15 Shocking Wrestler Confessions That'll Leave You Baffled

Nowadays, it seems like wrestling fans are more interested in the rumor mill and the behind the scenes aspect than the actual product itself. The WWE has huge social media reach from around the world, making the actual TV ratings an afterthought nowadays. Back in the day, bringing in the numbers was a prime source of revenue but today, that’s no longer the case as ratings really don’t matter as much. The WWE has revenue coming from everywhere since they became a publicly traded company, along with adding numerous new investors to their brand.

With this current ideology, many former WWE stars have been critical of the company. Even current stars are featured on this list with some revealing confessions that’ll likely leave you quite baffled. Topics included in this list feature current stories such as a wrestler’s take on Jinder Mahal’s physique, and others that have discussed their experiences with JBL’s bullying antics. We also include many, many more tales you likely never heard of, coming from various shoots from over the years.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass the link on to a friend. Also, let us know your favorite reveal from the list. Here are 15 shocking confessions that will leave you baffled. Let us begin!


15 “Chuck Palumbo Stood Up To JBL” - Scott Steiner

Some things just never change, especially when it comes to Scott Steiner burying the WWE product. You would figure that at the age of 54, things would have died down a bit but that hasn’t been the case as Scott still bashes the company every chance he gets. His latest rant ripped the company for making a statue of Ric Flair. Of course, Scott isn’t the biggest fan of Flair as he still holds a grudge till this day.

A more telling confession that baffled a lot of us came when Steiner told his side of the story pertaining to JBL’s bullying tirade. Scott said he saw an instance of JBL bullying Palumbo as he was quite stiff with the WCW staff inside of the ring. Chuck however, was having none of it and according to Steiner, he stood up to JBL immediately. According to Scott, Bradshaw backed down from then on and that was usually the case when someone would answer the bell to JBL’s harsh ways.

14 “I’m Going To Run This Place One Day” – Sunny Talking About Triple H


We have to give Sunny some serious credit; despite the fact that she’s been out of the limelight for quite some time now, she still manages to grab headlines with her constant shoot interviews. Her most recent shoot caused quite the stir as she admitted to hooking up with several 90s WWE stars, but we’ll have more on that a little later.

Another baffling confession made by Sunny featured a reveal about Triple H. According to Sunny, the two got into the company together and Hunter immediately made it abundantly clear that he planned on running the company one day. Sunny discussed that Hunter’s big ego made him very disliked right off the bat, however, not knowing anyone, Hunter would follow Candido and Sunny around seeing as they were regarded as the “new people”. Those days would come to an end once Triple H joined forces with the cool kids, The Kliq, despite the fact that he really didn’t party or drink. Hunter was used as the designated driver but ultimately, the move helped to shift his power within the company.

13 “It Was A Depressing Situation For Everyone” - Kenny Omega

His most recent rant targeted Seth Rollins for using a similar finisher, however this confession is far more baffling as Omega opened up about his brutal WWE run. Quite surreal to think that the WWE actually had the 33 year old Canadian at one point, however, things were so bad down in development that he was forced to leave.

After gaining some early indie experience, he signed a deal with the WWE and made his developmental debut in October of 2005 as a part of Deep South Wrestling. His time in the low budget WWE developmental was horrible to be quite frank. Omega was very critical of the trainers at the time, Bill DeMott and Bob Holly. During a tell-all shoot interview, Omega recalls all the developmental talent being quite miserable due to the conditions and bullying by the trainers. After a terrible and depressing run, Kenny chose to leave, exposing his talents on the indie scene. Since leaving, Omega has become one of the most sought after wrestlers in the world and his value only continues to increase. According to Kenny, he’s been offered several WWE contracts since departing and he has yet to accept.

12 “New WWE Talent Make $500 A Show” – Alberto Del Rio


Since leaving the WWE, Alberto Del Rio hasn’t shied away from voicing his true displeasures with the company. He’s gone on Periscope several times to not only bash the WWE but also, take several stabs at the dude running things, Triple H. Alberto even went as far as to blame the WWE for the leaked photos, claiming it was a last ditch effort to break up the couple. With all these statements being made, it seems like Del Rio won’t be showing his face on WWE TV any time soon and Paige’s in-ring days with the company are also likely to be done.

Another Del Rio rant saw the wrestler take a shot at WWE management, making the claim that they pay new talent a mere 500 bucks a show. This was one of Del Rio’s most recent Periscope rants, but take it with a pinch of salt as he seemed to be quite intoxicated (for what it’s worth) when saying the statement.

11 “Paul & Brock Wanted To Kick The S*** Out Of Me” – Roman Reigns

With the uprising of technology, we now have the luxury to dig a little deeper into the lives of WWE Superstars. Such podcasts like Talk Is Jericho, give us that luxury as Chris usually goes behind the scenes with his guests. He recently had Roman Reigns as a guest, and we got to see a side of Roman only his friends and co-workers get to see, the side of him simply known as Joe.

Don’t hurl your garbage at the computer screen but Roman actually came across as one cool dude telling some of his stories. One interested tale he told was the difficulties in dealing with Brock and Paul prior to their WrestleMania bout. His buddy Ambrose was also critical about his pre-match setup with Brock, and Roman expressed the same disdain. According to Roman, Brock and Paul wanted to “kick the s*** out of him”, throughout the entire match as according to the duo, that’s what the people wanted to see. Roman however stood up for himself claiming he needed to get some legit offense during the match. Despite the awkward preparation, the match turned out to be right on point and according to Reigns, the best match of his entire career.

10 “Chyna Was Horrible To People” – Road Dogg


This statement made from Road Dogg years ago was quite surprising to be quite honest. Others like Vince Russo and Mick Foley, called Chyna an absolute sweetheart outside of the ring, but Road Dogg had a different take on the Ninth Wonder Of The World.

According to Road Dogg, the more Chyna grew in popularity, the bigger her head got. Also, hanging out with Shawn Michaels didn’t help things as HBK had a huge ego and it rubbed off to Chyna. Road Dogg went on to state that Chyna despised meeting fans and would even go as far as to wear a glove when shaking the hands of her supporters. The former DX member also recalls Chyna being extremely rude in public places like restaurants, making it quite uncomfortable for the group. This confession was quite shocking given the way Chyna’s close peers speak about her. It seems like she was very different at one point in time.

9 “JBL Took My Bags” – Jeff Hardy

One of the biggest trending topics nowadays seems to be JBL and his backstage bullying. The situation started to make headlines when it was revealed that Mauro Ranallo was no longer with the company, and according to speculation, the situation took place because of JBL and his bullying. Soon after, it was like a snowball effect as numerous non-WWE talents took to social media describing their encounters with JBL. Heck, even The Young Bucks got involved and eventually, received a block via Twitter from the SmackDown Live commentator.

Although the story is currently making headlines, numerous wrestlers have spoken out about the situation a long time ago. In a shoot conducted by Jeff Hardy years ago, Jeff claimed to being a victim of JBL’s tirade as the veteran would often haze Hardy hiding his bags. Being small in size, young looking and not being a drinker like the others, Jeff was an easy target of JBL’s. Of course, with Jeff back in the company, you likely won’t hear his take on the situation any longer.


8 “John Would Bury Riley In Front Of Everyone” – Ryback


Leaving the WWE because of his contract and card disputes, Ryback is known nowadays for ranting about the WWE product via his podcast, and other shoot interviews. He promised big things for his career when leaving the company but thus far that statement seems to be inaccurate, as he’s performing for lower tier indie shows and really, just known for his various rants.

The more he talks, the more it seems like he’s completely burning all bridges with the WWE. In one of his rants, he took a shot at the face that runs the place, John Cena, labelling him as a big time bully backstage. According to Ryback, Cena strongly disliked former WWE talent Alex Riley, and he made it a priority to bury him in front of the boys every chance he got. Because of that, Ryback claims Riley’s career went down the drain as the company buried him because of Cena’s feeling towards the talent.

7 “Brock Changed When He Got Too Much Too Quick” – Matt Hardy

Back in the WWE today, seeing Matt inside of the squared circle seems to be so right. Fans have embraced the Hardy Boyz return and Raw has now become greater because of their return.

Oozing with passion for the wrestling business, Matt hasn’t shied away from telling tales of his past during his time away from the WWE. One of his stories involved Lesnar and how he changed throughout his run. Hardy recalled Brock constantly thanking the Hardy brothers for putting him over early on in his career but the same would not repeat itself later on. Getting a push under his Matt Hardy Version One gimmick, the WWE continued his push with a match versus Brock. The match was meant to be competitive but Lesnar was quite skeptical, constantly removing spots that made him look weak. Hardy was upset that Lesnar wouldn’t put him over in the slightest and he blamed it on Brock getting so much, so soon.

6 Sunny Admits To Sleeping With Davey Boy


When listing the names of wrestlers she hooked up with during a shoot interview, Sunny gave the hint someone she hooked up with “had a British accent”. The host wrongfully guessed William Regal, and Sunny would later unveil that it was the late great British Bulldog.

The revealing confession was extremely baffling especially when you consider the fact that Bulldog was married at the time to Diana Hart. Sunny was also dating Candido at that point, while being close to Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Despite that, the hook up took place and Davey Boy was another name added to Sunny’s list. She’d leave the WWE in 1998 and would never return. Her hook up list would continue to grow however, with another recognizable name being added to the list, Dolph Ziggler. The rumor mill had a field day with the story and you can bet Ziggler took a serious amount of ribs after the incident was made public by Sunny via Twitter.

5 “Edge & Christian Changed The Business” – Road Dogg

Road Dogg has undergone some huge changes in his life, changes that likely saved his life altogether. After leaving the WWE, Road Dogg was a big time drug user choosing the bitter route in bashing Triple H and the WWE every chance he got. After getting cleaned up and saving his life, Road Dogg completely changed his demeanor and it led to a phone call by the WWE. He returned as a talent and later, turned into a huge backstage face becoming a producer for the company. When Triple H and Vince aren’t around, Road Dogg takes control.

Changing his life, Road Dogg sat down with JBL discussing some impactful moments he witnessed throughout his career. One of them, featured Edge and Christian changing the dynamic of the locker room. Instead of going out and drinking, Edge and Christian would call it a night early, getting a good night’s rest. Back in the day, Road Dogg and others laughed at the mentality but nowadays, it’s no laughing matter as the two paved the way for a new mindset when it comes to being a WWE Superstar outside of the ring.

4 “That S**t Don’t Happen On Its Own” – Ryback On Mahal’s Physique


Another pressing issue as of late pertains to Jinder Mahal. Fans were quite skeptical about his recent push, and it all made a little more sense when it was revealed to be a play for the market in India. However, the speculation didn’t stop there as Ryback added to the ambush, taking a shot at Jinder’s new physique which has left people baffled as to how he could obtain such a look naturally.

Ryback wasn’t buying it either, claiming he noticed Mahal developed “tits”, which is a side effect of PEDs. The Big Guy praised Mahal for his look on his podcast but claimed that you simply don’t obtain such a look by drinking protein shakes. Jinder did in fact address the situation, defending his physique and claiming he gets tested just like everybody else. So what do you guys think, is Mahal telling the truth, or does Ryback have a point?

3 “Shane Douglas Sealed His Own Faith” – Shawn Michaels

Rarely have we ever seen HBK take a shot at someone, usually choosing to remain quiet, however, he did fire back to Shane Douglas who constantly bashed HBK and The Kliq for his WWE demise.

Shawn was quite blunt in his assessment of Douglas, claiming whatever he had, it wasn’t showcased in the WWE. Michaels also made the claim that he actually tried to help Douglas on several instances, as it wasn’t his agenda to bury him.

Michaels would go on to make the claim that Douglas sealed his own faith by requesting he take a night off to heel some bumps and bruises. This infuriated McMahon, as the show was taking place in Madison Square Garden, an event you did not want to miss back in the 90s. The decision sealed his faith with the company and it wasn’t due to the Kliq’s political maneuvering according to Shawn.

2 “The Rock & Hunter Would Always Go Off Script On Each Other” – Bruce Prichard


If you haven’t done so already, take a look at some of Bruce Prichards' shoot interviews, as they're filled with some great stories pertaining to the behind the scenes of the company. Bruce was a high up in the WWE and knows a lot of juicy details pertaining to some situations we never knew about.

In this reveal, Prichard discussed the real life animosity between Triple H and The Rock. Both hungry to be the face of the company, the two had some strong animosity for one another behind the scenes. Things would get so bad, that Triple H would even go off script during promos. It led to Rocky being irate and unleashing on Vince for Triple H having the power to change on a dime and not follow orders. It would lead to both going off script and landing some deep and personal promos on one another. It was clearly a different time back then and the two remain closer than ever, putting one another over any chance they get nowadays.

1 “Stacy Was Grinding Against Me” – Matt Hardy

The story was told in both Lita’s book and through a shoot interview that featured Matt Hardy. Matt remembered the night quite vividly, as everyone got their drink on that night, partying it up in Las Vegas. With the influx of WCW stars entering the company, both Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler were on hand. In a playful manner, Keibler would grind up on Matt inside of the club and let’s just say Lita wasn’t too pleased.

Lita was quite tipsy herself and proceeded to pie face Keibler down on the ground. Lita later laughed it off saying she was kidding. However, Stacy still felt the need to apologize saying she didn’t know what she was doing, having had one too many drinks on the night. Lita accepted the apology and the two actually had a decent friendship following the grinding ordeal. Seeing as Matt didn’t end up with Lita, he likely regrets not milking the situation a little more!

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