15 Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions You Never Noticed In Huge Films

Wardrobe malfunctions are like little presents you never expected to get. We go crazy for these moments when they happen to celebrities in real life. But, at this point, they've almost become expected. Ever since female celebrities stopped wearing underwear and started getting out of cars with their legs above their heads, celebrity wardrobe malfunctions have become normalized in everyday life. But movies are still a different world, a safe haven for the malfunctioning. We're not used to seeing these types of things in films because we expect editors and censors to catch everything. Truthfully, they do catch almost all of these incidents before they reach us. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so special when they're missed, but the key word here is "almost." The odd time it does happen, it's a magical treat.

So, you're watching a movie that you know has no nudity. Hell, nudity wouldn't even feel right. That's what you tell yourself. But then, you see something. Was that a nipple? Wait. Rewind it. Suddenly, your whole philosophy changes. Catching these moments requires a lot of patience and an eager eye. The viewers who spotted the moments on this list are either very strange or very dedicated. Truthfully, they're probably a bit of both. We have to admit that we feel a touch creepy pointing out these moments of accidental nudity. The actors and actresses involved obviously didn't plan to have their privates shown in the film, so us pointing them out isn't doing them any favors. But, it's not like they weren't aware of this before us. Each of these actors were either partially naked on screen already or had a strange feeling that their entire boob fell out of their shirt in that take. These things happen. We just happen to be the ones highlighting it. Here are 15 Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions You Never Noticed in Huge Films.


15 Julia Roberts – Pretty Woman

This one isn't really as much of a wardrobe malfunction as it is a filming malfunction. But, we're counting it because it's Julia Roberts and Pretty Woman. There is some debate about how accidental it really is, but we tend to believe it was missed by the editors. We know that Roberts doesn't do nude roles, so there's that to start with. Also, Pretty Woman is not a gratuitous film, even though Roberts does play a prostitute and there are some s*x scenes. In one of the intimate scenes, Roberts is wearing a sheer gown that is completely see-through. As the scene picks up, the camera angle takes up behind a lattice wall of some sort, which makes any bodily details hard to spot, at least so the cameraman and director thought. Richard Gere then takes off Robert's gown and they continue on with the scene as if nothing happened. But, let's go back a second. It's tough to spot, but in the moment that Roberts' gown comes off, one of her breasts is visible.

14 Sarah Michelle Gellar - I Know What You Did Last Summer


In I Know What You Did Last Summer, there's a scene that has Sarah Michelle Gellar pulling up a hand-drawn rope elevator. The cameraman decided that the best angle for this scene would be directly overhead. Unfortunately for Geller (but fortunately for her fans), the dress that she's wearing is quite loose around the chest. So, as she fumbles with the rope, pulling it up, the dress moves around quite a bit and reveals everything underneath it to the camera. We have to imagine the cameraman knew exactly what was going on here.

13 Denzel Washington – Ricochet

Ricochet is one of those films that you either love or hate. It isn't the biggest film of all time, but it has a huge cast and Denzel Washington is pretty awesome in it. He also shows off more of his body than in any other film as well, albeit accidentally. Okay, it can't really be said that it's completely accidental because he is nude in the shot. Still, pausing makes him look a lot more naked than he appears in real time. The scene takes place in the men's locker room, where Denzel is sitting nude but nothing is visible. When a female walks into the room, Denzel leaps up quickly and hides behind a locker. In real time, it's too quick to see anything. When and if you pause, however, that move from the sitting position to behind the locker takes a lifetime.

12 Gabrielle Union - Bad Boys II


Gabrielle Union is one of the most beautiful actresses on the planet, so people have poured over all her roles looking desperately for wardrobe malfunctions. Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but there's only one moment in all the tape. Oh wait, that's great news! There's one moment! The beautiful gift from the heavens comes in Bad Boys II. Union throws a gun at a mine and then ducks. As she ducks, her outfit no longer covers her body the way it should and one of her nipples gets exposed. In real time, it's easy to see that the dress she's wearing is super skimpy and revealing, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. In slow motion, however, something is very much out of ordinary, something wonderful.

11 Samuel L Jackson – The Caveman's Valentine

The Caveman's Valentine is a strange movie starring Samuel L. Jackson. The movie is not great nor terrible; just sort of there. One scene, however, had the people talking. It shows our favorite caveman, Jackson, stripping down to nothing and walking past a mirror. Now, as far as we can tell, the scene intended to only show Jackson's backside. That wasn't all we got, though. As his walks, there is a quick flash from the front and audiences caught a glimpse of more than what Jackson likely intended. It's certainly not gratuitous, but, once again, pause buttons make a world of a difference.

10 Femi Taylor – Return Of The Jedi


Femi Taylor is a dancer who played Jabba the Hutt's Twi'lek slave dancer, Oola, in Return of the Jedi. In the scene in question, Taylor dances around for Jabba in a very s*xual manner. Now, she's dressed as an alien, but her female form is very human-like. The outfit itself is quite revealing, but things got much more revealed in the dance. During this little number, as she's flailing her body about, one of Taylor's breasts falls out of her shirt for a few frames. Although it does require a frame-by-frame viewing to understand what's happening, even when you watch this in real time, you're pretty sure something unnatural just took place. You may not have caught the wardrobe actually malfunction live, but everyone knew that something like that had the potential to happen just watching her thrash about in that skimpy outfit.

9 Bruce Willis – Pulp Fiction

Like several of the scenes with male actors, the accidental nudity from Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction is kind of a sorry-not-sorry moment from Quentin Tarantino. After having a shower, Willis' character grabs a towel and then covers up. The camera is positioned outside of the bathroom, so perhaps Willis thought he had more coverage than he did. When he tries to act natural drying off, he uses the towel to wipe his face. But, as he pulls it away from his body to wipe his face and sit on the toilet all in one motion, there is the briefest of glimpses at Willis' willy.


8 Cameron Diaz – Vanilla Sky And Gangs Of New York


Since Cameron Diaz has the identical wardrobe malfunction in both Vanilla Sky and Gangs of New York, as well as a few times in public, we wonder if this isn't just something that happens to her all the time. On top of that, Diaz has been nude in roles before, so it's not crazy to think that she wouldn't mind a little nip slip here or there. Well, we'll point them out in case you're curious anyway. In Vanilla Sky, her character is tied up on the bed by Tom Cruise. She's wearing a see-through gown as is, but she covers up well. But then, as she flips over on her back, writhing about, she falls out of her gown a little. It's brief, but then she shakes it back in there. In Gangs of New York, a similar thing happened during an intimate scene with Leo. As she sits up, clearly believing that everything is in place, it's plain to see that everything is not in place.

7 Mel Gibson – Gallipoli

While not a huge film on the global scale, this was one of Australia's biggest films at the time. It's also a film that shows more of Mel Gibson than anyone anticipated on seeing. First of all, the film is PG. Second of all, the scene in question is so quick and subtle that it had to have been accidental. Then again, if you're an actor filming a scene naked, you've got to expect that some parts of your body might make it onto the screen. Well, that's what happened in a nude swimming scene. Big Mel dives down to the seafloor and little Mel makes a quick appearance. No amount of parental guidance can stop the children from seeing all of Mel if they have a pause button handy.

6 Jennifer Love Hewitt - The Tuxedo


Are we calling The Tuxedo a huge movie? Yes, we are. You've heard of it. That makes it huge. Well, in this huge movie, Jennifer Love Hewitt got more naked than she anticipated. Since she never gets naked for roles, that's saying something. In The Tuxedo, while she's being held underwater by a villain attempting to drown her, Love Hewitt thrashes about convincingly making her body unable to contain the tiny amount of fabric on her chest. For the briefest of moments, she comes out of her dress then right back in. Through all the bubbles and the thrashing, some dedicated fan saw through the distractions and found what they were looking for.

5 Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Terminator

Remember in The Terminator how Arnie is walking around nude at the beginning until he kills people for their clothing? Well, James Cameron was pretty clever in the tricks he used to keep the Arnold's manhood sheltered. You may think that a guy walking around totally nude expected to be seen a little, but we think the intention was to keep everything in the front below the waist hidden. Like in one of the shots, a nude Arnold is shown from a distance walking toward the camera. We can see he's naked but the low light keeps any details impossible to spot. At least, it's impossible to spot for the naked eye. Frame-by-frame analysis reveals one frame where everything becomes visible. The light brightens a bit and we see some movement down there. It's all so unexpected, which is crazy considering there's a giant naked man walking around on screen.

4 Kristen Bell – Spartan


Now, if The Tuxedo is questionably a huge movie, then what the hell is Spartan? Ah, who cares? The usually modest Kristen Bell has a wardrobe malfunction in it. That's huge news. In this little huge film, Bell is punched in the stomach by a dude. The punch is so forceful that Bell's entire breast comes out of her shirt. Seriously, the guy punched her boob out of her shirt. It's an awkward way to have a malfunction, but, all things considered, this is the way we would want it to happen to us.

3 Jessica Rabbit – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

How is an animated wardrobe malfunction accidental, you ask? Well, it probably wasn't. But, we do believe that letting it get to the final cut was accidental. The scene in question comes when Eddie and Jessica Rabbit are in a car accident in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. After crashing into a pole, Jessica Rabbit flies out of the car, does a 360, and her dress flies up. Now, people have debated for years whether what we see is underwear or bare skin, but this was clearly not meant to be noticed by the human eye. It happens so fast that only pausing can catch it. But there it is. Jessica Rabbit, one of the most desirable cartoons ever drawn, is nude for the briefest of moments.

2 Amy Smart — Crank: High Voltage


Amy Smart doesn't wear a whole lot in Crank: High Voltage. We've seen her nude in other roles as well, so there may have been some intention behind this one. But, it doesn't seem quite right. In one scene, a s*x scene, there is a quick frame of what appears to be Smart's nether region. This one, however, we believe to be intentional. We also believe it to be a prosthetic nether region as it is just too blatant to be a mistake. Perhaps this was done in an attempt to make something about the film go viral. There is another scene that seems a bit more genuine and really has us wondering. It comes when we get a closeup of Smart sitting on a motorcycle. The camera angle is really awkward to begin with, but it seems that Smart's little shorts/underwear didn't quite cover everything. Many believe that this malfunction is just too subtle to be intentional and we tend to agree.

1 Natalie Portman – Closer

Even though Natalie Portman plays a stripper in Closer, the actress is never shown nude at all in the film. Sure, she wears skimpy outfits and there was even talk that nude scenes were shot then taken out, but Portman never takes off her clothing in the film. Afterward, she said the reason for this wasn't because she refused to go nude but because the director, Mike Nichols, was against it. "He wants to see my bare a*s much less than (even) my father would," Portman said in the weirdest way possible for her dad. "He's as or more protective of me than my parents are. So doing s*xual, physical stuff for him felt very uncomfortable." She may not have taken off all her clothes in the film, but that didn't stop the nudity from showing through. In one scene, Portman sits on a booth speaking to Clive Owen but her itty bitty bra couldn't keep all her stuff covered. For a good second or two, there is a nipple out in the open where it shouldn't be. No freeze frame needed for this one.

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