15 Sizzling Gingers In Hollywood Right Now

There’s something about redheads that stands out. Only 2 percent of the population are natural redheads which makes them more notable. That mix of crimson hair and often excitable personalities makes a redhead something special, including in Hollywood. The town may lean to blondes and brunettes but redheads bring something special to the table. Whether American, Irish, Scottish or some mix, a “ginger” can be something hotter than the rest of the pack and often lean to independent and spirited types. TV and movies have pushed them more and a few in the modelling world as well. Angie Everhart openly stated her red hair was key to her modelling career. Eva Marie is often cited as notable for her red hair and little else in WWE.

There are plenty of actresses today although a lot of redheads are actually dye jobs. Still, some ladies look amazing with them like Debra Messing, Jessica Chastain and more. There are a lot out there, not as many as one might think although some have faded. Gillian Anderson became famous as the red-haired Dana Scully but now sticking to blonder looks. Evan Rachel Wood loves to bounce between red and blonde for her roles. But others are notable for how the red hair has become a major trademark for them and key to their success. Here are 15 of the hottest “gingers” on the planet and reminders how much fun a redhead can be.

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15 Sophie Turner


Currently, her locks are dyed blonde but it’s expected that Sophie Turner will be returning to red soon. That’s because it fits the character that’s made her famous, Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. Starting off a bit of a spoiled brat, Sansa is put through the wringer with a harsh relationship with the cruel Joffrey and soon embracing her own strength. A fantastic moment was when Sansa, long ignored and pushed around, came down a staircase in a stunning black dress flaunting her curves and showed she was ready to take control. Turner has grown into the part, truly lovely with a dry power to her and the latest season has her stepping up to the plate as a powerful woman in her own right. Turner has added some more heat to her resume by taking on the role of Jean Grey in X-Men Apocalypse and looking sensational in the part. Once she gets back to her red hair, Turner is ready to continue her rise to fame and showcase how she’s one of the sexiest players in this Game.

14 Alexandra Breckenridge


Naturally a brunette, Alexandra Breckenridge prefers red coloring for her hair. She balances it from light to very dark and it’s served her well in her career. She had slews of credits on TV shows from CSI to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and voiced several characters for King of the Hill. Her first big break was on the FX series Dirt as a tabloid reporter not above using her body to get a story. Her real exposure came in the first season of FX’s American Horror Story. She played a unique role of the maid, Moira, who is supposed to be an elderly lady. But when any man looks upon her, they see an incredibly hot redhead in a skimpy maid uniform who enjoys putting the moves on them. She’s really a ghost stuck in this house and trying her best to get by.

It got Breckenridge major attention and she returned for the “Coven” season of AHS. She’s had runs since on The Walking Dead as Jessie, the woman doomed by her relationship to an abusive husband. Breckenridge also had a notable role as an ex-wife on NBC’s hit This Is Us. While she hasn’t gotten as hot on screen as with her AHS role, Breckenridge still showcases a very hot side to herself and how steamy a redhead can be.

13 Katherine McNamara


A natural redhead, Katherine McNamara is truly smart, graduating from Drexel University with a business degree at only 17 and studying at Johns Hopkins. However, acting has been a good calling for her as well, dying her hair blonde for roles on various Disney Channel shows like Jessie and the MTV comedy Happyland. When Freeform decided to turn The Mortal Instruments into a TV show called Shadowhunters, McNamara nabbed the key role of Clare, the normal girl who turns out to be a demon fighter. This had her not only going back to her red hair but also giving it a nice orange tint to stand out.

The show has been a hit, allowing McNamara to show off quite well in leather outfits and getting into fight scenes. On red carpet at various events, McNamara still looks great, those lush red locks falling past her shoulders, often across her chest to look even hotter. Known for a great sense of humor, McNamara’s star is on the rise, including The Maze Runner series and those hot red locks look ready to give her career a very nice push in the future.

12 Rose Leslie

The Scottish actress got her start in productions in her home country, including the TV movie New Town. She first rose to fame playing housekeeper Gwen on the international hit Downton Abbey. Leslie then changed her image up big time as the wildling Ygritte on Game of Thrones who introduced the now famous line “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” She also doffed it all for a memorable love scene with Kit Harrington to spice up an already sexy show majorly. Leslie has kept busy, her lush red hair and lovely brogue on display for The Last Witch Hunter and Luther. Currently, Leslie has taken on an American accent for the CBS All Axess show The Good Fight. She plays Maia Rindell, a lawyer rocked when her father is arrested for running a Ponzi scheme and she faces the fallout. Leslie is getting hails for the role and some very steamy stuff like Maia sharing a shower with her girlfriend. While she hasn’t doffed it all yet, Leslie continues to show her hot side a lot and how spicy a redhead can be.

11 Elena Satine


Born in the country of Georgia, Elena Satine was originally part of a kid’s pop group in her homeland. Moving to New York as a teenager, Satine used her singing past for a role as an immigrant singer on the series Cold Case. She got a higher profile playing Mera on Smallville. Her big break came on the Starz crime series Magic City where she auditioned for a supporting role but the producers hired her as an escort. Satine gave the show some very hot moments, including doffing it all for several sexy scenes including a hot skinny-dip in a pool. While the series only lasted two seasons, it did get Satine major attention.

Satine became a favorite for an episode of Agents of SHILED playing Lorelai, a goddess who controls men’s minds. That led to her stealing the last season of the ABC drama Revenge as a nutcase stalker who becomes an unlikely ally in the battle between two warring socialites. Working in some indie movies, Satine is about to join the cast of the highly anticipated revival of Twin Peaks. Whatever her role on the show, it’s likely to be a hot one as the feisty redhead showcases how a dangerous gal with such hair can be a truly captivating presence.

10 Deborah Ann Woll


While it was already doing great, HBO’s True Blood took a unique turn near the end of its first season by introducing a character who would become quite important. When vampire Bill gets into trouble breaking their laws, his punishment is to turn innocent young Jessica into a vampire. Deborah Ann Woll was cast in the minor role but it turned out bigger as Jessica loved being a vampire and free of her overbearing family. Woll imbued the role with terrific humor and had great lines to keep fans laughing out loud. She also got some stunningly hot scenes such as Jessica seducing Jason in an outfit that looks like a sexy Red Riding Hood and flaunting her great legs.

Since the show ended, Woll dyed her hair blonde to play the part of Karen Page on Netflix’s Daredevil series. However, she has shown that nice charm off, still getting funny lines and looking quite hot in the right circumstances. She may be a little less revealing on her new show but Woll is a reminder you can never discount how the right gal can get hot in the right circumstances.

9 Isla Fisher

Born to Scottish parents in Oman, Isla Fisher moved to Australia and thus speaks in that natural accent. She got an early start in commercials before a long run on the popular Aussie soap Home & Away. Roles in minor movies followed before she hit it big as the nutso sister in the hit Wedding Crashers. She seemed to bare all in the film but confirmed later it was a body double. Since then, she’s balanced a variety of roles such as Now You See Me, Bachelorettes, Nocturnal Animals and Keeping Up With the Joneses. Fisher’s lovely charm is on full display in her roles along with a very sexy body. She’s settled down a bit in marriage to Sacha Baron Cohen with two children but Fisher can still get incredibly hot when she tries. That lovely smile frames a body that looks fantastic in either evening gowns or sexy costumes and shows that you can find a hot redhead Down Under as well as in the States.

8 Christina Hendricks


For years, Hendricks was an actress who popped up in TV series and stood out well. Her first major role was Saffron, the sultry con artist on the cult series Firefly. She had a supporting role in the drama Kevin Hill which ended after one season. Finally, in 2007, Hendricks got her biggest part, the tightly wound Joan on the acclaimed Mad Men. It was made a point on the show how folks were in awe of her beauty, her lush red hair, great curves and that very ample chest. One funny scene had some Japanese men remarking “How does she not fall over?” In tight dresses, Hendricks was a marvel showing Joan fighting to gain respect in this male-dominated society and enduring some hard times with her marriage. It earned Hendricks great acclaim and a few Emmy nominations.

She moved to some movies like Drive and other shows like Hap and Leonard to show her talent off. Any photo with Hendricks is absolutely amazing with her lush hair and that stunning body showcased well. She’s played with blonde a few times but keeps going back to red and it suits a lady who’s always a knockout in any part and tops among redheaded vixens.

7 Madeline Petsch


Riverdale has become one of the surprise hits of 2017. The CW take on the classic Archie comics has won over audiences and critics for its frankly insane storylines, fun actors and sheer delight in throwing fans for a loop. Highlighting it all is Madeline Petsch as Cheryl Blossom. From the first episode, she has stolen the show with her behavior, showcasing some wicked line readings and fantastic outfits. The creepy way Cheryl clings to her late brother’s memory has provided some of the show’s wildest moments and Petsch looks stunning in a variety of sensational dresses. Petsch is said to be quite friendly when not filming, close to her co-stars and a great sense of humor. That pays off with Cheryl’s wicked lines and a major showcase for the actress in her first big role. The actress was a fan of the Archie comics for years before the show and seems to enjoy putting a unique spin on the character. It’s a key reason the show has become a hit and Petsch bringing one of the hottest redheads of comics to life in a glorious way.

6 Bella Thorne


The Disney Channel is well known for actresses who later turn into fantastic sexy ladies. Bella Thorne is clearly on the rise. The actress got her break as the ditzy CeCe on the comedy Shake It Up where she showed off some nice dance moves. She had more attention with a small but important role as the first murder victim in MTV’s Scream series with returns in flashbacks. Thorne has really taken off via social media as her Twitter and Instagram posts have become huge favorites of fans. That’s mostly due to how Thorne enjoys flaunting herself in tight yoga pants, a variety of bikinis and even nothing at all. It’s almost impossible to go a week without Thorne steaming up the web somehow and she clearly enjoys the attention.

She’s played with her hair color, dying it to various shades, including purple and black, yet the red is what gets fans going. Thorne will soon be stepping up to the Freeform series Young and Famous as an actress cast in a major movie series. It’s a role perfect for her as Thorne is young but already famous as one of the hottest redheads alive.

5 Amy Adams


Amy Adams paid her dues for a while with small roles in shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville and an attempt at a TV version of Cruel Intentions. She had roles in some movies like Psycho Beach Party and then her first Oscar nomination for her quirky part in Junebug. It was Enchanted that made Adams a true star, her turn as a fairy tale princess in the real world winning over fans and audiences. She’s been busy since, her movies balanced from The Muppets to the sci-fi drama Arrival and has earned four more Oscar nods.

Adams is also known for her stunning beauty that she loves to show off in amazing gowns on the red carpet. She can get amazingly sexy, some pics showing a nicer chest than some would expect and looking fantastic so much of the time. Adams is constantly busy, able to balance comedy, drama and even musicals with ease and her wonderful charm on full display. But when she gets sexy, she can be truly smouldering to showcase how hot redheads can truly get when they try.

4 Emma Stone


Technically, Emma Stone is a blonde and has gone to her regular color for roles such as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man. However, her dyed red hair has been a key to Emma Stone’s amazing success. It got her attention on minor roles on Medium and movies like The House Bunny. It was also with her with her breakout roles in Superbad, Zombieland and her first starring role in the hit Easy A. Her lush green eyes also help along with that dazzling smile and her down to Earth humor. Stone doesn’t show off her body a lot on screen but on the red carpet, she’s a stunner in various gowns and just seems to demand cameras follow her wherever she goes. A highlight was her turn on Broadway in Cabaret and wowing in stockings and black lingerie.

Even when dressed down for a jog, she’s a looker and that great acting ability and humor has served her well in Hollywood. Stone has reached the high point by winning the Oscar for the hit La La Land and her red hair is her trademark to show how hot her star has become.

3 Holland Roden

The strength of MTV’s Teen Wolf is how nicely it plays with the clichés fans would expect from a supernatural teen series. A key case is Lydia Martin, played by Holland Roden. In the first season, she’s the classic bitchy high school queen, running down the main characters, more interested in her status and shopping than anything else. Roden was fun with put-down lines and great humor while looking hot in outfits. That’s what made it stunning for fans when, during a conference, Lydia’s teacher mentioned that according to tests, the girl was actually a genius and was just playing being an airhead. Soon, Lydia discovered she was also a banshee with a sonic cry and dreams to help the gang against various threats. She also got hot stuff like a scene of standing naked in the woods before a slew of cops.

Lydia and geeky Stiles were soon a couple and she has kept up the funny lines while still providing heart to the series. Roden looks hot and likely to be pushed well once the show ends its run to change Lydia from a wicked lady to one of the best characters of the show.

2 Karen Gillan


The Scottish have a nice appeal with those accents and no surprise they’ve given the world some hot redheads. Karen Gillan is a great example. She got attention on The Kevin Bishop Show doing impressions of Angelina Jolie and other celebrities. Gillan then became an international star as Amy Pond, the feisty sidekick to the titular time-travelling alien on the iconic British sci-fi series Doctor Who. From her outfits like a sexy police uniform and various costumes to her great humor, Gillan was a standout in the part and fans were truly crushed when her character left. Gillan then starred in the ABC comedy Selfie as a self-centered woman trying to change. She was charming and critics loved the show but sadly it was canceled after a single season.

Gillan famously shaved off that red hair to play the blue-skinned Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy. She’s repeated it for the upcoming sequel but those red locks can be seen in movies like The Circle to maintain Gillan’s surprisingly sexy persona. Between the hair and the brogue, Gillan is a feisty figure and a reason to love Scotland.

1 Maitland Ward


Maitland Ward often refuses to divulge her natural hair color. She was still a junior in high school when she landed a role on The Bold and the Beautiful that got her attention. In 1998, she locked onto her most famous role, as Rachel on the hit comedy Boy Meets World. She got attention for being taller than most of her castmates and a fantastic short red hairdo. It was Ward’s own idea and she enjoyed using it for the part. Since the show ended, Ward has bounced around in minor TV parts, nothing major and really not much on the acting front.

However, Ward has become a massive star on social media mostly due to her total lack of shame. She’s a favorite at conventions for stunningly sexy costumes that show off her tall frame and no qualms flashing it a bit if need be. She’s played with blonde hair but those red locks are far more famous and when she combines them with the Princess Leia armor or a see-through dress, it’s more stunning than any supermodel. She’s not a household name but Ward is one of Instagram’s most popular ladies and proof how redheads can cut loose.

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