15 Shocking Walking Dead Comic Book Moments We Haven't Seen Yet

Created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore (who was soon replaced on art duties by Charlie Adlard), The Walking Dead comic book began life back in 2003. At more than 160 issues, and still going strong,

Created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore (who was soon replaced on art duties by Charlie Adlard), The Walking Dead comic book began life back in 2003. At more than 160 issues, and still going strong, the series has become an absolute phenomenon of modern comics.

Due to the huge success that the book was receiving, the AMC network picked up the television rights for a Walking Dead TV show back in early 2010, and the series quickly became one of the most must-see shows on TV. Much like its counterpart had done in the comic book medium, the show has gone on to become a classic of modern times.

Still, despite being based on an ongoing comic book series, AMC’s The Walking Dead hasn’t necessarily followed the exact footsteps of its source material. Whilst the general narrative has always headed in the same direction, not everything has played out exactly as it did in the comics. Certain characters in the comics were killed off years ago, yet are still alive in the show, and vice versa there are comic book characters who are alive and well yet have been killed off years ago in TV world – most notably Andrea, who was killed off at the end of the show’s third season but who is still alive and well in the comics realm.

Of course, the comics are way ahead of the TV show in terms of timeline, meaning we have a good idea of what may be around the corner for Rick Grimes and Co. So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at 15 shocking comic book moments that have yet to be seen on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

15 Maggie, Leader Of Men

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Right now, the TV version of Maggie Rhee (who’s still actually Maggie Greene in the comic book world – due to Glenn’s surname never being revealed) is in a bad place. Still mourning the death of her husband and with motherhood on the horizon, Maggie has a tendency to often act like a loner, becoming a ball of rage and angst who has revenge on her mind.

In the comics, though, following the death of Glenn, Maggie eventually becomes the leader of the Hilltop community. In the TV show, she’s already at the Hilltop and doing her best to convince Gregory to let her remain there. Comic book-wise, Maggie actually usurps Gregory as the leader of the Hilltop largely due to her willingness to stand up and fight when it matters.

With The Saviors causing chaos for the Hilltop on a regular basis, it’s Maggie’s will to not be trampled over by Negan’s men that sees the Hilltop get behind her and place her as the figurehead of their community.

14 Carol’s Death


In TV land, Carol is one of the most erratic characters that The Walking Dead has offered up during its seven-season run. The thing is, whilst her comic book counterpart is also erratic, the two Carols are very different.

Where the comics are concerned, Carol is a young, unstable woman who is extremely sexually charged. After her relationship with Tyreese is ruined by Michonne’s advances on her man, and following being turned down for a threesome with Rick and Lori, Carol decides that life isn’t worth living.

Finding herself a nearby member of the undead, Carol nonchalantly strolls up to a tied-up walker and lets it bite her throat, thus committing a bizarre act of suicide as a response to feeling unloved. She’d already previously tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists, but now Carol had finally been successful in taking her life and feeling some sort of odd sense of being wanted, needed and loved… even if it was by a walker.

13 The Death Of Baby Judith

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We’ve had several teases during the TV show, but Baby Judith is still just about alive and kicking. In the comic books, though, it’s a very different story for Rick’s young daughter.

In the comics, poor Judith died a long, long time ago. In fact, she died in the arms of mother Lori. Now whilst the TV series had Lori die during Judith’s birth, in the comics Lori survived that with no problems. Unfortunately, a random member of The Governor’s group would later shoot and kill Lori while Rick’s group is fleeing from an attack on their prison home. And even more disturbing, Judith would be in the clutches of Lori, resulting in the dead body of the mother actually smothering and killing the poor baby.

Where the TV incarnation of Judith is concerned, all bets are off, and the bigger question is whether AMC would have the balls to kill off an infant in its show, for that’s something that certainly wouldn’t sit well with some viewers.

12 The Death Of Spencer

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At the time of writing this, The Walking Dead’s Season 7 mid-season finale is yet to air, but the death of Spencer is a comic book happening that seems as if it’s ominously close to taking place in the TV show.

In the comics, Spencer, still sore that he’s been overlooked for the role of leader of Alexandria, decides to offer his services to Negan, suggesting that he’s a far better leader and soldier than Rick Grimes could ever be. He even suggests to Negan that it would be in his best interests to kill Rick at the soonest opportunity.

Not taking well to Spencer’s backstabbing, cowardly ways, Negan promptly guts him on the spot for being, well, gutless in not making a move on Rick himself if he’s so angered by the ever-grizzled Grimes.

In the TV show, Spencer has already voiced his disapproval at Rick being Alexandria’s leader, and it seems that the comic book fate of Spencer could well be mirrored in the TV show sooner rather than later.

11 Rick Loses A Hand

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AMC’s The Walking Dead has thought nothing of its characters losing limbs, most notably when we saw poor Hershel lose a leg, but one thing we’ve yet to see is Rick Grimes losing a hand.

In the comics, that’s something that happens, and happens a long time ago. In fact, it’s during the time that The Governor was running wild (like Hulkamania, obviously, brother) that Rick saw his hand lopped off.

Seeing this as the perfect way to make a statement of intent and put the fear of God into those watching, The Governor chops off one of Rick’s hands in order to show just what a thoroughly nasty bastard he is. Obviously The Governor has long since been killed off in the TV series, but we’ve yet to see Rick pay the price dished out to him in the comics.

With Negan now the ‘big bad’ of the show, it seems a likely bet that if Rick is ever going to follow the lead of his comic book counterpart and lose a hand, Negan is as good a bet as any to be the one wielding the blade.

10 Beheading Children

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In fairness to the TV show, The Walking Dead has never shied away from killing anyone – be it men, women or children. Actually, some of the more memorable deaths of the TV series have been the likes of Sophia, Lizzie, Mika, Sam, Ron and the tragic demise of Beth Greene.

Where the comic book Walking Dead is concerned, there’s one shocking act that’s still yet to make it to the small screen. That would be the beheading of Susie and Rachel Greene.

In the comics, Hershel has seven children rather than just the two we see in the TV show. Twins Susie and Rachel were brutally decapitated by a lunatic called Thomas Richards during the main group’s stay at the prison seen in Season 3 of the show.

Obviously the TV series is different to the comics in many ways, and one of those things yet to make it to the screen is the brutal beheading of young children.

9 Governor/Michonne


When it comes to heinous, horrible acts, it doesn’t get any more grim and messed up than rape. Now whilst that twisted topic has so far been kept away from AMC’s The Walking Dead, it’s something that’s reared its head in the comic book Walking Dead.

The major time that this was brutally used in the comics was back when The Governor was alive. In the comic book series, the main object of The Governor’s twisted desires is Michonne as oppose to how the TV show focused more time on The Governor and Amanda’s relationship. But not only does The Governor have goo-goo eyes for the katana-wielding badass, he goes to a horrible new low (even for him) by having Michonne tied up with her legs spread. Then he… well, you can guess where this sordid scene goes from here. The trauma doesn’t stop there, though, for poor Glenn is next door, forced to listen to this horrible act happen.

Obviously The Governor is long dead in both the comic book and TV Walking Dead, but the topic of rape is something which the show has sensibly steered clear of.

8 Michonne Is One Naughty Girl

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With AMC’s The Walking Dead mirroring its comic book counterpart in many ways, yet veering away from the source material in others, one thing that the TV series has largely steered clear from is sexing up the action too much. In the comics, though, that’s a very different matter.

One of the most shocking panels in The Walking Dead history depicts Michonne actually performing an oral sex act on Tyreese, who at that point in time just so happened to be in a relationship with the always-unstable Carol. Readers didn’t actually see said act, but very little was left to the imagination.

Arguably even more shocking than that was the time that Carol tried to get a threesome going with the married couple of Rick and Lori Grimes.

For fans of the TV series, any shocking sexual moments have been kept to a minimal, but who knows whether we’ll get any X-rated moments to come down the line.

7 The Hanging Of Gregory

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Not taking well to being replaced as leader of the Hilltop by Maggie, Gregory does what any no-good, selfish, power-crazy sort would do: he looks to get some semblance of revenge and get his position at the top back.

After Maggie is poisoned, it’s revealed, to nobody’s surprise, that it was Gregory who had tried to kill off the Hilltop’s new leader. Not content with that, Gregory was doing his best to turn any and everyone against Maggie.

Finally realizing, after plenty of chats with Jesus, that the only way to move the community forward was without the presence of Gregory, Maggie boldly decides to kill the former leader of the Hilltop. Not only that, but she kills him via a public hanging, sending a firm message to the Hilltop and proving that she’s not afraid of making big decisions when called for.

Make no mistake about it, Maggie is one tough cookie who will not tolerate any BS.

6 Hershel #2

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Whereas the TV version of Maggie is currently pregnant, in the comics she goes on to have a son whom she calls Hershel in honour of her deceased pops.

Whether this plays out the same way in the show remains to be seen, especially as the TV series has been known to change things up from its comic book counterpart. After all, in the comics we saw poor baby Judith killed off at the same time as Lori Grimes. Could it be that it’s maybe Maggie’s child that dies in place of Judith? Could it be that the show decides that the death of a baby is off the table, and Maggie goes ahead and gives birth to a perfectly healthy child?

The road ahead is certainly an interesting one for the TV take on Maggie, but in the comics she’s now got a healthy 2-year-old called Hershel. On TV, she can’t remain pregnant forever, so this is something that will be addressed one way or another as the series progresses.

5 Pirate Michonne


Does anything more need to be said than simply that title?

In the comics, Michonne ends up becoming an item with Ezekiel, eventually moving to The Kingdom and having a happy life with her new lover. Seemingly a little too happy, however.

Unhappy at how happy she has become, Michonne gets itchy feet, believing that she doesn’t deserve to be happy and that what she has now isn’t what’s morally right for her. Battling with her own thoughts and beliefs, she instead decides to make a run for it, fleeing from The Kingdom and heading to the high seas.

Of course, Michonne would return to the main narrative of the comics, and her return would be a splendid one. As shown in the above image, readers were treated to the sight of “Pirate Michonne”, which is all kinds of awesome.

4 The Fate Of Negan

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The introduction of Negan during The Walking Dead’s Season 6 mid-season finale, the bar was well and truly raised in terms of sadistic villains who pull no punches.

For those familiar with any sort of classic storytelling, you’d be expecting Rick Grimes to get payback on Negan for the carnage and brutality that he’s unleashed on the show’s longstanding group of survivors. Now whilst an all-mighty war would indeed happen in the comic books, what was surprising is that Negan doesn’t actually die.

Instead, Rick ends up in a position where he could kill Negan, but he chooses to spare the life of the man who had been nothing but pure evil to him, his family, and his friends. As such, the nefarious Negan is placed in a holding cell… where he stays for two full years.

Given how actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has already gone on record to say that he’ll be returning as Negan for Season 8 of The Walking Dead, it seems that the TV character who brutally killed Glenn and Abraham won’t be offed any time soon.

3 The Whisperers

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Thought that Negan and his Saviors were bad? Well, prepare to get the ante upped should AMC decide to bring The Whisperers into the fold with their TV show.

What makes this new group so terrifying, you ask? For starters, how about the fact that they walk around in head-to-toe outfits made entirely out of dead skin.

So messed up and brutal are The Whisperers, there’s actually a moment where they doubt whether Negan really has the ability and balls to become a part of their group. Added to this, they’ve also killed off plenty of longstanding characters, such as Rosita, Father Gabriel and TV newcomer Ezekiel. Not only did these characters get killed, some of them actually had their heads chopped off and placed on spikes, most notably Ezekiel, who’s decapitated, spiked had actually reanimated as a walker. In other creepy happenings, one of the group, Lydia, actually licks the eye socket of Carl as she apparently finds it sexy. Nice.

It took a while for The Whisperers to debut in the comic books, but the TV show could easily bring them to the fore in Season 8 or even before then if they so wished.

2 Rosita And Eugene


Remember that creepy moment in the TV show where Abraham is having sex with Rosita but they spot Eugene watching them from the shadows? Well, things between Rosita and Eugene eventually come to a head, and the pair become an official couple.

Unfortunately, Rosita is another one of the established comic book characters who’s fate is ultimately a tragic one. In a relationship with Eugene but pregnant by another man, Rosita, after appearing in nearly 100 issues of The Walking Dead, is found in a bad, bad way.

After the evil Alpha of The Whisperer’s goes on a killing spree, she places the heads of her victims on spikes. Once Eugene realises that the preggers Rosita is missing, readers get to see her decapitated (and reanimated) head on a spike as one of Alpha’s 12 victims.

Much like the TV series, the comic book Rosita also had a previous relationship with Abraham, meaning that it may not be all that long before her and Eugene start to become closer in AMC’s walker-centric show.

1 The Hilltop Burns Down

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After the combined might of Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom were needed to thwart the treat of Negan and his Saviors, things still manage to somehow get worse for our well-meaning survivors.

The Kingdom’s Ezekiel would wind up with his head on a spike, but the demise of The Hilltop is one of the more recent developments in the comic book Walking Dead series. With Maggie running the community, all hell breaks loose when flaming arrows are fired into The Hilltop by The Whisperers. At this stage, it’s still up in the air just who made it out alive and who wasn’t so fortunate, and there was even a tease that Carl may have been killed in the fire.

Of course, before this can happen on the TV series, The Walking Dead must first get around to introducing Alpha and The Whisperers. For now, the biggest bad of the day is Negan’s Saviors, but The Whisperers and their animalistic, brutal approach to the world will make for some shocking TV moments once they do debut.


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15 Shocking Walking Dead Comic Book Moments We Haven't Seen Yet