15 Sizzling AF Pics Of The Women Of Duck Dynasty

If you're anything like us, you find it pretty difficult to get involved with reality television because it just doesn't give off the sort of vibe that good television usually does. Seriously, this stuff is made from the ground up to be manipulative and get a very specific response from the audience. Once you see that, it starts to get really patronizing to be aware of exactly what the show is trying to do to you. That being said, the shows can be really good in one aspect, and that's showing people off when they're looking for attention.

When it comes to the men, it’s cathartic to watch them strut about before failing to achieve the desired effect, which is always a gamble as they may accept. However, when it comes to the women, it’s more about having them show what they’ve got to offer. One of the many ways the women on these shows attempt to get attention is usually to get out there in public in as little clothing as possible, thereby grabbing the attention of every male person both in the show and among the audience.

Sometimes, the women don’t do this, but you can be sure that they all want to look as good as physically possible, as they know that there will be a camera on them at all times. So, want to see fifteen times the Duck Dynasty women made sure they were looking as fine as possible for the camera? Yeah? So do we.

15 Rebecca Robertson Showing Off Her Laid Back Look

Of all of the Duck Dynasty women, we've got to say that we respect Rebecca's fashion style the most. Sure, we may not be too keen on how regularly she wears those massive hats, but otherwise, she has a rustic yet interesting style that shows off her beauty really well. Plus, we love women who wear boots and shoes in the way that this woman does. We're not sure why, but it's just a little thing that we've always been a fan of since we can remember. Can we also talk about how insane this woman's hair is? The way it's curled and rests on her body really suits her face well, just as the hair dye that has run through various parts of it does. We’re going to say it right here and now that Rebecca also has the best hair in the Duck Dynasty family, in our opinion.

14 Sadie Robertson Is On Fire

Is it just us, or does this woman look like Keira Knightley? She's got that whole thing about her look, with the flowing hair just topping it all off as well. This woman knows how to work the red carpet, something you can see through what she's wearing, which isn't giving too much away but also lets you see a little bit of what she has going on as. We honestly think the shoulderless look is something that all women need to start going for in the future. It's sort of like the woman is giving you a little bit of a look at what they’ve got, tantalizing you with what may lie further down below if you ever get the chance to take a look, which you probably never will. It really plays on that idea of a woman being a tease and gives women a bit of breathing room as well.

13 Jessica Robertson Knowns How To Work The Camera

Okay, so she may not be everyone's first choice when it comes to Duck Dynasty women, but it's hard to deny that this woman knows exactly how to work the camera and make sure her face is all dolled up as well. We aren't sure about that bag, but the colors she's put on her face really gel with the virginal white of the blouse she has on. Skinny jeans on an older woman? Always a plus if you're looking for that casual look. She isn't walking around with much skin out like the younger women in the Robertson family, but that doesn't mean she isn't working it as well. It looks as though you’re able to figure out a much more dignified beauty as you get older, not one based on showing as much skin as possible or having the nicest clothes. She looks a lot more comfortable!

12 Somebody Should Tell Sadie She Looks Good In Blue

Look, we don't know enough about the world of fashion or the science and psychology of colors to know why this is true, but to us, there's no woman in the Duck Dynasty family who looks anywhere near as good as this in blue, and we honestly have no idea why. We'd like to know why it is that some women just shine when they wear some colors that don't suit other women. Does it have to do with eye color? Skin color? Hair color? Does it have nothing to do with these things and is merely a psychological thing on our part? We really don't know, but if anybody is smarter than us does know, then we’d really like them to point us in the direction for whatever scientific paper we can read to see what's actually going on inside of our heads whenever we see this picture and swoon.

11 Seriously, It Feels Like She's Looking Into Our Souls

We think that this woman realized very early on that she wouldn't be able to take the easy way out like most of her female contemporaries in the reality television business and stick to something revealing, so she decided she'd go for more of a dignified look. In fact, she's perfected the ability to make herself up really well and work a camera better than any woman her age, thereby still cementing her place as a beautiful Duck Dynasty woman. This sort of using what you've got is really what you need to survive in showbiz because if you don't play to your strengths, you're never going to manage. You’ll be out on your ear quicker than you think, as you won’t be bringing enough to the table, or at least anything new that they can’t already get somewhere else. You just keep looking fierce and murdering that camera, and you’ll have a long career in showbiz.

10 We Can All See What's Hiding Under That, Korie...

Just like the woman above, Korie knows that she's can't go about things the same way as her younger co-stars and showbiz partners, as it's not something older women are allowed to do. Instead, she can wear clothes that accentuate certain assets without coming right out and being explicit about it. We're not going to go into any major detail or anything, but we think it's pretty obvious from this image what we're talking about. Just make sure you're looking in all of the right places, and there's no way you can miss what this woman has got hidden underneath that shirt. It’s nice to know that women in this world still like to keep a little bit of mystery about themselves, not wanting to just throw everything they have out there. Once you’ve done that, where else do you go from there? You’ve got nothing left up your sleeve.

9 Taking A Look At Sadie's Facial Beauty

You know what we've noticed about collecting images like this? People's necks look really weird when they're cropped from people's bodies, almost as if they're an unnatural addition to somebody's head that's been added on by a photographer who's making fun of the poor woman they're photographing. Do you see what we mean? It would look better if photographers only took close-ups of people's heads so that their necks didn't look like some weird sloping afterthought that a caring and intelligent God would've never added to his greatest creation. Another thing we’ve noticed is that celebrities like to get their teeth whitened to the point where they look like they don’t make sense inside of their own mouths, as if they’ve pulled them from somebody else who took much better care of them and had them shoved into their own toothless gums. Sorry for the mental image there.

8 Now We're Really Getting Down To It!

Yeah, we know there hasn't been much skin on show in this list, as the Duck Dynasty ladies are very clearly more reserved than a lot of the usual reality television women out there, but leave it to Sadie Robertson to absolutely knock us out with this single shot of her bearing her midriff in an absolutely scorching outfit. Honestly, rather than being an image that we think shows off her beauty, we like the fact that this image shows us Sadie Robertson is still finding a chance to just have fun and pose for the camera like most young girls her age do. Most people who end up on reality television from a young age find that they're no longer allowed any amount of normal time to themselves like most people their age would be allowed. It’s a shame, really, as it’s usually the parents who chose to make them famous.

7 A Lot Of People Couldn't Pull Off This Look

Do you ever wonder what type of person wants to spend her whole life designing hats and nothing else? Surely, they've been done to the point now where we've perfected it. Call us cynical, but we're pretty sure that there's no way we're going to see any major advancements in hat technology now. We've advanced it to a top point that cannot be outdone. What more could the hat possibly offer at this point? As a fashion accessory, they’ve done all they possibly can, and you can quote us on that one -- that’s how sure we are.

6 Always Ready To Have A Chat With The Press

Seriously, her teeth look even more insane when placed against such red lipstick, but then, that just seems to be how people want them these days. Honestly, we'll never understand why people would want their teeth to look like this. Can we also talk about the guy in the back who's very clearly checking Sadie out? That guy has got no chill. Can you imagine feeling the need to look someone up and down like this when you know that you're being watched by more cameras than you've ever been watched by before? Who even is that guy? Seriously, he seems like he hasn't had a crash course in how not to act when it's literally impossible to get away with anything shameful, so he can't really be that famous, can he? We’d definitely need that crash course if we were supposed to be appearing on a red carpet.

5 Seriously, This Woman Suits All Kinds Of Blue

The high-necked sweater with no sleeves is a look that should probably be ridiculed by everyone who sees it, and yet we just love a young woman in a sweater so much that we can't bring ourselves to make fun of it. That being said, we can take it out on the necklace instead, because we really don't like that thing. Why do women sometimes wear jewelry that's connected in some places but not connected to others? The only sort of necklace that we think anybody should be wearing in this world is a simple chain along with a simple pendant. Obviously, people can wear whatever they want, but we really don't see the point of anything any more extravagant than that. You just look like you’re being flashy for the sake of being flashy, and nobody likes a showoff. Well, maybe some people do like a showoff, but we don’t understand them either.

4 Can You Tell We Like Sadie The Best?

Why don't people wear dresses and skirts more often? Maybe we're wrong, but it feels like women wear them a lot less nowadays, which is obviously fine, but we've always loved the way a skirt or a dress looks. To be honest, this isn't even about how it looks on a woman either because we think that men who decide to wear skirts or dresses look pretty good in them as well. What we're trying to say is, they're an underutilized form of clothing. Not only that, but people don't wear proper high-necked dresses these days either. The only famous person we can think of is the lead singer of a band called Screaming Females, which pretty much nobody has heard of. Go look them up because her dresses are cool and her music is cooler. That being said, don’t expect dresses as light and colorful as Sadie Robertson’s here.

3 Is It Just Me, Or Do All Of These Women Look The Same...

Okay, we know that pretty much all of these people are part of the same collective family, but they're not all blood relatives, are they? We don't know the full history of the Duck Dynasty family, but we'd like to think that at least some of these people married into the family... All joking aside, it can be quite normal for a bunch of people all from the same place to end up looking pretty similar, especially if some of them have had work done or grew up around the same time, as they'll end up dressing similarly to each other, and their plastic surgery will attempt to make them all look pretty similar as well. That's what you get when you live in a society that rewards bland conformity. You can't even escape it once you get into your adult years. It follows you until you’re in the grave.

2 Looking Flash And Glam

Even though we can only see a tiny part of her, we can tell that this lady is absolutely rocking it, most likely having spent a lot of time and quite a bit of money on looking as flashy as possible. It must be so weird knowing that you have to look your best every time you leave the house, lest you be photographed by some vulture and spread all over the internet for having the audacity to go outside in clothes that make you comfortable. Honestly, if we ended up famous, we'd make sure that from day one, we'd always be dressing in comfortable clothes we actually wanted to be wearing, just to set the precedent for the rest of our time in the spotlight. The only problem is that once you’ve started on the fancy route, you can’t go back because the gutter press will say you’ve lost it.

1 Giving You A Two-For-One Right Here

Look, we're just going to say it because we're fairly sure most of you will agree with us, but these two are definitely the standouts among the Duck Dynasty beauties. Sure, they've got some pretty solid competition and everything, but just look at those faces and that hair! The cheekbones and the cheek dimples. Honestly, is there anything to hate about this photograph, because we definitely can't find it if there is. There used to be a time when it was rare that you would see someone so beautiful that it was difficult to understand how she existed, but with the advent of television, we've ended up with new beauties like these two being thrown in our faces pretty much all the time. It’s not that we’re complaining or anything, but it would be interesting to see how it affects your reaction to this sort of high-end beauty.

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