM, Maxim, and People.

She plays the role of Det. Erin Lindsey in NBC’s Chicago P.D. and also makes the occasional appearance in sister serials Chicago Med and Chicago Fire. And as if her hair, those cheekbones, and that bedroom rasp of a voice weren’t enough, she had to be born with a beauty mark, ensuring all eyes on her, at all times!

9 Cassandra Naud: Forget A Beauty Spot, Here’s A Beauty Cheek

Cassandra Naud’s awesome body and graceful dance moves make her memorable but it’s her facial birthmark and her easy acceptance of it that make her unforgettable.

Born with a hairy birthmark on her face, Cassandra’s parents decided against its removal when the doctors told them that it could be a bit risky. And later, at 13, the teen Cassandra too decided not to have it removed, believing that the birthmark made her memorable every which way.

Now in her early twenties, Cassandra believes that this large birthmark has brought her nothing but positivity, from her birthing nurse who recognized her after so many years just because of the birthmark, to auditions that end up really exciting directors because of how her face looks. Other than the early bullying she faced in elementary school, no one has been critical of her. She believes that her birthmark does nothing to detract from her beauty, and people realize that and relate to the positivity in her.


8 Natalie Portman: Refuses To Let Her Moles Be Photoshopped Away


In an interview with Allure magazine, Natalie Portman reportedly said that having a mole on her cheek was the biggest thing ever. Whenever she did photo shoots, the makeup artists would try to conceal them away and when that failed, the editors would Photoshop it off. While Natalie said that no one ever said anything about her moles to her face, the editing made her feel as if her moles were ugly and needed to go away so that she could look beautiful and perfect. Finally, Natalie pulled up those rhetorical socks and told everyone that her moles were part of her and her beauty and so now, they stay.

And Natalie has certainly been blessed with plenty of natural beauty, both her cheek moles included – yes, she has more than one, and here there are girls not even blessed with half of one! Oh, and more mother than a star, the secret to her perfectly coifed hair is sleeping on it while it is still wet!

7 Blake Lively: Is It A Freckle? Is It A Spot? No, It’s Super Mole

So anyone who is anyone and has cable TV has seen Blake Lively, whether in her famous role on Gossip Girl or in a commercial for one of her many endorsements. Now happily married to hottie Ryan Reynolds (never thought I’d associate Ryan with hot, especially after National Lampoon’s Van Wilder) and mother to two little ones, Blake glows more than ever, especially since she also reportedly went under the knife to substantiate those looks a little itty bitty bit more (You did notice that narrower and more angular nose, didn’t you?).

We love her for not getting that mole right next to her nose removed though, even though a plastic surgery makeover is all part of Hollywood celebrity life, it good to see that Blake recognized her mole for what it was – a beauty spot that made her stand out in a bevy of belles. And she frankly looked good enough even before the plastic surgery, such is the beauty of a beauty mark.

6 Angelina Jolie: Not Just The Pout, She Owns A Mole Too


So yes, Angelina Jolie, despite all the hype and trolling she’s gotten over filing for divorce from Brad Pitt and accusing him of child endangerment, still is and always will be one of Hollywood's greatest beauties. And other than that pout that no other celeb has been able to emulate, with make-up or surgery, and that one leg that keeps popping up even after the Oscar hoopla died out, she also has a mole, right above her right eyebrow.

And other than it being a great beauty mark, and a so-called harbinger of fame and fortune, we think it must come in handy disciplining her six children. Once a child messes up, up goes the Jolie eyebrow and even higher goes the mole and the child is suitably chastened. Though like many mole-having actresses, Jolie too, has the case of the mysteriously appearing and disappearing mole (thanks to Photoshop). Hers shot into prominence when she played Lara Croft in the movie with the same name and achieved as big a cult status as she has.

5 Rachel McAdams: Her Moles Emote As She Does

Unlike Sarah Jessica Parker’s chin mole that died an early death when she had it removed, Rachel McAdams has always rocked her chin mole with sass. For an actress who never wanted to be a very big Hollywood star, she has certainly made her mark, and in more roles than just one, from her rather funny appearance in The Hot Chick to playing Benedict Cumberbatch’s significant other in Doctor Strange, to being nominated by the Academy in the child abuse drama Spotlight.

All of that taken into account, McAdams really knows how to rock that mole by being effortlessly accepting of it. It's part of her skin, and indeed her fair skin and those plentiful moles on her face and neck has somehow added to that realistic next-door-girl appearance of hers. That million dollar smile and her penchant for playing characters with a slight edge to them makes her one very believable beauty indeed.

4 Scarlett Johansson: Sexy, Down To The Last Mole


It seems like Ryan Reynolds has a penchant for women with moles because before he got hitched to Blake Lively, but before that, he was hitched to ScarJo. Incidentally, Scarlett Johansson hated this media-levied nickname saying that ScarJo sounds like something from the music industry, has a violent edge to it, and kinda sounds insulting. We hear you, Scarlett.

So something about Scarlett’s body, looks, voice and those smattering of cheek moles seems to strike a chord with the audience (there’s a reason she’s been cast as the very sexy vixen Black Widow in The Avengers). She’s been a regular on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women list since 2005 – that’s like 12 years and still going strong. Also voted as one of the sexiest women time and again by various magazines, she is very aware of her sultry good looks and that husky voice and uses it to entrance the audience in her various roles.

3 Cindy Crawford: The Mole Of All Moles

No one has ever been more famous for a mole than Cindy Crawford, especially since, unlike Marilyn Monroe’s fake beauty spot, this was real, and has stayed put with Cindy since she was born. Long before she appeared on her first magazine cover, with her mole firmly in place, and shot to heights of modeling stardom, she was mercilessly teased by the boys on her school’s football team who used to shout "Hey, little Crawford, you have chocolate on your face!"

Upset and in tears, this little girl hated her mole fiercely and asked her mother to have it removed. Her mother told her that she knew what her mole looked like, but she didn’t know what a scar in place of it would look like. And so the mole everyone came to adore and secretly desire still remains. Of course now, and for a long time, Cindy has seen it as a blessing that set her apart rather than a curse.

2 Jennifer Lawrence: Beauty In Being The Moliest Of All


See any of Jennifer Lawrence’s real life appearances, red carpet or otherwise, and you’ll see the entire galaxy of JLaw’s 15 or so moles – on her face, neck, and décolleté. And yet countless magazine covers and beauty campaigns have airbrushed her moles off, much to the readers’ consternation.

JLaw is not what the industry would dub as conventionally beautiful, but her charm lies in her moles, her messy hair, her casual sass, and her moles. Did we mention the moles twice? Well, you know what we mean.

Women all over the world (and perhaps men too) find solace in JLaw’s moles, for having spots on your face is not what most people would consider beautiful. And for all us (yep, this writer has a mole on her face too) mole-havers, having a mole-inspiration like JLaw makes all the difference in the world. She not only wears them, owns them and rocks them, she also flaunts them in stunning style!

1 Kate Upton: The Next Cindy, Or Beyond That

As famous as Kate Upton is for her Cat Daddy video or even those natural curves that other belles wished they could have, she’s even more famous for that tiny little mole just above her lip, and Kate is in no mind to hide, edit, or Photoshop it away. Her beauty mark has not only put her in the league of classic beauties like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield but has also made her a Swimsuit Illustrated favorite as well as many a man’s dream gal too.

And while Kate Upton dates the ultimate cliché in models, footballers, she also says that she’s just having a good time and has no immediate or serious plans of settling down. She’s enjoying life to the fullest and with a mole that works so hard, she certainly is living the good life as her mole also “suggests” that she would!

We leave you with these honorable mentions when it comes to beauty marks and mole: Iggy Azalea, Kate Winslet, Janet Jackson, and Mandy Moore – your moles rock too. And Sarah Jessica Parker, you traitor you!

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