15 Signs Your GF Used To Be A Dude

Although there is nothing wrong with dating a trans woman, here are some signs that your girl used to be a man, for those that are curious.

Today we are moving into a brave new world in which the word "gender" just doesn't mean the same thing it used to. Putting aside all the political and biological debate over what really constitutes a man or a woman, there are some interesting implications to the rise of transgender individuals in the dating scene. Looking at it from a purely medical standpoint, the fact that we humans are now able to alter our gender is something truly amazing. Sure, some would say that it's not the right thing to be doing, but however you look at it, the medical process of changing a man to a woman or vice versa is something that takes a lot of skill and advanced medical technology. There's no denying that it's a major achievement.

Most transsexuals these days are exactly the same as the gender they have been reassigned to, with no real "signs" to tell them apart from people who were born as that gender. Such is the level of medical sophistication we have achieved today. No man would be able to tell that the woman he is dating used to be a man. And in the end, why would that even matter? If he has fallen in love with this woman, does it really matter what her past is? If you've fallen in love with their personality and body as it currently is, that should be enough for you, regardless of their past.

Even so, many people might be interested in some signs that could potentially still show themselves after a successful male to female surgery. Some are serious, some are scientific, and some are just plain funny, poking fun in a light-hearted way at this subject, which many people approach a little too seriously.

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15 Adam’s Apple


When you ask the average person how to spot a female who used to be a man, most people will tell you the same thing: the Adam's apple. This physical feature is actually present on both men and women, although it's much more prominent on men. The Adam's apple is formed by the thyroid cartilage of the larynx, and is often seen as a bulging lump or sphere. You can see the Adam's apple rise and fall when men speak, or when they swallow. Some men have bigger Adam's apples, while others are hardly even visible. The Adam's apple is of course named after the biblical first man on Earth, Adam, who lived in the garden of Eden with Eve.

But how good of an indicator is this really that someone used to be a man? We've already pointed out that some men have abnormally small Adam's apples, while some women have abnormally large ones. There is also the fact that the Adam's apple can be removed with surgery. But it could be a sign if seen in unison with other indications.

14 Big Hands/Feet


Generally, men have larger hands and feet than women, and these are two areas that are pretty much impossible to change with surgery. Hands and feet are such delicate and complex structures that surgically trying to make them smaller would be unthinkable, and would likely cause permanent damage. But again, some men have naturally small and feminine hands to start with, so you may never know. Also, the feet are generally bigger in men as well, although men sometimes have very small feet as well. Additionally, women sometimes have large hands and large feet, especially if they're tall, so it's really hard to tell. So this might be another sign, but only if you see it in unison with other indications.

Another interesting tidbit of potentially useful information has to do with the relationship between testosterone levels and finger length. According to one scientific journal, "In males, the second digit tends to be shorter than the fourth, and in females the second tends to be the same size or slightly longer than the fourth.”

13 Body Hair


We all know that men can be a lot hairier than women, and this might also be another sign of a woman who was possibly a man in her past. While it's true that men are hairier, hormone treatments mean that a male-to-female transsexual can successfully stop their facial hair from growing, as well as in other places that would be out of place for a woman. Furthermore, there are some women who are just naturally much hairier than other women. Women from some ethnic groups are much hairier than others. So again, this might not be the best way to definitively identify a transsexual woman.

But even the most advanced of hormone treatments don't have a 100% success rate, and you may notice hair growing on women where it definitely shouldn't be. This might be an indication that she is indeed a transsexual. But although it's off-putting to some men, other men feel that body hair on a woman is something that is arousing, and a sign of true womanhood.

12 Bone Structure


This is perhaps one of the most interesting distinctions between men and women. Bone structure has long been viewed as one of the most definitive ways to tell a man from a woman. Archaeologists are familiar with this, because they use it to identify skulls and skeletons from past societies. When they look at a skull from the Roman era, for example, they can usually tell whether or not that person was a man or a woman, as well as denoting several other characteristics, such as diet and overall health.

Men typically have much more prominent features, namely a well-defined jawline, a prominent chin, heavy brow line, and larger forehead. But these features can also be altered with the same surgeries that are so successful in altering people's genders. But there is one more sign. Men usually have a small bump on the very back of their skulls, where their skull connects with their spine. This bump usually juts out and you can feel it if you rub the back of your head. This cannot be altered with surgery, because it would be far too dangerous.

11 She Refuses To Ask For Directions


Okay, now for something a little more light-hearted! We all know there are some pretty famous stereotypes about men and women, and although some of them might not be true, they still highlight the same truth: Men and women's brains work very differently. There are many who say that gender is a social construct, and while it is true that some parts of gender are impacted by how we were raised and our environments, scientists state that there are many differences between the sexes. There are many ways in which men and women behave and think differently.

But one of the most hilarious stereotypes about men is that they refuse to ask for directions! Say what you will about gender, but I'm sure a lot of people (guys included) would agree that there is some real truth to this stereotype. So if your girlfriend refuses to ask for directions... She may have been a man once in her life!

10 Small On Top


Obviously, men are not born with breasts, so in order for a male-to-female transsexual to fully become a woman, they need to fix that little problem. What this usually means is that they will get fake implants. But there's another problem with this– men can actually grow breasts naturally using hormone treatments. That's because estrogen, the female sex hormone, can trigger the growth of breasts even in males. An interesting example of this is the so-called "man boobs." This often happens when men are fat, but it can also happen in men who drink a lot of alcohol. This is because alcohol is actually extremely feminizing in large quantities.

But what about if she's just a woman (who was born a woman) who just so happens to have gotten implants? Or what if it's a woman who just so-happens to be flat-chested? This is again a possible sign of a transsexual woman, but it shouldn't be seen as a golden rule, because there are exceptions.

9 Aggression/Assertiveness


Even with the hormone treatments that transsexual individuals rely on, there is still an undercurrent of their natural hormones underneath. In the case of male-to-female transgendered individuals, this underlying hormone is testosterone, the male sex hormone. Hormone treatments for these individuals mimic the natural female hormone, estrogen, in an effort to suppress the testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is responsible for many things, but high levels of the hormone have been linked with aggression and violence in a lot of men.

If you want an example of what an imbalance of testosterone can do, just consider the phenomenon of "roid rage." This is what happens when bodybuilders take steroids and the hormone levels become dangerously imbalanced, causing them to become much more aggressive and prone to bouts of rage. Although hormone treatments for transsexuals are very advanced, it's not an exact science and hormonal imbalances can occur. A woman who is strangely aggressive or prone to bouts of rage may just be a transsexual.

8 Deep Voice


Another sign of a possible male to female transsexual is their voice. We all know that men have deeper voices than women, and this is because of changes in the vocal cord that happen during puberty. Men have deeper voices because their vocal cords are actually lengthened in comparison to women's vocal cords. So for a male-to-female transsexual, it seems obvious that a deeper voice could indicate that they were not born a woman. But wait! It's not that simple. There are many ways in which a transsexual woman can change their voice to make it higher after transition. One option is laryngeal surgery, which surgically alters the larynx and the vocal cords.

But some women merely take speech training to change their voice without the use of surgery. Did you know that in terms of singing, a man's "falsetto" is actually higher in pitch than the highest tone a woman can sing? Because of this, transsexual females can make their voices seem identical to women who were born female. But don't assume too much– some women simply have deeper, huskier voices than others.

7 Overly Feminine Names That Sound Over The top


Transsexuals are an interesting case from a psychological point of view. They represent a new phenomenon in the world of psychological study, since before recent medical advances, these kinds of people lived very different lives. That's not to say that there is anything psychologically wrong with these people– merely that they represent an interesting new type of human psyche that has come to light. Many people do accuse transsexuals of being mentally ill, but the truth is that they are more than capable of being positive and contributing members of human society just like anyone else.

One thing that is interesting about transsexuals, however, is the fact that some seem to overly accentuate their femininity, going beyond what most women would deem appropriate. Being female is a huge part of their identity, perhaps more so than women who have been born that way. While many women these days are trying to break free of traditional female stereotypes and roles, transsexual women seem to seek those stereotypes out. This is why so many transsexual women choose overly feminine names for themselves after they transition, such as "Candy," "Destiny," or "Sapphire."

6 They Don’t Let You See Childhood Photos


Obviously, the past has a very different significance for transsexual individuals, and they look back on their childhoods in a very different way than most of us. Although it's safe to say that everyone looks back on their childhood and thinks, "Wow, I was a totally different person back then," transsexuals have this feeling on a very physical level. Not only were they different people mentally, but also physically. Their childhood might even be something that they prefer not to think about at all, because of the unwanted memories of being a gender they didn't see themselves as.

As a result of this, a transsexual person might be very vague when describing their childhood, or prefer not to talk about it at all. And you can bet they won't be willing to show you pictures of themselves as children, especially if you're in a relationship with them. Some might be open about their past, but many are insecure about it. If you're wondering whether your girlfriend used to be a man, you might want to ask to see childhood photos.

5 They Don’t Let You See Their Medical Records


Another obvious sign of a transsexual is their potential discomfort or paranoia about other people seeing their medical records. The reasons for this are pretty obvious– they don't want people to see their past. This is one of the main reasons why there has been such controversy about the confidentiality of medical records recently. And it's not just an issue that revolves around relationships– it can also impact pretty much every aspect of someone's life. Exposing the past of a transgender person could have major implications for their career or public image.

But when it comes to a relationship, a huge indicator is someone who is very protective over their medical records. A simple inquiry might be met with a cold glare or an uncomfortable or awkward excuse about why they don't want to reveal that information to you. Some would say that a transsexual who doesn't tell their partner about their past is being deceitful, but it's important to remember that these are people too, and some feel very vulnerable.

4 They're Good At Driving


Okay, before all you female readers get angry, let me make it clear that this is just a joke. This is a very sensitive topic, so a little joke is just what we need to lighten things up, right? Obviously there are tons of skilled female drivers out there, and the old stereotype that "women can't drive" is completely untrue. There are even many female Nascar drivers these days, so that should tell you all you need to know about women's competency behind the wheel.

But as far as science is concerned, could there be some truth to this stereotype? Numerous scientific studies have concluded that men are "better navigators." Whether you take this to mean men are better at driving is up to you, but this is what the study concluded. So, could it be that transsexual women are better drivers on average than women who were born females? Probably not, but you never know...

3 She Can Drink A Lot


Something that most couples do these days is drink together. It's been an accepted social activity since the age of the ancient Egyptians, and probably before that too. As we drink, our inhibitions start to fade away, and we start to become more comfortable in each other's company. However, there are some major differences when it comes to men and women drinking. Scientifically, men can drink more than females before getting drunk, on average.

Those of us who have worked as bartenders or in jobs where we sell alcohol already know this. To become certified in this profession, you need to understand the differences between how men and women's bodies absorb alcohol. So what if your girlfriend can drink as much or much more than you without getting drunk? She might just be transgender...

2 Height


Another fairly obvious difference between men and women is height. Men are on average significantly taller than their female counterparts. This is due to an evolutionary adaptation called "s*xual dimorphism." This is the physical difference between a male and a female in an animal species, beyond their s*xual organs. Some animal species are highly s*xually dimorphic, such as peacocks and orangutans. Humans are slightly dimorphic, but not as much as many other species. Still, there are some noticeable differences, most notably size.

Although males are taller on average than females, this isn't always the case. As many of us can remember from our time as teens, girls get much taller than boys partway through puberty. The boys then catch up and surpass most of the girls. But this isn't always the case. There are some tall women out there, and they are usually considered to be super attractive. Almost all supermodels are taller than the average woman. But maybe, just maybe, a girl that is much taller than average could be a transsexual.

1 It’s Hard To Get Them Going


The last way to tell if your girlfriend is actually a transsexual is somewhat more... intimate than some of the other things listed in this article. One of the most amazing things about male to female surgery is the way s*x organs can be changed from one to the other, to the point where intercourse is possible. Most of the time, you would never notice that the person you're hooking up with actually used to be a man. But how realistic is it really?

When asked about how to tell if a woman used to be a man, many point to intercourse as one of the most tried and true ways to tell. Simply put, may be harder for transsexuals to become "excited" during intercourse. And in order for the love-making session to be truly enjoyable, as anyone can tell you, you need to really be able to feel every aspect of it. Rumor has it that transsexuals are less able to produce natural lubricants in these "other areas."


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15 Signs Your GF Used To Be A Dude