15 Singers Who Proved They're Real Douchebags

Hey, there are a lot of douchebags in this world. And let's face it, in the entertainment world, there is no shortage of arrogant, offensive and self-absorbed people, male and female. But nowhere in t

Hey, there are a lot of douchebags in this world. And let's face it, in the entertainment world, there is no shortage of arrogant, offensive and self-absorbed people, male and female. But nowhere in the world of the rich and famous are DB's thicker on the ground than in the singing world. Think about it. Actors need other actors to do their thing. But singers? They stand on the stage in the spotlight and strut their solo stuff in front of adoring fans. They become, in their own minds anyway, centers of the universe. Whether rock, pop, country or rap, the species can be identified by their unreasonable demands, their outrageous and sometimes offensive behavior, their arrogance and their inclination to take everything to extreme excess. Reportedly, staff can't speak to one famous singer unless she speaks to them first.

One demands to be carried like a baby when she is tired. A hot young male singer has been seen urinating in public. And one young rapper reportedly has a thing for young girls. So, here come 15 singers who have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt they are douchebags. And, on a scale of one to ten, we'll rank them on our totally unscientific Douchebag Index ("DBI"). Hey, we even have a couple of entries who have achieved MF status. WTF? The Urban Dictionary says the only thing worse than a douchebag is a motherf**ker. Got it? We'll start with diva douchebags and progress to abusive, offensive, violent predators. It ain't pretty, but it's real.

15 Selena Gomez - "DBI" 5.5

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Let's get real, people. Selena Gomez has been OTT and out of control for a while. She has been contemplating her Justin Bieber navel for years. Like maybe it's way past time to move on, Selena. Inquisitr recently reported excessive drinking and partying, leading perhaps to a future stint in rehab. And there were those reports by Radar Online of diva demands at a Victoria's Secret fashion show. Plus, she can be all sweetness and light with the press one minute and screaming at them the very next. And things seem to be getting worse and worse. All in all, it's a good time for our Selena to be taking a little break from the spotlight. We hope she comes back as a DB-free zone. Without Justin and those social media feuds.

14 Taylor Swift - "DBI" 6

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Stories of nightmare demands on staff aboard her two (yes, two!) private jets are scary big time. How dare you put my silver fork more than an inch away from the plate? With Taylor Swift you get the full-blown, I am the center of the universe, diva thing. There's that monotonous feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West about a song West wrote that mentioned Queen Swift, not to mention those self-absorbed songs about her exes, of which there are many. And listen to this: According to 'Grizzly Bear' singer Ed Droste, who toured with Swift, her list of diva demands include not speaking to her unless she speaks to you first. Plus, nobody on the tour could dress better than the singer. And guess who judges that one?

13 Ariana Grande - "DBI" 6.5


Immature diva DB alert! When Ariana Grande is tired, she reportedly demands to be carried like a baby. She has stormed out of photoshoots because photographers shot her from the wrong angle. After signing autographs for loyal fans in New York, she made her way to an elevator and once in, said she wished her fans would "f*cking die". Then there was an incident in a doughnut shop when she said she hated Americans and America. In the blink of an eye, her gig at the White House was cancelled. At a charity event in California, she refused to pose with fans who had paid nearly $500 a piece to get a picture standing next to their idol. And there is more. Lots more.

For diva behavior, selfishness and insensitivity, we give little Ariana a DBI of 6.5. We predict she'll be moving up the rankings after her being named American Music Association's Artist of the Year.

12 Nicki Minaj - "DBI" 6.5

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Standard diva fit pitching and diva demands kind of DB. "Gimme spicy fried chicken... now she reportedly told Super Bowl organizers. And three packs of gum. And don't forget the flowers. Pink flowers. And don't try and give me cheap toilet paper. Only brand names. Got it? Or what about the time in 2014 when Nicki Minaj pitched a huge and very loud fit because she did not get as much rehearsal time as she wanted at the Fashion Rocks event. Then there was the time she got sued for $50,000 by IMP Entertainment for arriving 90 minutes late (to a one hour event, no less) and leaving after only 30 minutes. Her DB turn is in-your-face-scary.

11 Miley Cyrus - "DBI" 6.5

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Miley Cyrus is the kind of girl who wears a pink latex dress with 3-D letters reading, "Do It". She goes on and on and on about "freeing the nipple" and posts raunchy pictures on Instagram, pretending to be a feminist, when all she is after is attention and more social media followers. She takes pictures fondling her favorite s*x toys. She's like a totally irritating gnat of a douchebag that you can't seem to avoid. She pops up when you least expect it. And we swear that she has had a tongue extension just to annoy all the more. But the biggest DB trait? She just tries way too hard to be bad. We had more than enough, Miley.

10 Rihanna - "DBI" 7.0 (And Rising Fast)


Nasty diva alert! This is the kind of woman who would social-media-mock and make fun of a fan who wore a copy of a cat suit once worn by the singer and had the nerve, the nerve, to post it on social media. Then there was the time Rihanna was at upmarket Malibu restaurant Nobu and she wanted to use the lady's room. OK. We understand that, but what happened next is beyond diva. RiRi demanded the restroom be cleared. So a female manager came storming into the ladies shouting "Everybody out of the bathroom now!" Women fled in terror. One reportedly said, “It was really scary; we were seriously frightened that something horrible had happened — a fire, a shooting... a terrorist attack?" Then terror turned to outrage when Rihanna and a male bodyguard strolled in and Rihanna did her stuff in regal privacy, while other females fumed. DBI 7.5. This girl could get all the way to a 10.

9 Justin Bieber - "DBI" 7.5

The YouTube video is hilarious. Reports of drinking and drugs are old as far as our Justin is concerned. He's been seen urinating in public. A couple of years ago, the police in Miami pulled him and his incredibly expensive sports car over. What did JB do? According to police, he was "belligerent", as in "do you know who I am?" belligerent. He flunked a sobriety test and was arrested for DUI and, of course, resisting arrest. In fact, Biebs has done so many douchebag-like things that Ranker has a list of nearly fifty of his douchiest moments. Take punching a fan in the face, pitching a fit because he didn't get VIP treatment at a Drake concert, posting a picture of his naked butt, picking fights with anybody and everybody, tells racist jokes and uses the "N" word. If he doesn't completely self-destruct, we see a 10 in his future.

8 Kanye West - "DBI" 8.0

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We're getting into the heavy-hitters now. Hey, there are ten Facebook groups that come up when you search "Kanye West douche". He has lauded himself as a genius and the "voice of this generation". And he's pulled so many public fits that "to pull a Kanye" has entered popular slang. Plus he's interrupted and disrupted so many awards shows that some say he should be banned from all award shows, like forever. And, after his recent hospitalization, some have cited long and loud fights with Kim as part of the problem. Why? Said one source, "They were fighting because he was impossible to live with." No shocker there. What will the future hold for the Kardashian-Wests?

7 Madonna - "DBI" 8.0

Mega superstar Madonna, isn't on a roll. She's sliding head long into super-super DB status. Why, oh why? Who knows. A case in point: She asked a young female fan on stage during a show, only to expose her breast. The fan's. Not Madonna's. And the singer laughed about it. Reports are that she shows up drunk (or high) for performances and then performs drunk (or high). Some uncharitable souls have said all of this "bad" behavior is because she is desperate to stay in the public eye. Like, the only bad publicity is no publicity kind of thing. You know. Like an older Miley Cyrus kind of vibe. So, deliberately harming others to get attention? She's right up there with Kanye and deserves a DBI of 8.0 big time. Did we mention she got up on stage and said her son Rocco has no p*nis? See?

6 50 Cent - "DBI" 8.5


It's official: The once rich and hot young rapper 50 Cent is now bankrupt. What can you say about a guy who does an interview with Playboy and tells them that he's homophobic? Or a guy who does YouTube videos featuring himself as Pimpin' Curly, a procurer of pr*stitutes. He thought it was hilarious. Or a guy who releases a s*x tape of the former girlfriend of one of his rivals, with an edited cameo appearance by Pimpin' Curly. He got sued, big time. As one report said, "The s*x tape leak embodies everything that makes [50 Cent] deplorable." In a few words, what can you say about a guy like that? Sociopath, nasty and (oh yeah) douchebag big time.

5 Lil Wayne - "DBI" 8.5

Rapper Lil Wayne is such a douche that the Urban Dictionary has said that anyone who is a fan of the rapper is also a douchebag, by association. Now, that's pretty bad, we think. Lil Wayne is the kind of guy who stashes drugs and guns as standard equipment on his tour bus. Then he gets arrested for drugs and criminal possession of guns, goes to jail and reads his Bible, meanwhile smuggling in contraband. Then he gets out and does it all over again. And when asked about the "Black Lives Matter" campaign, he replied that his life mattered so he could, well, service his b&tches. Everything about him seems to shout in your face offensive and proud of it.

4 Eminem - "DBI" 10.0

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Rapper Eminem's lyrics have been blasted for glorifying violence against women and for being blatantly homophobic. A quote from the rapper himself: "I'm a t-shirt guy now. But wifebeaters won't go out of style, not as long as bitches keep mouthing off." Hey, his own mother sued him for slandering her on "The Slim Shady LP". He works hard to be offensive. And he's the kind of nasty-but-dumb douche who assaulted a beefy bouncer while carrying a concealed weapon. And when his lyrics in his "Kill You" song lived up to the t-shirt quote, some thought he ought to be booked for inciting hate crimes. Said one reporter, "Being offensive is Eminem's job description." And his wife? She tried to commit suicide. We predict a 10 in his future.

3 Tyga - "DBI" 10.0


Tyga's a perfect 10 in our books. What can you say about a rapper who is loved by the likes of Kylie Jenner and repeatedly cheats on her again and again and again? Heck, the Kardashians hired investigators, probably hoping at some point Kylie would wise up. And now, rumor is she is pregnant with his child. All of that is bad enough, but some reports suggest in no uncertain terms that he is into underage girls. He started dating Kylie two or three years before she was 18. And he was publicly raked over the coals for his persistent and offensive harassment of a 14-year-old girl. And wasn't he spotted partying with a bevy of models in the company of DB extraordinaire Chris Brown, a few months before Kylie showed him the door? Unfortunately for her, he's back in her life.

2 Chris Brown - "DBI" 10 (Plus)


Our first motherf**ker. He's the guy who violently assaulted Rihanna and threatened another woman with a gun. Just after he beat up his then girlfriend RiRi, he was pictured having a great time on a jet ski. And after he appeared on Good Morning America, he was so p*ssed off that he destroyed his dressing room. And did you spot the battered woman tat on his neck? Hello! Total douchebag alert: When he did the costume thing, he came as a terrorist. He makes Miley and Justin Bieber seem minor league. And the final straw? He breeds pitbulls. To sell for a profit. Do we need to say more?

1 Ian Watkins - "DBI" 10 Plus Plus (Mega MF)


Ian Watkins is in a douchebag league of his very own. He is a talented Welsh singer, musician and sex offender. He did lead vocals for rock bank Lostprophets. Only thing is, when Ian was charged with s*xual offenses involving some thirteen charges of s*xual assault on children under 13-years-of-age, the band was disbanded. See some of the offenses involved infants. Infants. Then there was the child p*rnography. Ian is currently enjoying 'Her Majesty's' hospitality at Long Lartin prison and won't see the free light of day for nearly thirty years. Makes you want to hit the showers big time. By the way, the mothers of the children were also convicted alongside Watkins.

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