15 Sitcom Moms From The 90s We All Dreamed About

"Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children," Eric Draven said in The Crow. A comment that just about everyone can appreciate. For the purposes of this list, though — you might want to toss that thought out the window since there are moms and then there are... hot moms.

Nowadays as far as television is concerned, just about every single female character needs to be 100% certified completely to die for. But in the nineties, when there began a seismic shift from the wholesome image of mom that TV had seen since the days of Donna Reed and began to sex up mommy just a little bit, by casting her some beautiful buxom ladies.

It's that time once again to jump into our time machines and head back to a decade where indifference also met a lot of neon, where Alt-rock and coffee shops went mainstream and invaded our TV shows – here are 15 TV moms that we all fantasized about in the nineties.

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15 Fran Fine - The Nanny


Even now, at almost 60 years old, the New York native, Fran Drescher still looks every bit like she did almost twenty years ago when she starred as Fran Fine on The Nanny. For those of you who don’t know, Drescher played a stereotypical New York would-be fashion queen who, after a chance meeting trying to sell cosmetics to Maxwell Sheffield, becomes nanny to his three children, because…TV logic.

It was a “She’s the Boss” take on the old nanny/butler/caretaker ruling the whole household trope with a bit of the rom-com, will they or won’t they between Fran and Maxwell throughout the years. Always clearly having the hots for one another, the pair finally tosses out the professional courtesies of their relationship and marry at the end of season five, turning the Kew Gardens JAP into a sitcom step-mom, and at the end of the show, she gives birth to twins.

The big elephant in the room is that nails-on-a-chalkboard voice of hers, certainly not attractive by most people’s standards. But nevertheless, if you can drown that nasally sound for a minute, then you know full well just how great Ms. Fine looks.

14 Becky Katsopolis - Full House

According to her IMDb profile, Lori Loughlin began her career as a model in print advertisements. But of course her eventual biggest claim to fame would be making just about every female in the world uber-green with envy as she became the femme fatale who was woman enough to tame the wild at heart Uncle Jesse on Full House.

Becky started the series as a foil for Danny Tanner, his co-host on Wake Up San Francisco. But rather quickly did she steal the heart of the motorcycle riding, Elvis loving, hair combing, loveable Jesse Katsopolis. Played by the seemingly immortal and ageless John Stamos (who pretty much has looked the same since Stephanie accidentally chopped off his epic eighties mullet), he had the look and the ability to be best Uncle ever. Its simple math, Hot Guy + Great with Kids = women’s ovaries explode.

The couple married on Valentine’s Day in “a very special episode,” which included Jesse crooning it up to his bride, who would eventually give birth to twins Nicky and Alex, which turned the adorable couple into an adorable family, who would eventually come to live upstairs in the Tanner house, because there was no way the two best looking people on the show would be allowed to leave.

Even better, is that similar to some other ladies on this list, Loughlin too has only gotten hotter with age, and we still get to see her get her saccharine schmaltz on these days on Fuller House.

13 Debra Barone - Everybody Loves Raymond


The show might have been called, Everybody Loves Raymond, but rest assured most of us were leering at his wife, Debra (Patricia Heaton). For nine seasons, like most sitcoms of the time, Debra's greatest plights were dealing with her in-laws and of course her doofus husband.

She does her best to hide her malcontent for her in-laws from them, which leads to a lot of classic sitcom manic behavior, but with a mother-in-law like Marie Barone, this is a near impossible task. Not to mention the fact that her in-laws live right across the street and have no qualms about just walking over.

12 Carol Foster-Lambert - Step By Step


It was billed as a Brady Bunch for the nineties. So why not take a TV hunk from the late seventies and the early eighties, Patrick Duffy and one of the hottest women of the seventies, the insanely popular Suzanne Somers and make them the parents of six unruly children on Step by Step.

ABC offered Somers enough money to walk away from schilling Thighmasters (in case you were wondering where Somers got her tremendous yams from) to play Carol Foster, mother of three kids who would meet Duffy’s Frank and his three kids all while vacationing in Jamaica, getting hitched and forcing their kids to get along and love each other.

Just with this premise alone, anyone could see the Brady Bunch similarities. But this was the nineties, when it was perfectly fine for mom and dad to want to get it on a lot more than just at night, but unfortunately as we often saw on the show, with six kids ranging from toddler to teenager, that was insanely hard to do. You can’t blame Frank – he married a bombshell stunner, of course he would like to occasionally be with her without any of their children around.

Step by Step was part of the very popular TGIF lineup from ABC, and Somers was the rock this family leaned on for all kinds of advice, because no matter how beautiful she was, Carol was also a loving mother of three and did her best to show her three step-children she would always be there for them as well.

11 Nora Tyler Bing - Friends


Friends had the benefit of not one but three twenty-something cuties running around. What would become a staple of a lot of sitcoms was started with this show and it lives on in reruns to infinity and beyond.

While Monica always wanted to be a mom, she only becomes a mom at the end of the show. It would be Chandler's mom, Nora, who fits the bill on this list.

The equivalent of Stifler's mom (from American Pie), but on Friends, the group meets her while she is on a book tour. Not only is she hot, she's erotic novelist hot. The author of 'Mistress Bitch' actually crossed a line a lot of friends would never think would be crossed when she hit on and kissed Chandler's best friend Ross.

Played by one of television's most vivacious vixens, the sultry Morgan Fairchild, allowed Nora to be sweet, sexy, and most importantly for a sitcom, pretty funny. Honorable mention for Fairchild as well: another role she played for one episode was Brooke's (Shannon Elizabeth) mom on That '70s Show.

10 Jesse Warner - Jesse

Already one of the hottest girls of the nineties, Christina Applegate was known for playing the dumbest blonde, but also the hottest blonde bombshell in the world as Kelly Bundy on Married…with Children. She also got to show the world she isn’t as dumb as Kelly is when she played the lead role in the cult classic flick, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.

After her run as Kelly ended in 1997, she headed over to NBC to star in Jesse as Jesse Warner, a single mom trying to raise her nine-year-old son in cold AF Buffalo, NY. It didn’t run all that long, getting cancelled after two short seasons. But Applegate’s first starring role does land her on the list and fun fact – her son was played by Eric Lloyd, best known for playing Charlie in the Santa Clause movies.

Fans of Applegate’s will best remember the show for having her don a traditional German dirndl, as her job in the first season was working in a German bar.

9 Lisa Ann Hunter - Life's Work


During the nineties, seemingly every single stand-up comedian was offered a chance to have their own sitcom. Long before comedic cuties Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman made a splash, we had Lisa Ann Walter who first had an opportunity for Fox with a show called My Wildest Dreams. But when that didn’t work out, ABC tapped her to create her own show – Life’s Work.

On the show, Walter grew up liking to argue with her parents and therefore wanted to practice law. The show also starred Michael O’Keefe (Fred from Roseanne) and a young Alexa Vega as one of Lisa’s kids. The show was about something plenty of dual-income parents know about– juggling jobs and parental duties. Although it was short-lived, the show gave Walter enough clout to grab parts in films like the Parent Trap, Killers, and Bruce Almighty.

Nowadays, she’s still a hot mom, working on her stand-up routines to make a comeback to show today’s stand-up sexpots how it should be done.

8 Charlotte York Goldenblatt - Sex And The City


Definitely not a conventional sitcom, but after trying for so long, the hopeless romantic member of the SatC girls, Charlotte adopted Lily towards the end of the series run and eventually give birth to another daughter as well. Being a mom + being hot + being on a 90s sitcom lands you on the list, even if you became a mom in the series finale.

Charlotte spent a lot of years on Sex and the City looking for love, the kind that of love that people might call puppy love. Thinking she finally found it in Trey, she discovered things were going terribly wrong; the poor guy was actually impotent, and on top of not wanting to address it in therapy, landed the couple in hot water. But it was her own infidelities that really sealed their fate.

She would then meet Harry Goldenblatt, who also happened to be her divorce lawyer and the rest was history, even if the pair seemed like total opposites.

7 Midge Pinciotti - That '70s Show


She might have been nominated for a Razzie for her portrayal of Stacey Sutton, a Bond girl in A View to a Kill, and she sadly didn’t bring the ratings to Charlie’s Angels, where she played Julie Rogers, but just look that woman – Tanya Roberts was one of the hot girls of the eighties, which made her the perfect choice to play Donna’s mom, Midge on That '70s Show.

On the show, Midge was the neighborhood fantasy girl. No male was safe from her blonde bombshell dimwitted charms, and every single man on the show had something to say about how amazing Midge looked, especially in sweaters. But it was also some of those lines to Donna that let the world know, she’s not as much of a bimbo as you might think – in fact she says as much when telling Donna “Women have to pretend to be weak and fragile so that men can feel superior…Oh honey, men don’t control the world.”

Like most good women know, their looks can do a lot to control a man.

6 Rachel Green - Friends

Down to the nitty gritty here and it should come as no surprise that this woman is on this list. Often considered the hottest of the Friends cast, Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green.

Never before had any woman in television have as much affection lavished over her hair as Rachel had – in fact, the style was simply called 'the Rachel'. On the show, much of the rom-com drama came from the 'will they or won’t they' possibilities of a Happily Ever After for both Rachel and Ross. Their pairing and on-again/off-again romance was a big lynchpin of the series.

It was due to their frenetic romance that eventually Rachel would go from sitcom cutie to hot momma when she and Ross’ birth control failed, and nine months later Emma Geller-Green was welcomed into the world.

5 Marge Simpson - The Simpsons


For over 25 years we've all had a thing for a lady in a green dress with really tall blue hair. The matriarch of the Simpson clan, Marge Simpson, has had to juggle rearing three young rapscallions along with a complete moron of a husband and she has done with the grace and demure of any other real woman on this list.

Like the rest of her family, she has seemingly done it all over the course of thirty years – she was a flower child, a lounge singer, world class chef, the list is more or less endless and like the South Park episode once proclaimed, anything a sitcom can think of, more likely than not, “The Simpsons Did it.”

For those of you who don’t think Marge is attractive or even questioning why an animated character makes the list – the woman has posed for Playboy for crying out loud! Clearly, Hugh Hefner knows a thing or two about beautiful women.

4 Denise Huxtable - The Cosby Show


Nowadays, Bill Cosby and The Cosby Show might not be remembered as fact Roy as it once was. But for those who don't remember, in the late eighties and early nineties every single Thursday night we laughed and learned life lessons with the Cosby family.

With eight million Cosby kids running around the house, you're bound to get a wild card here and there and Denise Huxtable was the wildest child of them all. On screen and off, she was one of the hottest girls of the time, especially when the actress behind Denise, Lisa Bonet, was in the steamy Angel Heart and posing nude in Interview magazine, which landed her in very hot water with producers, getting fired when she became pregnant with Zoe Kravitz in real life.

Becoming a young mother in real life, eventually, Bonet would make amends with Cosby and return to the show, this time married with a step-daughter; the saccharinely adorable Olivia (Raven Simone), who would become Cosby’s comedic foil for the final few years of the show.

3 Peggy Bundy - Married... With Children


We’ve all met her before, the mother from hell. The mom who doesn’t seem to know her kids names let alone where they are or what they might be doing. On TV, this mom’s name was Peggy Bundy from the one of the crassest shows ever, Married…with Children.

This was one of the Fox network’s first big hits, and it lasted an amazing 11 years! The live audience hooted and hollered whenever trollop daughter Kelly was on screen. But her mother, Peggy certainly got her fair share of cheers as well. As wife to Al Bundy, Peg was someone who would always want to be heard, loved, and more importantly be made love to was a rough task to try and achieve, since the shoe salesman never seemed to want anything to do with her.

Katey Sagal (who also was mother from Hell of a different kind on Sons of Anarchy) played the role, playing off the stereotypical stay-at-home mom. Instead of vacuuming, cleaning, and cooking; she was lying around, watching Oprah, and smoking cigarettes.

Despite the wild red hair and ridiculous leopard stretch pants, fans knew how hot Peg was, and occasionally, even Al showed his true feelings for his wife by doing his best to please her.

2 Amy Matthews - Boy Meets World


Danielle Fishel's Topanga might have had the milkshake for a lot of younger viewers, but on the nineties cult classic, Boy Meets World, Betsy Randle's Amy Matthews was no slouch either in the looks department.

Amy Matthews had a lot of mother in her with three kids. There was the youngest of the three Morgan (remember her? Because Boy Meets World barely did), oldest son Eric being girl crazy and rapidly becoming a dope during the show (because every sitcom back then needed a bimbo character), and the titular Boy of the title, Cory, just finding himself about to hit the ever fun puberty part of growing up. Not to mention his best friend, latchkey kid, Shawn Hunter. She had her hands full like most TV moms, let alone real life ones, but she always handled things with the sweet natured goodness that made just about every kid want Amy for their own mom.

Not to mention every adult male wanting her for a wife, especially in several episodes where the focus was taken off of the kids and put on parents Alan and Amy.

1 Carol Willick And Susan Bunch - Friends

Before the very first scene inside of Central Perk, before the show Friends started, Carol Willick (Anita Barone) was married to Ross Gellar. Poor Ross got dumped in one of the worst ways a person could be – their significant other came out of the closet. Carol makes this list by getting preggers with Ross’ kid, and in a two-for-one sale, being played by two different actors.

In her first appearance, "The One with the Sonogram at the End", Carol was played by Anita Barone, a blonde girl-next-door looking woman, who would wind up becoming another sitcom mom on the War at Home, had the honors of announcing the pregnancy to Ross.

For every appearance after that, Carol was played by Jane Sibbet who would eventually bring along girlfriend and wife, Susan Bunch (Jessica Hecht). This would provide not one, but two more hot mommas to add to the list– to Ross' dismay, who did not get along with Susan at all, blaming her for the reason Carol turned gay.

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