15 Shows You Aren't Watching For The Story

While they might not be terrible shows, there's no doubt a large reason you're tuning in is for the other stuff.

When it comes to creating a successful television show, there are plenty of factors that are worth considering. One factor that every single show on our list thought about and decided was integral to the plot? Making sure that the women on the show are comfortable showing off their "plot points".

Netflix is definitely not ignorant to this trend as some of their most successful shows have nudity throughout, including several examples of this being two of the leading ladies that knock boots.

Perhaps they took cues from the other half of our list that features some shows you may definitely recognize, but also some of the one hit (or should we say one season) wonders that failed to find an audience despite you know, having people like Olivia Wilde walking around topless!

These are 15 TV shows (Netflix originals or otherwise), that you definitely aren't watching for the plot points.

15 True Detective

If you haven't checked out the series True Detective, then we hope we've helped you discover what you're going to be doing for some time over the next week.

The series is brilliantly put together and the first season has powerhouse actors like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, while the second season is pulled together by Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell. Hardly a bad one-two punch.

While there are plenty of nude scenes throughout the series, we're sure you wouldn't be alone in picking the episode with Alexandra Daddario pulling off her shirt as your favorite!

In fact, the series was so popular that Obama requested a copy of the episode ahead of time leading Daddario to humorously tweet that the President of the United States had seen her boobs!

Daddario went on to say, "I’m really a dork, but most people have been pretty great about the boob thing.”

14 True Blood

While some fans of the series believe that the show dropped off towards the end of its run, True Blood still managed to pump out 80 episodes over 7 seasons.

And while there may have been some sexual situations in Twilight, it's nothing like the ones you'll see in this series which depicts vampires and humans living in the town of Bon Temps.

As a fun bonus, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer met while filming the pilot of the series and went on to get married. We're sure they didn't mind rehearsing some of the intimate scenes at home!

Sex is rampant throughout the series including some of the steamiest scenes coming towards the end so it's definitely worth sticking with!

13 Vinyl

Olivia Wilde is going to leave you speechless with some of the outfits that she wears in Vinyl. Then you're going to see her taking off those outfits and you may find yourself wondering why you never checked out the show.

Set in the 1970s and focusing on the music scene, the series was put together by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, and seemed promising.

However, while the series was initially renewed for a second season, HBO changed their minds after the show failed to find a significant audience. Talk about getting your hopes up for everyone that was involved with the production!

We're sure if they could have done things all over again that they may have advertised Wilde's wild side some more!

12 Spartacus

If you want to see blood, action and some seriously attractive ladies getting into some hot and inappropriate situations, Spartacus needs to be put on your watch list. The real tragedy of the series is the fact that Andy Whitfield, who played the lead role in the first season, sadly passed away.

But there's still plenty of booty bumping throughout the entire first season and that's definitely not a trend they moved away from when it came to the later seasons without Whitfield.

While it's hard to single out any particularly attractive lady that bares it all, we're sure you wouldn't be alone if you find it extra awesome that Lucy Lawless who spent years as Xena: Warrior Princess has no problem showing off what she kept under her battle armor.

11 Love

When it comes to looking for Netflix series to watch, one of the biggest factors can be if you recognize the people starring in the show from other things you love. That's definitely the selling point for many people who checked out Love which starred Gillian Jacobs who people fell in love with from Community. 

One reason to stay? The show features nudity throughout, including a multiple partner session and Jacobs herself getting into some serious adult situations.

The series currently has two seasons of the show available for watch and have ordered a third season meaning that Netflix has clearly bought into the series. When you consider it's also put together by the hilarious Judd Apatow, it's no wonder it is doing so well.

10 Orange Is The New Black

There are several shows on our list that are actually pretty tremendous shows in their own right. But anyone who has checked out the series Orange is the New Black and found themselves focusing at least temporarily on how gorgeous the women are is fooling themselves. Especially when the two leads, Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling, are plenty familiar with one another.

Granted one thing that also doesn't hinder that thought process is the fact that several of the women get into some seriously hot and heavy situations; often also with each other.

With the latest season adding gorgeous girls like Ruby Rose (who of course, bared it all), we are sure there are plenty of fans who are on the edge of their seat awaiting the newest season.

9 Shameless

William H. Macy is an outstanding actor and he's been well-recognized by fans and critics for the outstanding job that he does in the television series Shameless. But we aren't here to talk about William H. Macy, especially when instead we can talk about the fact that Emmy Rossum elects to act in her birthday suit throughout the series.

She definitely isn't the only one, as Emma Greenwall and Laura Wiggins are just two of the other gorgeous cast members who bare it all on several occasions.

That's not to say that the show doesn't have its own merits, but if the show also includes countless scenes of women "getting to completion" and several other adult situations, then you definitely might not just be watching it for the plot.

8 Black Sails

Have you checked out the recent trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean? Has it left you feeling stoked for some pirate adventures? While Johnny Depp is outstanding, there are definitely certain "plot points" that the cast and crew of Black Sails are able to explore that would never fly in a Disney movie, including Jessica Parker Kennedy and Clara Paget getting plenty familiar with one another.

You might want to be careful over the next few weeks if you're starting out the show, though, as the series finale is airing on April 2nd.

What you'll be left with though is 38 episodes of a series that many people feel got stronger over time.

7 Narcos

Now there are plenty of reasons to check out Narcos, including the fact that you still miss Breaking Bad, but while Narcos isn't as good, it does feature nudity throughout the series featuring stars like Stephanie Sigman finding herself blindfolded and tied to the bed.

Granted when picking memorable scenes, there is also the moment where there are what seem like 8+ naked women on the bed. It was revealed back in September that Netflix had paid for 2 more seasons of the show, so it's clear that they're happy with the results.

Heisenberg for all the terrible things he did, never did seem to have much of a sex drive. Perhaps it was because of cancer.

6 Marcella

The crime drama Marcella would not exist without the station ITV which started airing the show back on April 4th, 2016. Netflix, however, saw the show's success and when the 2nd season starts airing sometime in 2017, it will be available after it airs for streaming.

The show stars the beautiful Anna Friel who finds herself without clothes for some scenes, but that may not be what you're left talking about.

The real "highlight" in terms of nudity comes from fellow castmate Florence Pugh who acts out some self-love on the camera for a webcam show, as well as electing to bare it all.

The show is a great crime drama but there are definitely several reasons to keep tuning in!

5 Easy

Netflix has found some incredible success with running television programs that run for 42-60 minutes long, but they're definitely trying to open themselves up more to the 22-minute range.

One of their most ambitious efforts is the series Easy which brings in several talented actors like James Franco, but also some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood like Malin Akerman and Emily Ratajkowski.

The series isn't shy about nudity, or some serious adult situations, including Malin Akerman and Kate Micucci and a fellow gentleman lover all knocking boots at once.

With only 8 episodes under their belt, we can only imagine how the raunchy nature of the show will progress if it gets picked up for another season.

4 Masters Of Sex

If you wanted a television show that wanted to act as a class on how to intersperse nudity throughout the entire series, perhaps fittingly you would pick Masters of Sex. 

With nudity and several adult situations on a regular basis from a large majority of the cast– including Lizzy Caplan who you may recognize from Mean Girls– it's clear that the actors on the set needed to be plenty comfortable walking around in their birthday suits. And if they weren't originally, they definitely became comfortable by the end of the series!

The series debuted back in 2013 but if you want to check this one out for the plot, we warn you ahead of time that the series was canceled back in November.

3 Sense8

There is no shortage of sexual situations and positive LGBT relationships that get explored on the series Sense8. One of the most prominent comes from Freema Agyeman (who was in Doctor Who) and the beautiful Jamie Clayton when they decide to booty bump.

Agyeman opened up in a past interview about her relationship with Clayton, saying,

"It helps, significantly, if you do have natural chemistry. And we definitely have that. We thoroughly enjoyed working together. I find her funny, intelligent, incredibly sexy. You know, it was just the two of us at the beginning of the shoot for the whole time, and then we would hang out outside of work."

While we're sure the image of the two lovely ladies getting close is going to be hard to forget if you stick with the series you also get to see some pretty extreme group situations that will surely keep you entertained.

The 2nd season is scheduled to be released on May 5th.

2 Marco Polo

There weren't many reasons to check out the Netflix original series Marco Polo. In fact, it is arguably the worst series that the company has ever produced and the decision to cancel it after two seasons allegedly cost the company over $200 million.

It's hard to blame them after all, dramatic and historical dramas definitely can do well, this one just missed on several fronts.

One area in which they may have succeeded is in the casting of several beautiful women, leading to a solid abundance of nudity throughout the entire series; including an incredibly racy scene in which Olivia Cheng pleasures another female lover (though it's not like Netflix shies away from same-sex relationships!).

1 Game Of Thrones

I don't know if it's possible to sit here and write about how there aren't several reasons for you to check out HBO's series Game of Thrones. Not only is it arguably the biggest show currently on the air (and isn't it fun to feel in the loop?) but it's also clearly going to be the jumping off point for several stars.

The series, as we're sure any fan of the show knows, definitely does not shy away from featuring some seriously adult situations for a large majority of the female characters.

If we're being honest, the show could probably completely cut the nudity element for the last 2 seasons and we're sure it wouldn't impact the ratings, but we're also sure you probably won't complain if these ladies continue finding themselves in adult situations.


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