15 Signs That Donald Trump Has the Maturity Of a 5 Year Old

Donald J. Trump has only been President for just over a month — and what a memorable month it has been (albeit for all the wrong reasons).

Donald J. Trump has only been President for just over a month — and what a memorable month it has been (albeit for all the wrong reasons). Trump certainly didn’t waste any time during his first 30 days in office, signing 12 executive orders to date, including his hugely controversial travel ban that prevented people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the US. Trump’s reasoning behind this hugely divisive ban was, in his own words to see if he could “figure out what the hell is going on.”

It’s articulate and inspiring phrases like this that Trump supporters have grown to love him for - he speaks in simple and direct language and sounds nothing like a politician. Unfortunately, he doesn’t exactly sound like a grown man of 70 years old either. Since the Presidential race began in 2015 (ah, that was a simpler time, wasn’t it?), ‘The Donald’ has come out with some of the most abhorrent and vile comments ever uttered. On the bright side, comedians and satirists won’t be short of material for the next 4 or possibly even 8 years!

President Trump has no filter and while his supporters may find this refreshing, the rest of us are just in despair at how he managed to get this far. Trump’s lewd behavior and infantile antics prove that he is a true man-child. (Case in point - he recently refused to attend the White House Correspondent's Dinner! Trump can dish it out, but he certainly can't take it). On that note, here are some other signs that suggest Trump has the maturity of a 5-year-old...

15 He May be Illiterate


Increasing evidence is pointing to a very frightening theory about President Trump - he cannot read, or at least, he only ever reads what he wants to. A video of Trump being asked to read a legal document at a deposition surfaced recently and he seems to repeatedly avoid reading the extracts as requested. Trump's lawyer can even be heard off-camera saying "Objection. Mr. Trump is not a lawyer." Amazing.

We're assuming that Trump can read at a basic level, but as the President, his refusal to read things as they are given to him is a dangerous thing. Trump reportedly prefers bullet points and graphs in his intelligence briefings to detailed documents. This may simply point to a short attention span, but it doesn't add up that Trump had no problem reading pages of polling data during the election campaign. Again, possible proof that he only reads when it favors him?

14 Assumes All Muslims Are Terrorists


Need we say more? Trump signed many shady executive orders within his first two weeks as President, but the most controversial of all was his travel ban order. If you've been living under a rock (which sounds like a tempting proposal at the moment), you'll know that the travel ban called for a complete block on citizens entering the US if they came from Iran, Iraq, Syria and four other Muslim majority countries.

Trump's motivation for this ridiculously racist order was to get a better handle on terrorist activity in the US and identify where it comes from - forgetting to include Saudi Arabia in his list of targeted countries (15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia). Trump's outrageous travel ban has thankfully now been stopped, but with threats of a new immigration ban, Trump seems eager to make life hard for thousands of innocent refugees.

13 Dismissed Sexually Aggressive Comments As ‘Locker Room Talk’


The now infamous video of Trump and Billy Bush that leaked during the election campaign revealed just how misogynistic he really is. Trump pretty much bragged about how his status gives him the right to sexually assault women by grabbing them “by the p*ssy.” And yet, this did nothing to derail his campaign! Trump’s ‘apology’ over his remarks — which in truth sounded more like justification — was that the man heard on the tape was not the man we know today.

Hmm. The problem with this is, the leaked conversation between Trump and Billy Bush was from 2005 — only 12 years ago. A 70-year-old man cannot plead ignorance about comments made as a 58-year-old. You’re supposed to be a grown man, Trump! You might forgive a teenage boy for making these kinds of comments since they don’t know any better and their brains aren’t fully developed, but Trump... oh wait.

12 Frequent Rage Tweeting


Even in tweet form, Trump wants to make his rants and raves clear by occasionally communicating in exclamation marks and 'Caps Lock' rage. Shortly after he lost his appeal to have his travel ban reinstated, Trump lashed out in only the way a true internet troll can by tweeting in all caps 'SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!'

We get the feeling that the 'caps lock' button on Trump's keyboard is jammed. Either that or he needs to convey that he is shouting even when his voice can't be heard. Even when he doesn’t resort to tweeting in all caps, the majority of Trump's tweets from his personal account usually come across as aggressive. He attacked the halt to his immigration order as a bad decision made by a "so-called judge" (Federal Judge James L. Robart). Judge Robart was appointed by George Bush and has served Washington since 2004. Trump — quite clearly — can't handle the truth.

11 Used A National Tragedy To Say “Told You So”


When America was gripped by tragedy and fear in the wake of the horrific shootings at a gay Orlando nightclub in 2016, Trump just couldn't help himself in sending out this insensitive tweet — "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism." The massacre killed 50 people in what is considered to be the deadliest mass shooting in recent US history.

Trump's poor timing and self-congratulatory tone is sickening, egotistical and suggests that no time is a bad time to campaign when you're The Donald. Other world leaders and Presidential candidates were quick to offer their condolences and prayers to the grieving families and comforted a shocked nation with reassuring words. Not Trump, though! This man never misses an opportunity to push his own agenda and remind the world why he’s the man to ‘make America great again’, and the fact that this was all within days of a national tragedy is beyond belief.

10 Has to Have the Last Word


Ever since he decided to run as a Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has come up against plenty of criticism and most politicians kind of expect this. It comes with the job. But apparently, nobody briefed Donald on the process! Even parodies of him in Saturday Night Live sketches have forced Trump to respond on twitter, slamming the show and its comedians as ‘overrated’. This trait of never being able to let go of the little things doesn’t bode well. Especially when you consider that this is the guy with access to the nuclear codes.

The most pathetic example of Trump needing to have the last word was during his long drawn-out twitter war with comedian and ex-presenter of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart. The feud started when Trump tweeted that he was “much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz, I mean Jon Stewart, who by the way is totally overrated”. Trump’s use of Stewart’s Jewish birth name prompted Stewart to tweet that Trump’s real name was ‘F*ckface Von Clownstick’. This riled Trump up so much that he sent out a hateful tweet to Stewart at 1:30 in the morning, calling him a “little p*ssy.” Real mature, Mr. President.

9 Obsession With Obama Birth Certificate


Donald Trump really cemented himself as a bully when he became obsessed with the issue of Obama's real birth place. Like a dog with a bone (or perhaps an overgrown schoolboy with nothing better to do), Trump took it upon himself to question Obama's birthplace in a conspiracy that lasted for nearly 5 cringe-worthy years.

Back in 2011, Trump branded Barack Obama's birth certificate a fake and could not accept that the then President Obama was born in Hawaii. After countless confirmations from forgery experts that the certificate was genuine, Obama silenced Trump's childish obsession once and for all by personally releasing his birth certificate. This didn't stop Trump from backing down when it came to tormenting Obama though. Remember when Trump actually said during a campaign rally last year that Obama was "the founder of ISIS"? You could practically hear the giant slap of a nation face-palming in unison.

8 Attacking People on a Personal Level


The Donald has always struggled with constructive criticism, particularity when it comes from women. Trump will take a shot at men too, as witnessed during the primary election debates when he resorted to insulting Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi and even suggested that Cruz’s Dad had something to do with JFK’s assassination. But mostly, The Donald has always saved his particular brand of poison for any woman who disagreed with him.

When Fox News host, Megyn Kelly challenged Trump on his misogynistic behavior towards women during a republican debate, Trump later suggested that Kelly probed him with unfair questions because she had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming from her, wherever”. Trump famously also hit below the belt with a crushing insult to Arianna Huffington when he tweeted that he “understands why her husband left her for a man” - and these insults are just the tip of the iceberg.

7 Uses Very Basic Language


There is nothing wrong with simplicity when communicating - this is probably what has gained Trump so much popularity since he doesn’t sound like your typical politician - but neither does his choice of language reflect a grown man of 70 years old. If you listen closely to Trump at rallies or in interviews, a lot of the same buzzwords tend to pop up: ‘tremendous’ ‘great’ ‘losers’ ‘haters’ 'big league'.

When he branches out of his seemingly limited vocabulary, he still manages to sound like a third grader. He answers questions about tackling things like terrorism with very obvious statements like “Lotta bad things have been happening”. Recently, Trump toured the National Museum of African American History and Culture. When taken to a stone block where slaves were sold at auction, this prompted Trump to say “Boy, that is just not good”. No sh*t, Sherlock. When Derek Zoolander is more articulate than the President of the United States, this is a wake-up call.

6 Deflects Questions to Talk About Himself


At his first solo press conference as President earlier this month, Trump was asked about the rise in anti-Semitism by an Israeli journalist, Moav Vardi. Vardi asked Trump in a simple and precise way what he intended to do about fighting anti-Semitism in the country and whether the President's administration had undertones of racism. Vardi (and the rest of the world) could not have predicted Trump’s response.

Immediately realizing he had nothing to say on the subject or hadn’t understood the question (likely both), Trump blamed the journalist for asking a complicated question and launched into a bizarre tangent about his electoral victory and his family…. no, really. Trump bragged about how many electoral college votes he won by before pointing out his children and grandchildren in the room and promising that America will see “a lot of love”. Seriously, Trump, that’s your answer to tackling anti-Semitism? A toddler could answer that question with more fluency.

5 Pretended to Be His Own Publicist


This one doesn’t really surprise us. Of all the stunts The Donald has pulled over the years, it kind of makes sense that he would invent a publicist. Trump’s own sense of self-worth and admiration has never been a secret, but it was recently revealed that Trump created the alter ego of a publicist named John Miller and another named John Barron in the 1990’s to brag about all things Trump.

Trump would apparently phone reporters under the guise of his two ‘publicists’ and boast about how great it was to work for the larger than life tycoon. We knew Trump was his own number one fan, but this takes things to another level. No wonder Trump and Melania seem to have such frosty body language they’re out in public together - it’s ‘cause Donald’s one true love is Donald and always will be. A Donald threesome! I think I’m gonna be sick...

4 Mocking a Disabled Reporter


This one really is as despicable as it sounds. At a South Carolina campaign rally in 2015, Trump launched into an impression of a disabled reporter for the New York Times. The journalist being mocked, Serge Kovaleski, suffers from a congenital joint condition that affects movement in his limbs. During his rally speech, Trump referred to an article written by Kovaleski in 2001 about the 9/11 attacks.

Trump was using the article to back up his claims that ‘thousands’ of Muslim’s in New Jersey had celebrated the 9/11 attacks. When Kovaleski spoke out about having no recollection of there being thousands or even hundreds of people celebrating, Trump responded by impersonating the reporter’s disability. He waved his arms about with his hands fixed in an odd position (very similar to how Kovaleski’s joints appear) and put on a voice to suggest the reporter was also mentally impaired. Trump claimed that he never met the reporter (he did) and has not apologized for it to this day.

3 Never Stops Stroking his Ego


Donald Trump is President. Most of the world is still struggling to comprehend those four words, but it seems that even Trump himself hasn’t got over this fact. In almost every press conference and news event since his Presidency began, he has always managed to speak in self-congratulating terms, as if he's still on the campaign trail trying to convince voters.

Recently at his first solo press conference as President, Trump regularly answered questions with irrelevant quips about how well he did to get where he is as well as claiming (falsely) that he received more votes than Ronald Reagan. Also, earlier this month, Trump held a campaign-style rally at Florida airport and engaged in a lot of self-love, inviting a devout supporter on stage who was wearing a t-shirt with The Donald's face on it. It seems Trump can't resist the urge to shower himself with self-praise at every opportunity. You're President! What more do you want?

2 Claims Veterans with PTSD are Weaker Than Those Without It


As someone who has never served in combat, Trump’s insensitive comments about war veterans suffering from PTSD are not just cruel, they’re completely hypocritical. In yet another form of macho, high school jock rhetoric, Trump suggested that war veterans who develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after military service are somehow less strong than those who don’t develop the condition.

This shows his complete lack of understanding and empathy where mental health issues are concerned. A senior health and science writer for the Huffington Post, Carolyn Gregoire pointed out that PTSD cannot be prevented in some any more than cancer can, saying that “Trump’s ignorant comments are akin to referring to cancer or dementia as a character flaw. Our veterans deserve respect and decent mental health services, NOT blame, dangerous stereotyping and stigma”. It’s nice to know that in 2017, America has such a compassionate and patriotic President in the White House.

1 Saying He’d Only Accept the Election Results - If He Won


Perhaps one of the biggest signs of his immaturity was the comments he made in the run-up to the election results. In late October of last year, it was down to him and Clinton and Trump was clearly feeling the heat, but instead of hiding it and appearing gracious and democratic, he channelled his insecurities into arrogance when he came out with this laughable line - “I will totally accept the election results... if I win!”

Trump may as well have put his tiny fingers in his ears repeating ‘La, La, La’ to himself since he seems to disagree with anything that doesn’t work in his favor. Come to think of it, this is what Trump is metaphorically doing right now. By branding all the major news outlets as ‘fake news’ (with the exception of Fox News) and calling the media ‘the enemy of the American people,’ President Trump is inciting hatred. He doesn’t even realize it, but his immature behavior is breeding the radicalism he is trying to stamp out. We’re. All. Doomed.

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15 Signs That Donald Trump Has the Maturity Of a 5 Year Old