15 Shows On Netflix You'll Turn Off After One Episode

Like everything else, there are good and bad aspects about Netflix. The streaming service has come a very long way compared to its earlier days. Who remembers when you used to have to wait for a DVD of your favorite movie or television show to come in the mail, then you had to return it before you could get another? Yes, thanks to technology and the new modern way of living, anything on Netflix is available at our fingertips at any given moment for less than ten bucks a month.

Before this starts to sound like a subliminal advertisement for Netflix, I have to point out that the service has some pretty terrible television shows. Whether it’s the ones that were never successful on the small screen, or an original series that Netflix should be ashamed of letting fans take even a look at the small peek at on the regular, it’s safe to say that all things Netflix are not amazing. Interestingly enough, there are some fans who can't help but to binge watch these arguably bad shows. And there are others who turn it off after one episode. It’s safe to say that Netflix has gotten away with releasing shows that critics would shut down without a moment’s notice if it tried to air on prime-time television. (Not saying Netflix is the place where shows go to die because there are some even more amazing ones on the streaming service). Either way, it’s fun to look at some of the bad shows that most  of us would turn off after one episode. Take a look!


15 Haters Back Off

For starters, I absolutely love the name of this series. Unfortunately, the same follow-through isn’t there when it comes to the concept of the show. It tells the story of the fictional YouTube star, Miranda Sings (played by Colleen Ballinger), who wants to be famous. While we can all relate to this, as well as Miranda’s stuck up and snotty confidence that could easily pass off as arrogance about how she is meant to be a star — especially because she does it all from singing to acting to modeling and dancing. And no one can tell her that she’s not great at any of it.

It was definitely smart for Netflix to partner with YouTube on this concept that almost pokes fun at users who attempt to make their YouTube stardom their official claim to fame. But that could also be the downfall considering the content on the show isn’t anything we can’t actually see on YouTube.

14 Sense8


Yes, Sense8 somehow made its way past season one and was renewed for a second. But now that the show has been cancelled, I can give my true thoughts on it: Terrible! Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like Simon Cowell there, but the show was not a win. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely one of those series that makes one think, “I see what you tried to do there,” but for some reason it’s difficult to make that connect.

The show was about eight people who had secret powers and could switch places at any given moment. Meanwhile, there was an antagonist who was like them who tried to hunt them down and overcome them. I will say it managed to suck me in for a couple of seconds, but this is one that not many would watch past the first episode let alone season. Not because of bad acting, just not a great concept. It was a bit hard to get into.

13 Chelsea

It pains me to add this one to the list. For those who were fans of Chelsea Handler’s late-night talk show on E!, Chelsea Lately, it was such an impeccable and amazing idea to bring her to Netflix. She could be unfiltered and give us even more of the inappropriate banter that we loved with no boundaries. But it seems like the Netflix version of this show went too far to the left. For starters, to put Chelsea on Netflix still makes it compete with other shows of its caliber. And while I could see why she would want to return under her own terms, the show was not that impressive on the streaming service. Even though it’s not Netflix's fault, it doesn’t really give a reason why it’s so different from other series that are just like it. It’s disappointing to say but at least she had a good and successful run on network television.

12 Fuller House


This is another difficult one to add to the list. Everyone was waiting for the nostalgia of the original Full House to return — even if it was on Netflix where you could watch the entire season at once. But while I really want this show to win, from what I’ve seen in reviews, it’s not heading down that route. I will say, the references to the Olsen twins opting out of joining the cast this time around was a little tasteless, but maybe needed. The show continues to win, despite the awkward satire and Stephanie Tanner’s character attempting to revive her “How rude” catchphrase along with Uncle Jesse’s “Have mercy” saying and his addiction to hair products. While corny was cute in the 80s and 90s, now it just seems like the show is trying too hard to revive its glory days. It’s been renewed for a third season so there’s still hope for it after all.

11 The Ranch

This is a blow for those who think that anything Ashton Kutcher touches is gold. In this Netflix series, he plays a semi-pro football player who has no other choice but to go back to, you guessed it, the ranch where he grew up. He returns to his old stomping grounds to help out his dad and brother. Still, just like others on the list, while this sounds like a great storyline, the series unfortunately gets away from it. Instead, it’s full of jokes about getting high and all that jazz. Interestingly enough, it was Kutcher who pitched the show to Netflix and only Netflix. He told the Recode Decode Podcast it was because he has more freedom on the streaming service to use, as he  put it, “natural language” that the networks tend to frown upon because it could potentially offend someone. Well, it looks like it’s not exactly a score on Netflix either.

10 F is for Family


So just looking at the artwork for this, it’s safe to say this show has been compared to others like it from Family Guy to The Simpsons. While the concept of this show is smart for Netflix, especially since it can cross more boundaries than adult animated series on primetime television, the show is just... not awesome when compared to other Netflix shows that clearly are. The jokes and comedy aren’t that funny, and don’t look effortless like the others. Just like The Characters, it’s tough for this show to deliver because of the fact that it is often compared to the ones that are super duper successful, like Family Guy. And those shows even have legacy and a positive history on television after entertaining the average American family for years and even decades. Even though it’s not necessarily a bad television show, it’s not one that could be interesting past its first episode, to be honest.

9 The Characters

This is a great example as to why sketch comedy isn’t always a win. There are definitely shows that aspire to be the next Saturday Night Live, I mean, who wouldn’t? The show is well into its 40th year. But at the same time, it has left some big shoes to fill and, I say it in the nicest way possible, The Characters didn’t quite make the fit. I do like the idea that The Characters lets real-life comedians show off their own talent when it comes writing and producing their own segments. But the delivery is just so lackluster — especially when it comes to the notion of actually being able to entertain others with your comedy. You know, not being the only one who thinks it’s funny? The show certainly displayed good talent (depending on who you ask), but nothing that really could gravitate fans to a second episode.


8 Flaked


Okay so, who else was so excited to see Will Arnett on this show? He partnered with Bojack Horseman and the two seemed like quite the dynamic duo in the making for the Netflix series. But unfortunately it looks like the success and potential of it was overrated. The storyline isn’t all the way terrible. For starters, it's about a guy who is an alcoholic but is trying to rehabilitate. Much of the show is in his hometown of Venice Beach, California, which also isn’t that terrible. But it seems like the show really could have been a win if it was what many fans actually thought it would be— a comedy. Arnett certainly steps out of his comfort zone with some of the more dramatic scenes of the show. But those kind of make it a little confusing of what the actual concept and purpose of the show should be.

7 Real Rob

The same holds true for Mr. Rob Schneider. His supporting roles that he has taken on in the past have always been a win. But Real Rob is just… ugh. So it doesn’t really show the real and true aspects of Schneider’s life but it does take a fun look at an exaggerated version of it. And while it sounds funny, you might beg to differ after you see the first episode. I mean, he’s not the first to go this route as he plugs in standup comedy bits into the show (like how Louie and Seinfeld featured similar segments), but he has yet to deliver in major ways. It doesn’t help that he’s actually more disrespectful than funny when it comes to his comedy. From feeding off of stereotypes to just telling bad jokes, one can only hope that Real Rob doesn’t actually portray the real Rob. If it does, I won’t be the only one not watching after an episode is finished.

6 Richie Rich


Ok, I totally get it. Richie Rich the movie and comic series are classics and the Netflix show should be too. Unfortunately that’s not the reality of the situation here. Maybe it is for children who aren’t really here to judge a show but simply watch and stay entertained. But for the average adult, it’s just not a hit. There are a few differences in the show that could be why it’s not considered as amazing as the original source material. For starters, in the show Richie is a self-made trillionaire, instead of his father being the one to bring home the bacon and wealth. Of course he still lives the lifestyle of a rich kid with a nanny in a mansion with the latest toys and the best of what technology has to offer. This is probably just the beginning when it comes to Netflix series that could be for children and not adults, but hopefully the quality gets better and this is just a trial-and-error type thing.

5 Between

It looks like this one was supposed to resonate with the fans of teenage shows like Degrassi: The Next Generation (side note: who remembers Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s real claim to fame?) and of course the newer ones like The Originals and Pretty Little Liars. It tells the story of a girl who gets pregnant in her teenage years so she sets out to escape from her small quaint town. Of course things go left sooner rather than later when she can’t leave because a disease hits the town and she’s stuck inside of quarantine. While this concept seems simple enough to some, it takes way too much effort to figure out what’s going on more often than not. It seems like the show should have chosen one way or the other — the virus or the struggle of a young, pregnant teenager. Both is just a lot to handle for more than one episode.

4 Cooked


Yes, we all love food. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we want to know everything about it. While Pinterest offers us the cool recipes we need, Cooked is a four-part documentary about a food writer, Michael Pollan. He gets into various kitchens and takes on the challenges of cooking that many of us have yet to master. And while it sounds fun to watch someone have the same hilarious struggles we do as we try to shake and bake unique meals, this show isn’t as intriguing as it sounds. In fact, it just provides too much detail that we really aren’t interested in knowing about. Again, I understand why it would seem like this complex show would be an instant hit, but most of us simply don’t really want to know what goes into making our favorite meals and what not. Thankfully it was only a four-part series, so it doesn’t have to go under the pressure of getting renewed or cancelled.

3 Marseille

It’s no secret that the political aspect of television is a hit these days. From the uprising and the return of 24 to even other Netflix shows like House of Cards, political and government shows seem to be the way to go these days. But Marseille is an example of why that type of show is not always a shoo-in for a success. The show is about a mayor who is at risk of being dethroned by the very person he took under his wing. Of course considering everything that’s going on in the nation and around the world, the average person seems to be interested in the fantasy of what could be going on behind closed doors that these shows seem to fulfill. But when it comes to Marseille, that just doesn’t hold true. It’s difficult to follow and seems like the show tries way too hard to deliver these gasp worthy moments.

2 Marco Polo


Netflix made the right move when it cancelled the show about the real-life explorer, Marco Polo. It took way too long actually, considering the series got a good two seasons in but nevertheless, it has seen its last day on the streaming service. As to why, well, it just couldn’t hold up to its competitors to other fantasy shows like Game of Thrones, and Vikings. It’s tough for Netflix because they are compared to other network shows who are often much more successful because they’ve been able to last among the most harshest of viewers and critics. And really that’s the main downfall for Marco Polo. It just doesn’t hold a candle to other shows like it. Fantasy shows are a huge deal so when one gets in the ring, it’s gotta come extra hard with quality content to make a positive mark in the genre that seems to be getting more and more crowded.

1 Pompidou

This show isn’t really taken seriously at all. It’s a British comedy series and while it’s available on Netflix, it’s been said to be a trial and error experiment that not only ended in error, but simply went all wrong. It’s about a very colorful billionaire who resides in a caravan right outside of his own estate that is literally falling apart at the helms. And while that’s how it’s described, it really doesn’t have a storyline at all. Like, there seems to be no end game, goal, or even general direction that the show could be going in in the future. It’s safe to say that television viewers are pretty spoiled when it comes to good, quality television which means they are even more harsh when it comes to judging lackluster shows. While Pompidou looks like it was a fun series to create, it’s just not fun to watch.

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